Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: favourbaby0
Date: 12-09-2012 12:44:05
Subject: Hello

My name is miss Favour i saw your profile today and became interested in you, i will also like to know you the more, and i want you to send a mail to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom l am.Here is my email address (favourtim00@live.com) believe we can move from here. I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. miss Favour. (Remember the distance age or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) Please reply me with my email address here


419favour 2
From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 13:09:36 +0000

My Dearest One,

I am more than happy for your reply to my mail. How is your day today? My name is Miss Favour Tim, I am 23 years old single and never been married before. I am from Liberia in west Africa and presently residing in the N’dioum refugee camp here in Senegal where i am seeking political plylum due to the civil war that was fought in my country last seven years. I am in suffering and pains here in this camp and i really need to have a man by my side to encourage me and give me good advice in life and help me to come out from this situation. My late father Dr. Col Joseph Tim was the chairman/managing director of (TOURER INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD), in MONROVIA the economic capital of my Country, and he was also the personal adviser to the former head of state before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and father in a cold blood. It is only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to a nearby country Senegal where i am living now as a refugee.

This Refugee Camp is headed by a Reverend Father, i used his office computer to send you this email and i only enter his office when he is less busy in his office I would like to know more about you, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing presently. i like to meet understanding, loyal, sincere, trustworthy, kind, friendly and more to that, a man of vision and truth. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture, Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Yours Forever in love,

From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 08:33:18 +0000

Hello Darling,

how are you today, l hope you are fine. My day is very boring over here in Dakar Senegal. In this camp we find it hard to go out because we are not allowed to do so, its just like one staying in the prison and l hope by God's grace l will come out here soon. I don't have any relatives now that i can go to, all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is Rev. Johnson who is the Reverend pastor of the (Christ the king of Churches) here in the camp he has been very good to me since l came here but l am not living with him rather l am living in the woman's hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women. The Pastor's Tel number is (+221 777 230 571) if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send for me in the hostel. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.

I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place. Honey, please l would like you to know that l have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which l will like to send to you to assist me, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in the Bank which he used my name as the next of kin. The amount in question is $7.9 (Seven Million Nine Hundred Thousand US Dollars). S o l will like you to assist me transfer this money to your account and from it you will send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. I can't withdraw the money my self due to my refugee statues here in this country which does not permit me to, rather the money can't be transferred in Senegal where i am in refugee statues. I want you to send me your contact information's such as your

Names ...................................
Age .....................................
Address ................................
Telephone ................................
Bank Info ....................................

I have got in touch with the bank and made them to know about my plans to withdraw this money, l also got them aware of the death of my father and they have acknowledged it with all there confirmation. However, they advise me to get in touch with a very responsible person who will stand on my behalf and my trustee as regards to this money since l am presently of refugee status over here and wouldn't be permitted to handle this amount of money, they also let me know about the bond which they signed with my father that they money will be handled to me in bulk amount which means that l should decide on if l should continue with the bank or not. I just have to let you know about this so that you can assist me to be my trustee on this money.

like l said l want you to call me because l have alto to tell you.l kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me. Have a nice time and think about me. l hope to hear from you soonest. l love you.

Yours for ever in love.
Miss favour

From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 09:44:52 +0000

My Dear,

How are you today?.I believe that you are doing well, I am more than happy with your interest to help me to transfer my 7.9 million American dollars deposited in an European bank by my late father of which am the next of kin. In short this place is more of a prison and my hope is for you to assist me transfer this money to your position so that i can come over to start a new life with you. My dear i fasted and prayed to God when i got your contact and it was reveled to be that you are the right person that will assist me in this transfer. I send and receive e-mails in the office of Rev Father Johnson office. He is the pastor here in the refugee camp in Dakar Senegal. He has been so kind to me since i became close to him during one of his visitation to the clinic in the camp when i was sick. I will like you to call me at his office with this number (+221-777-230-571) so that i can tell you more about myself. When you call tell Rev father that you want to talk with miss Favour and he will send for me at the females hostel.

you know why i trust you before i made this contact with you i ask God to provide to me a man that will lead me to the right Chanel some one that will not betray me but can you belief since ever i meet you my mind tell me that you have been giving to me by God listen i will make every thing to make you happy However, i will like you to contact the European bank where the money was deposited by my late father for confirmation and possibilities of transferring to your account in your country.. The contact information of the bank is as follows.

The name of the transfer officer is: Sir. Stephen Hester,
36 St Andrew Square Edinburgh SCO EH2 2YB P
Email address (royalbankofscotlandplclondon@mail.com)
OR (royalbankofscotlandplcllondon@gmail.com)
PHONE: (+44 7035944076)
OR: (+44 703 184 2839)
FAX: (00447031970059)

I will like you to contact this bank immediately on how to transfer the 7.9 million dollars deposited by my late father DR. JOSEPH Tim of which am the next of kin. I have mapped out 25% of the total sum for your assistance and 15% for expenses. Moreover, i will need your assistance to manage the money on my behalf since am too young to handle such money. God bless you and take good care of yourself for me and also have a nice day as i wait to hear from you.


Dear Sir.. Stephen Hester,

It is a great pleasure to write you Sir in regards to the information pass across to me by one miss Favour Tim whose father’s name is late DR. JOSEPH Tim and that the father has an account no RBS-026004093 in your Bank. Miss Favour in several occasion has communicated with me over E-Mail to assist her receive a funds valued at $7.9 million dollars which her late father deposited with your Bank. I do here by demand that according to advise of miss Favour that this bank should grant our request by transferring the said funds into my account in my country, I will appreciate if my request is urgently granted.


Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 10:00:59 +0000
From: royalbank ofscotland <royalbankofscotlandplclondon0@gmail.com>
Cc: favourtim00@live.com

Head Office: 36st.andred Square,Edirbugh EH2 2YB.
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 703 594 4076.
Tel: +44 703 184 2839.
Fax: 0044 870 9742 477.
Email: nelsonsmithroybankofscotland@skymail.mn
web site; www.en.wikipedia.org
Our Ref: AFTB/584/W9557/H
Attn: Mr.  �.
Date: 31 December 2012.


Reference to your request for release of Col.Joseph Tim deposited fund, willed to Miss. Favour Tim presently in Dakar-Senegal. We have acknowledge the receipt of your mail inquiry in respect to the said inherited fund deposited in our non residential account. Be informed that your formal inquiry has been noted and forwarded to the transfer unit, you are required to provide proves confirming the true death of the depositor and the legality of your claims from the side of the next of kin (Miss Favour Tim) to enable us process the release order, you should present the following documents via
e-mail attachment for the contents to be viewed properly.

1. You are requested to draft an application letter requesting for the closure and transfer of the said fund into your nominated bank account.

2. You should present an authority letter (Power of attorney) dully signed by a Senegalese based lawyer as your witness, mandating you to make this claims and transfer on Miss Favour Tim behalf.

3. You should present a copy of Col. Joseph Tim death certificate, issued by a public/General hospital confirming his death.

4. You should present an affidavit of oath from the federal high court in Dakar Senegal, Since the next of kin is residing in Senegal.

5. A copy of your international passport or driver's license for proper verification.

On receipts of the above documents/information's, we shall verify 20 them and as soon as we are satisfied, we shall process your claim and effect the transfer.We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience, and we promise to give our customers the best of our services.

Sir.Stephen Hester.
Operation manager Aftb Royal Bank of Scotland.

From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 09:59:26 +0000
Subject: My Love,Please Contact This Lawyer At Once‏.

My Love,

Thanks for your love and care to me, i was directed to a well known lawyer here who will represent us to the federal high court to get the affidavits of support and also who will draft the power of attorney on our behalf. This lawyer will help us to get the item 2 and which is the power of attorney and item 4 which is the affidavits of support from the federal high court. I have with me here the death certificate of my late father which i will equally send to you or to the bank, another remaining one is the letter of application for the close and transfer of this fund, i believe you can write this letter by yourself.

Please keep this matter only for yourself as you can see that we are almost at the end of this matter OK. and i want you to promise me that no body will know about this transfer, God will help us. Now there is no need for us to keep waiting since the bank are ready to make this transfer once the documents are ready, we were giving a contact of one of the renon lawyer here who will help us to get this documents, below here is the contact;

Barrister. David Dove
Phone number...(+221-776-267-720).
Email adds; (barristerdaviddovelawchamber1@yahoo.co.uk) Or
David Chambers & Associate

Please Dearest one, i will like you to make contact with this law firm and ask him to help us to get this needed document by the bank to effect this transfer, as you can see that everything concerning this transfer is complete, please help me out to see that this lawyer get this document within the week OK, my prayers are with you and i know that God will surely see us through .I will never forget you in my life, God bless you for me, waiting to hear from you the response from the lawyer tomorrow, please call him on the telephone so that he will know our seriousness OK. At the same time send also an email. Thank you for your concern, always put me in your daily prayers.

Best Regard,

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 10:31:33 +0000 (GMT)
From: Barristerdavid Dove <barristerdaviddovelawchamber1@yahoo.co.uk>

Our Ref: JLC/Vol.19 Case No.015181/08
Your Ref: Power of Attorney/Agreement
Date: 16.January,2013.

Attention. Mr.  �.

In response to you on my acceptance to issue you the power of attorney on my chambers name. I have thoroughly find out based on Miss Favour Tim information's that the fund has nothing to do with drugs, terrorism and laundering. Meanwhile, I understand from Bank manager that the power of attorney is needed to make you the legal co-beneficiary of the fund.

However, I wish to inform you that this chamber has accepted to offer you the required legal services having confirmed the true existence and legitimacy of the aforementioned sum with the Bank. Pursuant to that, we have concluded consultations with the appropriate quarters/authorities on the needful s to secure the relevant documents and you are hereby notified as follows:-

1. I have drafted a tentative power of attorney/agreement based on Miss Favour Tim request and information.

2. After due consultations from Dakar High Court, I understand that it will officially Cost the sum of 50 (Fifty Dollar) to legalize the power of attorney, but poverty alliteration levy imposed by Government of Senegal on any investor in the category of this income is 1300 (One thousand Three Hundred Dollar) which must be paid to Inland Revenue Office. The payment receipt would be tendered to the High Court before the Power of Attorney is Notarized.

The fund in the Bank is a guarantee to me, therefore you should pay my legal fees of 200 Two Hundred Dollar. Banking days after receipt of the funds in your Bank Account as customary in legal services in my country. While you should arrange and only send now the Government levy of 1300 Dollar to enable me commence and conclude actions on the authentication of the Power of Attorney/Agreement in the High Court. The power of attorney will be sent to you within 48 hours of the receipt of the government levy of 1350 Dollar. You are requested to send the Government Levy of 1350 Dollar


This is the information how you will send the money. please send it through western union money transfer and foreword the information to my email box.

Country ....Senegal.
Sender Name...........Your Name
Address......46 Avenue Oarsman Dion Dakar Senegal.
Please send your name to me and your contact address (as you may want it to be on those Documents). Please do not fail to contact me if any more clarification is needed.

Yours in service.
Barrister David Dove
(Principal partner).

From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 14:33:33 +0000
Subject: darling i am hoping to hear from you soonest.

Hello my lovely darling,

Hoped that you are doing great over there today together with your families and friends?. I really thank you so much for your email and all that you are doing to help me out of this hell, the Almighty God will pay you back forever. I am not that fine over here and you are all that i hope and trust on to be free and happy again in my life. As you have had mercy to save my life, the Lord will have mercy on you forever because HE said that blessed are those that are merciful for them shall obtain mercy from God.

Darling, you are such a nice and kind man and i am more than happy to meet you and i promised you that you will never regret it in this life. I promised you that anything that you will spend to save my life will never be in vain. I have suffered a lot in my life and i am happy that God has sent you to rescue me from this hell. darling please let me know ever the lawyer reply to you, I really wish you the best of everything you do in this life. May the Lord be there for you and your entire families and friends. Do take care of yourself and have a lovely day over there with joy and happiness. Love and trust, kisses and hugs to you forever.

Yours lovely forever Favour.

From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 08:56:04 +0000

Hello my Darling,

How are you my dear? Darling i saw the response from the global law firm concerning the documents we ask them to help us to get on your name as the Bank directed us. Honey remember i have no other person behind me accept you as my everything in life; sweetheart please kindly assist me to raise this money and pay to the lawyer, i am assuring you that when once this funds is been transfer in to your account you should first deduct any expenses you make starting from the phone call, please do not disappoint me at this time of end of this transaction,

I have see the response from the lawyer, Firstly all this mentioned documents by the bank gives you the legal authority to represent me, The problem is how to get this documents which i have giving you a contact of a law firm who will first, draft the power of attorney bearing my signature, and empowering you to act on my behalf which will be fully influence you. Secondly, The same lawyer will represent us to get the affidavit of support from the federal high court, he will stand to take an Oath on our behalf, which also will be fully signed by the federal magistrate bearing the signature of a notary public. This documents mentioned above gives you full authority and credibility to represent me to the bank and to anywhere, Please call him immediately, so that he will start up the process, there is no need for us to delay our self since the bank are now waiting for us, please call the lawyer immediately, so that he will get this document ready.

I will not want us to make a single mistake concerning this documents, remember the safety of this fund, i don't want us to have problem with the bank, since the lawyer have promise to help us get this document please help me out to send him the money, so that he will start up the process immediately. My prayers are with you and i know that once this documents are ready, the bank will make the transfer. And again honey remember my personal situation in the camp here that i find it very difficult to eat not to talk of writing you always, now where am i going to get this money please think it and reason with me, and remember the amount we have in the account which we are going to claim and you should no that it is allot of money which can make us stand as one of the richest and happiest people, Please honey kindly assist me to him this fee so that he will get us the document within 2 days as he said. Thank you for your care and concern, and God bless you.

Yours angel Favour.

From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 16:35:25 +0000
Subject: Honey please tell our lawyer how much money you have right now with you.‏

Hello My Darling,

How are you doing today over there and how about your health? i hope that you are doing great. Honey i called the lawyer yesterday, i all so email him too and i told him to help us for the needed documents and he said that you have to tell him how much money you have right now. Honey i want you to know that you have to tell the lawyer how much money you have at hand now so that he will know how much is remaining.

Honey i told rev. father Johnson to call the lawyer for him to help us and start the preparation of the needed documents immediately that you are going to send him some money as soon as possible. I want you to also know that as soon as the documents is prepared and send to the bank this week the bank will transfer the money to your account and from it you will send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. Thank you for your care and concern, and God bless you.

Yours lovely Favour.
From: favour tim <favourtim00@live.com>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 08:29:12 +0000
Subject: GOOD NEW

My Dear,

I'm happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Paraguay . Presently i am in Paraguay for investment projects with my own share of the total sum. Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how. Now you will need to contact the Rev. Father whom used to be a God-Father to me when i was in Dakar, his name is Rev.Johnson Bahi and his email address is as follows: (rev.fatherjohnsonbahi@yahoo.co.uk) Ask him to send you a certified bank draft of $500.000.00 (Cashier's cheque) which I prepared and kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter.

I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. so feel free and get in touched with Rev. Johnson Bahi and instruct him where to send you the money. Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the sufferings at that time. In the moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which i and my new partner are having at hand, finally, remember that I have forwarded instruction to Rev. Johnson on your behalf to receive that money. Therefore feel free to get in touch with him and he will send the amount to you without delay. Take care and bye for now.Rev.Johnson;s number is....+22177 723 0571.

Yours truly,
Miss Young

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