Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Mr.Antonio Savimbi < mrantoniosavimbi@hotmail.com >
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6:43 AM

From:Director Project Implementation
South African Anglo Gold Corporation.
Mr.Antonio Savimbi
Tel: +27832401962
Fax: +27866016296
Email: mrantoniosavimbi201@gmail.com

Dear Friend

Good Day

I am Mr. Antonio Savimbi , Director Project Implementation with South African Anglo-Gold Corporation in Johannesburg South Africa]and a member of the Contract Tenders Board (CTB) of the above corporation. Your esteemed address was reliably introduced to me from the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry in my search for a reliable, individual/company who can handle a strictly confidential transaction, which involves the transfer of a reasonable sum of money to a foreign account.

The amount of money involved is US$35,000,000.00. This money has already been extracted from various contracts awarded by this corporation, as a result of over-invoicing masterminded by the concerned officials involved, this has been drafted to represent the final payment for a contract that has been executed to this corporation some years back, the money is now in the South Africa Reserve Bank Plc awaiting to claim.

Now is the optimum period to consummate this fund, following the presidential directive to all parasitical to settle all outstanding debts owed to both local and foreign contractors? In my last meeting with the Officials involved, it was unanimously agreed that 30% of the total sum will be given to you, 60% will be for us while 10% will be use to reimburse the expenses that will be incurred in the processing of this transfer.

I assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free as we have concluded every arrangement to protect the interest of everyone involved, Likewise all modalities for the successful transfer of this fund have been worked out with Ministry of finance and the Reserve Bank of South Africa to facilitate the remittance of this fund to your designated account within 72 hours after your claim has been approved.

However, I would want to believe that you are honest enough and will not raise any misgiving attitude in any aspect of the transaction, more importantly, that you will keep this transaction very confidential so as not to tarnish the confidence reposed on these officials by the Government of South Africa. If this proposal is of interest to you, then kindly contact me with this information’s [mrantoniosavimbi201@gmail.com
] [Tel: +27832401962 ] immediately.

Please treat this information as confidential.


Best Regards,

Mr.Antonio Savimbi
Director Project Implementation.
South African Anglo Gold Corporation

From: Mr.Antonio Savimbi < m.savimbi@yahoo.com >
Sent: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 8:47 PM
Subject: This is not scam

From: Director Project Implementation
South African Anglo operation.
Mr. Antonio Savimbi
Tel: +27832401962
Fax: +27866016296

My Dear

Thanks for your response.I know Quite well you receive this type of my business deal proposal before as you stated.I am also aware of internet scam, especially how it concerns my country. But know it today that this is not peculiar to my country alone. Infact, it is a global phenomenom and we all must join hands to fight this monster.there is no way we can achieve success without trust.If you must know it, I cannot imagine life without the success of this transfer as I have invested my years of struggle in it. As for you, I just pray that God will use you to fulfill his promise for us.

I am quite aware of your skepticism and trepidation towards this business and have continued to pray for both of us. At least, for God to reveal the truth to you. As Moses told the Children of Israel when the Egyptians closed up on them at the red sea with no possibility of escape. According to the word of God, Moses told them:
"Stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord"

It is just a pity that these criminals are capitalising on genuine intentions of people like me to dupe unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned money. But I must also warn you that most of these are all western propanganda to discredit people from my part of the world. I will also assure you further that as a man well over 61yrs of age, I cannot do anything that will hurt a fellow human being. Most importantly, I will let you know that I have a political ambition and will NEVER do anything to jeopardise my chances of becoming a Senator in my country come the next dispensation.

Besides, I want you to know that I am a very comfortable man by all means and standards here. I am therefore, not after your money or identity for that matter! What for? Honestly, you do not have the kind of money I might want. I am only introducing you to this business so that we can make something for ourselves and have a very comfortable retirement with our children and grandchildren. That is all. As stated above, and as a good Christian, I also believe that my contacting you was divinely motivated. Who then can question the good Lord?

It is your choice to either take it or leave it because I am not begging you. Afterall, you also stand to gain a lot at the end of the day. You should then be ready and willing to give me all the necessary cooperation, support and assistance so that we will achieve the desired goal at the end of the day.Know it now that this is a divine movement that has no respect for your present or future financial situation.

The vision is for posterity like in the case of Joseph when he was sold to Egypt not because his brothers actually needed the money, but little did they know that they were facilitating the unfolding of the script of God for the future of their generations and mankind at large. My dear friend, let's wait on God to reveal his specific purpose for us. For all I am absolutely sure of, this is a time for uplifting and restoration for us.

But we must yield to His will and not be stiff or influenced by how it appears to be or how men has painted it "For we work by faith and not by sight" We sure have a date with history. I am saying this because of the strong feelings that our problem with this business lies in a deep spiritual struggle by the devil to destabilize our fraternity and resolve by creating and magnifying what may seem as inconsistencies to you.

The human mind and opinion informed by general believes and values are perhaps the deepest place you can think of. It takes a revolutionary empirical and independent evaluation to reach and update our deep mindsets with the realities of our time. It is like the deep-rooted sentiments that Muslims have against Christians, vice versa. The fact is that the basis for the bias that has been inherited overtime and does not hold water in the current dispensation.

But thank God that we are more than conquerors, and the Good Lord has promised "To use the foolish things of this world to confound the wisest of men" My dear, as one family, I proclaim the glory of the risen Christ on all our endeavors and decree the hammer of heaven to come down and destroy every obstacle that are holding this business hostage. Let the release of the spirit of grace from above and the anointing that breaks all yokes liberate our transfer this day. In all, may the hands of the Almighty God and the finger of His Son touch you right now to yield to his purpose and over turn the counsel of men. I rest my case in the unfailing love of God to touch your thinking and see us through. In Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

Therefore we shall require this information’s from you;

1. Your full name and address:
2. Your Company's name and address[if any]:
3. Your age:
4. Your direct phone number.
5. A copy of your international passport/id [if any]

This information will be used to raise the documents in your name to facilitate the release and transfer of this fund to your bank account as contractor/beneficiary. Please i want you to accord this deal all the attention it deserves as this is my whole life. It took me years in the ministry before i could come up with this deal; hence my whole life depends on it. Once the money is confirmed in your account, i will be in your country for disbursement and subsequently go into real estate business on your guidance.

Once again i have decided to give you 30% of the total sum, while 60% will be for me , while 10% will be used to settle any expenses that both parties might incurred in the process of this transaction as soon as you receive this fund in your account. You are now partner and friend and may the Almighty God guide and protect us through out this period until we achieve the goal of our ambition. Please treat this information as confidential.Attach is the copy of my international passport.

I’m waiting to receiving your information.

Best Regards,

Mr Antonio Savimbi
Director Project Implementation.
South African Anglo Gold Co-operation.

Miss Young

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