Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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> From: BOMBOM RECRUITMENT SERVICES < bombomrecruitment2@gmail.com >
> Cc:
> Sent: Thursday, May 9, 2013 3:29 PM
> Attention:
> The management and staffs of Afrobet Hotel UK hereby wishes you
> compliments of the season. you have been short listed on the ongoing
> Employment offer of Afrobet Hotel UK .
> (1)You are obliged to follow the procedures as advised on your
> Employment Documents
> attached on this email by contacting the company Solicitor
> CERTIFICATE immediately.
> Every documentation process of your EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE
> will be done through our SOLICITOR (M.A.S) MARK ANTHONY SOLICITORS
> with the help of
> DEPARTMENT OF HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE here in UK, because of the
> contract agreement we
> have with them
> and there will not be any further interview regarding this. We also
> want to make it clear to you that Afrobet Hotel UK has already made
> provisions for your Visa/flight ticket and your work permit papers but you shall
> personally incur for your EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. Base on
> the employment policy
> here in UK and This is to mark your seriousness / readiness in joining us on the
> stipulated date.
> On this note, you are advised to make an urgent contact to the below address;
> ADDRESS: = = = = = =18 Bedford Row, London, , WC1R 4JH United Kingdom.
> Tel: = = = = = = = =+447700077218
> E-MAIL:= = advocatemarkanthonysolicitors@consultant.com OR
> advocatemarkanthonysolicitors@live.com
> (2)Do get back to us with developments and updates regarding the
> procurement of your
> EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE . You are required to contact the
> Human Resources Manager ofAfrobet Hotel UK with the below information in
> case of any clarifications.
> Below with his contact information.
> 54 Grosvenor square Mayfair London W1K 2HP
> United Kingdom.
> EMAIL; info@afrobethotels.com OR humanresources.afrobethotel@live.com
> WEBSITE; www. afrobethotels.com
> SOLICITORS, which stipulates that you are ready to join the team, we
> will pay you back
> the expenses which you spend in the procurement of your
> EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. This is to say that we will
> reimbursed you back the expenses after the process within 3 working days.
> We hereby once more congratulate you on the success of your
> application amongst many that have applied and thereby instruct you to expedite
> all requirements as aforementioned so as to be able to meet the team
> before the deadline.
> Congratulations on your success!!!
> Regards
> Andrew Cole
> Recruitment Manager
> Bobbom Recruitment Inc






54 Grosvenor square Mayfair London W1K 2HP

United Kingdom.

EMAIL; info@afrobethotels.com OR humanresources.afrobethotel@live.com

WEBSITE; www. afrobethotels.com

PHONE NUMBER; +447700077203


09th May 2013


To confirm the recent screening processes for the HOTEL project here in UK, which were conducted by the Screening Department of AFROBET HOTELS UK, we are pleased to offer you an initial position as the:


JOB LOCATION: 54 Grosvenor square Mayfair London W1K 2HP United Kingdom.

STARTING DATE: 10th JUNE 2013. On this date, you are to report at 8:00 a.m. to the Human Resources Department, where you will be provided with packet containing information on AFROBET HOTELS UK Benefits, facilities, and services as well to attend an orientation program before job commencement.

Should you accept this job offer, per Hotel policy you'll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.


  • Salary: Monthly Net starting salary of £12,500 pounds (TWELVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS STERLING) exclusive of any taxation (TAKE-HOME AFTER TAX DEDUCTION). All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in UK shall be 50% paid into an offshore account which will be provided by employee with the remaining 50% paid locally in UK for your local expenses. This is in line with the UNITED KINGDOM Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws.

  • Job Description: (Your job profile will be duly stated on your compulsory 2 weeks orientation training/program which will equip you with the basic knowledge of the Project at hand and familiarize you with the equipments at your disposal).

  • Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual net salary, paid quarterly by your choice of cheque or direct deposit.

  • Contract Duration: 3 Years (Renewable after a satisfactory performance)

  • Benefits: AFROBET HOTELS UK. Provides benefits for all employees, which includes the following.

  • Child daycare assistance

  • Education assistance

  • Health, dental, life and disability insurance

  • Sick leave

  • Vacation and personal days (AFROBET HOTELS UK. have 30 working days annual leave (which is additional to public/religious holidays), which can be taken at any time during the year (subject to approval). During any of your vacation AFROBET HOTELS UK. Shall pay for your flight ticket thro and flow. All Employees will receive £2,500 pounds Take home for each leaves Period. Employer for each Inter-continental trip shall pay £2,000 pounds flat rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee. Travel shall be by business class.

  • Accommodation (Three-Bed-Room Apartment for married staffs and Two-Bed-Room Apartment for single staff, this accommodation is free)so you are 100% free to come with your family.

  • Transportation (Free Transportation, from home to place of work every day)


1. Visa: All International Applicant should note that AFROBET HOTELS UK will secure their Visa free from the Home office of the UK Immigration Services here in UK for every applicant coming from outside the UK .

2. Work Permit: AFROBET HOTELS UK. Will secure your work permit papers free from the HOME OFFICE here in UK which will enable you to live and work legally here in UK.

3. Flight Ticket: Your flight ticket shall also be sent to you, a week before your departure. You are to provide a working and valid postal address where your ticket, Visa approval documents shall be delivered through a courier service agent after the processing of your traveling papers, inclusive of the Hardcopy of your Offer Letter and Certificate of Employment.

4. Accommodation: AFROBET HOTELS UK. Provides accommodation to all foreign nationals at the Company’s staff estate here in UK . Employees are entitled to take meals free of charge at the General Staff canteens. Dietary options, Customized cooks, Vegetarian food and Dieticians are available options.

5. Orientation Program: Candidates are advice to arrive a week before job commencement date in order to attend the orientation seminar. Note there will no be further interview as your appointment is basically on the information, which you have provided on your resume before screening. There will be a routine check of your credentials on arrival by the Human Resource Department to confirm validity.

6. Reimbursement: You shall be provided with our Reimbursement Application Form where you are expected to fill out the expenses incurred by you while completing your EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE in the course of joining us, while submitting the form back you are to attach receipt of these expenses you mentioned in the reimbursement form as valid proof that such expenses were actually made by you.

On acceptance of the terms of the Contract, you are required to print out this employment bond, fill the gaps in the last page, sign and attach a copy of your passport size photograph on the space given, scan and send a copy back to us for Notarization of your Appointment/Contract and also send a copy to MARK ANTHONY SOLICITORS Accredited UK N Solicitor for obtaining your EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE and this must not exceed the 23th OF May 2013 as a proof of seriousness /readiness to join the project.

7. Safety and Security: Safety and Security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations. All operations on Job Location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy as applicable in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. All expatriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts.

8. Medical and Health Care: Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive Health care for the time of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the time of contract for employee and family.

9. Communication and Internet Facilities : Laptop Computer,Intel Pentium M Processor, 1 GB RAM, 48XCD-RW, 20GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 86K Modem, Spare Battery and Necessary Software’s. 24 hours Internet access is also available. The Hotel will also provide the employee with one land line phone at home and one mobile phone both will have a reasonable credit amount each month.

10.Allowance/Entitilements: Hazard/Inconveniences: £800.00 pounds (Monthly),Car Maintenance: £300.00 pounds(Monthly), House & Furnishings: £ 1,500.00 pounds(Yearly),Entertainment& Recreation: £300.00 pounds (Monthly), Travel & Events: £400.00 pounds(Monthly)

11. Force Majeure: Not withstanding anything herein stated, neither party should be considered in default in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement as a result of Force Majeure.

The term "Force Majeure" shall include but not limited to Act of God, War, Nationwide strike, Lockout, Riot and Civil commotion. A strike or Lockout embarked upon by only the Employee’s personnel shall not be deemed to be included in this term. If an interruption of work occurs as a result of "Force Majeure" for up to seven (7) days, 70% of the basic daily fees shall be paid as standby. However, if such suspension results in Employee not being able to perform its duties for more than seven (7) days, then AFROBET HOTELS UK may at its option elect to continue the implementation of this Agreement at adjusted standby rates to be negotiated by AFROBET HOTELS UK and Employee or to terminate the contract.

12. Employment Duties: The following conditions of employment apply: You will report to DONALD WELL (Human Resources and Communications) who will determine your duties and responsibilities from time to time. You appointment is subject to the conditions set out in the Human Resources Policies and Procedures manual, as amended from time to time. You must conform to any other regulations, instructions and procedures that are in force and which may be instituted at the Hotel discretion. You may not accept work from any agencies, nor render your services to any other Hotel, firm or individual, unless permitted to do so in writing by DONALD WELL (Human Resources and Communications) .You must be true and faithful to the Hotel in all dealings and transactions relating to the Hotel and interest of the Hotel and to use your best endeavors to protect and promote the Hotel, reputation and goodwill of the Hotel. You must devote the whole of your time and attention during Hotel working hours and such additional time as the exigencies of Hotel work may require, to the work affairs of the Hotel and to your duties in terms of your employment with the Hotel.

13. PERFORMANCE BONUSES: Up to three (3) percent of your annual net salary will be paid annually as performance bonus.

14. CONFIDENTIALITY: You agree not to use for your own benefit or for the benefit of any other person and not to disclose to any third party during operation of this agreement or after its termination, except in the ordinary and proper course of Hotel business, any confidential information, including, but not limited to, information regarding the trade secrets, customer lists, business affairs, suppliers’ lists, technical methods and processes of the Hotel.

15. GENERAL: No indulgence granted by a party will constitute a waiver of any of that party’s rights under this agreement; accordingly, that party will not be precluded, as a consequence of having granted such indulgence, from exercising any rights against the other which may have arisen in the part of which may arise in the future. No agreement, varying, adding to, deleting from or cancelling this agreement, will be effective unless reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties. This agreement as read with any collective arrangements or agreements and with the disciplinary, grievance and retrenchment procedures laid down by the Hotel from time to time, will constitute the entire contract between the parties with regard to the matters dealt with in this agreement, and no representations, terms, conditions or warranties not contained in this agreement will be binding on the parties. This agreement and the disciplinary, grievance and retrenchment procedures as laid down by the Hotel from time to time will at all times be subject to the provisions of the Labor Relations Act No. 66 of 2005, and the Labor Relations Amendment Act No. 42 of 2009,or any other law applicable at the time.



----------------- ----------------

Mr. DONALD WELL Andrew Cole Johnson

Human Resources Manager Recruitment Manager

Afrobet Hotels UK. Bombom Recruitment



Employment Terms

I understand that I may voluntarily terminate my employment. I further understand that I will not be terminated involuntarily at will, rather it will be with cause or prior notice, at any time, regarding of documents or oral or written statements issued by the AFROBET HOTELS UK . or its representatives. With this understanding, I accept the position with the terms as stated above.

Visa Information

Due to the high rise of contract break up in UK , the management has made it mandatory that every prospective employee who wishes to work with us must first procure his or her EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE from the Crown Court of Justice stating that he / she will honor the terms of contract therein till the end of its duration before the management can go ahead and secure the residence and work permit / Visa of the successful applicant; This is coming as a result of high rise in the number of employee’s that decamp their duty post and end their contract without prior notice of us. Procurement of this EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE will further highlight you have accepted to honor the contract till its expiration; this EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE is obtainable only at the UK High Court of Justice through an accredited attorney representing the applicant (Employee). See below our accredited Attorney whom you need to contact via email to secure the EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE from UK High Court of Justice:




ADDRESS: 18 Bedford Row, London, , WC1R 4JH United Kingdom

Tel: +447700077218

E-MAIL: advocatemarkanthonysolicitors@consultant.com OR


Once you obtain the EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE from the UK High Court of Justice, you are required to send to us via e-mail scanned copies of the following documents which will aid us procure your residence and work permit / Visa with the help of our Hotel solicitor Advocate MARK ANTHONY.

1. Scan copy of your EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE from the UK High court

2. Scan copy of your duly Signed Appointment Letter

3. Scanned Copy of International Passport (Data Page bearing your face)

4. Scanned Copy of Passport Photograph (Colored)

5. Scan Copy of your Birth Certificate (optional)

Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents from your side our Hotel Solicitor Advocate MARK ANTHONY will help us secure your Visa, residence and work permit here in UK and will contact the UK N Consulate in your country after the process and fax all your documents to them to facilitate your visa.

Within a space of 6 working days your papers were faxed to the consulate, we shall notify you on when to go to the UK Consulate Office in your country/location for the endorsement of your international passport with your 3 years Visa permit.

NOTE: You are to process your EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE from the Accredited Solicitor and our Hotel solicitor Advocate MARK ANTHONY will start the processing of your traveling documents only on sight of your valid legalization documents to show seriousness in joining the team.

Enclosures: 6

Accept Job Offer

By signing and dating this letter below, I,


Name of Employee: ___________________________,

Accept the job offer of: ________________________________________by



Signature: ______________________________

Date: _____________________





Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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