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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: " Sanilya L." < berisikaloka@yahoo.com >
Date: May 11, 2013 2:37 PM
Subject: my answer thank you also

Oh thank you very much for your answer me and your interest. It is a pity that could not answer you earlier because of work. I work in shop as the seller of things man' s and lady' s wear and footwear and also we have various ornaments in shop. But nevertheless. I give you my photo and I think you will answer me. I do not want any games and I wish to be attentive. I also had earlier profiles on the Internet on a site but now unfortunately I have no. Now I can write only letters from mail to time separate of work.
Also I think that through e-mail we can communicate is better How do you think?
I like to walk in my town after work and with my girlfriend do some photos in beautiful places and it' s my hobby. So the age or the distance is not not important for me. I know that between us there are some thousand kilometres but to me it is not important. How do you think about it? I am 29 years old and me will be 30 years in Jule, 12. and I live near our big city Baku in Azerbaijan and have already told.
I wish to learn you better and I search some serious relations, also for beginning can I ask about your place more? I think that you will tell me more about your district and also probably there are any features of your life? some fotos here also from girlfrind' s fotosession
Here I wish you pleasant day, Sanilya

419 01session2013
419 01sess2013
From: " Sanilya L." < berisikaloka@yahoo.com >
Date: May 13, 2013 5:34 AM
Subject: happy to

Happy to see you and like you like your answer for me.
So it is important, I wish to ask at once you that we did not hurry up with what. I wish to have pleasure with letters.
I wish to tell, that I search for serious relations. As here, in Azerbaijan I cannot receive it.
My father already 2 times tried to search to me for the husband. But I spoke to my father always - that I do not want, that you searched to me for the husband. I do not wish to live without love as it is wrong.
And consequently I have the conflict to my parents. I live from them separately and I do not wish to come back to them in the house.
I respect my parents, but I will suffer that climb during my life.
You also understand? I will tell to you, that I have sister. Which lives in Poland now. And I have no more relatives or other brothers and sisters.
And I' m here in internet now, live alone and never has been maried and have no kids but I want my life my family and husband and would like to change all in my life.
I work almost every day, except Sunday - I the seller in clothes shop here at us in the centre of my city.
Also I come then home. At leisure (my hobby) - I like to cooking to eat and do cleaning. In it also there are my various imaginations. Also I like to imagine and compose itself. In general, I like all to try in this life. Also has already got used to do all!!! I like to talk to people on various themes and you for example! And now I get acquainted with
You it is better, and I want, that it also proceeded. So about music for example I like pop and dance music, some rock music. and you? My religion is not important for me but in this coutry I should use it. But outside of Azerbaijan it is already possible to change all at once. Do You understand this situation? I think that also for you not so important it. I ask you not to pay to this attention the darling ok? and please, I would like to know, what you particularly search also for what type of women? I will try to describe myself also.
I will miss under your fast answer. . I think that I like you.
Sanilya here and my benevolent smile.

419 7FLK3McRXiY
From: Sanilya L. < berisikaloka@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tuesday, 14 May 2013 3:02 AM
Subject: Re: happy to

Re: happy to
How are you today? It's glad that you have answered me and yet absolutely I understand our difference in time but I think that if I write you the letter in the afternoon then you can read it in easy evening and to answer. You very much like me and I wish to learn even more.
It is very difficult to trust men. But I will try to trust you through letters. Also still very early to speak about a meeting. I think that we can discuss it later? But not now. I never flied to other country and also I have no documents. At the given stage I simply wish to learn you better.
Nevertheless I should consider the important question with you. I wish to argue. If the girl has no children. Then it can have children then. If already at the new partner - men are children. Then it is possible and not to have children. Easier to care of other children. It is necessary to know simply that near to you there are children. Also it is necessary to love them as the and it is correct? It nevertheless.
As to again me.
So this is important to say: all games are not necessary to me. I am a serious woman. I hope that you too.
As I have already told, I never travelled to other countries. It will be interesting to me to look the world. But I do not wish to do it one. As I should receive this pleasure together with my man. I am pleasant like the world. Till this time I can look it only through the Internet and also through the TV. I want that you to me have more told about your city. Nevertheless I think that there in perfectly summer and in the winter?
I wish to tell to you that just a climate here very warm in Azerbaijan and almost always warmly. I sit now in Internet cafe and it is necessary to go for work.
That the chief did not demand from me much I should return to time after a break.
I already many times received the award. As I am able to work with clients. .
Nevertheless it only work. And as to my hobbies. I like to go to pool on Saturdays in the evening. I and 2 more my girlfriends we go to pool. We take masks or points, also a cap on a head. Also we bathe 40 minutes. And then to go and drink hot tea. Or sometimes wine if there is a mood. I think that so.
I also wish to tell to you. What most of all it is not pleasant to me in people? When any person tries to show it that it above others. Not to like me it.
Also that that when the person brags that it has many money. In general it is disgusting for me. It is never important.
I work fairly in shop. I cannot reach the big. Though I can more and work with diploma higher education. But nevertheless.
Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak that they have expensive things. It not the main thing in the life. .
Please tell me about what you wish to see in your woman?
That that should like me in the partner? Not important where it works and how many earns money. Main this happiness and trust. I think that people should trust each other in the relation.
But also where there is a belief - there should be and check. It is necessary to check the favourite person silently always. I it know all from stories of my girlfriends, my aunt, my mum also. That I was always cautious.
I should see in the partner always support. And if I have a relation - then the love and pleasant actions from which at me will be a smile.
I think that you think also.
I want that we have never deceived each other. I will never ask you things which you do not wish to do. I promise
I also do not want that you asked me those things which I do not want. And then all will be good. And at us much can turn out. I will try to trust you through the Internet.
I send you the photos. And it I on a photo and you am pleasant it? Tell to me.
Nevertheless I will finish probably my letter. As wrote to you much today. I will tell only a little more on my family. I also I have no house a pet now. I completely live one now. And I work much. If I had a pet then it is necessary care of them. And at least to walk both in the morning and in the evening. I cannot. I wish to change my life but till now it is impossible.
I try to search for such man who will be tender with me and strongly to love!
That I became another. I should learn you better, from different directions! Should understand all your gravity in acquaintance!!!!!!! Should understand, what you the person?
Therefore I wish to learn your character more??
I think, that I will not lose contact to you. I am afraid of it!!!
I very much would want every day to speak on the phone with you, to hear your voice. I think, what your voice sweet? But so it is a pity to me, that I have no phone. And consequently at night I can think only of that is see your following letter What your schedule of day? It is very interesting to me. .
Well, I will say goodbye and wish you all the best.
Here Sanilya again hope you will have a fine day

419 03
Miss Young

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