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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: Vivian Jobe <vivianjobe18@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/5/26

Hello my Dear,
how are you? Hope you are OK.
My condition is a little bit hot over here in Dakar, Senegal, it's
just like one staying in the prison yard, hoping by God's Grace we
shall come out of here soon. I don't have any relatives now whom I can
go to, the only person I have now is Reverend Paul who is the pastor
of (Christ for all churches) here in the camp. He has been very nice
to us since we came here, but we are not living with him rather, we
are leaving in the hostel because the camp has two hostels for male
and the other for female.

The pastor's telephone number is +221 777 89 3532 If you call, tell
him that you want to speak with Vivian Jobe, and then he will send for
me at the female's hostel. As refugees here, we don't have any right
or privilege to anything being it money or whatever because it's
against the law of this country.

I'm holding a certificate in General School of Nursing of Bakou
Institutional Planning of The Gambia. I am the only surviving daughter
of late Baba Jobe Joof, Chairman of the leading party (APRC) of
President Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh of the
Republic of The Gambia, West Africa, which I hope you might have read
over it or heard about it on CNN news and other international media
how President Jammeh arranged a special commission lead by Justice
M.A. Paul and sentenced my late father who was his closest friend
(Baba Jobe Joof) to imprisonment at Mile 2 prison in Banjul, The
Gambian capital. This commission and the President leveled an
allegation against my late father for embezzling The Gambian
Government fund of 30M GMD (Thirty million Gambian Dalasis)
approximately to US $15M (Fifteen million United States dollars). It
wasn't true, because there was no proof against it. Some prominent men
and Presidents from other African countries who were very close and
good friends to my late Dad with other successful business men in
Africa, such as Grema Mohamed and Benco West African (Plc) came in The
Gambia with cash to pay the amounts which the Government had claimed
from my late father, but all their efforts to the release of my late
father was in vain because they were warned by the President of our
country (The Gambia) to keep off from the case until he then
coordinated with the (UN) United Nations and seized all the whole
wealth's of my late father including our houses, land properties, cars

Please listen to this, it was ten months ago that I visited my late
father in the prison, before his sudden death at the Royal Victoria
Teaching Hospital in Banjul where he was then admitted, while serving
his jail terms since 2003. My late father told me about a bad dream he
had concerning his life in the prison. He also reviewed a secret to me
about our last hope US $3.7M (Three million seven hundred thousand
United States dollars), which he deposited at a Bank in Europe by
which he used the name of my younger brother (Kumba) as next of kin
for security reasons. He also instructed me to leave our country (The
Gambia) with my younger brother together with all his necessary
documents and asked me never to return to our country until he's free
from prison since my mother Mrs. Ida Jobe has died after suffering
from high blood pressure, and now left alone me and my younger brother
(Kumba). I decided to run into a refugee camp here in Dakar, Senegal
where I presently seek for asylum under the (UNHCR) United Nations
High Commissioner for Refugees with my younger brother (Kumba).

I wish to contact you personally for a mutual relationship that may
lead us to a better place in the future if we can congregate in the
same proximity with truth, confidence and sincerity. My late father
instructed me on how to get the money he deposited at (SCB) Standard
Chartered Bank in London out from the bank, and that I should look for
a foreign partner outside the country who will assist us to get the
money transferred into his nominated bank account on our behalf, the
person will help us to invest the money into a good business in his
country of origin or outside his country of origin. Lastly, the person
will take care of me and my younger brother (Kumba).

My love, I take you as everything that I have in life. I sincerely ask
for your assistance to get this money out of the bank. Your benefit
for assisting us will be 20% of the total sum, while 10% will be use
for up-setting of all the expenses incurred during the transfer of
this money into your nominated bank account on our behalf, and then
you will help us to invest the remaining 70% in your country of origin
or outside your country of origin. I have contacted the bank about
this money and I was asked by the bank to look for a good and
responsible man who will stand on our behalf as a friend and trustee
to transfer our money since it was instructed by my late father for
the release of the whole money.

I kept this secret to people in the camp here, and the only person
that knows about it is the Reverend, because he is like a father to
me. In the light of its all, I will like you to keep it to yourself
and don't tell it to anyone for I am afraid of loosing my life, and
that of my younger brother (Kumba) and the money if people gets to
know about it.

Remember I am giving you all this information due to the trust I
deposed on you. Meanwhile, I will like you to call me like I said that
I have more to tell you.

Have a nice day and think about me, please I am waiting to hear from
you soonest.
Mrs From: Vivian Jobe <vivianjobe18@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/5/29

My love and my hope,
Good morning from the camp,
how are you together with your work over there?, hope God is in
control of everything?.
Sorry for my late reply, I'm unable to access the internet and check
my mailbox, due to reverend whom i do make you if the computer is his
office was out from the camp for some days now, he returned evening,

i quickly rushed to his office to checked my mailbox, i have seen your
mail, many thanks to you for all your efforts to see that we will be
free in this life, it makes me feel complete for your great concern
towards me and my younger brother not minding our culture and our
refugees status.God bless and reward you for us.

In fact i appreciate you most from the deepest part of my heart, i
promise you that you will not regret the reason of knowing and
trusting us the same way that we did to you. for now i believe and
hope that we are on our way out of this prison called refugees camp
with your assistance, attach is one of my picture with refugee
identity Card issued to me here in the camp as refugee

we are living like one in the prison with allot of sufferings, without
good food, good water to drink, good medical care, good shelter, even
good cloths to wear, and every other things that you can think of for
a good and a normal way of living. Our life here have been full of

My dear, after reading series of mails from you,it gave me courage. i
begin to ask myself what i have done to deserve this kind of love,
care, trust, confidence and glorious confirmation of becoming your
life partner. Without no doubt, good things come to those that deserve
and work for it.you are welcome in my life because i know that we are
not going to end our relationship only in this transfer main looking
at the way things have been moving positively for us. You are welcome
in my life forever.

My dear, i most confess to you that i was touched by my spirit that
both of us are meant for each other, i can not resist my love and
heart of trust to you, i love you from my inner heart. I will
sincerely be there for you in every condition and situation that we
find ourselves. Your family will be mine if you will really be there
for us with your heart of love.

My father instructed me on how to get the money that he deposited in
Standard Chartered Bank in London (SCB) out from the bank, that i
should look for a foreign partner outside the country that will assist
me and my younger brother to get the money transferred to his account
on our behalf, the person will help us to invest the money in a good
business in his country or outside his country. Lastly the person will
take care of me and my younger brother Kumba. and he let me know that
i should not review this to any of his friends because if people get
to know about it. our life will be in danger because of evil people in
this world.

I have contacted the bank about my intention for the release and
transfer of this money, the bank said that we can't transfer this
money on our own, then they instructed us to look for a foreign
partner who will stand on our behalf in this transfer due to our
refugees status, this money will be transferred to the persons account
on our behalf. Presently with me here in the camp is all my fathers
bank files which i will send to you as soon as the bank needed them
from us concerning this transfer.

This place is like a prison as we are only allowed to go out on
Mondays and Fridays of the week, i thank God for the life of the
Pastor of the church that is located in the camp where i send and
receive emails. I chosen you immediately i saw your profile in the
site without delay because they said that out of hundred, there must
be a good Samaritan, i hope that it was by God's grace that i choose
you. During my prayers, God reveal to me that you are a very kind
person that is capable to help us, i have 100% trust and confidence in
you, i am rest assured that you will surely help us out from this
terrible place called refugees camp.

since you really want to help us out from the depth of your heart, I
am giving you the contact information's of the bank in London where
the money was deposited by my beloved father due to the trust I
deposed on you, I want you send an email along with your information
details and bank account to the transfer department of Standard
Chartered Bank (SCB) London via this email address:


Write to Mr. Mark Gerald, he's the foreign transfer officer of
Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) London,to tell him that you are our
foreign partner that you want to know the possibility of transferring
the sum of US $3.7M (Three million seven hundred thousand United
States dollars) been deposited by our late father in which the name of
my younger brother (Kumba Jobe) appears as the next of kin. I have
equally forwarded sent an email to the bank that you're our foreign
partner whom we chose to help us transfer the fund to your account on
out behalf,

then as soon as the bank transfer the money to your account on our
behalf, you send us some money to get our traveling documents ans
flight tickets to come and stay with you for ore futures, hope you
understand me.

Here are contact information's of the bank in London where the money
was deposited by my beloved father.

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), London
Transfer official name: Mr. Mark Gerald

E-mail: accountinquiry@accountant.com
Email: lstandardcharteredbank@yahoo.co.uk

Bank address: 1 Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD.
Phone: +44 701 114 9974
Fax: +44 704 309 0098

The account information is as follows:
Account Name: Baba Jobe Joof
Amount: U.S. $ 3.7 million (three million seven hundred thousand
United States dollars)
Next of kin: Kumba Jobe
Account Number: 3942-022653-002

God bless you.
Yours faithfully,

Miss Young

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