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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: David Colma < davidcolma@yahoo.com >
Date: Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 4:53 PM
Subject: Dear

I have attached my contract document,my identity alongside with my business presentations. like you know one have to start from one place to build a solid foundation and also create a strong business partner, am sending all those for you to have faith in me that the funds are legal and is ready for spend its a physical  spendable cash, when you have already made up your mind am willing to give out 2.5 million USD so tha you can give a better foundation and make me proud. and again i will direct you to a company in UK so let me know when you are ready or we can talk on skype in the next 1 hour if you are free have a nice time hope to hear from you soon.


419Colma pas


Property & Business Developments Stage One Introduction & Notations doc 1 copy A 1az.

My Companies

Design & Build Associates

QS Consulting Engineer

Alliance Business Investment Funds.

Arabian Progressive General Trading LLC Dubai UAE.

Our Main Supporting Project !!!

My Main Stage One supporting Venture is a 15 to 20 acre shopping Mall combination Leased / owned office space with two 26 story residential towers and an indoor entertainment Triplex complex.

( I have this prepared for more in depth reviews if you wish to see it in a business plan format (in a separate presentation) which you can request if moving forward from this initial presentation.

Our completed look office space & residential lobby / residential interior / balcony shots

the mall interior pictures / water slide entertainment pictures

A well designed mini golf course a medium sized indoor paintball course and an assortment of bumper cars will round us off nicely.

(anything else we include in this entertainment complex will be only confirmed further after I have my stage one seed angel investor is on board.)

Hopefully these picture shots provided give you a decent enough of a view to enable you to guage your interest levels.

( I have many years researching and preparing to enter in the children’s and teen orientated indoor entertainment fields yet require one seed partner to help me move my artists to further along my designs and prototypes more professionally.)

Any further questions please just ask and I can easily respond with whatever you information you request.

My Construction Experiences Include !!!

Over 30 years of Industry Leadership experiences in assisting in the Construction & Real Estate Manaagement .

1 – Schools, Colleges, Universities Project, Health Projects ,Industrial, Commercial, luxury Homes, Multi stories High Rise Towers for Residential and Commercial use. Shopping Malls, green energy projects, Web site developments, B2B Marketing Sites,

For a more complete look at this and the balance of my entire experiences and capabilities please look over the last document within my business plan presentation labeled “Aries Alliance Investments Management & Support Teams CV & Profiles doc 5 copy A1az ”

I started early on my company business developments at the age of 25 and began shortly afterwards by securing two very special industry leading contracts to bring to my investors tables.

( quite a story, yet true and thus far very successful so to learn more please be patient and read through this presentation then afterwards as your questions arise if indeed they do I will send forward all further information pertaining to becoming successful within these finest of opportunities and activities.)

By the way I will require one highly skilled younger construction superintendant specialist to assist in the overseeing / construction of this venture but as their costs are so high I am yet to determine exactly who it will be.

Best of luck on your reviews and decisions and I will speak soon in more depth with those moving forward from this preliminary presentation.


Our Main Industry Focuses are !!!!

Aries Alliance’s Team & Executives. Industry leading construction & developments in industry challenging shopping mall & retail store franchises.

Either way whether the shopping mall / residential / entertainment triplex project goes ahead or not I am also very focused and moving forward as best as possible on the following three ventures and activities which I also ask you to please consider.

Stage One # 1 … Highly Profitable Shopping Mall Office Space residential towers & an entertainment Triplex Venture.

All pictures and notations on this are spread throughout my presentation.

Stage One # 2 … Colorful Classy Computers & International Paid to list classified advertising sites.

classy computers, mobile phones, website design / 3 really nice international classified advertising websites.

(on our computers we are presently building our own ( with one highly skilled technician ) and testing them for reliability yet will require one partner to boost further our offers and capabilities within this fine market.)

( I combined the above pictures in one area to shorten your review time.)

within this next year I will own and operate 3 of the newest and hottest new classified advertising sites on the planet which I am paying for in cash to ensure they are operational on time.

( the mobile phones and web design only comes in after our seed capital investor for medium sized amounts.)

Our 1st advertising site is better viewed at http://www.gumtreeclone.com/theme-freshorange (same like that) we will make it.

( this one I am buying first as it is a really cool community advertising site.)

My 2nd site is an alibabaclone site available for better review at http://www.aliplatinumscript.com (same like that I will produce)

And My 3rd site is an EC21 clone site available for better review at http://www.ec21platinumscript.com/(same like that I will produce it)

This will very nicely give us 3 of the best possible classified advertising sites on the internet and combined with my 15 some years of internet marketing experiences within a few more years they should be very popular among tens of thousands of verified business advertisers.

Lastly for the next few years we hope to further design develop and enter the industry of children’s specialty play retail products.

Stage One # 3 … Industry Challenging Children’s Specialty Play Equipment & Products.

Children’s Specialty Playground Equipment & entertainment are highly profitable industries and a lot of fun.

The cardboard playhouses are for sale here in Vancouver for only 14.00 yet are not any where’s as nice as our completed playhouse looks like

We are presently building our own and are designing for a much more professional project much more child attractive product.

( let discuss this more in depth as you request information on it as we do have many options and designs to consider.)


Even though we are hoping to further along the shopping mall triplex project with our first few investment groups I am introducing my other companies with details for each company’s main industry and supplementary focuses are revealed more in depth in documents 2 and 3.

Hopefully you find something of interest from our finest of start up corporations and industries list.

It will take you a bit to read through my material as we have a lot to offer and while we appreciate the inquiries, we too must make 100 % certain that you receive enough information to enable you to formulate your decisions from quality data so an hour to read my notations is an average time then It will not take long to see who I am and if we can find mutual interests to joint venture within.)

Our Main industries & Focuses are !!! ( we have only these 6 specialties for now )

  • Industry challenging / leading Fortune 100-500 Corporate Business Developments.

  • World Class residential apartments Leasable office space & shopping mall Triplex developments operations & re sales,

( our maximum size on this is set at between 15 to 20 acres here locally in Vancouver BC but this is a highly profitable franchise able venture.)

  • classy computers, mobile phones & industry leading website design,

  • Industry Challenging Advertising at Alibaba.com & other International Trade Board levels.

  • World Class children’s and adult arts & crafts & specialty product supplies and franchising,


Direct Purchase / Ownership !!!

You can purchase 95 % ownership of any one company for only $15,000.00 usd or in any three companies for $35,000.00 usd and for a total purchase of 27 of my finest of companies, you can purchase them outright for a very reasonable cost of only $325,000.00 usd or best closest offer. ( I will only sell at most 27 of my 30 fine companies.)

( I offer 95 % ownership for you for up to 4 years time then after 4 years have passed my shares will revert back to you giving you then a full 100 % ownership which is my best offer at this time.)

Each purchase comes with full divisional focuses fully clarified within industry leading business plans and if you wish you can also have me as a directing guiding partner for up to 4 years where I will help you build the company / companies for up to a 5 years time frame for absolutely free if you so wish the assistance. (which means you buy a company or more at these terms and I will guide you through it for the first 4 years if you wish it at no further cost unless you wish me at your location.)

However all purchases must too include a 5 % share for me for the first 4 years of profitability after which you then own the companies completely 100 % ownership and profit wise. (I will only negotiate on this amount with identity and intent proven sources moving to a full contract.)


Direct Equity based Investment !!!

I have only 3 positions available for investors / investment groups to consider at this time. ( hopefully one of them interests you enough to inquire further.)

(The first ones in with professional intent and identity who wishes a position receives it.)

Position One .. ***Seed Capital Angel Investors***

Equity based Investors can invest in any one company from a minimum of from $775,000.00 - $1,500,000.00 usd

Profit Return & Time Frames are !!!

Seed Capital Angel Investors if they deliver funds as requested with all costs out of closing, will receive fully 100 % principal repaid as fast as is professionally possible which is slated for first return within 30 to 36 months time from the first date of funds release.

( they will receive their share percentages for the projects 1st 4 years or until the time they are 150 % returned on investment.

( then they can exit and enjoy if they wish a ½ priced 1 or 2 bedroom condo within our residential towers as a heartfelt bonus for being helpful sharp stage one investors.

( if they decide to sell the condo instead of moving in then they will have to settle for a 25 % of the apartments retail value in a cash bonus. (any other bonuses other than this will have to be discussed once confirmed intent and identity is proven)


Position Two .. ***Seed Capital Development Investors***

or as my main stage one seed capital group at $5,000,000.00 usd to $40 - $85,000,000.00 usd ( stage one seed investors 2 % to a 6 % position) much larger than our angel investors capital position with a larger percentage of ownership and a longer term of incoming profits.

Profit Return & Time Frames are !!!

Main Seed Capital Investors if they deliver funds as requested with all costs out of closing, will receive fully 100 % principal repaid as fast as is professionally possible which is slated for first return within 40 to 48 months time from the first date of funds release.

( they will receive their share percentages for the projects 1st 5 years or until they are 175 % returned on investment.

( then they can exit and enjoy if they wish a ½ priced 1 or 2 room office space within our Malls Office Leased / owned Spaces as a heartfelt bonus for being helpful sharp stage one investors.

( if they decide to sell the office space offered instead of moving in then they will have to settle for a 25 % of the Leased / owners retail value in a cash bonus. (any other bonuses other than this will have to be discussed once confirmed intent and identity is proven)


Position Three .. ***Full Development Capital Investors***

as my main stage one larger development capital group at $125,950,000.00 usd to upward at $275,000,000.00 usd for a full direct partnership 80 % joint venture ownership position.

Profit Return & Time Frames are !!!

Development Capital Investors if they deliver funds as requested with all costs out of closing, will receive fully 100 % principal repaid as fast as is professionally possible which is slated for first return within 36 to 40 months time from the first date of funds release.

( they will receive their share percentages for the projects 1st 5 - 7 years at which time they should be 225 % returned on investment. (then they or I can exit and one of us can enjoy if they wish full a 95 % ownership position on our complex.

( at my age it probably will be me exiting with our investors 225 % returned principal and them owning full 95 % ownership for the malls lifetime.

(Who ever does exit I think should still retain 5 % ownership for the malls lifetime to enjoy as they wish.)

( any other bonuses other than this will have to be discussed once confirmed intent and identity is proven.)

We develop the most profitable possible new Fortune 100-500 start up corporations in the safest and most profit proven industry focuses and hopefully you will find something of interest to purchase or invest within.

However before I deliver too much more information other than this initial presentation, let me just state once more, the faster that you send me your identity clearly defined, your potential interests and capital amount / levels with your skype Instant Messenger ID,(preferred) the faster I can respond with further and more detailed information.


Picture break.


Our Steps & Stages of Business Introductions !!!

Our initial Steps and Stages of Business are listed below and should be followed as such !!!!

One – Initial reviews and decide if we are a correct fit for you, Two – Please bring clear identity and intent notations, Three – Please contact me direct on instant messenger, Four – Lets review more in depth, profits and accomplishments,

Five – Proof of Funds, reasoning’s, amounts & stages, Six – Lets please arrange & meet at table top meetings/luncheons, Seven – Lets review, amend and sign contracts then get started.

These first seven stages are written firmly and hopefully you can soon understand must be followed closely in order for us to achieve successes. (thank you for your patience, enjoy the rest of your reviews if that is what you choose )

First please decide if we are a correct fit for you !!!

To Start **** Review my data then select your choices and if you wish state your interests clearly !!!.

  • Lets start off with Review of my material and your further initial introduction & intent notations.

As I offer so much for both buyers and/or investors and I do not yet know you at all, lets at first get things between us as clarified as best as possible for quickest results.

This is done by me delivering this first group of documents and you reviewing this all in depth for levels of interests.

Then buyers or investors soon afterwards, if moving forward need to deliver a further more informed introduction on themselves including a CV / profile with recent picture and clearly stated intent/interest notations then we proceed quickly to direct chats on the phone and instant messengers. (Please get a microphone to talk directly on skype call is preferred by me.) I too prefer to know your country and city up front for best results.

Thank you kindly if you proceed to and beyond this point as that means we both can progress more speedily to a stronger joint venture and much more profitable future.


Secondly, if not yet done, please bring forward clear identity & intent notations !!!

Step Two **** Ensure we both have been properly identified and understand who each other is.

  • I do apologize for the bit of time and extra work involved from our end of things in getting things clearly defined between us, but with a lot of capital on the line and important issues to discuss, my policies and information are laid out here for all to review clearly to see if they and you match up with us and are meant to be both read and informative quickly

  • so that as fast as professionally possible, we can both learn of each other greatly shortening the journey from offer / inquiry to contract signing then shortly afterwards to the completing the information exchange stages and then we can much sooner begin the more important parts of our financial partnerships and further ventures activities and processes.

Without proper identification it gets far tougher to identify you and your capabilities.

Please clearly identify yourself with a well written company web site / CV / profile complete with a recent picture including as best as you can offices/buildings and one of yourself so that I can get a comfort level of exactly who you are right from the start of our introductions.

This also shows me real sincerity and professional intent when done professionally like this.

All are encouraged to send forth comments questions and concerns as you find the time and I can only hope that by placing these notations out clearly for you to understand that I am speeding up our processes as much as professionally possible.

We have not been idle these last 45 plus years as I have had to hold full time jobs to support myself and my family the entire time while gaining my experiences and developing my concepts ventures and strategies.

And I have managed to bring aboard already two top industry leading corporations to joint venture with us on our fine ventures and activities and have about 4 more global leaders yet to secure and confirm over the first 5 years from funding.

So yes we are a start up development group of opportunities but a great group of high class investment worthy opportunities, I hope you will agree.

Please enjoy your review and once you select our opportunities lots more information will be sent out for further investigations.



Lets discuss more in depth Profits and Accomplishments !!!

Step Three **** accomplishments and profit generation are our more important topics.

As some of our more important stages / discussions will be based upon exactly what profits we can generate from which capital amounts and what accomplishments will be created while developing and operating our joint ventures we will need to discuss our mutual interests in clear professional formats.

To be fair to both you and I, I wish to leave the majority of these types and levels of discussions for reviewing more in depth within my larger presentations, available only to qualified parties and for further discussions within our online chats and table top meetings but to mention briefly in total my entire group of companies if professionally funded can create well over $4 - $6,000,000,000.00 ( billion ) of incoming profitable dollars within a short few 4-5 years time and triple these amounts by the middle of year eight to ten.

Yet in order to discuss this for ease of clarification to get us started on the correct note as stated above, documents two and three as attached which you will read shortly clearly state which main and most important secondary ventures activities are developed for each company and what are my closest four year profit projections. My steps and stages of implementation documents in my much more detailed secondary presentation will clarify this once you are at that stage in our due diligences / introductions.

So please do be patient as we learn more of and from each other and all will be very clear before you need to commit yourselves or ensure any capital commitments.


Lets get one thing very clear from the start please….

I do NOT want your money for nothing !!!! I do however wish to PARTNER UP WITH YOU and return the finest amounts of profits to you in the shortest time frames professionally possible !!!!

where we both can make lots and lots more money from a combination of my operational investment / business opportunities and your invested trust and capital, it is that very simple and I am a 100 % true professional with huge profit generating capabilities, so we both win together from our combined efforts if that is indeed the partnership or purchasing option that you choose.

A real investment group should not be insulted by these policies nor my words which are only to better things between us, weed out the non players and to bring real trust between us to begin our joint venture activities. I hope you understand this clearly, thank you.

Please at this time lets prepare to meet in person at our Table Top Meetings !!!


Contract Finalities & Signatures !!!

At this last stage of discussions we can begin our actual fine tuning and final contract discussions & negotiations !!!

Step Seven **** My purchasing / investment contacts and signings.

My contracts are developed in very easy to understand term conditions and with very clear wording so once we reach this stage you will not need an army of lawyers to follow along and amend if you so wish to do so.

Keeping this area easy to understand will speed us up professionally as best as I possibly can and once you are ready to review a copy let me know if we have not already reached this stage then a copy will e sent forward for your considerations and signatures as you care to give them.

Our Stage One Business Plan !!!

Our initial Stage one business plan is not written to include all my activities and focuses but will include 3 of our finest real estate purchase renovation & re sales ventures combined with 3 of our very finest of profit capable business development ventures that you will soon read about within this first presentation.( I have selected my first 3 choices of each but we can discuss options and your choices once we get that far.)

( once you indicate such interest and have qualified for our stage one business plan it will be delivered immediately for your further reviews and considerations.)


In Closing !!!

As I planned to keep this document as short as possible, I guess that wraps me up for now with you able to move onto my other documents and notations and I look forward to meeting with those firms and people who approve us as a highly regarded investment / purchasing opportunity and who qualify themselves through these processes and in person contacts, meetings and initial stage contract and funding processes.

Please do not forget to leave yourselves some time when requesting further data and information from me as it does include a bit of reading and reviewing as lots more information is coming your way once you agree to move forward and this can not be read nor digested in just a few minutes.

Hopefully, all well spent time on that note I hope that you agree.

The Very Best on your days & decisions.



Alliance Business Investments Fund


Once we have established first through emails, then through instant messengers that we are a more correct or exact fit for each other I will then release this number to those wishing to talk on the phone.

Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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