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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr From: <john.williams1@hotmail.com>
Date: 2013/6/12
To: johnwiliams1 <john.wiliams1@hotmail.com>

Hello, Dear.

With all pleasure and best understanding, all about
this relationship is very simple which I hope that
will also extend to our future generation.

Regarding your roll to play in this transaction. I
still have to detail you in full according to how and
procedure we need to do things in other to perfect
this business relation, then all other relationship
will be created with memorandum of understanding,

The issue is, the management is waiting and willing to
hear my feedback regarding to move ahead on getting
this product (Aspen Native root) for it is the one
required now.

I still have to remind you of this; I am seeking for
your partnership seriously based on the platform that
will be able to purchase out this product from the
local farmer in India.

Which I will give there contact to you as I have come
across this original contact to avoid getting
adulterated from any where else around you&..the root
is available on were to get it from my medical
research in India as a professional and so we have to
proceed according to my instruction and nothing more.

1) The management of Amason International Laboratory
Company UK, which I will later forward your details to
them as the producer of this product in India because
they are interested and serious to deal with the
producer of this product only to avoid not getting
this product available on their arrival in India.

2) payment terms&..the company has made it clear and
open to me by getting to my knowledge that they will
arrival the locality of any detailed producer and see
this product available for cash payment transfer payment to the
producer while they will pick up this root back to
their company here in UK&..

3)required quantity&&.this Amason International
Laboratory requires the quantity of 500/1000 sachets of
this root at the price of 170 u.s dollars per sachet
of five grams, while this transaction continues on
monthly bases as they made it clear to me.

But I have to compromise issues with you regarding
what will be my percentage on each transaction you
made with the company&&then I will hand over your data
to the management.

4) The percentage sharing has to base on discounting
the fee of purchasing out this root from the local
cultivators over there in India which cost the rate of
3000 Indian rupees per sachet of five grams, while we
both have to talk on sharing the profit achieved in
the transaction.

We both have to write an agreement regarding
percentage share, about how the profit is to be shared
between both of us.

I stop here for now and wait for your quick responds
to proceed on&..

Best wishes,

Dr. John Williams,
Medical consultant
Mr From: John Williams < john.williams1@hotmail.com >
Date: 2013/6/13

I received your mail,  I have made research of this herbal root in India already and discovered original quality of this herbal root from farmer i will specify there details to you in capital city of India New Delhi, Company that demand this herbal root in UK will come to India and purchase this herbal root from you,
Your not going to cultivate this herbal root, its been cultivated already by local farmer i will specify there contact details to you in India,
 This native root has no single nicotine content on it at all, and can be disposed freely and common on any market in any were in the world, the people in the developing world like Asia, Africa and South America, do use herbal roots in raw forms while the people in global world do have herbal root and modernized it in the pharmaceutical laboratory system to produce medicines on tablet forms or injection before humanly consumption due to their expertise in aspect of human life,
 This is a natural root which is been used to cure human sicknesses after it is been treated in the laboratory for proper use, I hope you understand me that despite all, what were talking about is a natural root of free consumption,
Local product are transacted in India without any stress which I have been in India and experienced it my self, we are talking about ayurvedic product from the farm which any body can be discovered on it for his ayurvedic performance to outside your country Indian or any other place else,
This herbal root does not encounter any tax fee or any stress than to purchase out the herbal root from local farmer that I made research in India and re-sale to this company in UK at there arrival in India,
 I made research of this herbal root in Asia country like Malaysia, Indonesia and India before I discovered original source of this herbal root from local farmer that I will specify there details to you in India and there sample has been tested and approved by the pharmaceutical companies that always consult me for medical raw material acquirement,
So you will only purchase out this herbal root from local farmer I will specify there details to you in India to avoid getting adulterated once from some were else around you that will bring my reputation down in front of this company in UK at there arrival in India and to other companies. I consulted for procurement of this herbal root,
The company that demand this native root here in UK made it clear and open to me that the want to deal with a local farmer who have his product available for his customers to purchase and not a local farmer that demand upfront payment, that a local farmer most have some thing to show of what he supplies before expecting upfront payment from them
 In this regards, will you be financial capable to purchase at list 100/200 sachets quantity of this herbal root from farmer I will specify there details to you in India and re-sale first to this company in UK at there arrival in India to enable the company release advance payment of there remaining 400/800 sachets quantity to you at the same time the purchase first 100/200 sachets quantity from you at there arrival in India so that you complete there 500/1000 sachets demanded,
Igot this herbal root from farmer I discovered original quality of the herbal root in capital city of India New Delhi at price rate of 3000 India rupees per sachet of 5grams but I informed the company in UK that I got the herbal root in India at price rate of $170 dollar per sachet of 5grams which was accepted by the company to purchase 500/1000 sachets quantity from now and on monthly bases,
I am a medical consultant to this company in UK and other companies; I made research of this herbal root before consulting the company in UK and other companies for procurement of this herbal root,
The company payment terms is cash on delivery this herbal root to them at their arrival in India and the will issue their company purchase Order to you and confirm date of there arrival to India for you,
I assure you 101% genuine on this transaction, there is no risk in this transaction I am an educated man with many years experience and does not intend to encounter any risk in my life regarding to any means of getting money I stand in a better position only to keep my good reputation and not to take risk about money,

This herbal root has came over to UK but at high rate price per sachet which made my consultation companies to request for my research on were to purchase it from ease to the rate price per sachet while I have done it perfectly and discovered original source of the herbal root in India and decide to run things with you as an Indian partner and acquire some profit from my effort, 

kindly revert back to me so that I sent you draft mail you will forward to this company in UK as the local farmer that cultivate this herbal root in India when the company replies back to you also forward their replied mail to me, so I will email you the farmer contact details in India so that you contact the farmer and confirm availability of the herbal root in their end,
and if i may ask, are you on Facebook? so we can add each other for being more sincere and trustworthy, perhaps the attachment file here is representing my identity (UK International passport).

 Waiting for your reply and your own identity too,
Dr. John Williams,
Medical Research Consultant,
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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