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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr From: <laura@un.org>
Date: 2013/6/23
Subject: Greetings ; Laura
To: Recipients <laura@un.org>

How are you doing today?

Please do condone me for invading your privacy through this medium.
Nevertheless, I desire to convey a very important message which in the
long run will be conjointly beneficial to us.

This entails a business dealing which I will make known to you the full
details in my next mail upon your response and readiness to work with me.
Please do take this mail in earnest.

View attached link for proper understanding.

Respectfully Yours,

Major Laura Jones
Mr From: UNEMB NATION <unemb00@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/6/25
Subject: Re; Urgent Laura

Hi, I assure you that you and i stand to gain enormously from this
deal if we both receive the cooperation desired for the success of a
transaction of this nature.

As i stated in my previous email I am Major Laura Jones, a citizen of
the United States and was born in Manhattan in 1976. As a young girl
i was a curious child. I lived in fantasy world half the time and the
other half i lived in a real fantasy world, the noisy streets of the
upper west side Manhattan, NYC. After obtaining my qualification as a
nurse i decided to enlist into the army in 1998. I am a member of the
U.S. ARMY USARPAC Medical Team and I am a qualified nurse by training.
I have been in Iraq since the beginning of the war. In the few years i
have been here working in the medical team, i have been a witness to
a lot of sad, horrific, mean and wicked action perpetuated by
terrorist, religious bigots and militants. I am working on a book that
would detail my experience when i eventually retire. I have attached
some of my most recent pictures

I have received several postings while here in Iraq. This is my third
posting to Iraq. I am in the final year of my most recent posting as
an attache to the UN, It is the most recent posting that has landed me
a good fortune which i intend to share with you. After about 2 months
in the new house i was allocated, i noticed that there was a hidden
door in the wardrobe that leads to an underground cellar. What i
discovered in the underground cellar was quite revealing. I discovered
three containers stashed with United States dollars. Ever since this
discovery i have been unable to concentrate as i have been confused on
the exact action to take. I have informed no one. I do not intend to
inform the authority. I intend to help myself. I have been weighing a
lot of options on how best to make these funds mine without the
knowledge of the authority.

As you must be aware the American troops in Iraq have served with
distinction. There is strict observance to rules and ordinance. There
is also a systematic probing and investigation of all troops to make
sure that there are no unlawful activities. We are trained to report
any suspicious movement involving anybody that might tarnish the image
of America. Because of this singular fact it has been very difficult
for me to neither tell any one nor spend a dime out of the money..

I have decided to act after two months because i just found out that i
might soon be re-deployed from my present location in the UN office.
If this happens without me taking action on the money, I will ever
live to regret my inaction as it is an opportunity for me to be
financially solvent for ever. I need your help in order to make this a

I have a patient who is a diplomat. I have known him for over a year
and we are fond of each other. I have had extensive discussions with
him on helping me transport some goods abroad. He has agreed in
principle to help me. The reason I've decided to use a diplomat is
because they have immunity. Whatever they carry or transport across
countries are covered by diplomatic immunity. It cannot be searched or
opened by anybody be it customs, police or secret service. The goods
are often covered with diplomatic seal. The goods will get to its
destination without problems. Please be informed that I will not tell
the diplomat the real content of the containers. The diplomat will
deliver the containers to you.

Using the diplomat make this process completely risk free. The worst
scenario is that the diplomat will be sent back with the baggage if
there is any suspicion. He cannot be arrested, the goods cannot be
impounded. He will merely be returned to the country he is coming

This is where you come in. Your duties or responsibility will be to
receive the containers which contain the money from the diplomat. You
are to keep it safe until I return to the States were we will discuss
the modalities for sharing and engage in partnership while investing.

I need someone i can trust, someone i can rely on. Someone who will
be truthful, frank and honest. Someone who will agree to assist me and
be involved throughout the period the process will last. Someone I can
count on to act as a genuine and an interested party. I want you to go
through this email careful and get back to me. We can begin to discuss
further details once I hear from you.

For utmost confidentiality i will appreciate that all our
communication are done through email. It will be dangerous to
communicate through the telephone as phones are often wired or tapped,
calls are often traced or intercepted. This is one of the security
precautions that we must take.

I have also re-attached the sites for your perusal'

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/ middle_east/2988455.stm
http://www.jonathanforeman. com/military/nyp_iraq/ 04192003_chest.html
http://www.voanews.com/ burmese/archive/2003-04/a- 2003-04-20-1-1.cfm

If you are interested in been part of this process,please get back to me

Best regards,

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Mr From: UNEMB NATION <unemb00@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/6/26
Subject: Re Urgent: Laura

Hi, At the discovery of the money i was a bit confused on what to do.
It took me almost two months to ponder on what to do with the money.
I thought of many options until i made up my mind to help myself with
the money.

Please see this as an opportunity. You have to remain positive. To
achieve somethings in life you have to take a chance. I assure you
there is nothing to fear. I see this as a big break and i have to take
the opportunity. Consider me a blessing to your life. You are helping
me and helping your self. I want you to know that some other soldiers
who made this kind of discovery are happily enjoying their money. If
i receive the right cooperation from you we shall surely succeed.

In my last email i explained the modalities involved in making this a
success. The reason i have taken this route is quite obvious. The
best way to get this money across to you is by using the diplomat.
Any other method will bring us to the open. You must prepare to
receive the cash in containers that would be delivered by the
diplomat. You must also ensure a safe keeping of the cash until i
arrive the States.

I want an assurance that you will help to receive this money. I also
want you to assure me that you will be willing to sacrifice your time
if required. Also most importantly you will follow instructions until
you receive the money.

As i have already informed you it took me time to plan this
transaction. If we all do what is expected of us we shall surely
succeed. You have to be committed. This is also very important. If
for instance the diplomat arrives and wants you to meet him anywhere
i.e the airport, you should be prepared to meet with him at short
notice. This means that you might be required to spend your personal
money on transport. You therefore have to be ready. You must have
some funds available for this sort of expense.
When planning a transaction you have to take into cognizance anything
that might happen that is unforeseen. I will not like the process
held up for any reason. You have to tell me your ability to take
charge when it is your turn to do so.

I have avoided discussing the amount involved because i wanted to hear
from you and be sure that you are interested. The total amount i have
discovered is US$8,757,500. It is in United States dollars. I have
not spent a dime out of it. I do not intend to for reasons earlier

On the sharing of the money. I want to leave this open for discussions
between us. What is your suggestions on the sharing of the money.
What will you take to be a part of this transaction? We need to agree
on this before we can further this process.

Haven gone through my emails what do you think about the entire plans.
Do you have any suggestions or additions to make the plans concrete.
I am open to any suggestions. We can incorporate any ideas at this
stage of the process.
I have also attached copies of my pictures for your perusal.

A quick response will be appreciated.


419my pic 1
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Miss Young

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