Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

Mr > 2013/5/8 SAVE LIFE ORGAN DONATION < living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk >
> Hello !
> Are you ready to donate your organs and tissues for a good financial compensation?
> Living Donor Program is offering you that opportunity and the privilege to save a life now! Thousands of recipients on waiting lists die worldwide everyday! The main cause is Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS).
> Kindly contact us for more information about the Terms and Conditions of Living Donor Program.
> Best Regards
> The Living Donor Program
Mr El sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013, SAVE LIFE ORGAN DONATION <living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk > escribió:
> Dear Organ Donor,
> Here below are important information you should know about kidney donation :
> Compensation for 1 kidney = 150,000.00USD
> - You must submit the required documents to the Registration Department of our
>   clinic
> - 1/3 of your compensation will be transferred by bank before you arrive here and
> - The rest payable into your account just after you arrival  and before surgery starts.
> - All your travel tickets , visa application form and medical expenses are gratis provided
> - You are allowed to be accompanied by a relative to witness the whole procedure
> - The prospective donor should hold an active  bank account
> - DHL package shipment fee payable by the donor if selected
> To be registered  you have to supply to us the following documents:
> 1- A copy of your blood Type Report (evidence)
> 2- A copy  of your renal ultra sound (evidence)
> 3- Your Citizenship  and the Number of  your Passport
> (1) Be in good overall health and physical condition
> (2) Be older than 18 years of age and younger than 60 years of age
> (1) alcoholism or frequent  alcohol use
> (2  Active  drugs use
> Best Regards
> Living Donor Program
Mr 2013/5/13 SAVE LIFE ORGAN DONATION < living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk >

Dear organ donor


Selling kidney is forbidden in many countries including yours, we will require a strict confidentiality from your side so that we can achieve this procedure in total security and safety !

For an easy and quick donation procedure! our surgery hospital is now relocated in

Togo(west Africa) where European and Chinese doctors and surgeons continue all our medical activities.

To be Registered, Send the documents by email to :

< living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk >

Adress: Togo (West Africa)
Enrollment Service  : Tel: 0022898725602




This relocation will benefit most the donors for the following reasons :

- Total Confidential Procedure

- Quick and Secured Interbank Protocols  for funds transaction
- Fast Donation procedure (Within 1 month)  .
- Quick visa application and issuing procedure

The first 1/3 compensation will be transferred by our  Major reputable  Bank  and the funds will be deposited into any bank account of your choice before you come to Togo. The remaining funds will also be   effected by a wire when you are at our clinic  and you have to check transaction  via a reliable internet connection to confirm the money have been transferred to your  own Bank account, and finally  call your  Bank for confirmation before operation starts.)

All your medical expenses and visa application procedure will be covered by Atlas Clinic Lome. Your travel tickets are also freely provided
You are allowed to be accompanied by a relative to witness the whole procedure.


The Living Donor Program
Mr 2013/5/14 SAVE LIFE ORGAN DONATION < living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk >
We know  that there is no Togo embassy in your Country ! that is the reason why we advise to send a copy of your valid passport so that we can complete all visa application in your name ,then we will send you travel tickets and visa documents by DHL.
Return ticket will also be provided after the surgery
You can pay $50 later after you receive your first compensation or $50 will be deducted from your compensation before the transfer
Thank You

2013/5/16 SAVE LIFE ORGAN DONATION < living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk >
Our major bank can grant a loan to assist you completing the documents required !
Note : the amount of loan granted will be deducted from your total compensation
Bank Email Address : banking_transfer@qq.com
Bank Ref: Loan / Inter_Gov. D - 2013
Thank You

Mr > > 2013/5/18 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
> >
> > UTB
> >
> > ATTN / Beneficiary,
> >
> > Here below are the instruction for a new account opening at our bank for advance
> >
> > Transfer ($15,000.00.00USD)
> >
> > 1- Clearly fill the Bank Form we sent to you
> >
> > 2- Enclose a copy of valid Iden
Mr > El lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013, UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com > escribi :
> > UTB
> >
> > ATTN / Beneficiary,
> >
> > For a quick transfer processing, send New Account Opening fee by Money Gram or by Western Union
> > using the following details :
> > Full name : WILSON-B. Wolali S. K.
> > Country : Togo
> > Address : 12 , Bvd Circulaire UTB Main Agency
> > Password : new account
> > Answer : new account.
> >
> > You must open a new account here at our bank where we should deposit your $15000 before making the final transfer into your account in your country
> > A new account is strongly advised because Loan Funds are deposited in ESCROW ACCOUNT for security
> > According to banking rules it is forbidden to transfer or to deduct any sum from an ESCROW ACCOUNT
> > Sincerely
> >
Mr > 2013/5/20 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
> Yes
> WILSON-B WOLALI is the manager of Account opening and ATM Card processing Department at bank. That is why we suggested to send fee directly to him for a quick processing , he is already awared ofyour case !
> The loan program will benefit citizen of africa countries only ! Your case is a particular one that is the reason why we do not write directly from bank email server POP2
> If you have doubts we can stop everything right now and to cancel your program
Mr El martes, 21 de mayo de 2013, UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com > escribió:
> ATTN / Beneficiary,
> We thank you for the trust ! Please understand that there are many dishonest people on internet who fled away just after receiving the loan. That is tdahe reason why we demand Identity Card of loan applicants to avoid such fraud. If you don' t have the Identity Card then the Kidney Donation Clinic could stand as the guarantor of your loan. Regarding the account opening, we advise to send fee by Money Gram or by Western Union using the details we gave you
> Sincerely
From: SAVE LIFE ORGAN DONATION < living_donor_program@yahoo.co.uk >
Date: 2013/5/21
Subject: Re: Vendo Riñon

Dear Organ Donor,

The (MAS) Medical Analysis Service of our clinic  has successfully verified and processed all your documents . Now print, the Donor Registration Form enclosed and returning the form back to us for your enrollment procedure.


According to the Privacy Policy and Terms of our Service, your identity will be kept confidential during the whole procedure!




2013/5/23 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
ATTN / Beneficiary;
it is alright ! we will continue the advance transfer procedure as soon as we receive the account opening fee
2013/5/31 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
first name WILSON-B
last name Wolali S.
Country : Togo
Address : 12 , Bvd Circulaire UTB Main Agency
amount: 75$USD
Password ; New account
Answer :
New account

agency Western Union TOGO

Mr 2013/6/5 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >


Our bank made the first transaction to your nominated account.

$50,000.00 USD is the amount to be deposited in your account

Kindly print the swift copy and bring it to your bank for verification and confirmation

The Swift Copy of the transaction is enclosed here as evidence.

Thank You for banking with us!

Mr 2013/6/5 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
ATTN / Beneficiary
The money is transferred this mornong ! Note that international transfers usually take from 48 hours to 72 hours before money can be available in your account. For a quick verification ,print the swift copy andbring it to your bank for confirmation
Mr 2013/6/6 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
IBAN means : International Bank Account Number
Iban is used for international money transfer so there is no problem at all
Mr 2013/6/6 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
Try to be a little patient and the funds will be soon and surely deposited in your account
tomorrow or saturday !
Your bank Card and PIN CODE will be shipped by DHL along with other relevant documents to
you after you receive the first compensation. These are confidential information we are not allowed
to disclose by INTERNET but I will send to you today your
new bank account legal document
Mr 2013/6/6 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
Yes You UTB ATM Card and PIN CODE will be sent to Clinic first
Clinic will finally send them with your travel tickets by DHL to you
Mr 2013/6/6 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >



ATTN / Beneficiary

We enclose the details of your new account to you. Notification document is set in Official

Language (French).

Original document is sent to Clinic.

It will be included in your DHL consignment .

N.B. Your New Bank Account is awaiting for activation !


Mr UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com > escribió:

We cannot give the exact time for checking the deposit, You will receive
SMS just the money is deposited in your account
Thank You
Mr 2013/6/7 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >

Sorry, We have an important bank meeting in 5min !and ofice will be closed. We will be glad to hear your voice Tomorrow morning
Mr 2013/6/7 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
It is already 14:54 GMT here
it will be better that you call the office tomorrow morning
Mr 2013/6/10 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
ATTN / Beneficiary
We made investigations and we discovered the reasons why $50,000.00 is not yet deposited in your Account
Your Money is hold in Custody by DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) at Intermediary bank
An anti Drug Certificate is required before releasing the money in your account because CARDENAS was involved in Drug traffic in PERU
and DEA is suspecting link
http://books.google.tg/books?id=E2oT7RxPRZ8C & pg=PA208 & lpg=PA208 & dq=drug+traffic+peru & source=bl & ots=p3iholAr9R & sig=kiv3w1-PLHdvg03K38OGnjjqErA & hl=fr & sa=X & ei=EN-1UcCENfTG7AbwjoGwAQ & ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage & q=drug%20traffic%20peru & f=false
Copy the red link for more detail
Do not worry your compensation will be released in your account just after An anti Drug Certificate is submitted
Mr UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com > escribió:

You are right there are many persons in Peru
The document needed is produced at Justice Court !
If you cannot get it there
Then we can helpyou to have it from here
Document cost is $450

2013/6/21 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
oh ! Remember that we will publish your name ,your address,
your cellphone number and copy of your passport especially in all
websites in Peru . So that people will hate you in your own country
We will also use these websites+ more you never know

Your passport COPY WILL BE PUT on facebook AND GOOGLE as murdere If we notice your report on internet
don ' t you know it
Mr 2013/6/24 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
Who is wolali?
My name is folly paul and i' m intouchable
2013/7/21 UTB < banking_transfer@qq.com >
stupid peruvian
are you ready to send another $75????? HA HA HA
We have a lot of USD million now :::: we collect them from fools and stupids like you in your won country !!!! Stupid
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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