Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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From: Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd < seatruck.hr1@outlook.com >
Sent: Wednesday, 3 July 2013 9:25 PM

Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd
4, Onitana Road, P.O. Box 8755
Ikoyi - Lagos


JOB REF: STGN-NG/DRE-097-/2013


We wish to congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment by our official recruitment consultants, the attached herewith is your letter of Appointment alongside with Job Acceptance Page, you are advice to download and read very carefully, if the offer is acceptable, you will be required to return to us the filled Job Acceptance Page.

As we stated in your appointment letter, you are expected to provide us with below listed information's.

1. Scan copy of your valid passport (at least 2 months to expiration)

2. Scan copy of your recent full-face Colored Photographs.

3. Scan copy of your National ID Card or Drivers License

4. Scan copy of your duly Signed Job Acceptance Page

5. Scan copy of your Affidavit for Good conduct issued at Federal High Court Nigeria

On the confirmation of the above requirements,We shall start with immediate processing of your visa here in Nigeria and also embark on the transfer of your 4 Months upfront salary and your traveling allowances to enable you settle all your domestic needs before joining the company. Expatriate are to contact Barrister Charles of Temple Court chambers with the below information's for the processing of your Oath of Affidavit for Good Conduct as it is a license from Nigeria Government.

Contact below chambers:


Contact Person: Barrister Charles Mannan

Designation: Senior Advocate

Address: 42-43A, King Street, Air-port Road Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234-8032634541


Please Call for more information and guide line

Sea Trucks Group

Mobile: +2348134553856

Phone: +234 1 744 27 18

Phone: +234 1 259 45 05

Fax: +447024012734

E-Mail: seatruck.hr1@outlook.com


Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd Approval Date: 4th of July. 2013
4, Onitana Road, P.O. Box 8755                    
Ikoyi - Lagos

Job Acceptance Page





By signing and dating this letter below, I Mr/Mrs, ____________________________________________,

Accept this job offer as


Sign: ________________________________ Date: _____________



(Human Resources Manager) (Site Manager)


Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd Approval Date: 4th of July. 2013
4, Onitana Road, P.O. Box 8755                    
Ikoyi - Lagos

Mobile: +
Phone: +234 1 744 27 18
Phone: +234 1 259 45 05
Fax: +447024012734



We refer to your earlier forwarded application for job engagement with relations to the Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd, and job reference number: STGN-NG/DRE-097-/2012. Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd pursuant to the recruitment service contract with the Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd recruiters seek to employ your services as an expatriate:

DESIGNATION: EQUIPMENTS MAINTENANCE MANAGER of this company for the fulfillment of the requirements of the Sea Truck Group

We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets.

RESUMPTION DATE; 4TH of August 2013. This date in order to attend our two week’s orientation before your job commencement)


Should you accept this job offer, as per company policy you'll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.

SALARY: $ 12, 500 (Twelve Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars Only) as take home salary per month.


Performance Bonuses: Effective upon satisfactory completion of the first 90 days of employment, and based upon the goals and objectives agreed to in the performance development planning process with your manager, you will be eligible for a bonus. The bonus plan for this year and beyond will be based on the formula determined by Sea Trucks Group Nigeria Ltd for that year.

Benefits: Sea Trucks Group - provided benefits for salaries-exempt employees, including the following:

 Child daycare assistance

 Education assistance

 Health, dental, life and disability insurance

 Sick leave

 Vacation and personal days


 Air Ticket

 Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances

 Access to some of the finest social and recreational facilities in Nigeria


JOB DURATION/ ROTATION: The initial job engagement with the Sea Trucks Group shall last for duration of Forty Eight (48) Consecutive months starting from August 4th 2013, and shall be renewed on employees’ preference and satisfactory Performance. The rotation of job shall be 28days work, 28days pay leave and on your twenty eight days leave, you have all the right to fly back to your country and return after the 28days holiday, in condition that the company shall take full responsibilities of your traveling expenses to and from.

CONTRACT TERMS: Employee shall be employed by Employer for a period of Four (4) years from the effective date aforementioned. This letter of agreement shall be automatically renewed for a successive additional One (1) year term unless notice of termination is given in writing by either party to the other party at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the initial term or any such renewal term.

Office assets to be provided by employer: Computer resources: Laptop Computer, 1.6 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 24XCD-RW, 30GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 56K Modem, Spare Battery and Necessary Software. Full time Internet access is also made available

Phones: the employer will provide each employee with one (1) landline and one (1) mobile telephone. This shall have a reasonable credit limit application per month. Adequate private office space in a conducive and comfortable work environment shall be provided for each employee.



Accommodation: Employer shall provide for employees quality single or family housing accommodation in the Sea

Trucks Group housing community in Victoria Island Lagos upon employees’ preference of accommodation type.


a) Single Accommodation:

This will be a Three (3) Bedrooms Flat bungalow inclusive of a sitting room and one (1) room detached for employees’ domestic staff.

b) Family Accommodation:

This will be a Six (6) Bedrooms Flat bungalow inclusive of Two (2) Sitting rooms and one (1) room detached for employee’s Domestic staff.

b) Employer shall also make monthly payment to employees’ domestic staff for duration of job engagement with the Sea Truck Group Nig Ltd.

c) Local Transportation: Sea Trucks Group shall provide to employee two executive cars, one 2009 Toyota Corolla and 2009 Toyota-Hilux.

D) Security Employer shall provide to employee 3 armed mobile police men for the family but when going to work; we go on company security convoy.

Mobilizations: The employee shall receive Four (4) months upfront salary paid in advance before consultants embark on journey to assume duty, this is to enable consultants settle all domestic needs before travel. Your first Four month salary, following the official procedures has been deposited with the African Development Bank Group (A.D.B). This Bank in service with Sea Trucks Group, As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in Dollars shall be 75% paid into an offshore account to be provided by employee with the remaining 25% paid in you're local account here in Nigeria for your personal use.

Insurance: Sea Trucks Group will provide Employee with Life Insurance coverage, Hospitalization and major Medical Insurance at no cost to the Employee. Such Employee's dependants may be covered under such Insurance policy, subject to the terms of such policy, at the expense of Employer.

Travel: Employer, for each intercontinental trip shall pay $3,000.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee. Travel shall be by business class/first class. However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel/entertainment allowance. Cost shall be substantiated and shall be the rate charged at the Period/time of purchase. Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' family.

Visa: Sea Trucks Group, shall procure your Visa through the Home Affairs here in Nigeria free of charge, we shall send your Visa together with the hard copy of your Job Offer Letter and Certificate of Employment through DHL Delivery Service on the completion of the whole process.

Work Permit: Upon your arrival, the company shall procure your working permit from the Home Office free of charge here in Nigeria.

Flight Ticket: Your flight ticket shall be included on the package which will be delivered to you through DHL courier service.

Reimbursement: You shall be provided with our Reimbursement Application Form where you are expected to fill out the expenses incurred by you in the course of joining the company, while submitting the form back you are to attach receipt of the expenses that will be mentioned in the reimbursement form as valid proof that such expenses were actually made by you.

Interview: There shall be no other form of interview as this is an online recruitment process and your basis of selection were strongly based on your professional experience and some core values found in your resume and that of your online interview by the screening department, there will only be an orientation and training section to educate you more on your environment and the challenges facing your job designation.

Requirements: All incoming Employee's are expected to provide us the below listed documents:

1. Scan copy of your valid passport (at least 2 months to expiration)

2. Scan copy of your recent full-face Colored Photographs.

3. Scan copy of your duly Signed Job Acceptance Page

5. Scan copy of your Affidavit of Good conduct issued at Federal High Court Nigeria

In furtherance with the sad experience the company had in the past drilling operation from its employed expatriates, the management has resolved that; Sea Trucks Group Policy as authorized and authenticated by the home management that expatriate or employee employed to work with the above named company or any other companies in Nigeria shall obtain

an Expatriate Affidavit for Good Conduct which will also aid a legal trust by the company as stipulated by the law of Nigeria Government in compliance with the laws of the Nigeria Immigration Service commission on employment as affiliated to the Immigrant Laws of the Nigeria Government on Employment which concern a multinational company of this nature. This will enable the company to put up legal trust and mutual confidence in you the expatriate as to meet with the company’s initial compulsory convenient benefit policy this is an indisputable policy of Sea Trucks Group and it's also in line with sub-section 12.3 Article11.42 Nigeria Constitutional policy and code of conduct which you must adhere to, any expatriate who fail to do this will not be issued with valid traveling papers and will also not receive his/her entitlements as such you may not relocate down here to work for us, this is done to ensure that you are not going to involve in any form of crime after you must have resumed work with the company, such as Money Laundering/Financial Crime/sponsoring of Terrorist and any other sort of non-conformant activities which in the future will affect the progress and image of the company.

NOTE: Once a copy of your Sworn Affidavit for Good Conduct is received from you by the Company your compulsory convenient benefit approved payment of 4months upfront salaries and your traveling allowances will be transferred into your nominated account, which is a standing policy here in Sea Trucks Group for expatriate convenience.

As stated in the Company Policy for Employment of Expatriates workers for the Offshore drilling Campaign, Sea Trucks Group shall bear the expenses for your working permit/Allowing Allowance, Relocation Allowance/Air Ticket/ Visa and Employee traveling papers with the Nigeria Immigration Service commission.


It is only the Expatriates Oath of Affidavit for Good Conduct, from the Federal High Court of Justice that you the Employee expected to personally procure and take care of the cost expenses but shall be reimbursed accordingly by the Employer after five (5) days of resumption to office/duty, which shows that you will be committed to work in all form of legal trust & transparency, also base on the Nigeria Immigration Service Policy which is authenticated on personal clearance and identification of personal responsibility and transparency by an Attorney representing you.

In other for you to secure the Affidavit for Good conduct, you are required to contact the Attorney with the

Chambers address below:


Contact Person: Barrister Charles Mannan

Designation: Senior Advocate

Address: 42-43A, King Street, Air-port Road Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234-832634541

E-Mail: barr.mannan@yahoo.co.uk


On completion of the procurement of your Residence and Work Permit / Visa, Sea Trucks Group shall send to you through DHL courier service the following items:

1. Residence and Work Permit / Visa

2. Air Ticket

3. Job offer Letter (Hard Copy)

4. Job offer Certificate

5. New-Hire Instructions (Pamphlet)

6. Discover Nigeria (Magazine from the Ministry of Tourism; 2012 Edition)

Hope that you'll accept this job offer and look forward to welcome you. Your immediate response regarding your acceptance will be highly acknowledged.

To accept this job offer, sign and date our acceptance document where indicated.





Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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