Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Jannese Desmond < jannesedesmond@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 2:12 AM

How are you my dear ?
I am very happy and i thank you for replying my message and accepting to have good relationship with me. I feel so happy to find a special person like you in my life today.

To introduce myself to you,
My full name is Jannese Desmond, 23 years of age and my official language is English. I am the only child currently alive among all my family members. I was born and grew up in Rwanda, a country located in central Africa. I was once studying in a higher institution (university) in my country but unfortunately for me then, there began a political and civil war and my father, (Dr Philip Desmond) who was then a successful international business man and also the personal adviser to the former president of Rwanda . My father, mother and only sister where all killed by rebels, leavening me as the only member of my family alive because I was at my school place during the incident.

But presently,
I live in a Church refugee camp in another country called Senegal as a refugee seeking for help. I ran out of my country immediately my family members where pronounced killed. our reverend pastor in the refugee camp, (reverend Denis dim) owns the computer which i am using to send message to you and he is really a very good and kind man of God, he takes care of us as the refugees, he is a friend to everyone in the camp and I really thank God for the life of the reverend because I would have died here if not him.

Please call me by 3:00 G.m.t of Senegal time on this phone number (+221771243475) to talk to me because I do not have my own phone but I have already inform the reverend pastor who owns the phone about you in case if you call, then he will connect me to speak with you.

Please read this carefully and try to keep it as a top secret between us even if it does not interest you. When my father was alive, he deposited some money in a bank in Europe. with my name being his first daughter as the next of kin. The initial amount which he deposited was $ 8,600,000 ( eight million, six hundred thousand dollars ). The statement of this said account and the death certificate of my father are all here with me for confirmation if you wish to see them.

But due to my condition as a refugee, the bank manager of the Royal bank has restricted me claiming the fund by myself because i am currently a refugee, The bank manager said and advised me that I must find and present a foreign representative to assist me on the claims. This is the most reason why i have contacted you to seek your kind help of representation as my foreign partner. Please I need your help to stand on my behalf as foreign partner to transfer this fund to your own bank account over there in your country, then send part of it to me to obtain my traveling documents to meet you over there for the sharing of the money.

Please you really have to help me if your heart so desired but not by force and please do not be afraid of any risk because this is genuine money and the transfer would be risk-free too as the bank manager himself will still tell you about this when you contact him as soon as I send the bank contact details to you in my next message. you reply accepting to help me . God is my witness that everything as I have told you in this mail is truth and should be kept as a top secret between us.

Please I will like to know more about your full name, home address, occupation, your telephone number and your pictures.
Please take care thanks and God bless you till when i hear from you again.
From your friend,
Jannese Desmond.

From: Jannese Desmond < jannesedesmond@yahoo.com >
Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2013 10:02 PM

how are you today? I hope you have a better health which is the most important thing to me, I have read your message and i understood everything which you said bit please listen to me,
I need a better life,
i need freedom and i also need to get back to my education but i need your help to stand for me to claim my father's money. I have already spoken with the bank manager and he told me that my money shall be released to me as soon as i choose a foreign representative. Therefore I want you to stand as my partner or foreign representative to deal with the bank so that my money can be transferred to your bank account over there in your position. I do not want to associate with any one in my country or even here in Senegal anymore and i will never think of telling the Senegal government or embassy about my life. I just don't want these wicked people here to know about my life and my money, and I also will never think of coming back here again whenever i get out by God's grace.

Please pay attention again,
Like as I said above I have already contacted the bank manager to inform him about you, I told him that you are the person I have chosen to be my representative since he told me earlier to look for a foreign partner to represent me to make the money transfer due to my refugee status and the law of the country where I'm living. I am ready to give you part of the money for helping me then we will invest the rest of the money in a good business of your choice as joint partners over there your country.

Please I want you to contact the bank manager in Royal bank of Scotland today, to tell him that you are my foreign partner to represent me, whom I have already told them about and also ask him the possibility of transferring my late father's money to your own bank account over there in your country.

Bellow is the bank contact information. .

Bank name: Royal bank of Scotland.
mailing address:royalbankroyal1@aol.com or

Manager's name: Mr Leeds
Telephone number: +447031893997

And bellow is my father's bank account information which you will confirm from the bank manager. .

account Name: Dr Philip Desmond
account Number: BLB745008901546/BB/91A
next of Kin: Jannese Desmond

Thanks and may God bless you as you contact the bank . Please also inform me as soon as you receive reply from the bank so that we will reason together to know the next step.

yours forever friend,
Jannese Desmond


From: Royal Bank Royal < royalbankroyal1@globomail.com >
Cc: jannesedesmond@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 4:59 PM



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      today after a 70% plunge following its revelation it is facing  a         28bn     loss for 2008




In respect to the message which we have received fromDesmond
We have already gone through the message and we have understood very well that you are the partner of Miss Desmond
Her father, (Dr Philip Desmond) was our customer with substantial amount of 8.6 million Dollars which he deposited in our bank before he died some years ago. And MissDesmond wants to claim her father's money as the only survival of the family/ the next of kin but we advised her to bring a foreign representative due to her refugee status.

But before our bank will proceed to deal with you to transfer this money to your account, You and your partner are requested to send to us, the three following papers for legalization.

1. (A power of attorney) ..
This document will be prepared on your name by a Senegalese lawyer (a lawyer living in Senegal). And must be signed by the office of the federal high court of Senegal, MissDesmond
and also the lawyer who prepared if for you respectively.

2. (Dr Philip Desmond's Bank account statement paper)This paper was issued to Dr Philip Desmond by our bank when he deposited this fund so you should ask MissDesmond for it.

3. (Death certificate of Dr Philip Desmond)this certificate is to confirms the death of Dr Philip .

Note! The above three mentioned documents are to be delivered to us via post and only the original copies are needed, Please do not send them through email attachment.

We advise you to contact your partner MissDesmond
to inform her of these requirements immediately. The transfer will commence as soon as we receive these documents from you.

Should you have questions, please contact our Foreign operation Head director (Mr Leeds) via our bank email address (royalbankdirects@globomail.com ) or (royalbankdirects@aim.com ) or call the office on this phone number
( +44-798-032-1757) for more directive.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs Lewis,
For account and transfer department,
Royal bank of Scotland.


From: Jannese Desmond < jannesedesmond@yahoo.com >
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 9:22 PM


My beloved,
I thank God for making it possible for me to find a kind man like you, you are a savior sent from heaven to me, I don't know what i could have done to survive out of this miserable refugee camp, My beloved i really can't wait to join you over there to further my education and live a better life immediately after this transfer. My prayers is to transfer my father's fund to your account as quick as possible so that i will come to your country to live a better life with you and also to further with my studies.

Then concerning the reply from the bank, I have already read the message and understood their request.

The bank requested for three documents

1, power of attorney
2, statement
3, death certificate.

And I am very happy to tell you that I already have two documents available here with me, which is number 2 (statement of account) and number 3 (death certificate).

So the only document which we need to get now is the number 1 which is (power of attorney) which the bank said must be prepared in the federal high court of the federal republic of Senegal, by a lawyer living here in Senegal, and the document would be signed by the federal high court, the lawyer and me respectively.

So the good news is that Reverend Denis Dim has found a lawyer for us, He said that the lawyer also work under the united nation authority and is capable to cover the power of attorney for us quickly and has given me the lawyer's contact details as listed bellow. .

Email: charlsharmslaw@yahoo.com
Telephone: +221778643004

So in the light of the above, Please i want you to contact the lawyer immediately to ask him what we need to do to get the document (power of attorney)from him, I have sent an email to him already and i expect you to also contact him as my representative so that he will know both of us and tell us the procedures to get the document.

Please do not fail to contact him because we need the document quickly. You should also call him on his phone to speed-up the process. please also update me with any reply you receive from the lawyer.

May God bless you as you get in touch with the lawyer quickly.
I wait for positive reply from you
love always

From: "charlsharmslaw@yahoo.com" < charlsharmslaw@yahoo.com >
Sent: Thursday, August 1, 2013 12:23 PM

AVOC ATSan > Dakar , Senegal.
Rhodes Crécent No. 26 ( 2e étage ) in Dakar au Sénégal .
+22 1778643004 )
charlsharmslaw@yahoo.com )

To your kind attention

Miss Desmond

My office received a message and the content is well understood. Actually your partner, Miss
Desmond . informed me about this so i have already understood everything clearly that the bank demanded for three documents to transfer money butDesmond have only two and now you need my service to prepare the one called power of attorney.

But my office wish to let you know that there are two requirements to prepare the document for you as quick as possible. and they are as follows.

(1) you will pay consultation agreement legal fee first, the amount which you will pay is
399$ dollar. this fee is for registration. you must bear in mind that when you contact a lawyer for any work, you must first pay this fee, it is also called acceptance fee. we can not do any work without the fee and this is the same system everywhere even in your country

(2) you must send all your information as i have written bellow.

* Your full name. . . . . . . . . . .
* Nationality and residence addressin full . . . . . . . . . . . . .
* Phone number . . . . . .
* Occupation and position . . . . . . .
* Date ofBirth . . . . . . . . .
* Marital statue . . . . . . . . . .

Now i am waiting for the two requirements and work will start when i receive them.
please send the money today quickly, my office will start to process document as soon as we receive money from you.

Please make payment of 399$ through anyWestern union money transferbranch office near you.
Western Union Schalter am Hauptbahnhof Muenchen.JPG
Name to receive money. . . . . charlsharms
Country destination. . . . . . . . . .
City Destination. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Amount to transfer. . . . . . . . . . .
399 dollar .

We shall start the processing of your document when we receive payment.

message is from the lawyer barrister Charles hams..

lawyer in the service

Miss Young

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