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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: Anastasia Da Paxiao <schizzi@ge.ismac.cnr.it>
Date: 2013/9/14
Subject: Good afternoon

Hello,Good afternoon, I'm Ms .Anastasia Da Paxiao I would have like to
have some discussion with you if you don't mind. Please let me know if
my letter is welcome.
Ms. Anastasia Da Paxiao.
Mrs From: Anastasia Da Paxiao <schizzi@ge.ismac.cnr.it>
Date: 2013/9/14
Subject: Good evening

Good evening, I'm Ms .Anastasia Da Paxiao I would have like to have
some discussion with you if you don't mind.
Please let me know if my letter is welcome.
Ms. Anastasia Da Paxiao.
Mrs From: Anastasia Da Paxiao <anastasiadapaxiao@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/9/16
Subject: Nice to meet you

Dear friend

How are you? Please for more details about me, attached is my CV. It
contains my personal details. I want to go straight to the point, i
want to come to your country and start a new life under your care,find
a good university and finish my studies in medicine. Also establish a
small business which will be fetching me money while i go to school.
But i can�t do it alone, that is why i need your help. Before coming,
the money i want to use is still in the bank,i want to move it to your
account before coming.

Let me tell you everything about my background. Read carefully my
mail, so that you will understand everything , and the major reason
why i needed your help ,though i am sorry for the long mail. When i
was growing up,I came from a low class family,we were poor,my father's
name is Mr.Antonio Da Paxiao,and my mother is Beatrice Da Paxiao. My
mother died 10 years ago,i had an elder brother but he is late now. My
father was a village school teacher and also a farmer. When i was
growing,feeding was a problem for us,What i am telling you is my life
story. Fortunately in 2000,Chevron oil company came to my community
in search of crude oil,and guess what? In my compound where people use
to laugh at us,that was were they discovered crude oil,just at the
backyard. People were surprised because they never knew such fortune
will come our way. The Chevron company negotiated with my father,their
terms were favorable to us,that we will evacuate from the land,that my
father should point any land elsewhere,and they will build a
magnificent house for us. That they will give my father 120,000
dollars at the moment,then they will compensate my father with the sum
of 1,000,000 dollars after 10 years of operation on the land. Not only
that,he is entitled to work in Chevron,including his children. And by
then,none of us have come up of age,i was barely 9 years. My elder
brother was just 14 years. My mother was still alive then,but she was
an illiterate,and cannot work there,she was a tailor,it was only
father that was educated.

This was how our life changed ,and we were respected in my
community,Chevron built a standard house for us,in place of our old
house. After 2 years,my mother died while giving birth,she had high
blood pressure. My father started to work in Chevron and he was paid
5,000 dollars per month for a start. As time goes on,his salary was
increased. Things were normal in my life,i lacked nothing. After 10
years of Chevrons operation in our land,which is 2010,the company
compensated my father with 1,000,000 dollars as agreed. My father
worked with Chevron for 10 years and he retired 2011. Chevron paid him
off with 150,000 dollars. My father wanted the best for us, so he sent
me to South Africa to study medicine,while my elder was sent to
Ukraine to study civil engineering. During my brother's graduation
party,there a fight and a stray bullet hit him on his chest,he was
rush to the hospital but couldn't make it,that was how he died. This
happened 2011,the year my father was retired. The shock of the news
made my father to have stroke,because he relied on my brother to take
over the family name and linage when he dies. But now,it seems all
hope was lost for him,i am a female and will marry someday and answer
another man's name.

That was when our problem began,his sickness was deteriorating
everyday,and my uncles were happy because if my father eventually
die,they will be the one to share his properties because my father
don't have another male child. In order to secure a future for me,my
father now contacted his bank ,and told them to change the next of
kinship from my brother's name to my own name,since my brother is
dead,because he previously used his name as his next of kin.

To cut everything,he finally died on the 12th of November,2012. After
the burial,my uncles came and said that my father's house and all
that belonged to him,now belongs to them.That it is tradition. I gave
way for them because i cannot fight them. I was given a room at the
boys quarters but yet,i wasn't given a breathing space. One morning,i
decided that i will live my country and start a new life elsewhere.
After 2 days,my room mate when i was schooling in South Africa,she is
a Senegalese,she called me and told me she heard what happened to my
father,that she is sorry. I told her what i have been facing by my
uncles and that i need to leave Equatorial Guinea and find somewhere
cool and settle down for a while. She now asked me to come to
Senegal,that she is living with her mother alone,that i should come
and stay with them,and i accepted. That was how i came down to
Senegal. I have been here for 5 months now,doing nothing.

My girl friend and her mother are trying but they are middle class
family, so i now decided to retrieve the money in my father's
account. Take me as your sister please and lets put our heads together
and remove the money from my father's account to your account and i
will start coming to meet you,when i arrive,we put our heads to
together and see what will be done with the money.

The amount in my father's account is more than 1,000,000
dollars,because in his statement of account i have, the amount that is
stated there is 1,250,000 dollars. But i was surprised when i
contacted my father's bank,his account manager told me that it is not
the actual amount in my father's account. That the 1,250,000 dollars
was his account balance as of 2010, that my father made several
transactions as of late 2010 and 2011.

There are some documents he mentioned that i must provide,to prove
that i am the daughter of Mr.Antonio Da Paxiao (My father's name).
That if he confirms the documents and they are genuine, then he will
confide in me the actual amount. So i don't really know the actual
amount now until i send him the documents to the bank. The only thing
that is holding me not to send the documents yet is that my father's
account manager said i should present one of my uncles or
relative,that will stand as a guardian and surety to witness the
release of the money,and that i should also have a current account or
corporate account where the money will be transferred to . And
secondly,that the person i am presenting should contact him personally
and introduce himself as my uncle or guardian.

I don't really know why i am telling you,but i am following my heart.
As it stands now,i have the documents,but where i am having a problem
is to present my uncles and to provide a current account,because i am
not in my country now which you know. And because of that,i cannot
open an account because the bank demanded for a resident permit before
i can open an account as a foreigner,and i don't have a resident
permit. I cannot also involve my uncles for some reasons . Please i
come to you as a sister,daughter and friend. If you have any
questions,feel free to ask me.




Mrs From: Anastasia Da Paxiao <anastasiadapaxiao@yahoo.com>
Date: 2013/9/25
Subject: Nice to meet you too

Good evening

To see my my full data,i have attached my CV for your kind view. that
is why i contacted you because i want to come to your country and
start a new life,continue my education in a sound University over
there. In my CV for you to see the educations i have attained,but i
want to complete my education in your country.That is my main purpose.
I have so many dreams and i wish they come through. I want to be a
gynecologist. You will help me look for an English university where i
can study hard. I know it needs a lot of hard work and determination.
I am interested in women's health and Gynecology can be an ideal
career choice for me. Though it takes many years of schooling, good
job prospects are predicted, and the high salary and personal
satisfaction will make up for my hard work. I know that my career
requires alot of hard work,dedication and spirit to sever the
society . Besides,i have to be discipline, patience,commitment to
excel in my respective field and self-confidence. If i have all these
qualities in me,then i am fit for being a Gyne as it is such a field
that a mistake of mine can take a precious life and ruining a family's
fortunes. I believe that with you by my side,i will be able to achieve
my goal in India,or won't you be there for me?

There comes a time in your life when you just have to walk away from
all the drama in your life and the people who create it.You surround
yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad and focus on
the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those that
don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. This is why i want
to be your friend , Will you accept me?

Tell me about yourself,which state do you reside in your country? Are
you married? How old are you? Please feel free with me and write me. I
have attached my pictures for you to see how i look like.



Miss Young

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