My dearest one
I'm very happy to read from you once again today,and hope all is well with you over there at the moment. Dear, here is all i need from you, please i will like you to contact the bank where the money is deposited on my behalf and transfer the money to your bank account. So that i can be able to come over to your country immediately after the transfer, then the fund will be for us which we will invest some of the money into a profitable business for our future plan.

Name : Glory Okom.
Presently resides in : Quarter 6, Room 12, Fatima ta bocar gueye, Darousalaam Refugee camp, Oroussogui Dakar, Senegal.
My date of birth : 8th April 1988 (24yrs).
Nationality : Ivory Coast.
My late father's name : Dr.Okom Ododo.

Dear, i have strong believe that you are my helper, i also have faith and trust in you which i believe that it is the direction of Almighty God for me to meet you in this time of need and i want you to stand as my trustee, as you have promised to help me out, by transferring the money to your bank account over there in your country, pending my arrival to meet with you and start a new life there.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you over there in your country because i have no parents and have suffered alot here in Senegal as a refugee. Meanwhile, i want you to contact the bank and demand for the transfer of the fund into your bank account.
Please do not open this matter to anyone, just keep it secret and hold it between you and me for security purpose, because hence it is money, all eyes will like to be on it, which may put our lives in danger. Hope you got everything clear from me.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Alan Dickinson
HEAD QUARTER OFFICE Address: 36 st Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YB.
Telephone Number: +447045775074, +447045774770.
E-mail : (or)

Name of the depositor : Dr.Okom Ododo.
Next of kin : Miss Glory Okom.
Account Number : 2029-56165301/SCT/UK.
Swift Code Number : RBSTGB22.
Deposit Code Number : RBSC/00864.
The Amount is : $3,728,000 USD.

Please my dear,i have already introduced you to the bank as my trustee, who will stand for me and transfer the fund on my behalf. Please contact them for more confirmation and also let them know that you want to know the possibilities on how they will transfer the money into your bank account. Then immediately after the transfer, you will send to me some money to prepare my traveling documents to come over to meet you there in your country to start a new life. Please try to contact this bank immediately you receive this mail and demand for the transfer of my money into your account on my behalf ok.
Remember, I send and receives e-mails from you, in the office of the reverend father, Jones Martins. He has been so kind to me since i became closer to him during one of his visitation to the clinic in the refugee camp when i was sick. Thanks and may the good God's richly blessing and be upon you. Yours in lovely Glory.