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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a charitable donation. It works just like a lottery scam. The scammers that sent the letter, wants me to pay them. I will not get anything from them. They will keep asking for more money until I give up or run out of money.

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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:50:03 +0800
From: us.disbursement@kimo.com

. . . fulfilling the dream. . .


Greetings from Raymond Buxton Foundation, a foundation setup to fulfill the dream of PowerBall winner - B. Raymond Buxton from Northern California, United States of America who won $425 Million United States Dollars (USD) with winning numbers: 1 17 35 49 54 34 in the PowerBall Millions Lottery as introduced on Wednesday February 19th 2014 by California Lottery Officials.

When receiving the winning cheque on
Tuesday April 1st 2014in Sacramento California, these were the exact words of Raymond Buxton" I'm going to enjoy my new job setting up a charitable foundation focused on areas of pediatric health, child hunger and education." In other to actualize this dream and help others this foundation was setup "Raymond BuxtonFoundation" .

This foundation has assisted the local fire department, the Red Cross, Haiti, some hospitals majorly involved in cancer treatment, and some other charity organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Your email address was selected for a goodwill grant donation of $950,000.00 USD, (derived from the sum of all the lucky winning numbers:
1 + 17 + 35 + 49 + 54 + 34 = 190, multiplied by 5000 - the 5 from the 5000 is the number of beneficiaries for this goodwill grant). Having confirmed that your email is active and eligible to claim grant, you will become the 3rd beneficiary from the lucky 5 beneficiaries to receive "$950,000.00 USD Grant Donation" as other 2 beneficiaries already received their Grant after concluding with our Attorney .

Other 2 beneficiaries who just received their grant has expressed their gratitude and was excited over this goodwill donation, though they were a bit skeptical about the whole process due to series of happenings over the internet, but we are glad that they were able to conclude with the attorney, as they were guided towards receiving their grant and are now Millionaires.

For purpose of transparency and need to provide all necessary documents to allow for documentation in your name and the use of the funds in your country; You are to forward the following information to our attorney as you will be guided on the claims process;Full Names // Full Postal Address // Direct Tel # (including Mobile / Cell Phone ) // Current Occupation // Age & Sex // Scanned Copy of your ID (any valid means of identification) -all details are compulsory for registration, processing and remittance of grant to you.

The Attorney in-charge of your donation file is Barr. Mrs. Elisa Mayden of the United States District Court, Central District of California, USA (specifically for grant processing as processing of grant is from her chamber - E/M CHAMBERS).

Contact the Attorney with your details, make contact with the two emails below;

Elisa Mayden & Co Attorneys,
California City Court,
Sacramento, CA 95833 United States of America.
Email: mayden.elisa@gmail.com
Alternative Email: em.chambers4@hotmail.com
Tel: +1-347-349-3632
Tel: +1-940-618-4591
Fax: +1-626-602-8939

Remittance of grant is absolutely 100% sure once you follow the directives of the attorney and her legal team. Payout takes less than 3days once you adhere to the directives of the
attorney. Remittance of grant is either by cheque, bank transferor pick up. Our attorney will enlighten you on these claims procedures once you make contact via email(s).

All required information including scanned copy of any valid means of identification should be sent via email as stated below:

Email: mayden.elisa@gmail.com
Alternative Email: em.chambers4@hotmail.com

Act swift and clear all doubt (if any) about this grant, when you view the link below, you will find out that the founder - Raymond Buxton felt winning the PowerBall Lottery was a joke when he first heard the news, so always be positive in life and hope for the best. Also, you are required to notify us once you have received your grant donation so we can close your file and move on to the next beneficiary (the fourth beneficiary).

For more details visit:http://www.powerball.com/powerball/winners/2014/021914CA_Buxton.shtml

Congratulations & Happy Celebration !!!

Mrs Megan Browne,
Online Co-coordinator,



. . . fulfilling the dream. . .
Email: rbfoundation@followu.org


Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 04:48:40 -0800
From: mayden.elisa@gmail.com

Principal Dept. # 2912

California City Court,
Sacramento, CA 95833 U.S.A.
Tel: +1-347-349-3632
Tel: +1-940-618-4591
Fax: +1-626-602-8939

Our Ref: CA-C-Court/019
Your Ref: rbf-003/2014
November 4th, 2014.


Welcome to the office of Barrister Elisa Mayden, attorney of Mr. Raymond Buxton - Power Ball Lottery Winner April 2014 and founder of Raymond Buxton Foundation. Attached to this email is a copy of my work identification card along with my International Passport for transparency as so much is happening in the internet world, so please desist from further dealings with persons / group if you are involved with any. (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR TRANSPARENCY).

I work with the United States District Court, Central District of California (ID attached). Processing and remittance of grant is from - E/M Chambers, specifically for grant processing and remittance of grant to approved beneficiary.

Your name has already been submitted to this chamber by Mr. Raymond Buxton as well as the needed documents to boost this exercise.

You are now cleared to receive Certified grant of $950,000.00 USD once all formalities are cleared.

The RB Grant Foundation has already provided the basic requirement for your payment to be carried out, as you are the third (3rd) beneficiary to be receive this grant, as we already concluded payment to other 2 beneficiaries.

As a standard procedure, You are expected to make a "Court Administrative / Consultation Fee" of $1550 USD (COMPULSORY ).

Other two beneficiary considered this Court Administrative / Consultation Charge absurd, as they proffer that this charge be deducted from the Grant money, but were made to reconsider why they should make this cost as this is the normal practice all over the world. As in order to consult with a specialist there ought to be a Standard Court Administrative / Consultation Fee.

Therefore, without this compulsory Court Court Administrative / Consultation fee, the honorable court can not attend to your file and process grant.

Receipt of payment will be attached to your File / Documents before grant can be dispatched to you as this is a standard procedure.

The Benefactor, Mr. Raymond Buxton after release of this grant, also made provision for it to be delivered to you via Certified check, Diplomatic means (Hand to Hand / Pick Up) or via Bank wire Transfer pending on your preferred choice. All that is expected of you is make the Court Administrative / Consultation Fee of $1550 USD and your grant will be remitted to you.

Please note that the benefactor can not be responsible for this Court Administrative / Consultation fee, hence you need to see to this personally so we process your grant and have it remitted to you.

In view of this recent development, you have been given a maximum of 3 working days to make the required Court Court Administrative / Consultation charge, so we can proceed further.

Once requirement is meant, all necessary document will be forwarded to you to attest your signatures, then remittance / payout of grant will commence - Check delivery, Pick Up, or Bank Wire Transfer directly to your designated bank account, remittance of grant is within a maximum of 48 hours after remittance of Court Administrative / Consultation fee of $1550 USD.

Payment of consultation fee is through Western Union / Money Gram or via Bank Wire Transfer to the accounts section of this chamber.

NOTE: Court Administrative / Consultation fee ($1550 USD) can not be deducted from the grant, the reason is because grant payout has not been approved yet, the court is required to sign off your grant file before payout of grant is approved, hence the need for the Court Administrative / Consultation charges.

We can only proceed with grant processing and payout / remittance after payment of this charge has been verified.

Confirm to this requirement and state exact date this "Court Charge" will be remitted so that further directives on how to remit this fee can be relayed to you.

You are advised to adhere strictly to directives so we can bring this process to a successful conclusion.

Awaits prompt compliance.

Your Sincerely.

Tel: +1-347-349-3632
Tel: +1-940-618-4591
Fax: +1-626-602-8939

Elisa Mayden
Mayden Elisa

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