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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Sent: Friday, November 07, 2014 5:24 PM
Subject: Looks nice!!!

Hey it�s is Dalina and I'm from Turkmenia. I am really fond of nature, animals and plants. I love flowers, especially roses. I enjoy romantic movies, comedies as well as yet serious movies of psychological nature. Reading is my passion with cradle. I also compose verses and edited a collection of poems not long ago. I have a kind, romantic and creative manality. I possess a pleasant sense of humor and love to bring joy to people. I never keep grudge and forgive easily. I dream of a family of my own, where love, understand and respect would reign. I am look for a interesting, charming man with good sense of humor; anybody who believes that it is possible to find love even on the other side of the world. I don?t mind if he already has children. But I desire to have children of my own with my future husband too.

Mr From: "Dalina" <ponaa.dalina@yandex.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 2:24 AM
Subject: Hi my new friend

Hi my new friend . Today, my mood is much better, because I see your
response to my
first letter. And I hope you're interested in further relations and
correspondence with me. I really hope that you liked my picture I sent
you last time. I think you're a serious person, and you will take
serious consideration to the correspondence with me! I do not want to
waste my time on a some games with feelings on the Internet. I never
play such kind of games. I'm serious, lonely girl, and I want to have
only a serious relationship in future. So I live in a country
Turkmenistan, this country has borders with such countries as
Azerbaijan, Russia. But Turkmenistan - is an independent country. I got your
in the dating agency. I want you to know that the age difference does
not matter for me. My age is 27 years. My birthday is December 27,
All my friends tell me that I have a look younger than my real age. I
think it's very good thing when girl looks younger than actual age. Do
you agree with me? I work in a big company as Economist. I will write you in
my next letter more information about me. Unfortunately, writing
letters by e-mail, this is the only way for me to communicate with you
for a while. And also I want to ask you that you added me to your address
To my letters always reach you. I think it's not too much trouble for you.
I will write you about my life more, and I am sure it
will be much clearer for you. I promise to write you long letters. I
hope you will find some free time to write me letters as answer. Now
I'll check my email more often, and when I see your answer, then I'll
write you back. Also, I�m sending you with this letter my newest
picture. I do this so you could see that I�m real. Dalina!
P.S. I write to you with my own e-mail. And I'm sorry that my foto is
not quality.

Sent: Friday, November 14, 2014 9:58 PM
Subject: Re: RE

Hi my friend , thanks for your answer. I am pleased that our relationship
continues, and now I will try to write you more information about me.
I told you in my last letter, my age 27 years old and I live in the
country - Turkmenistan, and it is a Muslim country. This is my home, and
I love my country. You can learn more about it in the Internet, I
think there is enough information. People living here are very kind
and understanding. They are always ready to communicate. In my
country, a very mild climate. And usually within a year the
temperature is always plus-value. It is rarely cold, only in those
parts of the country where there are mountains. Also my country
bordering the Caspian Sea. But the only thing that really worries me
is the religion of my country. Most people practice Islam, and
strictly comply with all the basics of this. I also confess this
religion. I was not able to choose it, and I had to follow these
principles from childhood. I live in a small town Miana, it is
located not far from the capital of my country city Asgabat, about 225 km. Now I live
alone, I rent an apartment. I left my parents' house a few years ago.
And now I have an independent life, and not depend on my parents. I
left their house, because I do not agree with the position of my
father about me. In our religion, women have few rights and freedoms.
Men top everywhere. And so my father tried several times to look for a
husband for me. Such traditions in our religion. But I did not agree
with that. I had a big row with my dad, and then I ran away from his
home. My parents do not know where I live now. I know that my father
wants to find me and return home, but I'm doing all that he could not
do it. I'll tell you more about this in my next letter. So I've never
been married and I do not have children. Because in order to find a
husband myself, I must receive the consent of my father. And it will
not happen. So I'm lonely. And I'm sure that at my age, it's time to
have a family and a serious relationship. So I took the decision to
look for a man in another country. For me this is the only way to be
happy. For this, I turned to the international marriage agency, which
is in the city of Ashgabat. There they gave me your email address. I pay
them a little money for it. I hope now you know how I found your
e-mail? I think is not important the way I got your address, more
importantly, we are now able to communicate and get to know each
other. In the same time I never left Turkmenistan, I have never been in
other countries. And everything that I know about other countries, all
the information I get from magazines, books or the Internet. I want to
tell you that it was very difficult for me to start an independent
life. But I was able to do it. Now I have a good life, I have a
permanent job, close friends and a quiet life. But I do not have the
most important thing, I do not have a loved one with whom I will build
the future. Perhaps we can develop our relationship into something
very serious. Who knows. Even if we just stay friends, this is also a
good result. But deep inside, I hope that we will have a more serious
relationship than friendship. Because that's my goal. And when will be
the right time, then we can discuss personal meeting.
In our present world is not an easy financial
situation, many people are starting to get a lot of problems in their
lives. It is very sad when people's lives have a negative cash impact.
Now I have enough money to buy food, rent apartment, and some money
left for entertainment. I spend it to go to the theater, or in a cafe
with a friend. This is my main way to spend free time. Also, my job
allows me to have constant communication with people. It is always
very exciting and brings a lot of positive emotions. I have several
hobbies. I love listening to music, national Turkmenistan. Sometimes I
listen to foreign artists such as Madonna, Enrique Inglesias.
I love listening to romantic music. I also like to read
books, romance novels, such as "Twilight." And historical novels. I
think people must know their history, the history of their country and
other countries. When people remember history, it helps him not to
make some mistakes in future. I believe that when a person reads a lot
of books, it helps them to communicate better with other people. I
love to make sports, go to the gym, or doing jogging. I love going for
walks in the park to enjoy the beauty of nature. I also very much love
animals. Especially horses. Unfortunately I do not have a pet. Do you
have a pet? do you love animals? I ask you, because there is an
opinion that if a man loves animals, then it means that he is kind,
calm, and able to present sincere feelings. I understand that for the
best of our communication needs are also other ways. Unfortunately I
do not have a cell phone so you can call. I live in a small town, and
I do not need to have a cell phone. But I promise you that when we get
to know each other much better, I can buy a phone card and call you.
So you can hear my voice. I can speak some English. I write you
letters from Internet cafe. And now it is the only way for me to keep
our communication. I do not have an account in social networking sites
such as Facebook. Since this requires a lot of free time, but I do
not have it. I can not always be in the Internet cafe. Internet cafe
manager also said that their overall speed Internet is not very high,
and thus there are a large number of computers. Therefore, it is not
enough to have a conversation with Skype. I hope you can understand
all of this correctly. And we can continue to communicate via e-mail.
Now I will finish my letter. I hope I did not bore you with this
long letter, and you can write me back. I would also like to receive
your pictures. And I hope that you also write me a nice, long letter.
I want you to tell me about your life, your hobbies and your work
more. I wonder is all that you are willing to tell me. I look forward
to your reply. Dalina!

Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2014 2:24 AM
Subject: Re: RE

Hello , thank you for your answer. I'm always happy to receive news
from you, it always makes my normal day more interesting. You already
know that I can not be absolutely happy in my country. Since my
religion and the principles of life in my country, it's not allowing
me to do that. I have never had a serious love relationship. And all I
know about it is only a theory. I've seen a lot of this in various
romantic movies or read about in romance novels. Of course, this is
all very beautiful. But I understand that in real life would be much
different. In real life, there will be difficulties, problems, and
some hard situation. That need to be decided jointly. I understand
that, and I'm ready for that. I also believe that it is not so
important where to begin serious love relationship. It can start from
meeting on the street, in a museum or even the Internet. If you make
an effort, any such relationship can develop into something more
serious. If two people have a common interest and make steps towards
each other if their relationship is in constant development, then they
can expect a very good reward for it. I truly believe that even
Internet dating may one day grow into a serious relationship that will
bring a lot of joy. Also, now I'm trying to avoid the manifestation of
the religion of Islam in my life. My clothes are plain, I do not dress
in religious clothing, I did not close the open parts of my body dark
clothing. Of course, many people are judgmental looks when they see me
on the street, but it's my choice. I also do not agree with some of
the main parts of Islam with regard to the relationship between a man
and a woman. In Islam, a man may have several wives official. And I
can not take this! I believe that every man should have only one
favorite wife. So I finally decided for myself, my husband to be out
of Turkmenistan. I think now you understand better why I'm looking for a
man for marriage from another country? And why do I have the
loneliness at the age of 27 years old! In general, I want to tell you
that religion is not important for me. And I think that one day I can
change it. I really like the Christian religion, because in this
religion all men are equal, and the ratio of girls is much better.
I wish I could still tell you more about my hobbies, I like to cook
food. They are constantly experimenting with it. Maybe one day you'll
be able to try my cooking food, and you're sure to like it. I know how
to cook a variety of salads, meat dishes and a lot of tasty.
Today was a normal day for me. Not there was something special. I told
you already, which is usually after work, I have a very good mood. And
today it was too. But sometimes after work I have fatigue. Because
most of my work day goes on feet, and also some fatigue in the
neck. To get rid of this, I spent some time after work to just lie in
my bed and rest. Sometimes I do yourself a neck massage to relax it.
I'm also very fond of watching different movies. I have already told
you that I love historical novels, and film Troya, this is one of
my favorite historical movies. I also love watching movies fantasy,
such as Garry Potter, Hobbit and etc. And when I have a
happy mood, I love watching romantic comedies.
Today, after work, I came to the internet cafe to see your answer.
Then I want to go with my girlfriend to have a female conversation in
the cafe. I have a best friend Zhisel. This she did most of my photos
that I send to you. It is really a very good photographer, and the
pictures she made me very loving. I only ask that you never asked for
my nude photos. Because I will never send it over the internet, I just
stop communicating with you after such requests. It's just reminding.
How was your day? Do you have something special or interesting?
Now I will finish my letter. I hope you will answer me soon again. Dalina

Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 12:19 AM
Subject: Re: RE

Hi again , thank you for your answer. For me it is very important to
see your interest in me, and your constant attention. It is very good
in the beginning of a relationship when it is present. I try to write
to you as often as possible. I'm always interested to read your
response, your news. It is so interesting to talk to someone who lives
in another country have a different culture, a different way of life.
It's hard to explain in words, but on the other hand, I do not feel
much difference between you and me. I can easily communicate with you,
if you are near me. I do not feel the boundaries in our communication.
And it pleases me very much. We can absolutely free to speak on any
topic. I do not much want to talk to you more about my country. The
official spoken language is Turkmenistani. Also, some of the more mature
people speak Russian. But young people do not know the Russian
language. I am also speak Turkmenistani language. And can speak some
Russian. In the Muslim religion enough good things and concepts. But
it is not very close to me. When I see European films, and to see the
Christian way of life, it is more close to me. In Christianity, more
freedom, more tolerance and good relations. If I change one's
religion, then I'll try to take religion out of my most good quality,
and preserve it. I really have peace of mind now, because I have
constant communication with you, and we know each other better with
each new letter. But I understand that the relationship by
correspondence, if it lasts a very long time, it becomes a friendship.
I do not want that. So I understand that one day will be necessary
personal meeting to further develop relations. And if this meeting
will not be, then the relationship will not grow and remain a
friendship. I would not want that. But of course, it is too early to
talk about a real meeting. And I do not want to rush into it. Now I
want to continue to learn you better and that you too could do it. I
think we have yet many things to say to each other, and learn better.
Today, I had almost a normal day at my job. And I thought about you.
I think you're a man with a rich inner world. And if I can
see it. Then I could easily fall in love with it. I can always feel
the sincerity, and I always answer the same. I really love my job
because it allows me to communicate with people and get pleasure from
this communication. Many of my friends tell me that I am a very pretty
girl, and I could easily work in the modeling industry, and has time
to become a top model. But it never interested me. I think working as
a model, it is very hard work, and it is a temporary job. This work is
also very nervous. And I never wanted to earn my beauty. Yesterday I
was preparing food at home. I was just making one vegetable salad, and
chicken stew. I understand that in the world there are different types
of food. Italian, European, and Chinese. But I would never try it. I'm
a little afraid to experiment with unfamiliar food. Maybe one day I'll
be able to try food from other countries. But I think it's better to
do it in the country where it is the national food. I would not want
to try Chinese food, which is prepared in Turkmenistan. Because it is
not real Chinese cuisine. I also love talking to people. And tell them
the truth, I know. Often people get offended when hearing the truth.
And this is the hardest. But I'm really such a frank and never want to
deceive people. Because any cheating, it's become one identified. It's
only a matter of time. So my conscience is always calm. And I can
sleep at night. Now I will finish my letter. I hope that you also send
me a reply soon. Tell me more about your work, it gives you pleasure?

Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 10:44 PM
Subject: Re: RE

Hello, my dear friend .
Thank you for your answer. How are you today? How is your health? I
notice that every time I receive your reply, then my mood always
improves. And it's really good. When I first wrote you a letter, then
I really felt a strong loneliness. Yes, I have many friends, all my
friends live here in Turkmenistan, I have friends in other countries.
But even these friends do not give a complete happiness. Because it is
full of happiness, I want to have a serious love relationship. That
ultimately will lead to marriage. A wedding is a very important step
in anyone's life and it should be a conscious step. Before you take
this step you need to get to know people better, to live life together
for a while, test your feelings for this man, and only then to make
such a big decision such as a wedding. That's my goal, and I am eager
to do so. Perhaps our correspondence with you one day will develop
into a more serious relationship. But this requires some time. Because
it's all very serious. Yes, I am very emotional girl. And I have a
quick habituation to humans. But if I talk about my feelings, it's
true. I told you in my last letter that I used to tell people the
truth. So, if I feel something for you, I just say that. I will not
hide it from you. I promise. If we constantly develop our relationship
with you, and it will develop into a more serious sense than just
friendship. Then we can discuss our meeting in the real world, but I
think it's too early now to talk about it. I would like to tell you a
bit more about their dreams. I love watching adventure. In which I can
see different countries, exotic places. To be honest, my dream is
visiting Mexico. For me it is a very interesting and mysterious
country with a rich history. I would love to visit it one day. I think
that if I had the opportunity, then I would have been traveling
frequently. And then I would have loved it. But unfortunately, I never
left Turkmenistan, and I did not go to other countries. I understand
that in the world there are so many interesting places to visit, who
knows, maybe one day I will be able to attend it. I understand that
the preparation of any visit, it is a very difficult process.
Necessary to obtain various documents, visit the embassy to do so. But
I think if there is a set such a goal is like a journey, then I will
do my best to do so. I will put every effort to do so. But it's only
my dreams. Do you love to travel? Which countries have you been? What
is the most interesting thing you saw there, and can you tell us about
that? I would love to hear your answer to this question. Sometimes I
have some sadness. Because most girls my age, there already have
families and children. And I'm still very lonely and do not have it.
Although I would love to have a family. I think this is the most
important thing in the life of a girl. It is her role in the family,
to become a mother, and to keep the house. I think I'm ready for that.
And I can be a good wife and a caring mother. I'm even willing to
accept a man, if he has children. I could take care of them as well.
Now I'm really happy because I communicate with you. This fellowship
brings me much joy. I do not feel this loneliness. I am ready to talk
to you a lot, I'm ready to write you big letter. But I understand that
it may bore you, such a reading. So I'm trying to write a normal
letter, so you can read it and respond to me. That it does not take up
much of your free time. And what thoughts do you have about our
correspondence? Are you glad that we communicate with you on the
Internet? I hope you like the pictures I sent you? I promise to
continue send it to you. I also always wait for your new photos, and
if I get it, then I'm very happy. Today is my day was completely
normal. My job takes up a lot
of my free time. And I think that's normal. I can not imagine that I
just sit at home and do nothing. I do not understand how people can
live like that. I used to work, to earn money for their own lives.
After the Internet cafe, I'll go home and rest. I want to read
something. Maybe I'll start to read a new novel. I really love to read
romance novels, everything is so beautifully written. I have a very
good imagination. And every time I read through my mind draws a vivid
picture, as if I were watching a movie. I know that real life is not
as beautiful as it is in the books. In real life, you have to be ready
for the challenges to combat this. In real life it is not always a
happy ending. I understand it and ready for it. Reading books, it's
just my hobby. I very much hope that our relationship with you will
continue to develop. And we will strengthen it. I expect that one day
we will be writing a completely different letters. But it will be
later. I told you that I know a few English and can speak it. I think
that for a person for whom English is basic, my speech will sound with
an accent, my pronunciation is not perfect, and it takes more practice
at it. Now I will finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer. I
would be very interested to read it. Hugs. Dalina!

Miss Young

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