Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: 12 Oct 2014 12:01.

Hey, so again I am writing to you - Nina. Recently, I had already written to you, but it was only a short message. Please excuse me for my first short message, unfortunately I was very busy at work then and therefore could not write you a lot. Sorry !!!

So, where to start my first story about yourself, I do not know. Such communication through the Internet new to me and I' m even a little embarrassed. Never before had such a dialogue, but it seemed to me that an acquaintance through the Internet is very interesting.

Well, follow the rules of ethics and start my story about yourself with the most important.

As you already know my name is Nina. I' m 30 years old. My birthday date July 3, 1984. I' m pretty educated woman with a good job and with a good sense of humor. I do not drink (I admit, sometimes only on holidays), do not smoke and never used drugs. I mention the drugs now, because now is a terrible time that many women get caught up in drugs. Personally, I was strictly brought up by my parents, so I do not use a child anything that could bring harm to my health.

By nationality I am Russian and I live in the city of Perm. It is in Russia, if you do not know. According to the sign of the horoscope I cancer. I am calm, balanced and all this cheerful woman. I must now describe myself as a princess, though it is not. I have my flaws, but this may be later. Do not want to just tell you about their shortcomings. Unfortunately, I' m not married and still Unfortunately I do not have children. I write the word " unfortunately " because I really want to get married, but it happened in my life that I still have not met the right man. Of course, like any woman, I had a serious relationship with men here, but the relationship ended as quickly as started. I guess I just have not met that man who could truly love and appreciate me.

I fully ensure that women and have a good job. I worked 7 years professional photographer, now I have changed the profession and is now working as a designer clothes! Photograph I just do not quit, it remained a hobby of mine, and when I have free time I like to photograph nature!

About my hobby. Maybe you' ll be a little surprised my hobby, but it is my passion and I can not do anything with them. From school days my friends and loved to collect leaves of the trees. At first it was a children' s hobby, but eventually for me this hobby turned into a hobby. I collect the leaves of the trees and lay them in a book. So they are saved and will not change its shape. Here is my strange hobby, but I hope you will not think about me because of my hobby, as a strange woman? Please do not think of me that way. This is just my hobby and I gathered leaves sometimes I even calm when I look at them.

In addition to this hobby, I just have a lot of other interests. For example, I love to dance, and in his spare time I attend a dance school. Dancing maintain my figure and yet it is also a sport. I also love to cook different dishes and on weekends I' m more than one hour at the stove. I like to experiment in the kitchen, and sometimes even invent new dishes herself. It' s interesting. So, I could write you a lot more about what I like and what I do not like, but I am afraid that not enough time for this. Moreover, this letter has got a long and you probably already tired of reading my writing. This is not it? Excuse me for what I' m making you read so much, but still I hope you carried away by my story about yourself.

Well, I stay on it. For the first letter is enough. Now you have at least some idea about me and my nature. I hope you find me interesting for yourself and write your answer soon. I will wait for your reply and of course read with great interest your letter about your life and of course you. Do not forget to send your photos. I would be interested to see your life through photos. I send you my new photos too!

Kiss !!!

Sincerely yours new friend from Russia Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: 16 Oct 2014 12:51.

Hello. Please forgive me for these days silence. There was a lot of work at me here and I simply could not find a free time for the letter to you.

If to tell, that I am not glad to see your letter it would be not the truth. I am very very glad to see your reciprocal letter to me and I can not pick up words at all to express the pleasure. Probably I need to tell only to you " thanks " for your fast reply and I hope, that you always will be so fascinatingly and soon to answer me. 

So, this letter from you was not so long, but interesting. 

For me, it does not matter your age. I always first drawn attention to the human soul rather than his age and his physical appearance. I think what is most important to many people young at heart and not how old he is outside. I read that age is only numbers. Besides, I' m not looking for a young boy in green is in the head one party, I am looking for a serious mature man who knows what he wants in life. I am looking for a man who is willing to create a serious relationship. I read that a man of 47 years back in the dawn of forces.

Unfortunately I am not on Facebook, so I do not like to waste your time on such sites and do not like to sit in them. 

I like to see your photos, you are very handsome man. If you not against I would like as to ask you about something.

I already wrote to you in last my letter, that for me such acquaintance new. I actually do not know, how all this occurs, but I many times heard, that people get acquainted on the Internet and this acquaintance even sometimes reaches wedding. I cannot understand, how all occurs? Really it is possible will fall in love through letters or as. .? And you trust in such love or you too do not understand it? To me interestingly your opinion. 

Present a situation. For example we communicate with you for a long time through letters. You have liked me also I as has liked you. But what will be then? You are ready to begin serious relations with the woman who lives in other country? I do not know, how for you, but I am excited very strongly with this theme. Simply, if you are not ready and if you to search for the I steal half I do not see sense to correspond with you further. Understand me, I would not like so to abandon you. Simply I to search serious for the man for creation of family and games in feelings or simple correspondence are not interesting to me. You understand what I want to tell to you? I hope that and as I hope, that you will sincerely answer my question. 

I already began to write to you about my search and consequently I probably shall continue this theme. First of all we should know with you about the one for whom and what qualities in the partner we search and from this fact to continue our acquaintance. Can be such, what we do not approach each other, if it so sense to continue? You agree with me? 

Yes, I not princess and I to not search for prince in this life. For a long time those times when men made feats for the sake of women are forgotten, but nevertheless I to trust that these qualities live somewhere inside in you and in general in men. 

If fairly to admit, for me physical qualities of the man are not strongly important. Yes, sometimes are not so beautiful or even worse. As the age has values for many, but only not for me much. To me 30 also it is age in Russia when the woman should think of family, about children. My girlfriends already for a long time all have married and only I one have remained lonely. No, I to not speak, that I do not have admirers here. There are men who tried and till now try to look after me, but I try to reject their attention. There can be you now think of me, that I am severe to them. Yes, there can be it so, but what I can make with myself if they are not interesting to me? Here in Russia many, or even almost all men drink vodka, like to change to the wives or even simply leave from them. The marriage in Russia is not stable and It very much will wound us women. My girlfriends frequently complain to me, that there is no happiness in home life, etc. Certainly their words frighten me, but nevertheless not looking on their words I to trust that there is a man for which I am necessary in this life. You trust what happens nothing in this life without pair? That is I have that everyone has second half in a kind. The god has created people and has given them a life in which there should be a sense. For example first people on the ground were Adam and Eva. The god has created their friend for the friend and this pair was, as a single whole. Together they were happy also their life probably an example for all of us. I do not know in what you trust, but I to trust that in this world there is my second half and I now am in his search. Who knows, there can be it even you and if it is valid so is fast we shall understand it. I am not absolutely sure that you understand that I write to you. Excuse me for my philosophical reasonings. I simply wanted to let know to you that I do not want to play feeling and that I am serious in my search of the man. These words a result of my reasonings and I hope, that you can understand me.

It only my letter to you, and I already so seriously in a philosophical way have written to you about my search. I hope to not frighten you? Excuse me if this letter will seem complex for you. I know, that I should write more now about myself about my life, but this theme as is important for me and consequently I now in the letter have written to you about my search. I hope you estimate it and as will write to me about you to search for what woman for yourselves. 

Well, I on work till now and I should work still. I shall wait for your reciprocal letter and I hope, that you will soon write to me. 

If I tonight will have free time, I shall write still to you. I shall a little tell about me and about my family. I have in a kind of my parents. As all people at me have mum and the daddy, but about them later, ok.

Successful to you of day. 


Sincerely yours the friend Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: 20 Oct 2014 12:28.


  Please forgive me for these days of silence. It was a lot of work I have here and I just could not find the spare time to write to you. I hope you do not get angry and do not you forget me? Please, I would not forgive myself if I would make you forget about me.

So this is my letter to the next. In the past, my letter, I had promised to write to you about my parents, but unfortunately I have not written to you about them. That day, I worked very hard, so I just did not have the energy to write another letter to you in the evening. I hope you are not too upset about the fact that I have not written to you on the day in the evening.

I love looking at your pictures.

Okay, I' m a man of words, and so I will keep my word, and continue my story about myself and my family.

I ' ll start with my dad. His name is Eugene. He is now already 56 years old. By the way, his 56 years, we celebrated not long ago. Although he had turned 56 years old, but he does not feel old and looks quite young. He always told me that sport makes him feel better, and so it is constantly engaged in sports and thus looks young. By profession he is a teacher of physical training. Previously, he worked in high school sports coach, but now he has been working for a coach in a special sports school. He football coach and athletics. Unfortunately international medals, I can not boast of it, because it does not. I do not know why, but he did not aspire to international records. He just loves football and loves sports in general and of this he does not lack. If you ever met him would, I am sure that you would be a good opinion of him. I have it very good, kind and always around to help me.

Mom. On it I can also tell a lot, but the time and place of the letter is not enough for all the words. So I' ll talk about it briefly and the most important thing. Her name is Marina. She is 52 and she is also a former teacher, coach sports training. Before, when she worked in high school, she was the Deputy my dad. It was there in the school, they met with each other and soon got married. Now my mother has long abandoned the sport. It does not work at the school since I was born. Perhaps she was not with me time for sports and so she quit her job. Yes, sometimes she regrets it, but on the other hand she did not have any other choice, and I understand it in this. Now, my mom works in a completely different structure. After my birth, she has been teaching college and now she head of the kindergarten.

So, here is my whole family. About grandparents I will not write to you because they are already in another world. They too were dearest to me, but unfortunately their life in this world is over. I hope you understand what I' m writing to you.

My mom and dad now live in a two-bedroom apartment. I used to live with them, but then I bought myself an apartment and now live apart from them. I live in the city of Perm. By the way, if you want to see the location of my house, you can make it through the program " Google map" . Do you have this program on your computer? If so, enter my email address and you can see my house.

My home address in Perm

Str. Lenin 68

I have another very important that I must discuss with you. I have to write this to you because it is important for both of us.

I mean now talking on the phone or via live chat conversation. I guess you want a more intimate communion with me, but to my great regret, I must now deny you in all this. No, I do not think that I do not want to talk to you by phone or correspond with you online. That would be great, but I have my principles, I do not want to break. The fact that in such a close contact is very easy to get used to you soon, and I do not want all of it was so soon. I had once burned with men and do not want to repeat such a mistake. For me now it is important to get to know you, know your inner side, to be sure that you are the man I was looking for in this life. Do you understand me? Please just do not be mad at me now. I can not tell you that I never give you my phone number. Of course, I will write you this, but a little later. Perhaps even after a week or two weeks. Let me decide on it, ok. I hope you can be patient.

So, it happened a long letter again. I hope you do not get tired to read my letters?

I ' ll wait for your response letter and will believe that you will write to me soon.

Kiss for you on both cheeks.

Sincerely your Nina.


From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: 21 Oct 2014 20:55.

Hello my dear friend Sincetly !!! Here again, several days have passed since my last letter to you. You must wait and hope to see soon a letter from me? Please forgive me for what I stay to you with your answer. I am very ashamed of it, but on the other hand I just did not have free time to write to you. Please understand and do not be mad at me because of this, ok.

So Sincetly, as today is your day? What is your mood, well-being? All is well there with you? Personally, my good mood today, and this is not only due to the fact that I have become less work. I would say that my spirits rose more due to the fact that I finally was able to see again and read your welcome letter. Sincetly honestly admit, I am very looking forward to your letter. I know that you and I know very little about, but when I see your letter, I immediately lifted the mood and a smile on his face. I did not lie to you now, and it really is. She does not understand why this happens to me, but maybe it' s due to the fact that we are getting closer to each other? Sincetly with you there is nothing of the kind? You do not have a smile on your face when you get my letter? Frankly speaking, I' d like you to have a happy my answer and I hope that my letter will always lift your spirits.

Sincetly in my letters I wrote to you about my search and just how seriously I treat it. But I did not write to you why I look for a man from another country, and not with Russia. I' m sure you' re interested in the answer to this question, so I would like to write in this letter a little about it. Remember my last letter I wrote you was that I had already been burned in love with a man? This is true, but the details I did not tell you. Now we have become much more intimate with you, and so today I decided to confess to his past relationship with a man. My old man named Dima. He is also a city of Perm and we met him on the street. On the first day of our meeting, he liked me and I immediately gave him my phone number. He started to call me in the evenings and we had many hours talking on the phone. Did not notice, as I got used to it and when he can not call me in the evening, I missed him terribly. Sometimes in the evenings I was holding the phone and prayed that he had just called me. I missed him, I got used to it after these phone calls and I broke out in love for him. He worked in the police force here in Perm. He was an inspector of the central department in the rank of captain. Over time, we have to see him more often and finally dared to live together. He moved into my apartment and all was well with us. Was I happy? Probably yes. At least the first year I was happy with it, but then everything changed. He became more and more often to drink vodka, hanging out with other women, and I like a fool all forgave him. But one day my patience came to an end and I told him that we' re through. I told him that I did not need a man, who in nothing puts me. I told him that I was not a toy and that I have a heart. He told me in reply that I have myself come to him, and left me. I was sick at heart, but I told myself that it was all over and did not go to him. At that time I was very afraid of accidentally find it anywhere on the street. I do not want to see him because she was afraid of those memories. I do not go down that street, where once we met for the first time, but then I heard the news about him. Once on the street, I met with him on our overall familiar woman. We talked with her and she told me that he went out of town for good. It turned out that he was fired from his job for being drunk and then he went to the city of Perm. Of course I felt sorry for him because he was a smart, decent man. But vodka has spoiled him and his whole life has gone topsy-turvy. After that relationship, I told myself that I am no longer bound by a Russian man and the more will never give my phone number as I will not be sure of your partner. After all, the relationship began because of these constant phone calls and that is why I now have a principle not to give a phone number from anyone. I' m just afraid once again used and the more I do not want to repeat past mistakes. It is because of this I' m not giving you my phone number and I hope you understand me. Sincetly know, the time will come when we are going to communicate by phone or live chat. Only need a little patience and give me time to be sure of you. I' m actually very pleased that we have correspondence with you and of course I would not want to lose contact with you. You have become a bit pricey for me, but for telephone conversations between us yet. I beg you to be patient and very soon I will go out with his principles. I' m just not ready for this, but I hope that soon I' ll take off these shackles of my principle. I hope you can understand me.

Well, it happened and I sincerely an even easier on the soul. I hope you appreciate my honesty and just write to me about their past relationship in more detail.

On it I finish my letter and now I will wait for your reply. I' ll be waiting for your early reply.

Sincerely Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: Oct 22, 2014 2:00.

Hello, it' s me again - Nina !!!
I ' m at work so far, but here I found an interesting profile and could not send it to you. Here is just about the main questions and my answers. I think it will help for our common acquaintances. You can see what I like and what I do not like this life. As there is some evidence of my appearance.
maybe you could just answer some questions in this questionnaire? It' s pretty simple. I will wait to see your answers.

Now move on to the questionnaire:
1) Living in the moment? - Russia, Perm
2) Eye color? - gray
3) Hair Color? - light
4) Height? - 171 cm
5) Weight? - 53 kg
6) Do you smoke? - No and no when I did not try and do not want to smoke, I do not understand why spend the money and at the same time ruining your health .
7) Do you drink? - Very rarely on holidays 1 glass of wine, when in the mood.
8) Do you use drugs? - Never will, I do not see the point.
9) Have you ever stolen? - Never will. " Bring my motto all myself"
10) Do you know how to play on any musical instrument? - Not a lot of 7 string guitar, love the sound of electric guitars and basses.
11) Many, if you travel? - Not when I did not go out of the limits of Russia, work and travel were only in Russia. I really want to go anywhere and see a different world, how is life in another country.
12) What is your favorite color? - Pink, blue, red.
13) What is your favorite movie? - " Titanic "
Your favorite song? - I want to know what love is . . Ameno . .
14) Do you suffer from depression? - Sometimes, but very rarely. when really bad at heart.
15) You are an evil man? - No, I' m good and I want to welcome all the evil prevailed upon the earth.
16) Are you jealous of anyone ever? - No, I think that this is the envy of evil, because when a person strongly jealous he is ready for anything.
17) Do you blame others for their own mistakes? - Not, as it is my fault and my only and made ??by me personally, but learn from your mistakes otherwise as.
18) If you were given a chance to return back to time and again to be 19-20 years, so you want to change in your life ?? - While I was happy with everything, my career is coming up and I achieved everything she wanted and still be able to achieve great things. but you know my friend, I made ??a career and mind, get a good job. but now I have one, I have loved men and it depresses me .
19) Do you have a car? - No, I do not have rights because there is no time to go and learn from them.
20) What are you most afraid of in life? - In our present time, we must be afraid of almost everything, but it is very scary to do any act. better for all to close your eyes and no longer afraid, because it is easier to live . Most of all I am afraid SOLITUDE !!!
21) Do you believe in God? - I believe in God, who is always there with us, helping us out of the sky in a difficult moment.
22) Do you believe in love? - Yes, it will save the world and keep him on his feet, without love would not have been us !!!
23) Are you in love? - Not yet, but I' m waiting for my prince to love and be loved.
24) What are the most in life you want? - I want to be happy spiritually, wealth does not interest me. I want a nice happy family and loved good good support future husband.
25) Do you believe in love at first sight? - Yes.
I want to ask you that you send me as many photos.

My friend is a pretty interesting profile, do you agree with me? Here, now you know my answers, and I hope that I know as well, and your email me the truth, okay?
So, I' ll take the time now. I look forward to your early reply for me .
Sincerely your friend Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: Oct 24, 2014 5:00 PM.

Hello my dear, my dear. Like, if I start my letter with these words?

 I missed you during this time. Honestly !!! (I even blushed)

My dear, I want to start today' s letter with such beautiful words about you. Dear, dear, my sweet - you like, if I speak to you these words? Of course I feel a little ashamed for such a short time that we know each other to contact you such kind words, but if you do not mind, I otodvinu his shame and I will contact you so cute. Give me your answer.

 I just checked my emails, hoping to see your letter. Do not think that I did not wait for your letter. I am very, very, very, very many times waiting for your letter. Did you miss your answer and finally I again read your next letter to me. Can not thank you for your fast reply to me and for that I sincerely say thank you.

 I am very glad that you just try to be sincere with me. Thank you for what you have admitted to me in your previous relationship and I see that you just did not work with a woman from your country. Very sad, but on the other hand, if it were not for these failures in relationships, we would not know each other now. Am I right? So in that everything has its positive side. Personally, I think that everything in life happens for the best. If you have not turned to the woman, then you are not made ??for each other. Need to reassure themselves that, and believe that there is a woman in the world that is waiting for your love and you. Who knows, maybe we' ll have to be a single entity? Have you ever thought about that?

Know, lately I' ve been thinking more and more about you. I do not know how to describe this feeling right now you and I can only tell you now that this feeling is like love. I' ve never believed in love over the internet, but now I change my mind. Maybe there really is such a love. Excuse me for my regular meditation on life, love, but I have such a nature that I can not do otherwise. It would be interesting also to know your opinion about it. Do you think this is possible or not? I am very ashamed to ask you sometimes complex issues, so if you do not want, then you can not answer them. I just would like to know your opinion, but at the same time I do not want to bother you. So if you want, the answer, if not, then forget about it.

Well, maybe this will be enough for about love and feelings. I am not a poet, but you probably already own noticed that sometimes I can write beautifully. It was a compliment to himself. Do not pay attention.

 Can even ask you about something. Compared with the previous question, I would like you to answer me this question. Tell me honestly, have you ever been thinking about the meeting with me? I know that this is a premature question, but if you have already thought about it, how you represent our first meeting? Personally, I am every day more and more I think about meeting you. I know I rush things, but on the other hand why write thousands of letters to each other, if these letters can be replaced by a single meeting. Assume that all these words about meeting my invitation to you. Yes, I would like to invite you to his home in Perm, unless of course you want it. So what do you think? You would like to come on a date with me in Russia? If your answer would be positive, it would be great. I could meet you at home and not even allowed to book your hotel here. As we say in Russia - My house is your home !!! So what do you think about our meeting in Perm !? I will wait for your answer to this question and I hope that I do not rush into it now.

So, it is hard to get a letter for you and also for me. I stop here and will wait for your reply letter. Please do not be silent to me, and write your answer soon. I already miss you.

Kiss on the lips.

Sincerely Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: 28 Oct 2014 21:52.

Hello again my love .

Now I have some free time to write to you. The whole day I can not forget about the worries about your phone call. Constantly think about why you could not get through to me and it turned out that not all the fault of you, and my telephone. I recently phoned my service provider here in Perm and the operator asked me to explain the problem, on which you could not reach me. At first I thought it might just be a mistake in the communication network, but the woman operator at my question told me that my room service only for Russia and therefore you could not reach me. I' m not very well versed in all of this and the fact that she told me I did not understand. Of course I asked her to tell me everything, and that' s what I said to this woman. She told me that in Russia there are two kinds of communication. There is telephone communication for receiving international calls and have the same connections that are served only in Russia. My own relationship belongs to the second category, and then I can send and receive calls only within Russia. International calls are not available to me in all this is my fault contact. my dear, I am very not convenient to you, as I was encouraged by your telephone conversations. I also very much like to talk to you and wanted to hear for the first time your vote, but until today I did not know that my room service only in Russia. If I knew this, I would immediately tell you this, but I did not know about it, and now I can only ask your forgiveness for what I am encouraged by your phone call. I hope you are not very much upset? please do not be upset. I promise you that I come up with anything. For example, because I can call you myself. Here in Perm there are many telephone booths where you can make calls from any point of the planet. If you wish, I can try to call you from there. Only I ask you to email me your cell phone number where I can call you always. I do not promise now, but if I have less work tomorrow, I will try to free themselves from work early and call you tomorrow. Or, if I do not have time, then wait for my call only on the weekend. Phone centers here in Perm, just I can not call you during business hours. So I do not know exactly when I can call you. But I' ll do it right away as I will have free time from my work. I promise you will try our best to call you on the phone soon.

my love, I have today is not a very good mood because of this misunderstanding with a telephone conversation with you and the only thing that cheers me up now, it' s your response to our meeting. Oh my God, you can not imagine how happy I am now that you just want to meet with me soon. I do not even have the words to convey the joy and I can only say to you now that the " happy " . it will be a memorable holiday for me. Never before had I felt anything like that, but with you I feel like I' m in love. Maybe now I' m in a hurry with my conclusions, but I can not do otherwise. I can not write to you about it, because I want to be honest with you. Integrity - is the first step towards love and understanding and I promise you that I will never lie to you. I will always remember this promise of heaven and see that these words come from my heart. now I will know that you are waiting for me at home and I' ll take the time to organize my arrival to you. On Expenses not worry. My arrival to you I pay for itself, and this you will not even have to think. I would not let you pay for me, although many Russian women want this. You' ll see that I' m unique and that I differ from all other women. I can be true, I can love for life of one man and most likely this man is you. Remember, I wrote to you earlier in the letter that each person in this world has its own defined the second half? It seems to me that my second half is you. I love you my half.

now passed my hour break. My colleagues have already started, and I' m still writing you a letter. I think it' s time to stop, since I now have a lot of work. So, at the end of my letter, I just want to tell you that I look forward to your reply letter. Please do not be silent to me, write to me soon.

With love your Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: 1 Nov 2014 18:15.
Subject: I love you!

, I waited all day today, to keep one at work and in solitude to write you a letter. In the morning it is very noisy and very difficult to write letters. I read your letter this morning, but I decided to answer right now, because in silence make it much better. No one bothers and I can write whatever I want to say to you.

  I missed you terribly. And you miss me even a little? Do you think about me for a meeting with me? Maybe you have some special mycli about our meeting? Do not be afraid to admit to me, even if you dream about sex. I understand people' s needs, and I, too, do not iron. Everyone ever dreamed about having sex with someone you love and do not be shy. Personally I do not think anything against it. It used to be a rule that before marriage a woman should not have sex with a man. Now already 21 and there is freedom of choice. Do you agree with me? these words, I can not promise you that I will be ready to go with you love on the first day. I am a decent woman and I must first be confident in you. You know what I want to tell you? Let' s not even going to think about it. Let life itself will show us what happens next, ok.

now about the news. I did not warn you about this in my last letter, but I myself decided today I was in travel agency. I should plan my arrival to you, and so I decided to go there to write about the news then. In the travel agency today I met with a woman who is engaged in registration of documents for various holidays. Today I asked her to explain to me how it will be easier for me to travel to your country. The woman agent told me that the easiest way would be for me to travel to you as a tourist. That is, I need to make a tourist visa and then they will be able to give me the journey to you on a tourist visa. To do this, I need to sign a contract with them for paperwork and just collect them for documents in which they will need to process my visa. I was told that it is best to make a Schengen visa, as this visa can then even travel to all Schengen states. The visa costs 75 euros, plus the visa fee to your embassy to 150 euros. So I' m going to need health insurance - 1 euro per day (30 euros per month) and travel agency services 195 euros. Overall get 450 euros for documents and visa. I think it is not very expensive. Do you agree with me? By the way, the agent just told me that the paperwork for the visa would take about 5-7 days. After that, they will send my documents to your embassy for review. Your embassy will check my documents and if all goes well, your embassy will issue me a visa. Maybe I need to first think about all this, but I had already decided for themselves and therefore on the proposal of the agent immediately signed a contract with them for the paperwork for my arrival and visa. Today I filled out all the necessary documents for the contract and even already sent copies of my documents that will be needed for the visa. So my arrival to you already predetermined and you can meet me later this month. I nedeyus This is good news for you?

About all the news from my agent will inform me, I in turn will inform you about the news. So that you and I together will prepare my journey and you will know about my every step.

she can not believe now that after a short time I can see you live. I now have the feeling that comes to pass my most cherished dream. In my former life before you, I did not think that I have ever met a man whom I love truly. I thought that love - it' s just a figment of people, but after meeting with you, I sincerely love you with all my heart. I try to believe that my heart will not be broken with you ever. Please do not break my heart ever. Without you I can not live, and this is my promise to you all my life. Remember this.

I find it hard now to interrupt my writing and I would like to write lots and lots of you. All I want to tell you about my love will not enter even into the memory of the computer. It is best to wait for the day of our meeting, and then I can say, and even show everyone what I feel for you. Now I have to go to work. My love, I wish you good night and goodbye in a dream. Figuratively, I invite you into my dream can come true where all our dreams. I' ll dream about you today in a dream. I love you.

Yours and yours alone Nina.

Coral Travel
From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: Nov 3, 2014 21:56.

Hello my dear, my sweet !!! How is your day today, my dear? What' s your mood, your health? I hope all is well with you there without me? my dear, forgive me for what I did not immediately respond to you. I know that you' ve been waiting a letter from me, but unfortunately I had a lot of work and I just have not found the free time to write. Please forgive me if I made ??you wait for my answer. But then as soon as I had a free moment, I immediately started to write a letter to you.

know, today when I woke up in the morning to work, my mood was great and my thoughts in the morning were about you and about our future meetings. I wanted to wait until today was the end of my work day and then write a letter to you, but recently I got a call from the travel agency and I feel very upset by the news that my agent told me. That' s why I decided to write a letter to you immediately. please do not think that something is wrong with the design of my travel to you. I entered into a contract with a travel agency to process documents for visa and with that all is well. But today I got a call from my agent told me that until Monday until November 10 I need to pay money to them for processing of visa applications and the same for their services. It is 450 euros. I told her that I could not pay until Monday, since my salary will be only at the end of the month and only then I can pay them. She said that they always take the money in advance, as the money needed for the execution of documents and more so on Tuesday they already have to translate the documents into consideration in your embassy. If I do not pay them, then they will stop my registration documents and impose a fine on me according to the contract that I signed. you are probably very frustrated and it' s my fault, since I did not carefully read the contract and did not notice the point of payment and now I do not know what to do. My salary is only at the end of the month, but they do not want to wait and require me to pay the money until Monday. Today I tried to borrow money from my colleagues and as my parents, but now they just do not have the money and can not help me. So now I tearfully beg for help from you this money. I am ashamed in front of you because of this, but the thought of our meeting is pushing me to this act. Please do not be angry on me because of my request, and if you can help me with 450 euros, then I ask you to help me. I promise you that they will not lose your money, and I give you back the money back from my salary. Now I' m confused and I do not know who else to turn for help. So I decided to write to you and me now only remains to hope for your trust and that you are as keen to meet me. Please tell me you can help me with the money for the documents for the visa? I ask you not to turn away from me now and help me, ok.

Okay, now I can only anxiously wait for your heart to answer. I will pray to God that you do not get mad at me and understood my situation. My mood is very bad, but in my heart I hope that after reading your reply my spirits rise. Please do not make me wait and reply me soon, ok.

I look forward to a response. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Yours and yours alone Nina.

From: "Nina" <Ninochka84@emailfem.net>.
Date: Nov 9, 2014 2:07.
Subject: My Dear, I can not wait for the day to be in your arms! I love you!

Hello my strong love !!!

Good evening dear! How are you today?

Honey know, today I was very worried for your response. I was very afraid of what you now leave me because of what I ask for help in the money you have. I hate myself right now for this request, but I really did not know where else to turn for help. So I decided to take a chance and wrote you a letter asking for help in money. Today in the morning I' m all in commotion, and now you write to me that you can not help me. oh how it hurts me now, ashamed and sorry for what I ask you to help . I understand that your trust in me is still quite small, but still You see how I' m asking you to help us meet each other . I have when not to ask help before, but to meet you I' m ready for anything .

I love you every second, minute, hours, days, and nights. Weeks, months, years . We found each other among a million, and now we are two halves of one large heart. If you do not think so, then I can no longer live, because the heart can not beat only half. Loved So you want to cuddle up to you, to touch his lips to yours, warm their hands on your hug and never let go!

My love I love you and I' m willing to wait a little longer! But I' m looking forward to the moment when you arrive! honey as soon as I receive your help, I would rather execute all documents necessary for the flight to you! I' m really happy now that soon we will be together!

I miss you every day I think about you every second and I can not even now tune in to my work. This morning I was sitting in the workplace and about half an hour, I looked in vain at one point on the wall. I pretended that I work, although my thoughts were of you and I just fly in dreams about you and our meeting. I' ve never wanted to meet someone so much and only with you now I dream to meet. I think I' ve already completely in love with you and ready to give you my heart. Will you accept my heart? I ask you to just crush it because it is full of love for you, and very vulnerable. I now write to you about their feelings with such romantic words, I do not know if you understand what I want to tell you. So I must write to you directly - I LOVE YOU !!!!!!

Dear when I did not deceive you, always tell you the truth and believe in you .

Only I need you in my life to this. Without you I would not live a single day, I love only one, one for you! dear you are to understand that not every love is tested on a long separation and long distance? but I' m definitely sure and I know that, we never leave each other, we will always support each other in trouble and in joy, when did not leave each other. Can you give me a promise that never will leave me, do not leave me alone . I give you this promise, I never will leave you alone, I will be always there, at the very heart of your . but before you give me well think such a promise, consider well all dear?

Honey, I really miss you, I want you, I beg you honey help us to meet with you to each other, for the money you can not worried, my salary will be soon. but I urgently need to pay for registration of my documents, you know what I am writing to you ?? cute if I do not pay for the registration of my documents, I will give a penalty to double size, then I just can not pay for their instruments. because I do not have that kind of money . I beg you not leave me . Be with me, be there, support me in difficult times .

Looking forward to your early reply .

kisses kisses, your loved Nina.

Miss Young

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