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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Rudney Sergey


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With all due sense of respect, suavity and decorum I greatly acknowledge apology if ever i demaen your personal integrity. However I crave your indulgence hoping you will have a nice time to go through this proposal in a token of good faith and work hard to see that you justify this confidence about to repose on you so to say. As courtesy demand I Barrister. Robert M. James Esq (SAN), thereinafter referred to as representative Attorney to Late Engr. Rudney Sergey with the Authorized signature appearing below. I am a Financial lawyer for over Twenty Five years of experience, it will interest you to know that I did Banking Law which is affiliated to conventionnai law, and by standard of studying Banking and statistics I also did constitutional law. I am also an energy and infrastructure lawyer with many years experience of power, Oli, Gas and Infrastructure work. I act on a wide range of transactions, covering projects, joint-ventures, private M&A and asset acquisitions, privatisation's, commercial contracts, trading and regulatory work. Of course I have à broad-ranging practice both locally and international.

As stated above, I am the representative Attorney to Late Engr. Rudney Sergey A Rusian Citizen. On behalf of the Trustee and Executor of the estate of Late Engr. Rudney Sergey this day I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter to you weeks ago through the Post office were returned undelivered, hence I once again attempt to reach you via this your E-Mail ID. Unfortunately however, I wish to notify you that Late Engr. Rudney Sergey when alive place an instruction on this deposited funds about to transfer to your nominated Account with the Trade and Exchange Dept, of the United Bank for Africa that in event of death I must present a Reliable Humanitarian Foreign trustee irrespective of race or colour who has no criminal record, that will help and use the said deposited funds judiciously with utmost degree of honesty for Legacy to Humanity such as to plunge the funds into restoration of hope, happiness and succor to the downtrodden in the society as well as establishing a Cancer Foundation which will be named after him (Sergey Cancer Foundation) as this was part of his Philosophy of Charity before his sudden demise. Having say that, be advised that these deposited funds and late Engr. Rudney Sergey’s Properties could only be released under your custody by the Crediting Bank, United Bank for Africa on one condition that you must be ready to sign an agreement with us that these funds and his property upon released under your custody shall be used in the order in which Late. Engr. Rudney Sergey hereinafter shall referred to as my client stated in his Codicil and Last Testament to his WILL.

 The proposition, Late Engr. Rudney Sergey until his sudden death was the Managing Director and Pioneer Staff of ZAO Tyzlynamash Construction Company Plc, Affiliated with Shell Petroleum Development Company Plc, (S.P.D.C). Meanwhile, I wish to let you know that late Engr. Rudney Sergey was a very dedicated and devoted Philanthropist who has bent of mind towards Legacy to Humanity, he loves to give out his great Philanthropy to the downtrodden in the society which of course earned him numerous awards during his life time, unfortunately Late Engr. Rudney Sergey died in ADC Plane Crash In Abuja On Oct. 29, 2006 at the Age of 72 along side his wife and a daughter on board, a crash which had 143 passenger’s on board perished Boeing 737-2B7 as you may view on the below crash aftermath.

Now be duly informed that his (WILL) is now ready for execution owing to the notice issued to our chambers on December 30th 2013, by the United Bank for Africa Head Quarters Abuja. I felt this point in time it will an omission of record failure to let you know the reason we have been contacting you for some couple of weeks now through Post office but to no avail? Hence we decided to re-contact you through this medium based on the reliable information available to us courtesy of internet business index, and confirmed by our local chamber of commerce. As pointed out Late Engr. Rudney Sergey of Blessed Memory when alive made a Ten (10) year term fixed deposit on the 24th of March 2004 which elapses by January 2014, with a closing balance worth (US$20, 000,000.00) only with the Trade and Exchange Dept, of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), of course this fund was deposited with the United Bank for Africa Head Quarters Abuja this fund in question was Insured by NICNON INSURANCE COMPANY (COVERED WITH HARD INSURANCE PO LICY). Now be duly informed that the purpose of this deposited fund was to carry out plans for legacy to humanity by Late Engr. Rudney Sergey as stated above. Please if we reach you through this your E-mail ID as we are hopeful, endeavor to get back to us as expeditiously as possible if this interest you as time is of essence for immediate execution of this transaction and earlier disbursement by the crediting bank. Now be it known to you that we have started the legal Accreditation Processes of redeeming entitlement in transferring this funds and Late Engr. Rudney Sergey’s property left behind under your custody as the Reliable Humanitarian Foreign Trustee, before the United Bank for Africa is compelled by law to confiscate or declare the funds unserviced hence the expiring date is 2014 as contained in the Memo they sent to our Chambers on the 30th December 2013. As the law implies here in Africa any fund deposit that is dormant for Ten good years could be declared unserviced as agreed in 1999 with the Bankers Bank of Africa and the Common Wealth of International Paragraph 18, Section 3A,Sub Section 5 & 6 of Financial Allied Matters

Furthermore, this huge deposit (Us$20.000,000.00) was lodged particularly with the Trade and Exchange Dept, of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Head Quarter’s Abuja an Affiliate Global Commercial Bank in Africa. As stated above on December 30th 2013, the United Bank for Africa has issued us a notice to provide the next of kin to Late Engr. Rudney Sergey within 30 bank work days from now or the United Bank for Africa will have the deposited Funds declared unserviced Account and confiscated by the Bank as the Policy of the Bank demands, failure to provide any relative of Late Engr. Rudney Sergey before the stipulated date. Consequent to that we seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to Late Engr. Rudney Sergey who may use this fund judiciously for the purpose in which it is made as concedes in Late Engr. Rudney Sergey’s Codicil and Last Testament to his WILL. Of course we have made every in-house arrangement with the United Bank for Africa towards the release of his property and transfer of this funds into your designated Account upon receipt of your response, we have of course filed an application to the appropriate authorities for the procurement of all legal documents that will authorize your rightful onwership of this claim in the High of Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice of Nigeria ,such as the Power of Attorney. Sworn Affidavit of claim, Letter of Authorization and Guarantee Certificate from the Supreme Court of Justice of Nigeria, we have also filed application to the Probate Registary for the procurement of Late Engr. Rudney Sergey’s Death Certificate. With due respect, permit me to ask having preliminary started the Accreditation Processes for the approval of all legal documents in your favor, do we believe your earlier response will make a significant role on this subject matter ?. Please we need your urgent response on that regard so as to enable us forge ahead as quick as possible.

Please if interested kindly do the needful by urgently providing your detail information to us, now be informed that as son as your detail information is being provided to us we shall immediately tender it to the Payee Bank for claims, as we have already applied in various departments responsible for the approval of all legitimate documents in your favor before reaching you. On this note we request on our humble esteemed opinion that you transmit to us as a matter of Urgency these following indices for onward preparation of the payment to your designated Bank Account as well as the release of Engr. Sergey’s Property under your care. The information required are as follows Bank Cordinates, Telephone and Fax numbers for easy communication, including a proof of identification specimen to confirm your identity as the beneficiary of the said funds as well as your confidential mailing/municipal address. Please be advised that proof of identity should be either Int'l Passport or Drivers License scanned. Send the Identity Proof by email attachment via below email ID only for security reasons.

Consequently, for proof of legitimacy and transparency regards to this transaction, I hereby forward as an attach this snap short Group Photograph comprising Late Engr. Rudney Sergey and some of the senior Managers of verious departments in the United Bank for Africa. The Man at the extrem left is Mr. Ada Abrey Head Trade & Exchange Dept, United Bank for Africa, close to him is Mr. Nelson Ibe incharge of Customer Care Dept, United Bank for Africa, (Middle) is Late Engr. Rudney Sergey the Depositor, close to him is Mr. Akinsola Akinfemiwa Head Foreign Operations Dept, United Bank for Africa while the Man at the extrem right is (Dr.) Dupe Okupe Director Financial Policy & Régulations Dept, United Bank for Africa. It will interest you to know that this group photograph was taken the very day Late Engr. Rudney Sergey made a Ten year term fixed deposit of the said funds with the United Bank for Africa Head Quarter Abuja, please acknowledge receipt of the email attachment files and get back to us by return mail not later than 7 Bank work days if interested. Please be informed upon receipt of your response I will forward to you Identification Specimen of my good self as well pne of late Engr. Rudney Sergey’s confidential document under my custody as proof of evidence.

  To crown It all, I hereby in our official norm and work ethics guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legal and legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law as we are always meticulously careful to avoid rubbishing our image, reputation and integrity. Based on that we promise to use our legal arsenal and assuring you that this transaction and its procedures is 100% legal and risk free involvement. Please note: On our acting capacity upon receipt of your response we shall also transmit to you Late Engr. Rudney Sergey’s WILL /DEATH CERTIFICATE(s). As well as other relevant legal documents to prove your rightful ownership of this claim.

ADVICE: I suggest if you do not still believe the letgitimacy of this transaction maybe due to the influx of fraudlent activities going in the entire World today after going through this mail, we shall use our Legal Arsenal and connections and invite you to come down here in my country to meet or alternatively any country of your choice for us to meet with the officials of the United Bank for Africa one on one before the commencement of this transaction. In that order if you are interested all you need do is to forward to us your scanned Int'l Passort and send it through email attachment to enable us use our connections and issue you an Entry Visa to come down here as the last resort and see every thing yourself before we forge ahead. For the sake of transparency and trust I promise to take care of your Air Ticket and Hotel Accomodation as long as you would want to stay. On the contrary, in continuation I wish to say that it will an abuse of human dignity if we fail to fulfill this legacy to humanity a and objections Late Engr. Rudney Sergey left behind, therefore, I am appeal that we will efficiently, effectively and administratively work in consornance with you to face this contemplorary challenge by assuring that we put this Late Engr. Rudeney Sergey's Philosophy of Charity into a practical reality, you and I knowing fully well that the abuse of greatness is when it disjoins. 

 Above all, I cannot end my message without confidently assuring you that there will be no undisclosed fee on or before the transfer of these funds into Your nominated bank account for any reason whatsover. Knowing fully well as an International lawyer that this guarantee is Subject Uniform Customs and Practice Documentary Security (1893 Version) of International Chambers of Commerce of the United States of America and European Union USSC 504 and shall be governed by all Financial Monitoring Agenciers, and be construed in accordance with the law of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Based on that  we promise you every thing with regards to this transaction will go in one direction which will be part of honest and brotherly intégration I repeat be it known to you that you will not spend a dime in any manner or form for the procurement of all the relevant legitimate documents that will proof your rightful ownership of these funds. Having said that I supremely believe that we shall work with one spirit of ecumenisnm to ensure that every thing to proof your rightful ownership of these funds will be done within the confines of the law.

Once again i want unavoidably reiterate I will single handedly be responsible for the procurement of all the legitimate documents that will be approved in your favor. As a matter of fact I have concluded every neccessary arrangement with the UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (UBA) and the APEX BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) that all bank charges and counter charges be deducted from the source, on this note the only thing we need from you is your unmittigated and unalloyed co-operation. I do hope I have virtually made my self clear, so ponde it over and let us have your response if interested as expeditiously as possible so as to enable us approve all the Legitimate documents in your favor as time is of essence. Please at this point in time I supremely believe that the destiny of this late Engr. Rudney Sergrey Philosophy of Charity is in our hands, there is a saying that transaction lingers on honest and sincere men of integrity. As well honesty they say is the best Policy so my dear friend ponder it over and over and let me have your response. Please be sternly advice that any conséquences of failure to respond to this message before 7 bank work days will give us room in sourcing for another reliable foreign trustee for this same purpose, as we are strive to act in accordance with Late Engr. Rudney Sergey directives as concedes in the Codicil and Last Testament to his WILL.  

Furthermore, it will be an omission of record failure to enclose herwith aftermath of the crash, therefore, below photograph is aftermath of the 2006 ADC carsh, please view at your kind perusal


 Waiting for your most urgent response.

 Thanking you for your anticipated coopération on the subject matter.

 Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Robert Mclaw James Esq (SAN)

Principal Attorney & Head Of Chambers



Miss Young

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