Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: Elena <lamaymoreym845@gmail.com>

I have pleasure in write you. My name is Elena. Unfamiliar woman sent me a message on the dating site
which was your e-mail. I decided to write to you. I'm looking for a man for
serious and long-term relations. I am single, I do not have children.
I'm 32 years. If you are interested in me, write to
me on my E-mail: elena.lentochka@rambler.ru I will wait for your letter with impatience,
I will tell you more about myself. See you again!.

elena lentochka

From: elena.lentochka@rambler.ru

Hello, my dear friend!
I’m very happy that you answered my letter. First of all I want to
excuse me that I could not answer quickly. To enter the Internet I use
my old notebook but it had problems and my answer was so slow. Thank
you that you found time to write me. I think you have a lot of
questions to me. I’ll answer them with pleasure but unfortunately not
in this letter because I don’t have much time to write you. Now I can
tell about myself. We don’t hurry and I think we will be able to tell
a lot about ourselves each other)) If of course you are interested in
me)) I worry and don’t know what to begin with) As you already know,
my name is Elena. I was born and grown in Moscow, the capital of
Russia and a very big city with rich history. But few years ago I had
to move in another town. It is called Dzerzinsk. It’s a small, quite
town not far from Moscow. I’ll tell you later about the reason of my
movement. As for my job, I’m a hairdresser. I do hairdo for men and
women. I like my job very much, it allows me to earn money. My dream
is to open my own beauty house. From my childhood I dreamed to become
a hairdresser or a stylist. So I combine business with pleasure))
Despite of it, I have a higher teacher education and know English
well, also I attend the courses of English language! Well, it’s time
to finish, I was very happy to answer your letter and I hope you will
write me again! In my next letter I will tell you more about myself.
If you want, could you write me more about yourself and send me some
your photos? Now I should leave you. I’m looking forward to hearing
from you as soon as possible, bye-bye!!!

elena lentochka
I’m very happy that you wrote me back, I was waiting for your letter
with impatience. I thought that you didn’t like my first letter
because it it had few information about me and I was afraid that you
won’t be interested by it. So, today I’ll try to tell about myself as
much as possible. Excuse me if I do some mistakes because of my
excitement. First of all I want to tell you why I decided to
find a man in Internet! My last relationships with a man finished one
year ago. I was dating with a man who was nice and dear at first but
when he understood that I fall in love with him he changed greatly, he
began to be rude, to drink and to beat me. In the whole, it’s
naturally that men drink and don’t respect women. At the end I was
tired of such relations that lasted 2 years. The whole year I couldn’t
begin new relations but my friends convinced me that it’s enough to
grieve and it’s time to feel a woman! This time I decided to build my
love through Internet. I don’t want to hide that you are not the first
man that I’m writing in Internet. Several men wrote me, with one of
them I began to make correspondence but very soon he began to ask me
sex by phone and bare photos. I was shocked by such behavior and
deleted him from my computer! Now I’m communicating with you) and hope
that you won’t act as that man. Otherwise I must stop our
communication because I’m a decent woman and look for serious
relations, not entertainments. It’s not important for me what
nationality, religion you have, the main thing is that you are kind,
tender and that I could rely on my man in difficult situations. It
makes me be cautious and very legible. in internet there are many
scoundrels and cheats that try to deceive other people. Even my friend
once suffered from fraudster in Internet and lost her money. Oh,
excuse me , I got carried away a little. I hope you understand
me in this question, do you agree with me? That’s why if you want to
speak with me by phone it will be when I learn more about you. Do you
have profile on Facebook? I think it’s interesting to communicate with
people in social networking. Unfortunately I don’t have possibility to
use Facebook because my computer is in the warranty repair and I have
to use my computer at work. And here it’s not allowed to use social
network. As soon as I receive my computer back, I will be able to
register in Facebook. I’m sure you are interested why I left Moscow.
This is a story of my family and I’ll tell you about it. I am an
orphan. My father went to another woman when I was 5 years old, since
that time I didn’t see him. He never visited us. My mother is Tamara,
she died from heart attack4 years ago. When I stayed alone, it became
difficult to live in Moscow. It’s a very expensive city, I had to sell
my flat in Moscow and to go to the region in the town Dzerzhinsk. there I
found the job and friends. I have only one relative, my grandmother
Zoya. She loves me very much and every summer i visit her in the
village in Moscow region. May be that’s why I look for a man in
Internet because nothing holds me here, and if i find love, I can
easily leave Russia. It’s difficult to speak about my family, hope you
understand. It’s enough to write about it. And you, do you
have a lot of relatives? Tell me please about it. Let’s I tell about
my working day. As I live alone, in the morning at 7.30 I go to work.
To tell the truth the fob of a hairdresser is very hard. During all
the day, I have to stay. My working day finishes at 6 p.m. and I go to
walk in the park and then return home. Seldom I meet with my friends
to walk and gossip)) and to go to the cafe. and what do you do at
work? What do you do? your profession? What do you do after work?
Please, don’t forget to answer my questions, it helps the development
of our relationship, we can learn more about each other. I will answer
your questions too. Unfortunately, I must go, I have to finish my
letter, hope it was interesting for you to read my letter and learn
some information about me. I promise you to continue my telling next
time. I’ll wait for your answer with impatience.
Best regards, your new friend Elena!

I am very glad to receive the letter from you today. I am very glad
that you still have desire write to me. It is very good that it does
not confuse you, that I live in Russia. Your country seems to me very
interesting and completely another than ours. You will ask me from
where I know it. I was abroad several times, I visited Turkey, Egypt,
the Ukraine. Of course, these countries are not so developed as yours
but for example in Turkey one can judge about the development of
European society. I am interested in tradition and culture of other
people of the world. Could you tell me about your country? I’m happy
that I have a foreign passport but unfortunately I don’t have
possibility to travel very often. If you decide to invite me to you)),
I have to refuse now because we know little each other that’s why i
t’s impossible to go to a man I know not very well. Please, don’t
offense at me, you should understand me. I’m afraid I’m not ready to
it. But in future when our relationships will become closer, it will
be real and I’ll meet with you with pleasure…
We live far from each other. . It is a very big distance for both of
us. But this distance only seems a big. It at all does not frighten
me. It seems to me especially interesting. Don't you think so? I have
read in newspaper (it was already probably for a long time ago) that
in other advanced countries (Europe and Northern America) meets
situation, that women are more thoughtless (not so serious) than men.
Is it true? I would like to learn your opinion very much, also why do
you search for a woman on the Internet? I like to visit cinema. Oh, I
love it! I like to read books. I have many free time after my work,
therefore I have an opportunity to read. I love various love stories,
detectives and very, very much I love classical russian literature.
Also I love various music. I like different music, all depends on
mood. When I'm sad I listen to slow, sensual music. Jazz and blues.
When I have good mood I listen to modern music. I like pop, rock,
dance. American music is very pleasant to me (Jennifer Lopez "Baby I
love You" and Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", and many
others.), as well as Russian. Bi-2, Rondo are Russian rock-groups, but
it is not all my favorite groups, it's a lot of, at once all of them
will not remember. Jeniffer Lopez, Aerosmith, Moby and other American
groups. American films in Russia have huge popularity. They, as
believe, are the greatest. I love American films, and I love many
American actors. I frequently go hiking in a wood, I like camping, BBQ
or I like to go by bicycle in the summer. I have my own bicycle. In
winter I go skiing and skating. All these distract me from everyday
problems. So what do you do, when you have problems and when you are
sad? Now I should finish my letter. I wait with alarm your answer.
Also I want to ask you: have you ever had friends from other country?
Is it important for you a nationality? what foodstuff do you
like? Please, tell me what is your hobby, what you like to do in your
free time except household needs as job, family and rest. For example,
art, cookery, music, sport and etc. I want to know about it to discuss
it in the next letter))
Yours friend Elena.
elena lentochka
  Hi my most dear friend
I very pleased to see your letter. I'm always very glad receive your
letters. Today I would like to talk with you about meal. I very much
like preparing. Cooking is basis of health, cherishing life of family.
I know many recipes of dishes. I love tasty and healthy foodstuffs.
Yes, meal should be useful for health, it is most important. I very
much love potato and various, diversified dishes from this vegetable.
When I come home, at first I go on kitchen and I start preparing for
myself something tasty. Mhh. . I very much love those moments when my
friends come to me. Always I trying to prepare for them any various
fishes delicacy, a different kind of meat. I always try my friends
estimated my abilities in cooking, and almost always it happen. Also I
very much like to bake pies. do you know what is it "russian
pies"? It is a stuffing grocery, wrapped up in a dough, and baked in
an oven. The most important not use a microwave. Otherwise taste
becomes absolutely another, besides it is badly baked thoroughly. If
everything make correctly it is divine taste!!! You should eat this
thing sometime. . All my friends for a long time have estimated it. I
began to prepare when I was 9 years. My mother taught me to cook, and
I am very grateful to her for that. But no one can estimate it, except
for my friends. I very much love my friends. Now YOU in my life. . You
my friend too. Can I so think? I very much would want think you my
FRIEND. I really want to know you, to speak with you, to take your
hand and see your eyes. Probably it is very sincere now, but it is
true, and I do not want to hide it. I always speak true and I do not
like, when people - lie. I hate it. I very much like to dream. I am a
dreamer. . I do not know good it is or bad. Since the childhood I
dreamed. My teacher somehow told to us: "You must forget about your
dreams!" She has told, that dreams do not bring happiness. She has
told, that dreams bring only a pain and disappointment. May be she was
right. Actually dreams come true not always. It happens, you have to
do everything, all forces and all your aspiration to reach this
purpose. But frequently it is not enough. Not everything in this life
depends on us. Destiny! Her strong and invisible hands easily
rearrange lives and hearts people. And then dream stops to be a
desirable star, when it is failed during long time. But anyhow, I
think, that impossible live, without dream and hope. When you have
dream, our lifes is filled with sense. Dreaming, life becomes more
interesting and more various. You start to think, analyze, choose and
make decision. And each small victory, each defeated obstacle on your
way to dream, each following step to your dream brings great pleasure.
Your heart is filled with belief and hope. And you are inspired with
thing, which waits for you in the end. You remember pleasure of
victories and the defeated purposes better than a pain of losses and
disappointments. For this reason I like to dream, though my dreams
comes true not so often as I want. I am surprised, that I write to you
all this. Your letters - a part of my life now. And to be frank, I am
afraid to lose you. Forgive me for my frankness. If I offended you
anyhow, or caused inconveniences, forgive me please. Do not stop write
me. Write me every day, even if I cannot answer you every day. I shall
answer you anyway. your letters give me forces, and my day is
filled with pleasure. I hope, that you have not become angry. I shall
wait for your letter with impatience. And now I want to ask you some
questions: do you love people and what do you think about children
living in a orphanage? I heard, that in the Europa and USA,
women don't like to prepare for tasty and healthy food and make
homeworks, is it valid so? Do you belive in love? Love at first sight?
I'm waiting for your letter.
Yours Elena.
elena lentochka
I am so happy to receive your letter and i can't find words to express
my joy. if you are not against i would like to ask you
something. I have already written to you in my last letter that this
aquaintance is new for me. Really i don't know how everything happens
but i heard a lot of times that people find each other by internet and
often it comes even to the marriage. I don't understand if it's
possible to fall in love through the internet? and how does it happen?
And do you believe in such love or don't you understand how it's
possible? Imagine the situation, for example we communicate with you
through the letteres for a long time, you liked me and i liked you.
But what will happen then? Are you ready to begin serious relationship
with a woman who lives in other country? As for me, i worry about this
topic, and you? Simply, if you are not ready and you don't look for
your second half (love), in this case i don't see the sense to
continue our communication further. As for me, i am looking for a
serious man for creating a family and it's not interesting for me
plays in feelings or a simple correspondence. Do you understand what i
want to tell you? I hope that yes and that you'll answer sencerely for
my question. I have already begun to write about my search and i
probably continue this topic. First of all we should learn what
qualities of a person we lokk for and after that we can continue our
communication. May be we don't suit to each other and if it's so there
is no sense to continue, am i right? Yes , i am not a princess
and i don't look for a prince. It was so far when men do exploits for
women's sake, but i still believe that these qualities live inside of
us and espessially in men. frankly speaking, physical
qualities are not so important for me. Yes of course there are
sometines not so beautiful or worse. For most of people age plays a
big role but not for me. I am 28 years old and in Russia in this age
women must think about family and children. My friends have already
married but i am alone. I can't say that i have no admirers here.
There are men that tried but i try to reject their attention. May be
you think that i am hard to them. Yes may be it's true but what can i
do if they are not interested for me. Here in Russia a lot of men
drink vodka, like to be unfaithful to wives or simply abandon them.
The marriage in Russia is not stable and it hurts women very much. My
friends tell to me very often that there is no happiness in family
life. Of course their words frighten me, but i want to believe that
there is a man for whom i am necessary in this life. do you
believe that everybody must have a pair? I mean that everybody must
have a second half. God created people and gave them life, in which
must be a sense. For example, first people on the Earth were Adam and
Eva. God created them for each other and this pair was as the whole.
They were happy together and their life ia as example for all of us. I
don't know in what you believe but as for me i believe that i have a
second half in this world and now i am looking for him. Who knows, may
be it's even you and if it's true we'll understand it very soon.
i'm not very sure that you understand about what i am writing
to you. Excuse me for my philosophical thoughts. I only wanted to let
you understand that i don't want to play in feelings and that i'm very
serious in searches of my man. These words are the end of my
reasonings and i hope that you can understand me. Excuse me if this
letter will seem difficult for you. I know that it will be better to
write you about my life but this topic is so importent for me that's
why i wrote you about my search. I hope you'll appreciate it and write
me what woman you are looking for. Well I am at work now and must
continue to do it. I'll wait for your answer and hope you'll write me
soon. Have a good day. Kiss you!!!
Sincerely your friend Elena.
elena lentochka
  Hello my dear

You have again made my day more brightly. I'm glad that I can to write
to you again. I had good day today. In hairdressing salon where I work
today audit. You know what is it? It when check all papers and the
goods. The bookkeeper and his assistants is engaged in it. Therefore I
have the day off today. I walked on city and thought about you. I
decided to walk around a bit, go shopping, take a walk in the park. On
the way, I went to the interent cafe to check email and write to you.
And how pass your day? what interesting do you have today? What do you
know about my city? It's the small city. But in it there are minuses.
Here is a lot of proside on roads. Dirty air and is a lot of
criminality. I frequently think about other countries. Why in Russia
so many people which do not want to work. It's strange. I think that
the person should work and like it. The family, loved is necessary for
the person. For happiness it's nessesery very little. To have the
worthy salary for the work, loved person and calmness for yourself and
children. Only then the society will develop. But all it in Russia is
NOT PRESENT. There are all opportunities for this purpose. But there
is no order. oh, I have absolutely got into conversation.)))) maybe it
sounds roughly, but Russia is the country where authority and money
solve all. I do not want to live all my life here. I feel that I have
other destiny.))) You trust in destiny? Unfortunately my letter today
will be short, as the Internet cafe is now closed for lunch. I promise
that tomorrow I will write to you. And do not forget to write about
your day! Bye for now, my dear . one more little kiss!)))
elena lentochka
  Hello my dear
Thank you very much for your letter, you can't imagine how i'm happy
to have it. We communicate with you not so long but i feel that you
are becoming closer to me. And I begin to wait for your letters. I
want to communicate with you in any time and more often that's why i
want to give you my telephone number +790786445878 that you can phone
me and we can speak with each other and i could hear your voice. Do
you like this idea? Now i'll wait for your call. I want our
communication to be continued and i would like to know you as close as
it's possible. I want to know everything about you. What do you like
and dislike? I like people that can take care of me and help me in
difficult situations. I like clever, kind and honest people. I value
good relations and hate rude and angry persons. I like animals,
especially cats and dogs. I do not like lie and when someone is lying.
I hate people who do bad to my family. I do not like when I am used in
personal gain, I do not like when I'm forced to do what I do not like.
Well i should say that i like you because you are so kind and very
attentive with me. Do you have a lot of friends that you can trust
fully? I have a lot of acquaintances but few real friends. I can
believe only them and tell about my secrets. It's so awful that I have
no brothers or sisters. It would be easier for me if I had brothers or
sisters. And now I'm alone. I am very glad that I met you. I've never
met a man like you before. As i wrote you earlier men don't value
women here, they are rude and they are not interested in real love. My
last man offended me very much. I hope that all my failures will
finish and i'll find a good man with whom i'll have a real family. May
be it's you, mear , i finish here and will wait for your reply
and call.
Sincerely yours Elena.
elena lentochka
Miss Young

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