Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

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От кого: FREE LOTTO UK < claimofficer145@gmail.com >
Дата: Суббота, 26 апреля 2014, 9:22 +01:00
Тема: Congratulation: View Attachment For More Lottery Information;


Suit 67-88 Lion Towers Central London, England Tel: +44 746 666 2129 +44 741 742 4094 http://www.freelotto.com/

To: Winning Draw No: 29/46/47/51/24

Dear Winner, Congratulations once and thanks for contacting the FREE LOTTO UK. This is to inform you that, this is real and 100% legitimate. Your mobile phone number has won you the sum of £1,000,000.00GBP during our annual FREE LOTTO program. We received your email with utmost delight and you are advise to please read our annual lottery program carefully because, it will be my pleasure to assist and direct you throughout the process of claiming your winning prize. The FREE LOTTO program takes place yearly and the program is held to financially support individuals worldwide due to the global financial crisis, the draw process is carried out by our Computerized Ballot System and all winners were randomly selected from a series of three million mobile numbers from different continent. You should count yourself lucky that your mobile phone number was among the five(5) lucky numbers that was selected to win £1,000,000.00 GBP each in the 2014 edition of this program. Be informed that your winning prize money also comes with other consolation prize such as a T-Shirt, Face Cap, iPhone5 and Apple Laptop. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential until your claim is processed and your money remitted to you, this is part of our precautionary measure to avoid unwarranted abuse to this program by some unscrupulous elements. Following our claims procedures, a CERTIFIED Bank Cheque will be issued in your name after your claims information and documents have been verified and approved by the Lottery Corporation Payment Service (L.C.P.S). Below is our OFFICIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING FORM which you are required to fill and return back to us for proper verification and processing of your claims.


The requested information are needed for reference purpose, update of our record and to avoid any misrepresentation of fact which might lead to disqualification or double claims. Upon the receipt of the required information, we will immediately commence with verification and processing of your claims so as to facilitate payment to you. Please note clearly that your information we be kept safe and secure. All winners are expected to comply with the claims procedures, as these are mere formalities that would guarantee pay-out to all qualified winners in the various categories. This program is governed and monitored by the Europe Lottery Commission of 2014 censored.

Congratulations once again. Sign, Mr. Graham Moore Claims Director - L.C.P.S

От кого: FREE LOTTO UK < claimofficer145@gmail.com >
Дата: Понедельник, 28 апреля 2014, 8:37 +01:00
Тема: Lottery Winning Approved!!! View Attachment For Winning Certificate and Courier Contact;

 Free Lotto UK
  The Lo Company
UK Head Office Suit 67‐88
Lion Towers Central London,
ATTN: Dear Winner;
The Board of Directors, Entire Staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the FREE
LOTTO Online Sweepstakes Programmer, wishes to congratulate you as one of our Star Prize Winner in this
month's FREE LOTTO Sweepstakes Promotion (IAP) held in England, UK. The selection process was
carried out through a Random Selection in our Computerized Email Selection System (C.E.S.S.) from a database of
over three million Mobile numbers from A computer ballot selection from different continents of the world. In
your Continent, your Mobile phone number was luckily selected. This makes you a proud winner of the sum of ONE
MILLION GREAT BRITISH POUNDS ONLY (£1,000,000.00GBP). The cheque is coming with other consolation
prize such as T‐Shirt, Face Cap, Blackberry mobile phone and Apple Laptop {courtesy Apple}.}.
In reference to the above, we would recommend our affiliate courier (RDS EXPRESS COURIER AND CARGO)
which is the only trusted courier presently capable of handling such a vital package as yours, as they have been
under a contract with us for quite a long time now to deliver cheques of huge sums from our sponsors to us and
our winners. On that note we would require you to contact the courier and arrange a pickup of your Winning Items
(i.e. a certified cheque, T‐Shirt, Face Cap, Blackberry mobile phone and an Apple Laptop (courtesy Apple). From our
office to be delivered to you, be aware that FREE LOTTO office will only dispatch your cheque and other
items to them and WON'T be responsible for any delivery charges incurred. After pick up, they would send you the
delivery arrangement of your winning package which you will use to know when your Items would be arriving your
stated address. You can reach the courier through their details below:
Please contact: Mr. Andrew Lawrence (Delivery Team Manager).
RDS Express Courier Company,UK
Website: http://www.rdsxpress.com/_tracking/
EMAIL: rds-expresscourier01@post.com􀁰􀁯􀁳􀁴􀀮􀀠Phone: +44 740 592 5948
Fax: +44 705 361 6475
You are advised to keep your winning information's confidential until your claim is processed and your winnings is
safely delivered to you, this is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming on your winning and
unwarranted abuse on our program. We advise you give them your Draw number (29/46/47/51/24) to present to us
before we can release your package to them.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and do kindly contact us back the moment you receive your
winning cheque and other consolation items. Please Note: that the courier delivery charges/fee of your prize to your
destination would be PAID by you.
Mr.Graham Moore.
Claim Processing Officer
Free Lotto UK.
От кого: "RDS DELIVERY COURIER" < rds-expresscourier01@post.com >
Дата: Четверг, 1 мая 2014, 8:42 -04:00
Тема: Delivery Of Your Lottery Winning Parcel With Reg Number: RDS/0194/NL

Welcome to RDS E x press

910 West Basin Road, Suite 100Creek Wood

Office ComplexLondon DE 19720. United Kingdom

Tel: +44 740 592 5948

Fax: +44 705 361 6475

E-mail: rdx-expresscourier01@post.com

Website: http://www.rdsxpress.com/_tracking/

Parcel Registration Number: RDS/0194/NL
Thanks for contacting RDS EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE. Thisletter is to acknowledge our correspondence with theFREE LOTTOBOARD regarding the delivery of your parcel with registration number:RDS/0194/NL . Our delivery terms and conditions areenclosed in the attached filefor more information, instructions and delivery procedures. You are required to print out the delivery schedule form, fill it and send it backto us as either as an attachmentor send the requested informationmanually as aemail. This is to inform you once again, we are in possession of your lottery winning parcel containing the following winningitems below:
(1) A Certified Bank Cheque By CitiBank Uk.
(2) T-Shirt
(3)Face Cap
(4) iPhone5 and
(5)Apple Laptop.
NOTE : Y ou are advise to fill the requested information in theattachment fill and a chose a delivery option that is best suitable foryou and as soon as this isdone,we shall proceed with the delivery of your lottery winning parcelwith registration number: RDS /0194/NL to your stated address. Pleas note, all delivery fee/charges MUST be paid in full before the delivery of your winning parcelcan be made.Please note also,We offer100% Money Back Guaranteed(MBG), that is, if customer is not satisfied with the service of the company his/her money will be returnin full within 48 hours, so be rest assured this is real and your parcel will be delivered to you as soon as the delivery fee is made. Please feel free to call any of the above listed telephone numbers for more further information or queries.
Thank you for choosing RDS Express, We are always at your service!
Andrew Lawrence
(Delivery Manager)
RDS Express Courier & Cargo Servicesight © 2014RDS Express Couriers and Cargo Services

  RDS Express Courier & Cargo Services
910 West Basin Road, Suite 100
Creek Wood Office Complex
Call Lines: +44 740 592 5948
Fax: +44 705 361 6475
E-mail: rds-expresscourier01@post.com
Website: http://www.rdsxpress.com/_tracking/
To: Parcel Registration Number RDS/0194/NL
Thank you for contacting RDS Express. We provide efficient and reliable courier and allied
services worldwide by a team of well trained and motivated workforce at competitive rates for
the satisfaction of our customers. At RDS Express, we ensure SPEEDY delivery of all parcels,
making use of our membership with the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It is represented all over
the world in more than 129 countries.
In acknowledgement of your correspondence and your parcel registration number, this response
is to notify you that we are in possession of your parcel containing the following items:
 A Certified Bank Cheque
 A T-Shirt by Mobile Phone Lottery
 A Face Cap by Mobile Phone Lottery
 An iPhone5
 An Apple Laptop
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Be informed that we cannot use a regular method of delivery in
delivering your parcel because of its vital content. Therefore, we are using a DIPLOMATIC
method of delivery in order to ensure a safe and speedy delivery. However, our DEPLOMATIC
method of delivery gives customers a 100% guarantee of receiving their parcel/parcels in their
doorstep as dully expected.
Please fill our DELIVERY SCHEDULE FORM below and also choose an option of delivery that
will be convenient for you.
DELIVERY TIME (Time of receiver's availability):
DELIVERY OPTION (Choose from below):
(24 Hours Delivery)
Mailing & BSP: £380.00 00.00
Insurance: £210.00 00.00
VAT: £160.00 00.00
Total: £650.00 = $ 1,097.00USD 00.00
(Working Days Delivery)
Mailing & BSP: £290.00 00.00
Insurance: £170.00 00.00
VAT: £90.00 00.00
Total: £530.00 00.00
(3 Working Days Delivery)
Mailing & BSP: £250.00 00.00
Insurance: £150.00 00.00
VAT: £50.00 00.00
Total: £450.00 = $ 770.00USD 00.00
Please indicate the option you wish to have your parcel delivered to you. After we receive the
delivery information in-line with the option you will choose for the delivery of your parcel, we will
send you the necessary details and instructions for you to make payment for the delivery. Upon
confirming your payment, you will be notified on the estimated date and time of delivery. Please
note that the majority of our orders are dispatched on a "signed for delivery". Do ensure that you
are available at your given address to sign for your parcel on the date of delivery. Please note
that our DIPLOMATIC delivery officer will ask for your proof of identify before handling your
parcel to you on the day of delivery.
Copyright © 2014 RDS Express Couriers and Cargo Services
= $ 895.00USD
Miss Young If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

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