Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

From: "kraski" <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2014 4:35 PM
Subject: good evening!

> Hi
> This is my first time I have got aquainted with a man via Internet. I have
> no words how I feel myself. I want to know more about you if you do not
> mind. I think you are very interesting man =)
> A little about me I am Galina. I am 27. I was born at 21 of August in
> 1985. My height is 176, weight 54 kg. I have never been married and I have
> no kids. Now I am in search for my love. I have graduated college. I think
> I am clever and open woman that always ready to help close people and find
> the way. out of the situation. I am very sincere and never hide nothing
> from my family and lovely man! I do not like to lie and hate the liars! I
> hope you are agree with my position.
> I trust very few people. Trust is very important thing for me especially
> in relationships.
> I work at junior school as a teacher| I am a teacher at junior school. I
> like my job and love kids. Kids are our future. Am not I right? This way I
> want to meet my love and to make a family. May be this is you my love??? I
> live in Russia with my elder brother and parents in apartaments. I love my
> family. I highly appreciate my parents and proud of them. I try to support
> and help them in everything! Family and parents are the most precious
> treasures! Are you agree with me?
> In a free time I try to develope my creative potential in a word I like to
> draw) Also I go to fitness club and swimming pool to be in a good shape. I
> like Jogging in the morning.
> So I told you something about myself and if you have any questions feel
> free to ask me.
> I hope you understand me well. I am sorry for my English it is not
> perfect. At first I was taught at school then college and language
> courses. I try to do all my best to speak better English.
> It is interesting to know more about you and your life. If you want to
> tell me of course)
> You know we should be sincere it is rightly. Time will show what will be
> further|will happen next.
> I hope you like my letter and the way I tell you about myself. Looking
> forward to see your answer.
> Take care.
> Galina

Mrs From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 11:37 PM
Subject: Hello !

> Hello !
> I am very pleased that you responded to my letter .
> I waited with great excitement your answer and now I am very happy .
> I meet online for the first time and now I'm a little confused .
> But I really want to meet my true love , I want to find someone with whom
> I
> spend your whole life and that's why I decided on this.
> I told you that my name is Galina, I'm 27 years old,
> I live in Russia, in a large and very beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg.
> I'm a single girl never been married and have no children.
> Perhaps you think why I decided to look for love in its
> another country , so far from my country? I'm disappointed in men ,
> living in my country. I tried to find the love of my country , but I do
> not
> failed to meet a decent man here.
> Russian men for the family is not important and they treat women very
> badly.
> I almost despaired , and then my friends advised me to try
> Internet dating .
> When I was in college, I studied English . I
> I can write and speak in English . By this, I decided to look for
> its love of your country.
> I've heard that in your country , about your beautiful nature.
> I very much hope that in another country I can find a decent man ,
> to be respectful to me.
> Between us a very long distance, but I think that if two people
> like each other , the distance will not be a problem for them .
> We could have been nicer to know each other through letters . To do this,
> I would
> wanted to tell you a little about me. I have a higher education,
> speak English , I now work as a teacher of elementary grades .
> I love children.
> I am sociable and sincere girl , I have a lot of interests
> and hobbies . In my spare time I try to visit exhibitions, theaters ,
> Galleries. I do not drink alcohol , do not smoke or use drugs. I
> do sports , to be healthy and maintain my body
> good shape.
> Again, I send you my pictures for you to
> see how I look. I hope you like it . Perhaps we could
> to know each other more well . If you are also interested in our
> communication.
> Please tell me a little about yourself . What do you do what you
> do in your free time as you like to spend your time?
> I am very interested to know you more.
> I really hope to get a letter from you. I'll wait for it eagerly . I will
> waiting for your reply soon.
> Your new friend Galina.

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2014 11:06 PM
Subject: Hi my new friend !

Hi my new friend ! I'm so glad to receive a letter from you today. it
means that I'm interested . It is very nice to me! now I
confident that we can know each other better .
I want to say that I do not have facebook and various other social networks
because I do not communicate with people on the Internet. I like live chat
I see a man .
I love my writing . I think it's very romantic !
I like to wait for your answer and I have the excitement when I read your
I want to tell you about one more reason that made me
write to you ... How do you know I do not have my family. on
Actually, I really want to have my happy family, a loving husband and
children. But it's not really find a good husband in Russia.
I had a friend , but we broke up a year ago ... It's hard to say
all these things. But I feel that I need to tell you all about it ,
you to understand me better ... And so in the beginning everything was fine
with my
friend, we were the happiest couple in the world . At the time when we
lived together it did not work all the time he promised me that he would
find a job
and will earn and support his family .
I was paying our bills , I bought food, pay the rent
went to work , one word did everything that has to do loving
man !
One day my friends told me that they saw my boyfriend with
another girl on the street, they were kissing .
We had a serious talk and he told me that he has
another girl ! I could not believe it ... I still do not understand
it could cause me so much pain ... My heart was broken in
for a long time !
For a while he came to me after all this said that he loves
me and wants to be with me . I told him that I'm sorry , but I do not
I want to be with a man who cheated on me .
Russian men do not respect women , they do not appreciate or anything for
do some men abuse alcohol or drugs .
You probably know about this? I tell you all this to you because
I want to be honest with you !
We will not talk much about the sad , now I 'm going to tell
you about my hobbies and interests. I like many things. my
favorite color is blue. I love to read stories about love. I'm pretty
romantic girl , you probably already noticed it . I listen to different
music. It makes no difference to me . But music should be
beautiful. I love listening to retro music such as : Roxette,
Scorpions, Ace of base, Celin Dion, Savage garden the list
goes on and on ...
I am fond of sports , as I have already told you . I also like swimming and
just sunbathing .
You see , I'm a bit romantic , so I dream that would
travel and learn different cities and countries.
Unfortunately I have not been as in other countries. I hope that
when or whether I will be able to see the interesting and beautiful places!
I love children very much and because of that I wanted to become a teacher ,
when I was a little girl . When I have free time, I
I love to read . I love all kinds of books .
My favorite authors of Russian literature , Chekhov, Turgenev , Tolstoy.
I told you about my hobbies and interests. I want to tell you that I
I want to love and be loved. I want attention from men
whom I will love ! I give him all the tenderness and love . I want to be
thoughts with a loved one . I would like to
sharing all my personal secrets with her ​​beloved man .
I would like to ask you to send me your picture. I wonder
to see your photos .
I end my letter , I hope to receive your reply soon .
Your new friend Galina

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 5:28 AM
Subject: Hello my dear !

> Hello my dear !
> I hope I can call you a friend, because I think that
> you're a very nice person.
> I am very glad you told me ! I want to thank you for
> interest to me. Thank you for your understanding . I feel
> I made the right choice when I wrote to you the first time. I
> I feel that our friendship becomes stronger every day and I'm pleases.
> In this letter I want to tell you about my family . My family is
> the biggest and the most important place in my life!
> My father's name Vladimir . He is 55 years. My father works in the FSA,
> More information about the work of my father, I can not even say it
> because even for
> I have a big secret. My father this year retires.
> My mom in '52 and she worked as a doctor . its
> work is very difficult , sometimes mom comes home at night.
> This is a very demanding job - treat people , but she copes .
> My brother works as a carpenter . His name is Andrew . Him for 31 years.
> he
> collects furniture at a furniture factory .
> I also have a grandmother , she was 85 years old . My grandmother lives in
> the village . its
> house 100 kilometers from my town .
> When I was a little girl , I came to it in the summer. me
> liked to stay with her and my grandfather . He was 5 years older than my
> grandmother. After the death of his grandfather grandmother 's health
> deteriorated.
> We tried to convince her grandmother to move into our apartment she does
> not want .
> Grandma says she will stay where she was happy
> with loved ones. We respect her feelings , and we do not insist on this,
> but we
> just worry about our grandmother.
> I love to cook ! When I was a little girl , and my mom and dad
> I worked preparing food for them . I found very different recipes and
> tried to surprise them every day.
> I guess that all foreigners think that all Russian drink
> vodka. But it is not. Of course in Russia, a lot of alcoholics. I
> almost do not drink alcoholic beverages , I can only drink in a festive
> day and only a glass of wine or champagne .
> Now when I have a job , I always try to help my
> parents.
> In this letter I told you about the most important part of my life.
> This is my family . I hope it was not boring for you.
> Please tell me about your family? What do you enjoy? me
> interesting to know everything! I look forward to your next letter !
> I want to know more about you. I love to talk to you !
> DOSVIDANIYA. That's how we say "goodbye" in Russian !
> Your friend Galina


Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 8:19 PM
Subject: Hello my best friend !

> Hello my best friend !
> Thank you for your letter and for showing interest in me.
> It is very pleasant for me that you do not forget about me.
> I think we are good friends. I feel that our
> friendship becomes stronger every day . I understand that you know
> better with each letter. And with each new letter you attract me
> more and more.
> You know , during this short period of our correspondence you
> became part of my life. When I receive new messages from you , it
> makes my day more colorful and interesting .
> I am sure that you will not forget about me for a minute. I also think
> about
> you. I think , " What are you doing now? How was your day ? "
> Today the whole family went to my grandmother in the village. we told
> my grandmother that I correspond with you. grandmother wished
> us luck and happiness! My grandmother and my family to say hello ! it
> was so glad that I found someone who appreciates and respects me! I
> talked a lot about you to my mom and my dad. My dad sure
> that we will be good friends , and we must trust each other . I
> try not to think about the great distance between us. But every
> write a letter , I feel that this distance becomes smaller.
> My parents think you're a decent man and you deserve trust
> and respect.
> I am very glad that I met you , I want you to understand
> I'm starting to enjoy my life. It's true. everything I
> I want to tell you - this is what I am getting more and more are
> interested
> you and I would love to be the person to whom you would
> trust and support . I am the person who makes the choice only
> once in their life and for all !
> In each of his letters, I will make thee a part of my soul for you.
> I hope that thou when thou shalt not lie to me , and bring ...
> I think about you more and more ! I hope that you feel the
> same ! =) I think that we really understand each other! I
> I think that our relations can become really serious and who
> knows, maybe forever. I've got to finish my letter.
> I 'll look forward to a letter from you. Each your letter very
> important to me.
> your Galina

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2014 12:37 AM
Subject: Hi, my lovely .

> Hi, my lovely .
> I want you to know , you've become very close to me. when
> we started our conversation , I could not even dream about that
> appointment of such a man as you!
> I know we have not talked for so long , but deep inside I am convinced
> That you are a person with whom I want to live .
> I told you about my mother. My mom is my best friend and I
> told her that it was important for me , because I know that she
> can give me wise advice , if I need it .
> I told her that you're a decent man . And I told her how much
> much I need you ! Now I understand that I have a deep
> feelings and I do not want to hide them ! My mom is very happy for us .
> mom
> saw my last relationship with a Russian man and she feared for
> me and worried for me every day !
> She was afraid that I never will meet the man of my life. My mom
> or when would not want it to happen again the second time . now she
> really happy . And she is grateful to you because you're the one
> a man who makes me feel happy!
> My mom is very emotional , and I can not describe all my feelings and
> emotion when I told her about you .
> My father was happy too ! I know that he cares about me
> less than my mom . Opinion of my parents very important to me ,
> because my family plays a big role in my life ! I think that
> you know me ...
> The only thing that I ask of you not to play with my feelings ! if
> I hurt someone again, I probably never will be able to
> recover from this wound !
> I want you to always be honest with me . And I promise you that I will
> always be honest with you ! From that moment , when I confessed to
> the feelings I want to keep our relationship was honest. I want
> to tell you that now you mean a lot to me! I feel that
> we're not just friends . We have a deep connection , even though we are so
> far! I believe that 2 people who are so far apart
> another can be deeply in love ! Of course it's better ,
> when people can talk face to face !
> I hope it will happen when be .
> I 'll look forward to a response. Kiss Your Galina.

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2014 3:14 AM
Subject: Hi my tiger !

> Hi my tiger !
> As usual , I waited impatiently letter from you and I'm happy
> get it from you ! My friends at work say I became
> scattered , as if I'm in love ... I do not know what to say to your
> friends , because I do not quite understand herself .
> I can not think about anything else but you. you really became
> part of my life and I can not imagine my life without you in
> now !
> My feelings for you are really very strong and I want you to
> knew about it. I would be very happy if we had met and
> talk face to face , because it's not a real encounter correspondence .
> My brother always asks about you. He knows that I want to be with you.
> My brother is very happy for us , he wants us to happiness. He says that
> you are a reliable and honest person and I can be happy with you .
> In your letters , I see that you are very serious and reliable man, I have
> when you do not notice it in other men. Every time I get
> a letter from you , I feel much happier.
> I can not stop thinking about you , because you're so kind , smart and
> understanding
> man ... I admire you ! I must ask you one question . can
> we create a lasting relationship ? I want this very much! I want you to
> I realized that I do not play games with you ... For me it is very
> serious.
> When I think of you , my heart starts beating faster.
> At first I was afraid to admit this to you . I thought you'd be
> laugh at me ... You certainly can tell me that we do not know
> each other well enough but during our correspondence I began
> trust you.
> I believe in our bright future. When I'm close to you , we
> will be a lot of happiness . I'm sure we'll be the happiest people
> world . I really want to feel your kisses , I also want to
> feel your touch . I want to spend much time with
> you. I can not imagine what my life would be like if I had not
> met you . I probably would not know what real
> happiness. I am very thankful for having met you .
> I do not keep my feelings inside , because I see that you are not
> mocked me . Now I'm not embarrassed to admit - I'm in love with you
> , and I wanted to spend my life with you .
> I hope that my feelings are mutual .
> I will wait for your answer soon !
> Your Galina

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2014 9:36 PM
Subject: Hello my precious !

> Hello my precious !
> I just read a letter from you. More and more I realize
> I can not live without you! I can not breathe without you! You and only
> you , that's all I want in my life ! It's not just words! so they say
> my feelings ! I am very open girl , and I can not keep your emotions
> towards you inside !
> I want you to know what feelings I have for you! I do not know
> how to tell you this, but I look like a little girl
> who fell in love with a prince on a white horse. I was afraid you would
> not
> understand me ... I never felt so up to this point .
> I think God made you for me , you're the only
> who I want to belong !
> When I read your letter , it seems to me that you're near me . I
> confident that I will always be with you in a warm or cold
> pagoda. I'm so lonely here without you, I miss you ! Sometimes I think
> If we ever meet again we will stay together, even if
> we will meet for a few minutes , it will be the happiest
> day of my life . It makes me a little happier . it
> the only thing I wish . I would love to come and visit you
> in your country . What do you think about my trip to you?
> I would like to visit you in your country! But I think that it is not
> Easy! When I have free time , I'm going to travel
> agency and learn more about the trip to your country . Every day I
> dream of meeting with you, every night I dream about you . I represent
> how you hold me in his strong hand , kiss me gently and I
> also kiss you in your lips !
> I fully understand your character and it makes it very easy for
> I have to open all my heart and thoughts for you ! I believe ,
> that love depends on four sources are: trust, understanding ,
> honesty and respect . In my opinion these are the basic principles of love
> and
> I think that one can not create love without them. Maybe I
> write you too much about my thoughts , but I want you to know
> all about me and my thoughts . Of course, when two people love each
> other, they face some problems , misunderstanding and
> disappointment. But when people who love each other come to a compromise
> then love will win ! If you doubt the fact that I wrote to you , then
> you must tell me at once. Maybe you do not like what I
> saying : " It is important to be honest with each other ," I want to
> confess I
> there is no reason to doubt you . Your letters are filled with tenderness
> and
> love, I can not trust you !
> Every thought of you makes my life full of love and happiness! I believe
> That we will meet one day and we will be very happy
> Couple all over the world ! We need to be together because we both love
> each other!
> I'm waiting for your letter with impatience.
> Tell me about your emotions.
> With the greatest tenderness ,
> Galina

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 3:52 AM
Subject: , I'm so glad to see your letter !

> , I'm so glad to see your letter !
> And I think you're too nice to see my letter.
> I am very grateful to you for your letters. Your feelings for me very
> important. I'm glad we both feel each other. It brings meaning to
> my life and hope for better times . I always check my e-mail
> box in anticipation of a new letter from you. I live every day in
> anticipation !
> I dream about you very much.
> I 'm sure you're honest with me , and open! And if you think and
> feel as you wrote in your letter , I understand that you
> wonderful , kind, loving man , to whom I can give in
> future heart and soul without a trace ! Do you understand me , my love
> ?
> I imagined that I spoke with you with you holding hands and looking
> in your eyes . I like to dream a lot . I do not know , maybe
> it is not good , but I'm a romantic person , who loves to dream. In
> a child I loved to dream a lot .
> I remember very well in school , our teacher told us : " Forget about
> dreams, because they do not do any good for us. our
> teacher said :
> "Dreams brings only pain and disappointment when you realize that
> they are not a reality, " maybe she was right ? Dreams are not
> always come true in reality. Even if you do everything you can
> to achieve it. But I think that it is not. If you try to
> achieve his dream , it gives you a purpose in your life . This is
> important ! not
> everything depends on us in this world to achieve success ! I believe that
> there is some sort of invisible force that enables events
> or may not occur .
> But I think that in any case you have to live the dream . this gives
> hope. You know, if there is a will there is a way to achieve your dream!
> This is one of the principles of my life.
> In addition, the dream will help you understand what you want from your
> life.
> Each step is a great success that brings you satisfaction , he
> helps you move on and enjoy life , even if it is small
> step towards your dream. and eventually your heart is filled with joy ,
> faith
> and hope. I'm surprised that I 'm writing to you about all this. this is
> my
> inner thoughts . I think it's because I can not trust you . Do
> I never had a man to whom I could open my
> heart and share their feelings ! But now you've appeared in my
> life and I feel that you understand me ! I fully open
> for you, and I want to repeat to you that you're a part of my life.
> I 'll wait for your letter. I can not wait for the day of our meeting .
> A few days later I go to a travel agency to find out how
> arrange a visit to your country .
> I'll be waiting for your reply with great excitement and impatience ! ,
> I hope for your quick response and detailed letter !
> Only yours , Galina

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 7:36 PM
Subject: Hello my !

> Hello my !
> I think about you all the time miss you . I really need you , I'm so
> hard without you here alone ... If you only knew how hard
> survive the wait to hear from you !
> I look forward to being with you. If you create a serious
> relationships and trust each other , I would be very happy
> woman in the world . I like everything in your character . I have serious
> intentions to you. After a long time of loneliness I feel that I
> found the man who wants to take care of me and support me in
> difficult times! I'm being completely honest with you favorite and I am
> sure that
> you also want to spend the rest of his life with me .
> Now I want to talk about my trip to your country . Today I
> went to a travel agency. I spoke to the manager - the fact that I
> I want to visit your country . I signed a contract with the travel tourist
> agency. In my contract include: Visa , insurance, international
> passport and airline tickets. That's all that provides travel agency .
> I have all the documents issued for the standard tourist visa for 3
> months to your country . I also execute all documents for
> international passport. I want to tell you right away that I
> paid for visa 150 $ for insurance and 100 $ for international
> passport 140 $. The manager explained to me in detail what and how
> issued .
> For my stay, I need your full information!
> My manager, you know the name of the nearest airport to
> you. It is necessary to book your flights and
> find airfare . I also need to know your city ,
> address, zip code , and your full name!
> I send you my full information :
> Russia.
> City: Saint-Petersburg
> adress: Sedova 49 st, apt 11.
> postal code: 192148
> full name: GALINA PARUBINA
> Please do not forget to write the name of the airport in your town . after
> that as you write me the name of the airport and your full information
> manager tell me the cost of tickets and call the full cost
> my trip. I hope this is good news for you? I want
> immediately warn you that perhaps I will not be enough of my
> funds for a trip to your country . I'm embarrassed to say , but can be
> I need your help with payment page.
> Today pay my visa , insurance and international passport
> helped me with my father 's brother . I am very grateful to my family that
> they
> help me . It's hard for me to seek help from you, but I
> I want to be honest - I do not earn enough to freely
> travel around the world ... I hope that you understand me . I
> ever, and no one is not asked for help , so I feel
> not comfortable . The only thing that makes me do it, it
> a great desire to be with you. I hope it will not be
> unsolvable problem for you.
> I kiss you , my love! I 'll wait for your letter !
> Galina

Mr From: <galkasingle@mail-jsm.com>
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2014 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: RE

> you stupid idiot! I was in the village of my grandmother away. My
> grandmother does not have a computer and I could not write to you my
> letter.
> You're talking complete nonsense!! That you Scammer!!!!
> I am honest and decent girl and I want to be happy.
> I thought you were the man with whom I will be happy, but unfortunately
> you're just stupid bastard!
> You have insulted me in your last letter, and now I do not want to talk to
> you.
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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