Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 8:43 AM, < pikvictorya@mail-jsm.com > wrote:
Hello my dear !
I am very glad to see your letter. Today good warm weather. And at
last I have possibility to come to the Internet - Agency what to write
to you! For me this best time, communication with you. I want to write
to you every day, but it is impossible. I am glad to read your
letters, they give me hope, on our future! It frightens me and at the
same time pleases. I am scared because I am afraid to fall in love
with you and not to receive reciprocity! I don' t understand your
intentions! I don' t understand that you feel. Possibly it is
difficulties of translation? I ask you to be open and honest with me.
I am very glad that in my life there were you! You are very close to
me spiritually. It is very easy to me to speak with you! I have told
to friends about you! All my friends are glad that in my life there
was the worthy man! My friends say hello to you! I have told to
parents about you!
They too are very glad for me!

 I very  hope
that our relations can develop into love! Write to me I to you it am
pleasant? Tell as you think, you could fall in love with me??? I know
that by e-mail there can not be the love! But if we meet, our feelings
can develop into Love??? You very much are pleasant to me! You are
close to me spiritually. Write to me that you think of it.
Today I witnessed the unpleasant situation. I saw as the elderly woman
the car has brought down. She has fallen, and the car driver hasn' t
stopped at all! I have run up to her, wanted to help to rise her. But
possibly she has broken the foot. Then we have waited police and
ambulance arrivals. I have given necessary evidences and have gone
further. Now it is necessary to be careful on the street. It is a lot
of drunk drivers of cars. It is a lot of criminals. I very much regret
for this grandmother. But I am happy that I have you. I can make all
documents what to arrive to you. I can make everything what to arrive
you. But I will repeat what to speak about it still early. I dream!
You like to dream? What your dream? Or you have got used to
live only reality?
I will tell a little more about me. I like to listen to music. I love
various music. I like to dance. But I don' t like to dance there where
a lot of people, there all stare at me, it it not to be pleasant to
me. I more house person, than public. I don' t love the noisy
companies. I love silent house feasts in the family circle, for
example Christmas. Also I love sports. I like to look sports. I like
to go in for sports. I like to play volleyball on the beach.
Badminton. I like to play on billiards. But on billiards I play very
seldom. As in billiards it is full of drunkards. I like to swim. I
like to swim though in the pool, though in the small river. Still, as
I already spoke to you, I very much like to cook. I can prepare such
dishes. . mmmm. I hope that I will prepare for you, sometime. Write
to me more about itself. It is very interesting to me to learn more
about you. I will finish the letter. I wait your answer.
Photo me with my friend Anna. This photo is made New Year two years
ago. Now Anna lives in Germany with the husband.
I embrace and kiss.

Viktoriya Gunn
Viktoriya Gunn
Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 1:31 AM, < pikvictorya@mail-jsm.com > wrote:
Hello my .
I am very glad to receive your letter. I like to expect reading of
your letters! But even more I expect our meeting. I want to meet you,
to feel your touch of the hand, to kiss you, and at last to make love
to you!!! Yes I want all this! I have learnt about you enough what to
start to take the first steps to our meeting! I have all necessary
what to start to do the international passport (the passport for
travel to other states). After obtaining the passport, I can start to
do the visa! I want to repeat once again that I have all money for
arrival to you. Your financial help to me isn' t necessary. I saved
long time, and now I have enough what to travel. I know that money for
travel is necessary. I don' t want to ask money from the man with whom
I build the relations. I think our meeting can change our life. You as
I speak about money because my heart has been injured because of
money! It has happened one and a half years ago. I very long suffered!
I didn' t approach to the computer the long time. I don' t want to speak
about it. But I don' t want that between us there would be secrets. I
hope that it won' t frighten off you from me!? 1,5 years ago, I have
got acquainted on the Internet with the person from the USA. We long
time corresponded. Everything was good, we thought even of marriage.
He has invited me to arrive to him to his house. I had no money and I
have asked him the help. I have written that I have no money what to
arrive to the USA.

After I have asked him the help, I haven' t received
the answer of 5 days. For the fifth day I have received the letter
from him. It was awful. All 5 days I worried, I thought that that
happened. But that he has written that, it has offended me. He has
written that only his money is necessary to me. He accused me of that
that I said lies all this time to him. And at the end of the letter he
has written that I am scamer. I long time cried. I haven' t understood
why he so have arrived with me. He didn' t love me. I wanted to die. My
parents have helped me to calm down. I have calmed down and began to
live quietly. I ask that you would promise to me that you won' t hurt
my heart!!!

I have started to fall in love with you! I think you that
man with whom I want to construct the family. To have children (if we
both it want). I understand that before telling I YOU I LOVE, it is
necessary to meet at first face to face.

Therefore I have decided to start to do documents for travel.                      
Today I told with the manager the Internet - Agencies through which I
now write to you. He to me has told that I can easily receive the visa
to travel to you. It without watching at all at sanctions to Russia
(though I don' t climb in policy, I don' t love policy))). He has told
that the agency works many years and already many girls have left to
the grooms by means of their agency, including my friend Anna. I
already wrote to you about Anna. She has left 2 years ago. After I
will arrive to you, we will communicate and if we will solve that I
will remain, we can make the visa of the bride. I think that it is
good idea!!! What do you think of it ??? If everything goes
according to the plan, I will arrive to you soon. It will be the best
time in my life. I will give you all the tenderness! I will make for
you the remarkable dinner! We will walk together on park. Together we
will be lays down and to wake up. It is my dream!!!              
I understand that you want to know about my sexual life. I want to
tell to you that I already long time had no sex. But if we have
relations, I will do everything for you in the sexual relation. I
haven ' t sex with the first comer!!! For me sex is acceptable only in
the relations! I build the relations with you and consequently I want
to arrive to you what to get acquainted face to face! I hope you
understand me!? I send the most frank photo which I have! I hope it
not vulgarly.
On it I will finish the letter. I will wait the answer from you. I
can ' t write to you every day, but I will try to write to you more
I kiss you gently!
Your Vika

Viktoriya Gunn
Viktoriya Gunn
Viktoriya Gunn

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 12:07 AM, < pikvictorya@mail-jsm.com > wrote:
Hi my favourite !!!
How are you? I hope at you everything well! Today I will write the
short letter because I write to you to the working break. I have 15
minutes. I want to tell to you good news. I love you!!! I you when
didn ' t meet, but I feel it!!! In the second, my international passport
is ready. The passport will remain in agency while to me won' t make
the visa. To me have told that the visa will be ready soon. I am very
glad. You are happy? I didn' t know that all documents will be ready so
quickly. For receipt of a visa, I will need to go to Moscow. In Moscow
there will be the interview with me. And after I will answer their
questions to me will give the visa. After I will receive the visa, I
won ' t come back home. I will buy tickets aboard the plane and I will
arrive to you! What do you think of it? I hope that you are happy as
I!?! I very much want to arrive somewhat quicker to you what to begin
new life with you! We with you will enjoy every moment together. We
will go on walk in the evening. After we will return, I will make for
you the dinner. On the table candles will burn. After the dinner we
will have the unforgettable night. Every night will be special!!! I
can long dream of you, but it is time to me to return for work. I love
you! I hope you don' t take offence that I sometimes have no time what
to answer your questions! I will arrive to you soon, and we will have
a lot of time what to study each other!                    
I will wait your following letter. I send you one million my hot
In this letter I want to give you the address. It means that I trust
you for 100 percent!!! I am happy that I have you !!!

Name: Viktoriya
Surname: Gunn
Address: Balahnina 31-4
City: Ivanovo
Zip Code: 153047

Forever your Vika

Viktoriya Gunn
Viktoriya Gunn
From: Viktoriya < kapitovyctorya@mail-jsm.com >
Date: 20 Jun 2014 02:02
Subject: , June 24

Hello !
Everything is good. I was in embassy. I have passed interview. And I
was given the tourist visa. I was given the visa for a period of 45
days. In agency to me have told that the main thing that I will arrive
to you. Then we can submit the application on the visa of the bride
and I can remain with you. I am very happy. I very much worried. But
when I have come to embassy, to me have set some questions, I have
answered and to me have given the visa. But I didn't say that I go
what to visit you . In agency to me have told that if I will
tell that I go to you, to me can refuse in the visa. They are afraid
that I want to remain in their country forever. Therefore I travel as
the tourist. You understand?
I have received the visa and at once have gone to the airport. I have
bought tickets. I had to buy return tickets. It because I fly as the
tourist therefore I should have the ticket in the return end. It is
expensive, but it doesn't matter, I want to arrive to you, you are my
love! I have bought the ticket the departure on June 24. I should live
here in hotel while. when I bought the ticket, me have told
unpleasant news. For this purpose that me would start up in the plane,
I should have with myself the large sum of money. I should have with
myself $3000. This money is necessary for 45 day independent residence
in your country. I go as the tourist and consequently they should be
sure that I can provide myself (to eat, live in hotel). I didn't know
about it. In agency to me have told that it is usual procedure, and
that all know it. But I the first time about it have heard. I didn't
know. I know that money is necessary. I have $1000. I thought that
this sum will suffice. But it is not enough of it. I don't have $2000.
I will explain to everything in details. For the visa I have
paid in agency of $250. I have bought the return ticket for $1300. I
have made obligatory life insurance for $200. Other expenses, tickets
to Moscow etc. $280. I still had $1000. $2000 more are necessary for
me. I won't spend this money. This money is necessary for me that me
would pass in the plane. I confirm the material independence in your
country. I will sit down in the plane with this money and when I will
land in ONTARIO, I will give them to you at the airport. very
much isn't pleasant to me it. But I ask your help of ! I
wanted to arrive to you isn't dependent on you. I didn't want to ask
you there is nothing. But I didn't know that I won't have enough
money. I thought that I have provided everything. Now I have no
choice. I should ask your help. You should help me to . You
should send me $2000. I love you . I wait your answer. Don't
throw me my darling!!!
Forever your Vika!!!
Ps. Here information on my arrival:
Flight EK434
Brisbane Intl Arpt
06:05 25 June
Airbus A380-800
 Viktoriya Gunn
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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