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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs From: "Enika" <anig41@yahoo.com>
Subject: SPAM WARNING I would like to chat with you
Date: Mon 14 Jul 2014 14 06 44 0200

Salut. In the world so it is a lot of people, it is a lot of friends but why that I have not found till now the one to whom I can give the heart.
And that I did not do, as though I did not search for the happiness, I could not find it! And till now I one. And now when I write this text to a little familiar man, I do not understand what for I it I do. But I have dared, I will add up to the end, and I will look forward to hearing. And after, after we can communicate, and you can the one for whom I so long searched. But all depends only on, whether you are lonely? And whether you are ready to begin dialogue? There is at you an interest?
I Enika. I live in Turkmenistan. And if in your answer you write me with the same, will send the foto, and you will tell the name, and whence. We to make it one step to our dialogue. And who knows, that us will expect. And we can be good friends, and can and more. Who does not know, that waits for us, and what future at us.

Please reply only to my regular e-mail: ledo.kolka@gmx.com

On it I have made the first step, and now all depends on you.


Mrs Date: Wed 6 Aug 2014 17 00 41 0400
From: kaste.ariza@yandex.com
Subject: Re Wake up sweetie

Re: Wake up sweetie!
Hello, my favorite!
I read your answer, and I see it, your determination, the desire to be with me! And the only things truly are you talking about it or not. I trust you completely. And I really hope that you do not let me down, do not "throw" his words into the air.
I very much expect to receive your answer. I wanted to see what you're ready. See if you are ready to do this step that will change our lives for the better. Are you ready to be happy with me. try to learn more about each other. And not in the letters in reality. touch, love, kiss, give warmth, and receive in return the same. See me, my smile. And take me whole. Take my love for you.
I'm ready, and I did this step for now. I'll tell you all that I have learned. I told you in my last letter that I will learn how I can come to you and be with you.
And believe me, my dear, I did. I carry your words into reality. I do not speak empty words. My world is now only where you are. And I am ready to leave everything, past life behind and move forward with you, together. And I want you to be as much like this. Wanted to make a move to change their lives. And take me in your family, in which I will feel at home. And if we do not get (but I hope very much hope that everything will be fine), then I'll be glad that my first man you're exactly. Only I can trust you, I can give all that is very valuable for me. And I'm ready.
Now it all depends on if you're ready.
I was in Ashgabat. I went into town and went to several travel agencies. I was looking for the most popular in my country, which has an office and work in Europe, and Asia. I found most of the good that was.


It is a travel agency I was advised several friends. And what I liked the fact that when my friends used the services of this travel company, they have not any complaints.
And yet, I liked how I met, liked the service. And when I came in the other, I felt invisible.

And now, after a conversation with a travel agent, I learned everything that I needed to know.
I tell the travel agent that I want to leave my country. I was going to go back to your guests. And wanted to know what I need, what documents, what documents you need to do the agency, and how much it will cost.
At the very beginning of the conversation I was asked if I was ready to go to another country alone?
They also say that it will not be very safe, because a lot of bad people have in other countries. I am a young single girl going to fly to you, a man whom I had only seen on the photo, the man I fell in love, and if I'm ready to risk everything for you?
They remind me of the story that I told you about the girl who was like a prison.
I told them everything I know and have heard about it. I admitted that I have a fear, but the love that motivates me now much stronger than that fear! And I'm ready to take risks, because I can no longer live in this gray world for me. And if fate favorable to me, then we'll be fine. And we'll be happy. And if not, and you hurt me . . what it was my choice, my decision, and I knew what I was going on what I decided to move.
And I asked how much it would visa be valid?
How can I renew it in your own country, if I want to stay?
What documents are required from me?
How much will it cost?
And how long will prepare for a visa?
To all these questions, I get a response from them. The visa will be valid for 90 days, I can extend it in your country (if I still remain with you), documents the main passport paper with place of work, and several other papers.
And all the documents will be prepared about 10-14 days.
This passport, visa, tickets about the end (this is mandatory, but I was told that if I stay, I can take one ticket and get him back to his cost). And all the other documents, such as insurance and tourist ticket.
This is my first trip and I decided if I'm going to go to you, then as a tourist. Thus, the travel agency will know where I reside, and take full responsibility for me and my life. I will not take the hotel, in the hope that you will be with me, and I'll be there on a visit.

The exact cost they can not say now, as they need the name of the international airport, which I will arrive to you, and the exact date when I will fly to you. I hope you let me know the name of your nearest international airport in your next letter. Now I only know the approximate cost of my trip to you, and it is high enough price.

I admit, I'm very worried, I do have a little fear. No offense darling, but now I'm risking everything, and possibly his life. I believe you, trust you, I love you. But bad idea not to leave me. And I think about it.
But as I said, nothing to live for if not to take steps that can change your life for the better!? And I'm willing to take the risk. For the future, our future.
And now I want to ask you if you are ready? Understand, now if we both go back and forth the way will not. We will meet or what will not happen! And we must be ready for this. Ready by the time you keep me in his arms at the airport, or live in the past, and regret that we have not changed our lives when we had the chance.
And now he is! It is in our hands, and I do not want to miss it, so as not to regret in the future.
I think you can tell me your answer. And if you give the name of his nearest international airport, I'll see that you are ready. And you do not have fear. Are you ready to accept me and love. And getting my love.
But if not . . I do not want to think about it. I have enough bad thoughts in my head (smile).
I do not doubt that our future relationship there is no doubt and distrust each other. I'm sure our love will live a long time, it can pass any test. When two people love each other, they are able to overcome any obstacles. Do you agree with me? I believe you, I believe in every word you say. I do not consider myself naive, but my heart tells me that you are sincere! What you really want only the best for me! My heart is not wrong! I know this for sure!
I LOVE YOU and this is important, I think so, and if I meet you and together we will - then I become the happiest girl on this planet. I will never leave you, my beloved man! I never think bad about you. I am a girl who knows how to forgive, and if there are errors, then I do not hurt - you fix them! It also will be present at my side, and depend on me and on Can you forgive. You can not doubt my words. So as I write to you just what I think and what I dream of! And all my promises - it is not just words! It's true, and if properly understood, then you can see the real me! I'm sure you already know me well. You know my feelings for you, you know my hobbies and many of my thoughts! When I will come to you, I'll talk a lot more! Can you see me, watch me. You'll be able to see and feel all of my feelings for you. I really want this! I want to give you my love, and also to see and feel your love to me! I hope that this will develop into a very large and serious feeling. Perhaps we can even create a family. And if between us will have such feelings and complete trust. Then we meet, no matter what. I'd like to feel you soon, iron and show you all my love and care for you, my prince caring. I realize now that my life depends on you! And I think that you look at it from the correct side! I want to see you, to be your favorite woman. So you can never leave me!
You must remember, for the love, I'd do anything!

I would also like to discuss with you one very important question. I am risking not only their money, but also their lives. Honey, I want you to understand me correctly, and do not be offended by my words. But I also need to be sure that I will come to you, and you do not leave me, after to get me. cute, believe me, I trust you, to believe that you love me. But you probably would have done the same if you were to place me.

Full cost of the trip for you, a substantial sum of money for me. I have a decent salary to live here in Turkmenistan. I can spend it to pay for housing, food, clothing, and some entertainment (cafes, cinemas). But this money is not enough to pay for the trip for you. Unfortunately, I do not have big savings. And I can only pay about 30 of the total cost of the trip.
And I'd like to ask you for financial support, but not as aid but as proof that you're just as willing to be with me as I'm with you!
I do not really just these words were given to write to you. I understand that you might think about me. But honey, it's all wrong! I want to see is your decision, your desire, and that your words were not empty.
My part would be enough to start working on documents. But I'll wait for your answer. And if you tell me in your answer that you are ready, I'll begin.
And if you say no . . . I would think that you're afraid for their money. That you can lose them.
Just know that I'm ready to deliver for our meeting. All that I have. ALL! And what do you money (70 instead of the total price). And they can be returned, and honor, loyalty, love, life. It is not possible to be returned to me. But I'm ready! Ready for you . . And I really hope you're ready, just for me.
I ask you that you did not forget me tell your nearest International Airport.
I LOVE YOU , my gentle and caring man!
I give you my most passionate kisses.
Your forever Enika!
Miss Young

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