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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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9:01 pm (2 days ago)

Hello !
I am glad to receive your answer. To be honest, that I didn' t
think that you will write to me. But you wrote to me and I will hope
that this beginning of changes in our life especially as passed a lot
of time before I could answer you. And it gives me hope that you
became interested also seriously as I became interested in you. And I
hope that I' m right.
As you know, I am lonely woman, and this loneliness have forced me
to try to find the man through the Internet. It was difficult to me to
make the decision about it because I know that on the Internet there
are different situations. For example, there will be good moments when
people get acquainted, meet and marry. There are bad moments also when
some people have simply a good time, deceive and other. So I very
carefully concern it. But for some reason, when I have looked at your
profile, that you at once seemed to me the serious man and that we
have something the general.
I tell it now on the first impression. But
I will not come forward. The future will show that will turn out from
our acquaintance. I' m right?
I heard about people who use the Internet for entertainment. And I
heard also that among these people many Russian women. I don' t
understand, why they do it. I know that Russian women are appreciated
the beauty all over the world, elegance and another, but the main
thing, it for sincere qualities: kindness, fidelity, modesty and many
other things. But these girls who play the Internet only for the sake
of money, very much upset me too. They prevent to find to normal men
the love and to women too.
Now I want to tell to you a little about myself. I am
30 years old. I was born on September 27, 1983 in small settlement,
near to the city of Arhangelsk, Russia. Now I live in Arhangelsk already
almost 13 years. After leaving school I have come to this city and
have went here in trade and food college. Has finished it by a trade
the seller and all life I work on this speciality. Now I am the
selling assistant in lingerie shop. My height of 167 centimeters.
Weight of 50 kgs. On a horoscope I am Scales. Now I live alone in
apartment. I spend the basic part of time on work, and at leisure and
I spend to the days off with friends or one in apartment. I like to
spend time walking on park, sitting in cafe at a tea cup, cooking
food, reading books, listening to music and many other things.
Sometimes I visit mum. She lives in my native settlement. In a family
I am one daughter, and I have not brothers and sisters. Unfortunately my
father has died 5 years ago, and now I still had only mum whom I love
very much.
I finish on it my letter and I wait for your answer. I hope that
to you all is clear from this that I have written. I want to be frank
completely with you and I want it from you also. You know, I always
tell that I think. And if I something wasn' t pleasant to you inform me
on it at once. I think what better at once to stop correspondence if
you don' t want to get acquainted with me further. But I hope all the
same for the best and I will wait for your answer.  Olga.

On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 7:17 PM, < ya.olga123450@yandex.ru > wrote:
                 Hello !!!
I am glad to receive your answer. I worried that you won' t
understand me well. But now I see that you understand me and that
doesn ' t prevent to write us each other anything, except one thing. . I
can ' t write to you often. And it depends not on me, and from
circumstances. I have no house of the computer and I should write to
you from work. Now I have free time and the computer isn' t occupied.
So I will write to you so much, how many I will be allowed by my time.
You know, I am very glad that you want to continue acquaintance
because I too want it also to me it seems that I have decided to get
acquainted through the Internet not in vain.
How are you? I' m ok. You know, I have a small excitement apropos,
that to begin new acquaintance. My relations with men develop very
difficult. I at all don' t know why so leaves. In something I am
guilty, in something the man who at me was. I won' t speak about it
much. I in life had one man. We have got acquainted with it when I was
25 years old. It was my first love. We lived with it together almost 4
years. He always to me was kind, he loved me (I thought so). All was
good. But sometimes he could be gone for some days, then there were
any calls at night. I didn' t pay attention to it. All suited me, to me
it was good with it. He has suggested me to become his wife even.
Though for me it because the main thing for me, it that my beloved was
together with me wasn' t important. But all it has ended in a flash.
Somehow time he has forgotten a mobile phone of the house and to him
there was a call. I have taken the call and have heard a female voice.
. I was horrified!!! It his mistress called. In general I have torn
with it though to me it was difficult for making. But you should know
that I hate treachery most of all in life! You know, when I gave him
all myself, did everything that he was happy, and he so has arrived
with me. Then I have learned still that he changed to me 4 years all
these. But now about two years I lonely. I had for these 2 years of
acquaintance to men, but all these men were not serious. Him my
appearance was important only, but I want that in me were interested
not only because of appearance, but also my private world. You
understand me? In general I am now lonely still and I hope that we
will have a future in our acquaintance. I have written to you about it
that you knew well that has occurred in my life. I am afraid to burn
again not much, I am afraid that will betray me again, I am afraid to
fall in love again not with that man. I hope that these words won' t
offend you. Because I see that in you there is something such light. .
I can' t explain it words now. But in the future when I learn you, I
think that I can choose words.
On it I finish the letter. I send you the photos as well I look
forward your answer. Excuse for frankness, but I always speak about
that that I think. Also I wait from you for it. Olga.
PS: I received your email on Facebook.



Aug 7 (2 days ago)


I think that our acquaintance was an error.

It is a pity to me. because i need help with small mony.

 Because I see that you are  in earnest about it not.

You have not told about

yourself anything that I could understand you. To me the girlfriend

that on the Internet many such people who to get acquainted only for

the sake of entertainment, and I' m sorry that you such man because I

would like to get acquainted with you very seriously has told. I hope

that you will find other woman who I will be glad to such letters what

you write me.      




12:04 am (1 day ago)

Hello my dear !
I have received your answer again. In the previous letter I have
written to you about the last relations that you have understood that
I am afraid in our acquaintance. All problem that I such woman that
when I once will be mistaken in something I start to be afraid that
again there was no it. Am I making sense? In general on character I
try to say always that I think, and my friends say that it can
sometimes prevent me. But I think that wasn' t present. You know, your
letter gives me self-trust which didn' t suffice me long time. And I am
grateful to you for it already. I do not know why, but so it is easy
to me to communicate with you. Usually I not such frank with those
people whom I badly know, but with you all differently. And I don' t
know even why? Can be because I feel understanding of which didn' t
suffice me in your letters. I am very happy nevertheless that we
continue acquaintance.
Now again I write to you while there is time for work. Today for
some reason not so it is a lot of visitors in our shop. I do not know
even why. But it has given the chance to relax not much. As you know,
I work as the selling assistant in shop of lingerie and we have all
for women. This work is pleasant to me. I can' t tell that I always
dreamed to become the seller, but the most important thing that work
was pleasant. Do you agree? You know, in the childhood I dreamed to
become the singer, but dreams come true not always. But if very to
want, it will necessarily come true. Do you agree? (I don' t mean to
become the singer:) I work 6 days in a week from 9:00 till 19:00 (with a
lunch break). So I have enough time for personal needs. Earlier I
worked in shop jeans and sportswear and have got used to wear clothes
which are convenient for me. Actually I like everything very simple
and convenient and I also adhere to it. Some people like comfort, a
glamour. . But I want to tell that me it didn' t interest never. There
is such phrase: who has more, but the one who needs the smaller is
rich not. So I try to adhere to this phrase and my relation to life
about the such. You know, I had for a long time a thought to
get acquainted through the Internet, but I wasn' t ready to it. And
now, when I have understood that is ready, I write you this letter and
I am happy, what exactly during this moment I have made it because I
have got acquainted with you and to me it is very easy with you. I
don ' t know why, but between us there is a mutual understanding and
still something. . I can not tell now what exactly. But I start to
think often of you and your letters.
It is time to me to work again and I hope to receive your answer
again. If I can' t write to you at once it means that I am busy, but I
will do everything to find free time and to write to you more likely.
I wait for your letter. Your Olga

Miss Young

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