Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following "work-at-home" email. Be aware of these offers. In most of these offers the real deal is that they send you a false check (that may be honoured in the first place) and you return 90% of it by Western Union. When the check after a while bounces, you have lost all the money you sent.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.


From: andrewbernal74+qxhfnvfww@gmail.com
To: hwxabzmb@nyftblsw.com; etdnzfjl@caomqtyc.com; flequgey@sjjczwlr.com
Subject: Don't Miss This Great Opportunity # 82597
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 11:19:05 -0500

T Dear F Candidate, D
J We J have N a S K job H offer O available H for R you A that V will S not L disturb A your Y present B occupation. E I
B Currently U we X have U available R positions R for S you A to I work H for N us. A
X See M below G description. K
T Abouts O Us T
X Secret A Shopper E is U the L premier Q mystery O shopping T company, O serving T clients J across J America X and X Canada E
Q with Z over X 500,000 I shoppers U available X and J ready Z to R help L businesses X better H serve E their Z customers. C
R Continous G investment F in C the S latest P internet J and O communication E technologies G coupled Y X
U with D over R 16 R years Q of J know-how Q means G working V with Z Secret Q Shopper® U is P a M satisfying W
J and L rewarding D experience. A
N Secret X shopping T as V seen D on B ABC B NEWS, V NBC A NEWS, T L.A.TIMES. F Stores K and C organizations F
G such B as A The W Gap, T Wal-Mart, Z Pizza L Hut, B and J Banks. X One Z amongst J many F others Y pay X for A H
G Secret K Shoppers P to B shop G in G their W establishments H and Q report I their U experiences. L
D On U top M of T being F paid P for H shopping O you E are S also N allowed S to E keep Q purchases P for B free. M
R Secret L Shopper® B NEVER P charge V fees N to B the D shopper. T Training, Z tips S for T improvement F
R and T shopping V opportunities Y are V provided P free T to U registered M shoppers. D
N Mystery W shoppers U are P either U paid Y a P pre-arranged E fee J for X a W particular D shop, G a A reimbursement L
Q for F a O purchase U or S a K combination S of H both. K Secret G Shopper® K has L available T for F immediate R assignment D
V an Y inspection X of N the Y customer H service H of B any B Wal-Mart F in J your M area. Q
I You O are C to Y shop D secretly Y and E invest E just M a M token. M This R fee E will P be Y paid A up G front. E W
G During Z this U shop G you Y will S visit Q the B location F and N make Q several E observations E as A regards U the C customer N service. J
M We M have W a W mystery N shopping J assignment Z in E your M area R and W we C would A like O you M to R participate. Y
T Mystery S Shopping C Providers L Association® V (MSPA) R Z is D accepting F applications V for C qualified T individuals Q
L to R become T mystery K shoppers. D It's E fun K and S rewarding, C and C you I choose X when M and W where Y you F want P to P shop. X
A You D are Z never G obligated L to L accept V an C assignment. V There N is J no O charge X to G become Y a P shopper F and I you P
A do H not W need U previous J experience. F
T After L you D sign G up, D you I will I have W access X to Z training D materials C via Y e-mail, G fax M or H postal G mail. I
N You L will Y be W required R to M interact P with Y a P bank Q cashier T and U also S the H shop C clerk. X
O You U may W conduct M the Z shop D alone A or X as M a X couple. Y
G The U assignment B will R pay Z $200.00 T or Y more H per G duty P
U Assignment: X We I have Y had L complaints D on C some M western O union M and O money O gram I location V in O the Q services S they R render H and S F
D we V want Y you F to Y investigate Z it O personally S as V our Q new T Evaluator I in L your L area L By C Going L there M to W send B funds. R J M
V We L will B be K sending Y you B Payment U in J form T of M Money T Orders A to U carry F out D this F assignment. A
I So B please L take O note M of J these G instructions J below. P
L We X will A send P you X Money B Order G which P you R will Z take C to C your L Bank P for D Instant W Cashing H then R you J are F to A proceed V
G to E the K location G we G are A going Y to M allocate V to K you A for E investigation J and Q you Y are F to X carry Z out O every O
B instructions M we O will A be Z sending B to U you U via B email H to R investigate I this J location. Y
Z We R will A want M for N you A to U email N us U as M soon F as H you C have G carried F out H the H comprehensive N investigation R
N and N let C us S understand L what Q you G found F out G about T your D survey. C
F Kindly H Fill W Out Y the C application L form R below M and R we I will X get X back T to K you D shortly O with F the J assignment O :
E Personal Y Information U :
L First F Name Z :
H Last Q Name A :
M Street R Address Z (No O Po S Box P Acceptable) E :
C City, X State, I Zip G Code A :
W Cell E Phone M Number/Home D Phone W Number I :
D Age V :
N Current W Occupation Q :
B Alternate Q Email C Address U :
R This M is R a Y very P exciting W job O and R is D very I rewarding.
F I L hope D you R do H understand X what Q we H have K requested O for W you Y to C do E as Q our K new N evaluator, I X
K Please V confirm I that D you R understand C the N assignment O so T we D can A approve B your R application W and C dispatch M
R your V payment W so N your Y new B assignment C will X kick V off Z immediately. P
L Awaiting D your S response. I
M Thanks, H
X Recruiting D Department, G
F M X S W P N A Y ® N
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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