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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: anita10
Date: 2015-07-18 01:38:15

Dear, I decided to show interest of knowing you. I am a young girl searching for friendship/mentor because I am coming over to your country, use my email to reply me (anitamohammed1@yahoo.com) and i will send my photos to you hence i receive your message.


Anita Mohammed
Mohammed Shukri Ghanem
Merah Abou
Merah Abou
Anita Mohammed
Anita Mohammed
Anita Mohammed
Anita Mohammed
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015 12:44:56 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Thanks for your reply

Hello darling,

How was your day over there in your country, i believe that the atmosphere over there in your country is very nice to your body? Mine is a little bit warm over here. My name is Miss Anita Mohammed i am (22 years) but age doesn't matter in a good real relationship what matters a lot is love, so i am comfortable with your age, I want to assure you that Colour, Race, Religion, or Nationality makes no difference to me. What i see in people is their Personality and Character,

I am from Libya in North Africa country, 5.2ft tall, chocolate in complexion single, (never married) and presently i am residing here in Dakar Senegal as a result of political assassination and civil war in my country some years back. My late Father (Mr. Ghanem Mohammed) was a politician and Libya's Oil Minister and managing director Gold & Mine Industry in (the capital of Libya Tripoli,) when the political matter aroused my mother was killed and my father defected from the Qaddafi government and fled out of Libya to Vienna, Austria where we live Thur we are on holiday in Libya at that time. I cannot tell how the evil people track my father down and killing him with out a trace only to found his body fully clothed floating on River Danube. The Libya government did not give exact account how my father was killed also Austrian government.

It was only me survived in the attack and I managed to make my way to a near by country Senegal where i am leaving now as a refugee under a United Nations headed by chief security officer Mr. Santos Abudi and i am using his office computer to send these message to you. Please permit me to relocate to your country for my future investment plans i has.

I am Calm, Joyful, Honest, Sociable, Intelligent, Romantic, Kind and Tender. I enjoy Traveling, Having Rest on Nature, Meeting with Friends, Tennis Game, Poem, Driving, & Going to the Beach. Also I like musics, mostly R & B, Blues, Hip Hop etc. I am a Simple & understanding girl who Cherish, Honesty, Tolerance, Love, Caring and Friendly.

I would like to know more about you and family. Your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing presently. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture. I will send you more in my next mail and i will also like to see yours photos right in my email box! Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Yours forever

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015 20:59:28 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Welcome darling

My dearest One.

Honestly am so delighted on your reply to my mail. How was your day? Mine is so hot over here in Dakar Senegal, In this camp we are only allowed to go out two times in a weeks, is just like one staying in the prison and i hope by God's grace i will come out here soon.

I did not have any relatives now whom i can go to, all my relatives ran away in the middle of the civil war, the only person i have here now is this chief security officer Mr. Santos Abudi, he has been given me a little assistance since i came here but i am not living with his family rather i am living in the women hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women, The chief security officer phone number is +221769289959 if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send one of his security men to call me in the hostel and i will come to answer your call.

I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year as a law student before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place. Please listen to this, i have my late father's deposit file which i have submitted to my father bank, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin, the amount in question is $5.7M (Five Million seven Hundred Thousand Dollars). So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you,

I kept this secret to people in the camp here, the only person that knows about it now is you because i trust you that you will be of assistance to me. So, in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't relate it to anyone for i am afraid of losing my life and the money if people gets to know about it. Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you,

I like honest and understanding people, truthful and men of vision, and hard working, The money in question was made by my late father through his political career and that is why i don't want anyone here to know about it until i travel out from here to meet with you. Meanwhile before i will give you the bank contact if you agree to assist me over this transaction i will like to have your full contact information.

My favorite language is English Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said i have a lot to tell you. Have a nice day and think about me. waiting to hear from you soon.

yours in love

Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 23:19:30 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>

Beloved Darling,

I have this feeling that you are a special person to me, this is nothing but because of your positive answer to my message although you may be having doubting mind because we bally meet face to face. Well you must be surprised why I told you to help me recover my inheritance. Anyway I am one who believes much in spiritual aspect of life because I believe it is the reflection of what happen in the physical world. I am on prayers and fasting before coming into conclusion to open up this matter to you.

Be confident as I have chosen you not by my power but by a directive from God / Allah. It's not that i can trust every stranger but my spirit tells me that you're a special person only that I am little bit afraid of what is happening in this wicked world as you also do but considering the way you reason with me have motivate me most to give you all my trust. I am at the camp formed by Islamic brotherhood in form of charitable organization but i do call it refugee camp because there is no difference.

I wish you shall make my dreams come true. After the death of my parents, I ran to Senegal and I contacted the bank with hope to withdraw some money as the next of kin to the account, unfortunately, I did not know that my father signed an agreement with the bank that the money should not be released directly to me if i am not 30 years of age.

The agreement states that I should appoint a trustee / investor and manager any time I want to take the money from the bank before my 30 years. So the bank people advised me that since I am not yet 30 years and not married, I should look for someone to stand for me to claims the fund in accordance with their agreement with my late father and the age of the person i may choose does not matter.

Now I am in difficulties, so painful with frustration, Frankly speaking life has change into strange things to me, You cannot believe that I am now like a beggar, people are dying here Camp due to lack of feeding and good drinking water. our camp authority provide food once daily, Only those that has friends and money enjoy themselves by buying food when they feel hungry while others remain in hunger. I almost starving because i have nobody on my side. This has never be my wish but I have nothing else to do rather than working on the principle of life hence i decided to review my problem to you.

Thanks for sending your contacts details to me. I will first send letter with your contacts to the bank presenting you as my trustee partner before I will give you the bank contacts for you to make inquire from them on how they will transfer the money to your account as my representative trustee partner since you promise me in full confidence that you will be with me in any condition as it stand and be rest assured that you will not have any case to answer as far as i am concern on this matter. I do not need your account for now only my father bank has the right to ask you for account if they approve the transfer on your name.

Please i need to hear your voice on the phone, you are the one to call me on phone because our chief security office will not allow me to use the phone to make distance calls and i do not have personal phone for myself. The chief security officer phone number is +221769289959 if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send one of his security men to call me in the hostel and i will come to answer your call.

Awaiting to hear from you, Kisses and Love from my deepest heart.

yours truly,

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 00:24:43 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>

My dearest beloved,

I am so delighted and honored for your concern toward me in this ugly situation and i hope with your kind assistance soon i will be free and join you over there in your base country and start to perfect life together with you, i believe you are fine.

I have informed the bank about my plans to claim this money and the only thing they told me is to look for a partner who will stand on my behalf, be rest assured that the money will be managed by you in any business of your choice since i am too young to handle such huge amount and i have knowledge in business or investment project limit.

My wish is to go back to my studies, You will arrange for the profitable business you will invest the money into and be the CEO for the benefit of two of us while i will face my education, or if you do not want it that way then you are in title to take 25% share of my inheritance fund to cover expenditure both for my trip to your resident country, then you save the remaining 75% for me to invest after my education.

I have send a letter of recommendation to the bank on your favor, now the London bank has noted your appointment. In this regards i have written application letter for you to copy and send it to my father bank immediately through their email for the transfer to take place according to the bank manager directives. Here is the contact information of the bank as follows,

ADDRESS: 2A East Cheap, London EC3M ILH.
Manager of foreign Operations Officer is (Mr. Bhaskar Hande).
PHONE: +447974927331, +447773645697
FAX: +447974277359
Syndicate Bank London (EMAIL@SYNDICATEBANK.TK)
Transfer Department bank (INFO@SYNDICATEBANK.TK)

I have filled your names, your phone number on the application below, now kindly copy it and send it to the bank enail address immediately you read this my massage.


Dear Mr. Bhaskar Hande,
(The Syndicate Bank Manager of foreign Operations Officer.)


My name is Mr. , Phone number: . Address: .

I hereby request your respected financial institution to transfer the deposit fund $5.7 Million dollars prior to the account number (68900987) belonging to Account holder depositor Mr. Ghanem S. Mohammed, which Miss. Anita Mohammed from Tripoli Libya is next of kin entitled to inherit the fund and transfer the fund to my country bank account.

This application is necessitated by my status as the new investor, entitled to receive the deposit fund since the beneficiary Miss. Anita Mohammed recommended / empowered me to do so.

If all the above information is correct, please let me know the procedures and requirements for release of the deposit without violating laws of United Kingdom and my country. I hope my application would be given an urgent favorable consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. .

My dear i am glad that Allah has brought you to see me out from this situation and i promise to be faithful and honest to you and royal. As i told you before, this camp is just like a prison and my prayers is to move out from here as soon as possible, Please make sure that you contact the bank so that after the transfer you can send some money for me to obtain a new international passport and prepare my traveling documents to meet with you in your country.

Awaiting to hear from you. do not forget to forward to me any message you will receive from my late father bank London so that i can read and give you direction on what you will tell them.

Anita Mohammed

From: Dot TK Registry <noreply-tkmailias@dot.tk>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 04:31:48 +0000
Subject: Delivery notification of your email to email@syndicatebank.tk

Dear ,

The email sent to email@syndicatebank.tk with subject "Miss. Anita Mohammed" will be delivered as soon as possible.

Your email address is automatically added to the recipients 'whitelist'. This means for further emails to email@syndicatebank.tk, you will not receive a delivery notification again.


Return-Path: <syndicatebanklondon4@gmail.com>
Sender: syndicatebanklondon4@gmail.com
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 08:42:21 +0000
From: Syndicate Bank London <EMAIL@SYNDICATEBANK.TK>
To: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>, and me

Syndicate Bank Plc.
(Your Faithful and Friendly Financial Partner)
Office Address: 2A East Cheap, London EC3M IL
Tel +447974927331
Fax: +447974277359
Our Ref: SBPLC/010/AC/Closure/Transfer.
Date: 20 / 07 / 2015

For Your Kind Attention Mr. ,

Sir, we wish to acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail letter received followed by warranty irrevocable instruction letter from Miss. Anita Mohammed and we had consciously conducted proper investigation regarding the claim she made to our renowned bank. Our several investigations have revealed her the biological daughter next of kin to our deceased client (Late Mr. Ghanem S. Mohammed).

Actually, we have earlier been told about the young lady parents sudden death, now she wishes you to be her trustee/ representative for the claim of her late father's deposited fund with this bank.

Her late father is one of our customers with substantial amount of money deposited with us. Hence you have been really appointed as a trustee to represent the next of Kin. However before our bank will transact any business concerning the transfer of the fund to your bank account, we will like you to send the followings requirements immediately to our bank:

1. A power of attorney permitting you to claim and transfer the funds to your bank account on her behalf.

Note: This Power of attorney must be endorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer since the money is originated from Africa and the young lady is currently residing in Senegal.

2. A copy of Late Mr. Ghanem S. Mohammed death certificate document.

3. An Affidavit of support from Senegalese high court there in Senegal approve by the ministry of justice on your name.

4. Send your bank account information with the swift code where the fund will be transferred into.

Note: The above documents are compulsory, and are needed to protect our interest, yours and the next of kin after the transfer has been made. These shall also ensure that a smooth, quick and successful transfer of the fund is made to your account within 72 hours from when we receive the above named documents.

We promise to treat our customers with uttermost truth and Sincerity. Should you have any question(s), please do not fail to contact undersigned email for more directives / clarifications.

Yours Faithfully.

Mr. Bhaskar Hande.
(Foreign Operational Transfer Department Officer)

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 17:13:11 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Please kindly contact this lawyer as soon as possible for the court documents

My beloved darling,

I strongly believe your doing great. Thanks for your ability to help me transfer the money to your position pending my arrival to meet with you, it shows that you are a dependable and trustworthy personal. I promise you this from my heart (I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU) and i equally expect the same from you.

Now, regarding the bank requests from us, I already have sent to them my late father last statement deposit paper and his WILL which confirmed me the next of kin through DHL service before the ask me to present a partner trustee to receive the money on my behalf.

I have read their letter and confirmed that i have only one document with me here, That is death certificate of my late father which the lawyer told me that he will come to our camp to take it because he will present the certificate to the Senegal high court as proof of my father death before Sending it to the bank. I just scan it for you to see.

The problem we have is this demand for court documents power of attorney and the affidavit of oath required by the bank. I don't know any lawyer here but due to the urgent need of a Senegalese lawyer assistance, i informed our camp chief security officer i need lawyer who will file my freedom clearance papers for my release to travel to your country, then he gave me the contact of this lawyer i spoke with. He is a registered lawyer in the United Nations Camp here and he is also a registered member in (Senegalese Bar Association) he will help in preparing the documents for us.

I spoke with the lawyer and he ask me to inform you to send email to him by your self with your contacts details information that will be useful to obtain the documents from Senegal high court. Please i will like you to contact him by copy and Send to him this drafted letter below through email and also call him on phone. You can rewrite the letter to your test if you wish to but most importantly please make sure that you put your personal details correctly before you send it to the lawyer.

Dear Barrister Merah Abou,

Here are my personal details:

Name Mr.
Address: Mr.
Country: Mr.
Phone: Mr.
Occupation: Mr.

I am the foreign partner to Miss. Anita Mohammed, she already spoke with you about the urgent need of your legal assistance. Please sir i want you to help us prepare the power of attorney and also get the affidavit of support from high court there in Dakar Senegal and you will do it on my name to enable the bank transfer my partner father's (Late Mr. Ghanem S. Mohammed) funds into my country account. Thanks for your kind attention. I am awaiting for your urgent response Barrister Merah Abou.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. .

His contact information's are as follows,

Lawyer Name: Barrister. Merah Abou
Office Address: 35 Rue Mousse Diop, Dakar Senegal.
Phone: +221764756777
E-mail: (bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com)

Please, i will like you to contact him by copy the drafted letter OR rewrite it in order and send to the lawyer e-mail and call him on the phone for the preparation of the power of attorney. Please try and contact me when you are done with him.

A big kiss for you from my deepest heart,
Anita Mohammed

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 10:56:42 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Barrister. Merah Abou" <bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com>
Cc: "anitamohammed1@yahoo.com" <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>

(Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice).
EMAIL: bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com
EMAIL: bar.merahabou@live.fr
PHONE: +221764756777
OFFICE: 35 Rue Mousse Diop, Dakar Senegal.

Attention Mr. ,

I received your message with your contact information's. I still remain Honorable Barrister Merah Abou, Partner & Associate Merah Chambers, and legal practitioner attorney.

Your partner Miss. Anita Mohammed call upon me earlier to present myself before you through my legal profession but you are oblige to reciprocate to the terms so as to get the papers procured on your name to enable you stand on her behalf and transfer her late father fund from London bank to your country. What the bank expected of you is three legal documents namely;

1. Power of attorney.
2. Letter of administration.
3. Affidavit of oath.

Prior to your request, the needful court documents is for your own good as to protect you from harm either from the law of ACOWAS community or from the law of your country where the fund will be transferred to, besides it's to empower you becoming the next of kin to Miss. Anita Mohammed in other to stand as the full beneficiary over the fund deposit belonging to her late father. In view of the above and from my inquiries, the cost for authentication of the documents are as follows.

1.) Poverty alleviation levy imposed by the Senegal government to get letter of administration = (EURO 640 Euro).

2.) Swearing of the affidavit of oath at the federal high court here before it becomes valid including notary stamping fee = (EURO 150 Euro).

3.) My legal processing fee for the power of attorney = (EURO 200 Euro)

To learn more for the needful fee's above, after my due consultations from Dakar Senegal High Court, I understood that it will officially cost the sum of EURO 150 Euro only to legalize the power of attorney, but poverty alleviation levy imposed by government of Senegal on any beneficiary / investors in the category of this income is EURO 640 Euro for the issuance of administration letter including my EURO 200 Euro legal fee Making it the total (EURO 990 Euro).

Note that I am working under the instructions of Senegal Government law and stipulations over all my legal services. Above total sum is the working cost, and it will be paid to the Registrar's office of the Federal High Court Authority before the document can be issue and notarial on your name and upon presentation of the payment receipt, the documents will be signatory and seal of Authority by the Justice.

To get everything done required total amount of EURO 990 Euro (Nine hundred and ninety Euro only). You are advise to send me the money through the means of Western union money transfer or moneygram money transfer with my name below:

Receiver name: MERAH ABOU.
Receiver address: 35 RUE MOUSE DIOP, DAKAR SENEGAL.

Once you make the payment, forward to me the transfer receipt or the detail receiving information and call me on the phone to enable me go and pick up the money here in Senegal bank.

Note: We collect payment before rendering services as our Senegalese Barristers Association constitution (code 11 of 2010) demands. I hereby forwarding my pictures as attachment for your perusal and better understanding.


Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 15:11:08 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Your my only hope as it stand, please help me pay the lawyer fee

My beloved darling,

Good afternoon sweet heart, Did you received the lawyer message? our lawyer forwarded to me the letter he sent to you. I have carefully read the contains of the letter to find out that he requested a total sum of ( 990 Euro) from you to get the court legal documents.

After reading the lawyer letter, I called him on phone immediately begging him to help us get the documents for us so that after you receive my father deposit fund from London Bank, we then pay him with interest but he said that its against their policy because the court registrar office required the money to approve and endorse the documents we needed by the justice and there is no way he can obtain the documents with out the required amount.

Tears is dropping down from my eyes seeing this obstacle before us, no body knows that such documents shall cost money. Frankly speaking, I do not have any money on me, the only hope of my survival as i speak is that of my late father deposit fund in London bank. I am even having hunger problem here in camp because i have no body to give me money to buy food. Our refugee camp Authority provides food for us only once a day, I am almost staving due to the fact i do not have money.

Please my beloved, i am on my knees begging you to help me arrange the money and send to the lawyer as he directed you to send the money through western union transfer or moneygram with his name. Be rest assured that London bank will transfer our fund to your country once we get the court documents then you deduct the money to replace it where ever you take the money from.

I trust you and i believe you will not disappoint me. Thanks for your concern and cares.

Yours obedient love,
Anita Mohammed.

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 01:58:45 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Barrister. Merah Abou" <bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com>
Subject: Attention Mr.

(Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice).
EMAIL: bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com
EMAIL: bar.merahabou@live.fr
PHONE: +221764756777
OFFICE: 35 Rue Mousse Diop, Dakar Senegal.

Attention Mr. ,

I write in compliance with your email letter i received, be informing that money-gram is save and rapid to send even EURO 10,000 euro plus talk-less of only EURO 990 Euro. Should you need my legal service, then endeavor to adhere to my instruction by using moneygram or western union for the payment. what you need is only my name and address to send the money not account.

Receiver name: MERAH ABOU.
Receiver address: 35 RUE MOUSE DIOP.
Receiver Country: DAKAR SENEGAL.


Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 23:10:51 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Barrister. Merah Abou" <bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com>
Subject: Attention Mr.

(Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice).
EMAIL: bar.merahabou@rocketmail.com
EMAIL: bar.merahabou@live.fr
PHONE: +221764756777
OFFICE: 35 Rue Mousse Diop , Dakar Senegal.

Attention Mr. ,

Pardon my inappropriate manner, i have interviewed Miss. Anita Mohammed over her decisions to make you her soul beneficiary to her late father estate capital and she proved so prudent and confident on you.

Well, come to the major subject, here the reason i am not in support of wire transfer of 990 euro court legal fee. Our government imposed new law governing foreign payment to recipients, The law stipulate that any foreign income be it small or big should the recipient stand to loose 30% of the sum which most go to the government pulse.

In view of the above, my legal processing fee for the power of attorney is only EURO 200 Euro. If you transfer 990 euro then 30% goes to the government, how much do i stand to gain? The best acceptable option is for you to send the money via moneygram which is cheaper and secured too. If the sending tax is your problem then use part of the money to settle the tax. I look forward to your respond.

Best regards..


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 01:09:53 +0100
From: Anita Mohammed <anitamohammed1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hello dear

Hello dear ,

Really it's has not been long we stopped communication but i have been praying and asking the almighty Allah to keep my dream forward so that i can be able to surprise you because you tried to show me care and concern but you failed me due to the fact that you did not believe me as i was in need of your assistance.

I thank the mighty Allah that all is well now. I am very happy to let you know that the London bank has release my late father fund to me through the assistance of a new partner from France, he is a kind-hearten man who is now my Husband.

I wish to let you know that i am in Paris France right now with my husband and I left a satisfy signed bank draft ( cheque) of three hundred thousand US Dollars ($300,000.00) for you in Senegal as a make of reward for the fact that you did not take advantage of me over my inheritance fund as i reviewed every thing about me to you when i was in terrible situation in Senegal refugee camp. Please do me a favour by donating some money to the orphanage home and charity organizations there in your home town as soon as you cash the money.

I left instruction with chief security officer Mr. Santos Abudi, the person in charge whom i refer as our camp guardian in Dakar Senegal to send you the cheque. His email and direct phone number is here under therefore feel free to contact him.

chief security officer (Mr.Santos Abudi)
Email: (mr.santosabudi@rocketmail.com)
Phone: +221770931992

I feel this is the only way I could say thank you.

Stay Bless and good bye.
Mrs. Anita Mohammed
Miss Young

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