Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 5:54 PM, Jennifer Smith < test@napoleonfish-inc.com > wrote:
Attn: Please

How are you doing today?

I have an important information for the owner of this email id, but first of all, I want to make sure if this email is still valid, I want you to confirm
if this email is correct and is being checked by only you.

so that I will proceed and let you know what information i have for you. I am taking this measure to prevent any mistakes, because of the sensitivity
of the information i have for you.


Jennifer Smith

From: Jennifer Smith < jennysmith10001@gmail.com >
Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: Hello


How are you doing? This is Jennifer Smith, from USA, I am one of the scam victims who have lost so much money tying to get my funds from Africa, I had spent over $85,000 during this period trying to get my money and all to no avail. 
they kept on telling me one story or another and making demands upon demands for more money. It was a very terrible situation.

After making payments after payments and still nothing positive happened, I decided to report to the African Union Head Office with all my transfer particulars, as i was advised by an Attorney friend, i explained my predicaments to them. A few days later, I was directed by the (African Union) Director to contact Mr. Justice Nana, who is a representative of the AU and the head of the compensation committee in Ghana, as the right office assigned for the compensation to all the people who had there funds transfer from any part of Africa delayed/or withheld by one office or the other, for what ever reason. When I contacted him, he clearly and carefully explained everything to me. The procedure he outlined seemed like  something that would work, but since i had been promised a lot in the past which never worked,i decided to fly down to Ghana myself to make sure i am not getting anymore stories. i wanted this time to get things done myself and get results.

My findings when i got to Ghana was shocking. it was really true that i had been wasting my time with the wrong people all this years, so many people had promised me that they where in-charge of either getting my actual funds to me or for the African Union compensation payment program made to scammed victims, but at the end, they were all thieves. they were all criminals took advantage of this compensation exercise to scam ignorant people like me.

My dear, I could not believe I was paid 2 million dollars out of the total of 3.2 Million owed to me in less than one week from the day i made that complain to the African union head office, this was like a dream to me. They said they could not pay me all of the money owed to me now because they wanted to make sure that everyone on the list gets a part of their money and $2 Million is the maximum allowed to be paid to each person for now no matter how much more the persons total owed amount might be. I was promised the rest will be paid very soon. For me, getting the $2M was more than good for me because considering how much i had lost already in fees, and the fear that i almost lost the hope of ever getting anything at all. this made me very very exited to get the $2m because it was absolutely better than nothing believe me, Right now i feel like the happiest person in the world.

On the first day i met Mr. Justice Nana, the man i was directed to in Ghana at his office, i insisted to go through the complete list of all the people that are yet to be paid to make sure my name was actually on the list as i was told.  My name was actually there and I also saw your details as one of the beneficiaries yet to be paid on their list,. So i was able to memorize a few email addresses from the list within the short time i had to look through the page, yours and that of one other person which was directly under mine, i quickly typed both of them down on my phone. I just needed to get the email addresses correctly as i know that is the easiest way to reach you, i decided i must contact you both and let you know about this, because you may be in the same exact condition that i was in, or even in a worse situation and may not even know that help is here, this is why I am sending you this email. you have to immediately stop everything with who ever persons or office claiming to be getting your money to you, they are only making money out of you. Mr. Nana said that countless number of criminals are scamming so many people in the name of sending them their money and even some corrupt bank official are involved in this pathetic act.

You do not necessarily need to travel to Ghana like i did before you can get your money, unless you have enough money to run the traveling expenses. You can get your money from where ever you are, My problem then was that i was so curious that i wanted to see things for myself and out of frustration, i had to travel down there. 

You should simply contact Mr. Justice Nana and tell him that you are one of the people he has been asked to pay by the African Union, give him your full names, address and phone number and request that you will love to receive your money as soon as possible. Your File reference Number is K1034 it was just next to my own file number on the payment list, our file numbers are almost the same, the deference is just the last number, so it was easy for me to memorize it. Add your file number in the subject of the message you will send to Justice Nana, so that they will quickly identify your payment file when you contact him.  You will get your money within a few days after that, and this will happen like magic i tell you.

What they did is, they had the entire compensation money in an account with a bank there called Fidelity Bank. after i requested for my funds and filled out the payment request forms. They had me open an account with the same Fidelity Bank also and they simply moved the $2 million that they approved for me from the compensation account into my own Fidelity Bank account. the Fidelity Bank account i got had internet banking access and as funny and as fun as it is, i wired some money from that Fidelity bank account by myself via Internet banking service, and the Next day, i called my bank here in America and i was told that the first $500,000 transfer that i made from the account was already in my Wells Fargo account in America. i did not know if i was to cry or smile. i was speechless, even till this moment i still feel like it was all a dream, but funny enough i am never waking up from this dream.

Here is the contact details for Justice Nana bellow:
Name : Justice Nana
Email:  AU-GH@consultant.com
Phone: +233248384335

You need to contact him immediately. You really have to stop every communication with any of those people that are contacting you, telling you that your funds is with them, your money is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing left to live on, and simply give up.

Can you believe that i never had to spend money on any paperwork or documents just as the thieves i had been dealing with always requested, None of those silly documents they always ask for ever exist. all the money i had to spend was just the $300 which i used to open the Current Dollar account with Fidelity bank because i needed to add the Fidelity bank account number on the application form together with other of my details for the payment, and that was it.

Come to think of it, its even like i spent nothing because $100 from the money was for the account, and the other $200 for the initial activation deposit to get the account ready to receive money. which the $200  was still even added to my balance in the account, so its like i virtually spend nothing aside from my traveling expenses to Ghana. No single peny was spent again until i had my money in my account. I just filled out the payment request form, and added the Fidelity Bank account details as that is the account they required to make the payment to be locally within the bank, and that was it. the money was paid and the same day the money reflected into the Fidelity Bank account.

I simply following the internet banking directives given to me by fidelity bank to access the account and i was able to wire money out of the account to my Wellsfargo account in America within a few minutes. i swear i had the money i transferred hit my Wellsfargo account the next day.

Initially the idiots who i was dealing with always came up with crazy reasons and excuses that does not matter at all in transferring money and ask me to pay for it, it was like hell for me, i spent money until i felt like taking my life, and still I got nothing.

I am very happy to be helping you with this information, i will be happy to hear from you soon, with good news that you have also gotten your money with the help of this information i am giving you.

I still can not believe this finally came true for me after all the heart ache. the joy and peace in me since i arrived from Ghana has been overwhelming. Am sure you will be happy very soon too my dear.

You are free to contact me anytime if you need further details on how to go about this. i will always be willing to see you through.

My regards to everyone around you, and take good care of yourself. Make sure you contact Justice right away about this and you will be happy you did.



Miss Young

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