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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: MRS BAHIJAH GHARAM KAYALI <jridgewaytrading@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-04-09 0:30 GMT+02:00
Subject: MRS BAHIJAH GHARAM KAYALI : bahghakayali@gmail.com

Good Tidings To You,

My name is Mrs Bahijah Gharam Kayali, wife of Late Mr. Yahya Kayali
from Idlib, Syria Arab Republic. I got your name and email from his
contact list, so I would appreciate if you get back to me on email...


if you still use this email because I have a very important and urgent
issue to discuss with you.
Expecting your response.

Mr From: Bahijah Gharam Kayali <bahghakayali@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-04-09 13:47 GMT+02:00
Subject: Please reply me and tell me yes so that I can write the bank.

I greet you in the name of allah. My name is Mrs. Bahijah Gharam
Kayali from Idlib in Syria Arab Republic. Please I beg you in the name
of allah to read finish my mail and understand me. I cry everyday and
confused. I and my kids are in Bab Al Salaam refugee camp between
Syria and turkey. My Late husband was killed in Idlib in his
commercial business area. I was an English teacher in Damascus Shell
School before the war in Syria started. Anything I tell you here is
the truth let Allah be my witness ok. I do not have access to this
computer always because the computer room belongs to the Turkey
military Army guiding the border between Syria and turkey. The woman
taking care of the computer room allows me send email when the Army
chief is not around because she likes my daughter ok. Please I will
like you to read my mail because I am in pains and need your help.

I am not asking you for money. People outside Syria do not know what
we are suffering here. I want to tell you everything. I am not begging
you money because I cannot even receive money here. You need to be
here to feel the pains and evil treatment we go through here. I appeal
to your conscience to please assist me and my children. I will want
you to please help me and my children receive the money my husband
leave in the bank in London.

I want you to please help us manage the money so that when I come out
of here with my children you can use the money to assist us. Even if
the war ends now, we do not have any place again to stay because our
home has been destroyed and that resulted in the death of my husband.
All I want is new life for my children. I will not disturb you if not
for this war and our bad condition in my country. The area around Bab
al-Salam has been bombed on several occasions. An explosion killed six
people and wounded 45 others. I pray allah to help you understand my
condition and help me before I die here with my innocent children. Our
life in the camp now is not safe. They have started bombing camps and
I fear for my children. We wake up every morning glad we were alive,
and go to sleep every night knowing we might not wake in the morning.
Most of my relatives have been imprisoned, gone missing, been murdered
and killed in explosions.The pains my innocent children go through
everyday break my heart and tear me apart. We have lost all in Syria
here, our home, business,money etc. nothing to hope for here again. I
only have some of our documents I managed to recover when our home
went down. We are not safe here in any way because they also bomb
refugee camps.

All I want now is to save my children. When my husband was alive he
wants the best for them and promised them the best. Now it is bad and
they cry every day. It is killing me. Sometimes I started ask myself:
could my children grow up like normal child ? Will they go to school ?
Will they live in a place of freedom, pride, justice, with no fear of
terrorism? Will they live with no fear of someone come to cut the neck
of every person on our family and finish by eating his heart? Could my
children grow up without seeing all this blood and body and feel all
this hate ?

When this war started in 2011, my husband traveled to London on a
business trip and opened an account with a bank in London because of
fear of what the problem in the country can lead to. He moved almost
all his business money to that account because he believed in the
economy of the United Kingdom. This money is our only hope now. I
thank allah for giving my husband the wisdom to do this. May allah
give him peace anywhere he is now. I want to contact the bank because
I have the documents my late husband used to open the account. I do
not see any hope here and I cannot receive money here. I want the bank
to release the money to you so that you can help me manage the funds
or invest the money for the future of my kids. My heart and emotions
has been scattered and if I come out here I cannot even handle the
money well if I get it. We have suffered so much here. I need somebody
that will help me. I was very attached to my husband and I cannot do
business alone. Please sir I beg you to help me and my children and
save our life. Please accept to help us so that I can write the bank
to release my late husband money to your as the family funds manager.

Please reply me and tell me yes so that I can write the bank. Please
you are our only hope please help us in the name of allah. May allah
bless you and your family. Your family will never see war or be in my
condition. This is not a good condition please help a widow. I promise
you in the name of allah that I will allow you to take some of the
money for yourself for helping us as a good man. The money will be
enough to settle your expenses and take care of me and my children. I
am sorry if I am talking what you do not like. Please in any case I do
not make it. Please use this address and come to take my children and
put them in school as your children and use the money to take care of
them. I attach my papers and pictures of me and my children. I will
send you copies of the bank papers in my next email to you if you
accept to help me so that I can write bank to release money to you as
our family funds manager.

I wait for your reply.

Mrs. Bahijah Gharam Kayali
Bahijah Gharam Kayali
Bahijah Gharam Kayali
Bahijah Gharam Kayali
Mr From: Bahijah Gharam Kayali <bahghakayali@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-04-09 20:52 GMT+02:00
Subject: I want to send mail to the bank to release my late husband money...

Sorry sir if I replied you late. I do not have access to computer and
phone every time sir. How is your family sir hope fine? May allah
bless you and your family for accepting to help me.

I want to send mail to the bank to release my late husband money
deposited in their bank to you as our family funds manager. The bank
is Clydesdale bank London. Sir please I will like you to reconfirm to
me your
(1) Full names as in your ID
(2) your contact address
(3) your direct mobile telephone number
(4) your current age.

This will help me to write an authority letter that I want to send to
the bank instructing them to release money to you.
Please you are the only hope we have now. I told my children that we
will soon leave the camp and they were very happy. I attach the
deposit certificate the bank issued to my husband at the time he
deposited the money and scan copy of the deposit slip for you to
see.Sir please help us in the name of allah and you will not regret to
help us. My husband still has money at a bank in Dubai but I do not
have any document to that. All I know is the name of the bank. It is
National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Al Muraqabat Branch, Dubai, UAE. This is
all I know about it.

Please reply me so that I can write the letter to bank and I will send
you copy of the letter
Mrs. Bahijah Gharam Kayali

Yahya Asaad Kayali
Yahya Asaad Kayali
Miss Young

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