Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs From: Joy Thompson <joythompson41@yahoo.com>
Date: 2015-05-21 19:25 GMT+02:00
Subject: I will be pleased if you can do this for me.

Hello Dear,

How are you today together with your business and your entire family?
I guess that everything is moving smoothly with you. I hope that you
are fine and healthy, I have noticed that you are the kind of man i am
looking for, I believe that you are a trust worthy and caring person,
that's what makes me to disclose my identity to you.

My name is Miss. Joy Thompson, 24 years old from Darfur Region of
Sudan but presently I am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar
Senegal as a result of the killing of my family by the rebels on last
year please don't be discouraged for hearing this. I believe deep down
inside me that you will never break my heart or let me down in anyway.
I am from the family of late Mr. Gosh Johnson Thompson. My late father
Mr. Gosh J. Thompson, was One of the Board of Directors of Sudapet
Limited (Sudan National Petroleum Company) Darfur. The brutal killing
of my mother and my father, one kid sister and kid brother took place
one early morning by the rebels as a result of the civil war that is
going on until now in Sudan. I was in my second year in Applied
Mathematics department of University of Darfur in Sudan before the
death of my loved Parents. I contacted you for a possible help. My
step mother is a very wicked woman and she intend to kill me since my
father and my biological mother is died. Then she planned to take away
all my late father's property and some other valuable things from me
since the unexpected death of my beloved Parents. Meanwhile I wanted
to find my way out of my country because I have seen what she is
planning to do to me. I thereby plan to go to Europe or other part of
the World, but she hide my International passport and other valuable
traveling documents. Luckily she did not found where I kept my fathers
File which contains important documents.
I managed to escape with the documents which covers my late father's
deposited money

$6.2 Million Dollars

(Six Million And Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars). which he used my
name as the next of kin. Meanwhile, I am still residing here as a
refugee under the UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL FOR REFUGEES, i am saddled
with the problem of securing a trust worthy foreign personality to
help me transfer the money from the bank pending my arrival in your
country cause I will like to see you face to face soon.

Furthermore, on your wish you can contact the bank for confirmation
and you can communicate directly with them regarding this fund of my
late father which was deposited in their custody. I am giving you this
offer as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist
me retrieve the money from the bank and transfer to your nominated
account. Remember is my wish to come over to your country but I don't
have traveling documents such as International passport and money for
the air ticket at the moment, all this is why I told you to contact
the bank first so that this money will be transferred into your bank
account, so that from there you can send some money to me to prepare
my traveling documents to come and meet with you and start a new life
with you and also continue my studies cause I will like to further my
studies as soon as I arrive to your country, please try to help me to
achieve this goal as I have a desire to become a famous personality in
the nearest future. I will be pleased if you can do this for me. You
can reach me through this number

+221 772055985

It is a Reverend Fathers phone number, by name Reverend Father Paul
Adama and email


he is the person that is in charge of the camp it,s even his office
computer I'm using to send you an email any time he is less busy in
his office because there's no computer at the hostel except in his
office. If you call, please ask of Miss. Joy J. Thompson, When ever
you call, try to tell him that you want to speak with Joy Thompson, I
am in the female hostel. I have already inform him, that some one will
call me through his phone. He will send for me from the hostel to come
and speak with you. So please do not fail to call me, because I need
to hear your voice too. Nevertheless on your wish to help me out I
will like to have your data such as:

1.Your Full name
2.Your country
3.Your occupation.
4.Your phone and fax number.

Immediately I receive your data I will give you the contact and
information of the bank where the money was deposited for you to
contact them for confirmation in regards. Remember I am revealing my
secret to you,because I need help and I actually prayed that out of
the three mail I sent the one that I received first will be the person
to assist me, which is more or less a divine thing. As you know one
must certainly trust person notwithstanding the time we have known.
For me I trust you and I also enjoin you to trust me.The bank refused
to give me this money because of my refugee status here in Senegal as
the law of Senegal do not allow a refugee to per take in anything
concerning money and I don't have any bank account where this money
will be transferred that was why I contacted you because I do not
permit to do that also the bank has advise me to nominate any foreign
partner I trusted that is why I approach you in this regard.

Bye and take a good care of yourself,
have a nice day.
Yours sincerely,

Call me please : +221 772055985
Joy Thompson
Joy Thompson
Mr From: Joy Thompson <joythompson41@yahoo.com>
Date: 2015-05-23 16:36 GMT+02:00
Subject: All I need from you is your trust, confidence, love and
acceptance of me as a partner.

Hello my dear,

Good day my dear. I am so sorry for late reply to you, kindly bear
with me. How are you and how is your health? It pains me that I could
not have access to my email in order to write you sooner before now; I
know you have been waiting to receive my message.

My dear, please pardon me for using this affectionate word "my dear"
for you. I would not know if it will offend you. I used the word
because I have been thinking much about you since the very first day
we met, the way you were addressing me and the inner feelings of
acceptance and love that I noticed in me about you, which made me to
use the word "my dear" for you. Please bear with me.

I sincerely appreciate writing you now, because I know I can express
my entire mind and desire to you in a better way, that you can
understand me. I have desired to tell you that, all I need from you is
your trust and confidence, love and acceptance of me as a partner; if
I have your reply to this message, I can send you the contact of the
bank and the details of my inheritance deposit, so that you will start
communication with the bank as my trustee and partner.

I have attached for you the copies of my photos, just to make you feed
your eyes as you desired. I thank God I have some of my photos with me

I do not have my own telephone to call you, that was why I sent you
the reverend telephone number, call me because we are not allowed to
use telephone here.

Please take good care of yourself, and try to write me and let me know
your mind.
I will be waiting to hear from you, have a good day and stay well for me.


Joy Thompson
Joy Thompson
Mr From: Joy Thompson <joythompson41@yahoo.com>
Date: 2015-05-25 17:46 GMT+02:00
Subject: Honey, contact this bank for the transfer of my money $6.2m.
to you : barcboffice@accountant.com

Dearest Darling,

I am happy to hear from you. I am have been praying here for your
protection and for God guidance upon you. I promise to be with you
forever so far as you will help me to get out of here to be with you
and take good care of me and to help me invest my inheritance benefit.
I promise to give you my love and share the whole of my life with you
so far as you will trust me and love me, like i told you before, i
live in the refugee camp. i don't have the international passport of
this country and i don't have resident permit. we live here as a
refugee. living here as a refugee is very hard because it is just
like living like a prisoner, we eat only once in a day and at times we
don't eat. the only helper i have here is the Rev. Father as he took
me like his own daughter, he has been so kind and good to me and that
is why at times, i let him know what am doing.

In the beginning, I actually was having fears of betrayal and how to
get you convinced to believe me when the bank advised me to look for a
foreign partner from any country of my choice since i am a refugee at
the moment and the law of the country does not permit me to part-take
in any international transaction until i secure all the necessary
papers. I was also warned to be careful with the kind of person i
connect through Internet because most of the people are fake and can
destroy my future if i don't pray for God to guide me to select real
person but surprisingly your mail response came up and you sound as if
you were reading my mind at the moment. I thank God for directing me
to you. I really don't know how we can convince each other so that
trust can be built between us, i am willing to be loyal to you because
it takes one time to know someone. I have gone through your mail
content and discovered that you Worth knowing more, i was really
touched by your mail and i am assuring you that you will never regret
of meeting me. I shall remain loyal to you and allow you direct me on
what to do with this fund when i come over to you because of your
experience and broad knowledge while i continue my education over
there first.

I also spoke with the Rev Father about you and he encouraged me to
make sure that i give you details of the holding bank and about my
late father's deposit since my father used my name as his next of kin,
i have also informed the bank that you will contact them on my behalf
so they accepted and said until they hear from you.
Therefore use this information to contact them either by phone or
e-mail to find out their procedures you shall met to enable you
receive this fund officially and legally into your country with out
problems, here is the bank information are stated as bellow:

Bank Address: #1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP,
United Kingdom.
Contact Tel: +44-703-590-3981.


The name of the Bank Transfer officer: Mr. Chris Lucas.
Bank officer's business Mobile: +44-703-594-8856.
Next of Kin:.............Miss Joy Johnson Thompson,
Account holder Name:.............Mr. Gosh Johnson Thompson.
Amount Deposited:...........$6.2 (Six Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars)

Please make sure you did not miss any of this information so that they
will not stand on the ground to deny your access to the deposit,
please hurry up, i am eager to join you, am sick and tired of poor
condition of living over here. I'm not permitted to move freely over
here because i have not gotten their residence permit. I am trusting
you based on your genuine promise that you won't betray yourself which
you have taken me as part of you. Please do not involve a third person
into this matter for now until we secure the money because of my
father's name that rings like a bell in the ears of people since after
his tragic fall, it is not everybody that likes my family name
therefore our issue must be keep secret and shouldn't be known by
anyone again apart from you.

Please keep this very transaction secret for now, I am sure that you
are working alone with me because God is with us and one with God is
majority. Keep me informed as you contact the bank on my behalf and
please do not argue or stretch matters with them to avoid raising an
eyebrow on my family name by any of the jealous staff or government
authority, please everything calm and cool as you proceed, don't allow
anything that can create awareness that I'm still alive to anyone
because i am hiding my identity over here except very few trusted ones
that knows.

With warmest love from,
Mr From: Joy Thompson <joythompson41@yahoo.com>
Date: 2015-05-29 14:20 GMT+02:00
Subject: I cherish you from my heart. This is why I sent you the details.

My beloved,

I just can't know the blissful and fulfilled feelings in me since
couple of days now we have met. I feel so excited having you around me
and I want to use this time to thank you so dearly for accepting my
hands in this our love relationship.

You know what?, like I have told you about myself, I appreciate
knowing you much better now as well. Concerning your talk I believe
you and I assure you that if I have your trust, honesty, sincerity and
deep love for me, we shall progress for a lasting love relationship.
My very main reason is that, I need your endless kind help especially
on the management of my inheritance benefit in a good venture that
will help us carry on in life as partners there in your country. This
is what my late father's advised the London holding bank, till I come
of age, when I can stand on my own, first with my continuation and
completion my higher education. I dream to be a qualified Nursing
Mid-wife after my Degree course in science Laboratory technology. I
hope I will get a better institution there in your region where I can
complete my courses. I am not good in French language please darling,
I am from an English speaking country, and I grew up in such
environment as well. Kindly bear with me.

The above reason is why I have sent to you the contact of holding bank
with the information of my inheritance benefit. I thank God the bank
granted my initial application for the claim, but under the condition
that I must present my love partner or future husband to the bank, who
will help me in sincerity with the claim and eventually manage part of
the heritage money on my behalf in good venture, while I continue my

Please, I have to leave now because the reverend will soon come to his
office to use this computer, I would have loved writing you more.

Let me tell you this before I go now; I appreciate our good lord for
you for coming into my life this time. Your kind of person as I have
read from you, is a strong hold of confidence to me, I am at peace
with you around me. I appreciate your lovely concerns for me. Please I
do not have more of my photos here with me, the attached photo of mine
is an old one, and you can see my late parents too. God bless you.

Have a wonderful day and remain in good health for me.
I love you from my heart.
Yours cherished,

Joy Thompson
Gosh Thompson
Gosh Thompson
Joy Thompson
Mr From: Solomon Kuma <solomonkuma1@hotmail.com>
Date: 2015-07-07 11:28 GMT+02:00
Subject: God be with you for your transfer

From: Joy Thompson <joythompson41@yahoo.com>

Please you can help yourself pay for the posting fees charges, i will
write this lady who give me this cheque to keep for you by telling her
to cancel this cheque as you can be able to pay for the delivery of
this cheque.
Mr From: Barclays Plc <barcboffice@accountant.com>
Date: 2015-07-07 12:51 GMT+02:00
Subject: Miss Joy Thompson's inheritance

1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP,
United Kingdom

Tel: +447811169441. Fax: +01236753363.
Our Ref: BarclaysBnk/02xqtr/Inhtp-Dpst/2015
Your Ref: Miss Joy Thompson

Date: 07/07/2015.


This is from the office desk of the Director of Foreign Operations and
Exchange Dealings Department of Barclays Bank Plc, London United
Kingdom; it is my privilege writing to you in respect of your
partner's mail and the authorization letter/Fund claim/transfer
application request from

Miss Joy Thompson : joythompson41@yahoo.com - joythompson0@hotmail.com

detailing that she has authorized you as her partner to be her trustee
and representative on the claim of her late father's deposit here with
our bank. Furnish this paying bank with the below important court
documentations as we have received the scanned copy of the deposit
receipt and our late customer's death certificate from your partner
Ms. Joy Thompson.

1. You have to get a "Power of Attorney" and "Affidavit of Oath"
permitting you to stand as a representative/Trustee or the next of kin
to the deposit of late Mr. Gosh Johnson Thompson with our bank, in
favor of Ms. Joy Thompson. This Power of Attorney and Affidavit of
Oath documents must be prepared and legally signed by a Senegalese
resident lawyer, due to the next of kin's refugee status presently
there in the country were she resides, of which our bank have been

2. You are required to re-confirm and send to us your personal data
and contact telephone and fax numbers for easy communications and for
notification of the transfer schedules from this office.

3. You are to forward to us your bank account details and contact
information, your real names as our bank will not be held responsible
for any wrong transfer of fund to a wrong bank account as a result of
mistake from you.

Finally, on the receipt of the above documents/information from you
via the lawyer, following our satisfactory
verifications/confirmations, we shall embark on the process of your
claim swiftly to effect the transfer of the fund to your nominated
bank account under 48 official banking work hours. We sincerely
apologize to you for any inconvenience/delay and we promise to offer
all our customers the best of our banking quality financial services.

Thank You.
Mr. Chris Lucas.
Business Mobile for the Bank officer Tel: +44-781-116-9441.

This message and its attachment, if any, are confidential and may
contain legally privileged information. If you are not the intended
recipient, please contact the sender (BARCLAYS BANK PLC 1 Churchill
Place, LONDON OFFICE). Also, do not delay as you are required to
immediately delete the message and its attachment, if any, from your
system file. You should not copy this message or disclose it's
contents to any other person or group of persons or use it for any
purpose. Thanks. Barclays Bank PLC. Registered in England. Barclays
Bank PLC is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services
Authority (FSA). Registered No 1026167. Barclays Insurance Services
Company Limited is authorized and regulated by the FSA. Registered No
973765. Registered Office for both: 1 Churchill Place, London, E14
5HP. "The Woolwich" and "Woolwich" are trademarks and trading names of
Barclays Bank PLC. Barclays Business is a trading name of Barclays
Bank PLC. Barclays Bank PLC subscribes to the Lending Code which is
monitored and enforced by the Lending Standards Board and is licensed
and regulated by the Office of Fair Trading for the provision of
credit products to consumers and related services.
Mr From: Joy Thompson <joythompson41@yahoo.com>
Date: 2015-07-08 11:37 GMT+02:00
Subject: Honey write me and let me know about our bank issue
concerning the payment claim.

My beloved darling,

How is life with you and how is your health and work? I have not heard
from you again since I wrote you last, I hope everything is okay with
you ?

Darling, please let me know how you are doing and how far you have
gone with our bank matter. I have been disturbed and worried, I felt
so bad and guilty as I have not written you since, but I was only
thinking that your time has been very occupied and I wouldn't want to
worry your peace; and this time of the day, I am more than happy to
read from you and know that you are still there for me, your heart

Honey write me and let me know about our bank issue concerning the
payment claim.
Have a wonderful day and may God bless you, protect you in all you do
and grant you good health.

Yours and always love,

Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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