Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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On 12 Mei 2015, at 12:52 PG, Genna Abdel < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com > wrote:

Allah bless and reward you for every effort you are making to see me out from this horrible situation. I have seen what the bank is demanding before they will transfer my money to your position. Presently i have my Late Father Death Certificate and Deposit Certificate with me here which i have given to the Bank to check and certify. The only problem we have now is the Power of Attorney which will be issued by a lawyer here in Senegal for me to sign my signature on it. i discussed it with Rev and he gave me the contact of this lawyer Barrister Ibrahim Usmane. He is one of the lawyers working with the united nations here in Dakar Senegal contact him on both phone and email telling him that you are my foreign partner that you need his services to prepare a power of attorney that will enable enable the transfer. see His contact in formation, Barrister. Ibrahim Usmane. Email address (Barr.Ibrahimusmane@consultant.com )
Office telephone number 0022177882820.
God bless your love
From: Genna Abdel < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com >
Date: 21 Mei 2015 5:42:44 PTG MYT
Subject: darling good to you all the time in name of Allah,

darling good to you all the time in name of Allah,

Dear, thanks for your abilities writing all this mails and i know over there in your country where you are things is okay for you and your families too.Our lawyer said that he have send the documents for you,darling do you see it,darling i went to no.thanks for your care in me.Almighty Allah will keep you for me.Genna
From: Genna Abdel < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com >
Date: 22 Mei 2015 4:04:58 PG MYT
Subject: Hell, darling, i received this confirmation letter from the bank in the afternoon. FW: Respected sir, This is an official letter of acknowledgment.

Hell, darling, i received this confirmation letter from the bank in the afternoon. FW: Respected sir, This is an official letter of acknowledgment.

From: Theroyalbankgroup@scotlandmail.com
Subject: Respected sir, This is an official letter of acknowledgment.
Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 16:41:29 +0200


Dear valued customer,
This is an official letter of acknowledgment, to confirm the receipt of the Original copies, as well as Scanned copies of power of attorney, affidavit of claims; Including the Deposit Certificate of the late Abdel F. Younes from your Senegalese lawyer, Mr. Ibrahim Usmane (Barrister at Law, Senior Advocate).
The stated documents are being verified by our legal department in order to determine their authenticity.

In line with the RBS nonresident Banking specifics, terms and conditions, I am directed to inform you that the bank must confirm the authenticity of these legal papers, as we're still checking them. This Invitation is as urgent as it is inevitable for confirmation of the authenticity of the submitted court documents. It's of urgent necessity to immediately notify and advise the Representative Attorney/Lawyer, Mr. Ibrahim Usmane, having prepared and Issued the "power of attorney", with His signatory and sworn unto by Ms. Genna Abdel Younes in support of your transfer request.

In connection therewith, your lawyer have been invited to visit and attest to the legality or authenticity of these court documents (received).
He should visit to our bank head office here in Edinburgh, Scotland to Sign mandatory (LEGAL AGREEMENT SURETYING THE TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER THAT WORTH GB£5.998.896.00 (US$9.400.000.00) WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS HENCEFORTH). Upon arrival, your attorney will be made to sign an Official Agreement guaranteeing that the late Mr. Abdel F. Younes' Investments fund (deposited in the escrow account) is actually slated for transfer to your account as the bonafide benefactor to the entire cash balance of the account with our bank as contained in the undersigned "power of attorney".

Henceforth, the legal dept. Directors and staff are waiting the speculated arrival of Mr. Ibrahim Usmane to our Head office, The Dept. of accounts @THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC, and the Legal Dept within 7 business days to sign up declaration letters and clear with dept. directors on the authenticity of court Documents; Including the signing of such declarations for confirmation to enable the bank make statement. Take note.

With this GB£5.998.896.00, slated for remittance to your account, Because you're the claimant (beneficiary), Notify your Representative attorney in the Republic of Senegal to come before expiration of the time and space speculated above.

If the Representative attorney signs the Undertakings to surety your claims, then a Telegraphic Transfer status Print/updated copy of the dormant account balance sheet will be sent to your local bank for accreditation. Then we shall immediately establish communication channels with your local bank and be able to exchange transaction agreement with your local bank in Kuala (Malaysia) relative to the telegraphy treatment of GB£5.998.896.00.

If need be, you could be permitted the privilege to nominate upward of 3 - 5 additional local Checking accounts to facilitate speedy transfer of the funds. It should be worthy of note that all the necessary legal processes and signing of undertakings with your Senegalese lawyer must be fully observed.
He is hereby, Officially invited to visit within 7 Business days, henceforth, in order to Attest or undersign His signature to Evidently provide guarantees per the requested transaction, having signed and issued legal documents for the pur pose .
Alison Rose (Admin)
From: Genna Abdel < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com >
Date: 23 Mei 2015 1:23:18 PG MYT
Subject: Darling i need my happiness from you,

Darling how are you today,how is you work over there,i no that is good and also heath.daring this is my first time saying this to you.darling, Allah send me for you help that is why i write to you in the first litter.darling i am crying now,for your help.
darling i love you,
darling i need my happiness from you,
darling you are the one Allah send to me by God,
darling i no, that is money but by the end, all will come to bless,
darling i will like you to send the Lawyer for the meeting with the The Executive Management Team (RBS Legal enforcement & compliance office)so that all the documents will be sign,
darling i was send by Almighty God.
i need you help,thanks Genna.
From: Theroyalbankgroup@scotlandmail.com
Subject: This is an urgent Invitation, your attorney cannot afford to miss it.
Date: Sat, 23 May 2015 15:04:32 +0200

This is an urgent Invitation, your attorney cannot afford to miss it.
Download or open PDF file attachment to view details of the UK visa sponsorship documents. Then call your representative attorney (Mr Ibrahim Usmane) for confirmation of receipt of our official invitation as scheduled between Tuesday (26/5/2015) and Friday (29/5/2015).
Use HD laser printer when printing.
We've sent him all the required UK visa Invitation sponsorship documents, as the Bank can only treat the requested transaction without confirmation of the litigant lawyer's signatory and visitation to this Bank office for identification and clearance with the Legal enforcement & compliance department.
This request and your response will not create any contractual or other duty with us. We are expecting outright compliance by the concerned party; Noteworthy, the Official Invitation of and Urgently anticipated visitation the litigant/representative Attorney - Mr. Ibrahim Usman to this Bank department office for close identification.
Alison Rose (Admin. accounts dept.)
  TT hh ee R oo yy aa l ll B aa nn kk oo ff SS cc oo tt l ll aa nn dd® pp l ll cc
Re g i s t e r e d i n S c o t l a n d NN ° °° 99 00 33 11 22
R e g i s t e r e d O f f i c e : N ° 3 6 S t A n d r e w S q u a r e , E d i n b u r g h E H 2 2 Y B
W e b m a i l :
P h o n e +++444444 (((000222000))) 333222888666 999222111888 F a x 000000444444 888444 444777777444 666555222000
C o p y r i g h t © 2 0 1 5 A u t h o r i z e d a n d r e g u l a t e d b y t h e
F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s A u t h o r i t y .
Dear ,
This is to inform that the Bank have taken delivery receipt of your bank account data, your accounts have been referred to the accounts department for further action.
However, the bank wishes to reiterate that we cannot sign off the requested transfer of cash for security reasons, unless we see your representative attorney – Mr. Ibrahim Usmane as the Bank have to confirm his signature and certificate of call of operations. He will also be required to attest to the authenticity of the court order.
We wish to certify that Mr. Ibrahim Usmane (Barrister at Law, Senior Advocate) have been officially Invited for an important urgent meeting and should be visiting RBS, SCOTLAND1, UNITED KINGDOM from Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 to Friday, May 29th, 2015.
Mr. Ibrahim Usmane has been the Attorney (Representing) to the claimants Ms. Genna Abdel Younes and Mr. , officially assigned personal Representative Attorney (for a Close Identification, swearing of oath and Factual recommendations) of the named claimants who orders to transfer their funds have been received from a Federal Court in the Republic of Senegal as need be. He will be visiting at the appointed date and venue as previously instructed.
As a matter of fact, because you do not yet qualify for credit/liquidity guarantee with our bank, relative to the Dormant account, we wish to clarify that you will be taking care of His entire UK tour expenses and its financing, including His round trip air fare, food, housing or hotel accommodation, medical insurance and all His other personal expenses and vital expenditures on UK Postal stamp duties, notarization of vital certificates and Her Majesty's (HM) Court stamp-seal.
Herewith, we're sending all the required UK visa Invitation sponsorship documents for getting the necessary UKB-1 visa from The UK Embassy in Dakar, [British Embassy: N° 20, Rue Docteur Guillet, Dakar 6025, Senegal]
Should you require any further details or information, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.
At Bank of Scotland, We promise to give our customers the best of our services.
Contact to Telex dept. for clarity, if need be. We're also advising you to consult your representative lawyer, Mr. Ibrahim Usmane for clarity and/or advise representation or litigation. Do not forget to send a scanned copy of your passport or permanent resident identity card. You do not have to notarize the letter. But if you are able to notarize the letter, it will be fine. Officially we have not notarized any of our Invitation letters and with our official Letter of Invitation; UKB-1 visa could be issued within hours of notification at the British Embassy. Address: N° 20, Rue Docteur Guillet, Dakar 6025, Dakar Senegal.
Also don't forget to check out at our Embassy/Foreign Mission for our Ultimate Visa Interview or Application prospectus and requirements. *For more inquiries, please contact to our Telex dept. for clarity, if need be. *We're also advising you to consult your representative lawyer (Mr. Ibrahim Usmane) for clarity, argument, and/or advise, representation or litigation.
Best regards!
DATE OF BIRTH - MAY 12, 1956
IDENTITY N° 1750 1956 03440
TELEPHONE: +221-778-824-820
Address /venue of meeting:
NNN°°° 333666 SSSttt AAAnnndddrrreeewww SSSqqquuuaaarrreee,,, EEEdddiiinnnbbbuuurrrggghhh EEEHHH222 222YYYBBB Tel 444444 (((000222000))) 333222888666 999222111888 Fax 444444 888444 444777777444 666555222000
Email: RBStelexaccdept@fastservice.com
Accounts/Telex Dept.
From: "Bank of Scotland" < Theroyalbankgroup@scotlandmail.com >
Date: 24 Mei 2015 1:42:12 PG MYT
Subject: If you have enquirer to make, call customer care; Tel 44 (020) 3286 9218.

Respected sir,
It's quite unfortunate that I cannot give you Lady Alison Rose private phone number, as it is interdicted by law to reveal staff contacts and addresses.
If you have enquirer to make, call customer care; Tel 44 (020) 3286 9218.
Regarding the lawyer's charges, we also do not have right to either interfere and comment on his services fees; He is an independent lawyer, the Bank have no authority to intervene in his professional business.

*The actual amount of fees payable for the purpose may vary based on individual or organization standards, Cost evaluation is not possible for individual firms and credit determination/guarantee may not be granted you as you're currently not one of our customers.

You may have to negotiate directly with your lawyer, as the Bank cannot negotiate or mediate in your dealings with the representative lawyer.
However, it's important you note that travel charges or fees charged by individual firms may vary due to organization standards, individual social status, and state law. All you can do is endeavor to source money in order to fully mobilize him for the urgent visitation to this Bank office; The Bank have already scheduled an impromptu meeting with him and he should be visiting at the date and time appointed.

We cannot approve the request without proper verification of his signature and without obtaining corresponding legal guarantees from the litigant/representative attorney.

Alison Rose.
{Admin department of accounts}
On Sunday, May 24, 2015 8:52 PM, Genna Abdel wrote:

I still appreciate the name of Allah for your efforts to make the lawyer invitation possible. FW: This is an urgent Invitation, your attorney cannot afford to miss it. i am happy for your mail and I still appreciate the name of Allah for your efforts to make the lawyer invitation possible. please darling; i am begging you in the name of Allah the Greatest, please pay the 8500euro to lawyer usmane to enable him fly to Scotland for to sign attestation documents in our favor. he said that the money is needed for the trip to Scotland, his flight ticket, his 3day hotel accommodation in Scotland, his basic traveling allowance, which is mandatory for all incoming passengers from outside the UK; He also told me that there shall definitely be several other sundry expenditures out there in Scotland. he is in fact, saying that 8500euro is just the smallest amount he can take for a flight to Scotland.
Please darling, kindly help me to send the money to him today or tomorrow; please.
the bank is now ready to release the funds to us, but they cannot release the funds without having to see lawyer usmane for the signing obligation. darling, i will like you to call lawyer on phone and speak to him and please try to get money to send him today and tomorrow. I love you so much, and I am waiting to receive your phone call, just wanna hear your voice this afternoon. May Allah bless you and help us to achieve success.

At 5 Jun 2015 2:26:32 PTG, Genna A. Younes wrote:
He has given receipt for the payments you made to him initially, but he told me that he cannot give you any quotations concerning the travel expenses, because much of the expenditure will go into hotel accommodation, a round trip ticket for the visitation, payments on postal stamp duties, stamp sealing and notary expenditures. these kind of expenditures are very difficult to strictly outline, so that a real time quotation can be given for them.
all you need to do is consider your financial capability and bargain according to how much money you can afford.
Maybe you've not understood my reason for pressuring you to act fast, even though I've been in this condition; Because it's very risky for me down here and i know that you're my helper angel, so help me now. The bank advised that I cannot just directly apply for the transaction with my name and family details; that I can be better secure by using a nominee's offshore bank account in Malaysia because they have several affiliates banking groups in asia. and the bank is doing this in an effort to keep my identity in check and protect me from security censorship. That's why they instructed me to apply for the claims and transfer of funds through a offshore nominee account, so that my names and my family's name will be off the book in order to avoid the risk of government or institutional censorship. I don't like the idea that you're involing a lawyer that I do not know and you now seem to follow the instructions of that lawyer. Please you be very carefully how you discuss or share details about me with both your lawyer and the local banks in malaysia.
If you're requesting for a loan or overdraft, just do it with your own name and your own data; please do not involve my account data. it's very risky because my name can be easily revealed and that will create huge problem for me.
please take the loan by using your own personal property, because you can't involve my name or account data or family name in that. If you try to expose my whereabouts, you will be doing me great evil because they Libyan government would quickly demand my extradition and then i become a life long loser.
darling, call lawyer usmane for whatever you need to know from him; but stop further communication with your lawyer because he have no role to play in the transaction. you should be working hard to get the Rm34000, instead of trying to request for things that i do not know. you've not made any payment to lawyer usmane for the trip to scotland; so he may never think that it's right to issue quotations or receipts in connection with the Rm34000 travel bill. he is a lawyer; and legal aide/services provider; such professionals will never disclose/explain how they do their business.
they only charges any fees they deem just for their services and that is their profession.
I've been begging him to give you quotations, but he strongly said it is not the way they do business. He (lawyer usmane) only insisted that he can only issue you with payment receipts or invoices whenever you send the Rm34000.
Mr At 13 Jun 2015 5:02:31 PTG, Genna A. Younes wrote:
Darling, i am badly missing your fatherly love and care; But I just wanna let you know that What we have to remember is that we can still do anything successfully well. We can change our minds and quickly hearken to the voice of good reason. We can start over and employee our best efforts in order to achieve this much needed success. Please call lawyer usmane and have a respected conversation with him concerning the terms of payment for his travel bill. Get a friendly agreement with him and try admitting the obvious facts for the first time because that's what we have to do as we cannot dictate transactional terms for the multinational bank. The notion that it's too late too hard to to do anything is both comical and self-depriving. It's hilarious to give a try at negotiating terms of payment with lawyer usmane, relative to his travel bill because I strongly believe that lawyer usmane is very willing to make concessions in order to get the work done. We're claiming funds from my late Dad's dormant account and I believe that the very first essential to our success is adhering to the bank's speculated transfer terms and conditions. We're so close to achieving success; I am begging you, please, don't kill the dream, let's live it and make it come alive successful. Dad, We can't, we MUST not lose this sense of possibility because in the end, it's all we have.
Help me, I'm just just as one of your little Daughters or Sisters, and I am strongly optimistic that we'll come away successful.
On 17 Jun 2015, at 6:04 PTG, Genna A. Younes < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com > wrote:

I've forwarded some of the good mails to him, and he has been trying to call you but you are not answering his calls.
the problem is coming from your side, lawyer usmane is a very honestly man; I urged him to call you which he have done twice in front of me but you never picked any of his phone calls.
that's why i am telling you to call him because he is very important to us and we can't afford to sideline a nice personality like him.
as for the loan, I've noted what you wrote concerning it. But all I keep telling you is try to call lawyer usmane and reconcile your differences with him. . if possible, try negotiating a safer payment terms with him.
I love you Dad and I still love you because you're such a loving and caring man. i can't wait to meet and hug you.
wishing you a very good morning.
says - Genna.
From: "Genna A. Younes" < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com >
Date: 19 Jun 2015 3:45:07 PTG MYT
Subject: Darling I'm fine, if you're online, we can chat. I am thankful to you for today's emails, at least you've toned down the anger. But Allah will surely bless you exceeding abundantly, if not for any other reason, but for my sake. You're a wonderfully ma

Darling I'm fine, if you're online, we can chat. I am thankful to you for today's emails, at least you've toned down the anger. But Allah will surely bless you exceeding abundantly, if not for any other reason, but for my sake.
You're a wonderfully made Dad and my best friend in deed, I will always pray Allah for your safety and overall well-being.
I am going to dedicate this whole month of Ramadan to prayers concerning our predicament, especially the transaction with the Royal bank of Scotland. Allah is greatest and He will show us his mercies to the fullest!
II love you Dad and I am wishing you happiness all the way you go.

From: "Genna A. Younes" < abdelgenna88@hotmail.com >
Date: 21 Jun 2015 3:44:51 PG MYT
Subject: My Heart, I missed you so much. . I just sneaked into this place because people went to pray. everyone is busy now trying to get food to eat. you know, We've started Ramadan Fast electricity went off that time, its just being restored this evening.

My Heart, I missed you so much. . I just sneaked into this place because people went to pray. everyone is busy now trying to get food to eat. you know, We've started Ramadan Fast
electricity went off that time, its just being restored this evening. you know this is summer, i think the pressure is too much on electricity these days, even we're having water shortages each week these days
have a very blessed day. I love you.
Miss Young

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