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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22 Januar 2015 um 15:56:27 Uhr
Von: "stephine hosman" <stephine.hosman@hotmail.com>
Betreff: hi
 Hello dear,
How are you?I am miss Stephine hosman by name.I saw your profile on Facebook and it warmed my heart, the impart has been overwhelming.I am interesting in you,i will like to start up conversations with you if you do not mind.I will really appreciate it from my heart if you take time to write me back for more introductions thanks


Hallo schat,
Hoe gaat het? Ik mis Stephine Hosman door name.I zag je profiel op Facebook en het verwarmde mijn hart, heeft de Impart geweest overwhelming.I ben interessant in u, zal ik graag willen starten gesprekken met je als je het niet erg ik zal echt waarderen van mijn hart als je de tijd nemen om me terug voor meer introducties dankzij schrijven
Mr From: Stephine Hosman <stephine.hosman@hotmail.com>
Date: 2015-06-26 12:09 GMT+02:00
Subject: Distance or age does not matters...

My dear one,

How was your day ? Mine was a little bit fine over here in Dakar
Senegal, hoping that you too must be fine over there now.

So like i told you before my name is Miss Stephine Hosman i am 26
years old girl, from Liberia in west Africa and presently i am
residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the
civil war going on in my country.
My late father, Dr. Hosman Obafime, was a prominent successful
business man and a politician under the government of, Charles Taylor,
the former head of state in Liberia before the rebels attacked my
house one early morning killing my mother and my father, It was only
me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to near by country
Senegal where i am leaving now with the help of the United Nations.

Remember i told you that I am from Liberia, but due to the war in my
country, that cost the dead of my parents which made me to stay hear
as a refuge And please also remember that in a any good Relationship.
Distance or age does not matters, what matters is how you care about
each other , so please bear with me for the distance and age. Mean
while, I would like to know more about you, your residents, your likes
and dislikes, your hobbies, and please everything about you.

As for me, i have a lot and VERY IMPORTANT thing to tell you in my
next mail, maybe before then i will try to get our Reverend Father
phone number to give it to you so that you can call me through the
Reverend phone then both of us will talk to each other and hear each
others voice. And bellow this mail is my pictures, i hope you will
like them?

i am waiting to hear from you soonest.
Stephine Hosman.

Stephine Hosman
Stephine Hosman
Mr From: Stephine Hosman <stephine.hosman@hotmail.com>
Date: 2015-06-29 14:08 GMT+02:00
Subject: Please help me to transfer my $4.5m. into your account

My dear one,

I want to thank you for your reply, like i told you in my last mail,
that my condition here is terrible Its just like someone in the prison
and i hope by God grace i will come out soon. i don't have any
relatives now whom i can go meet, but all my relatives ran away in the
middle of the war the only person i have now is Reverend Pastor
Jonathan Godswill. who is the pastor of our Church here in the camp
(Christ the king Churches) whom i am at his custody here in the camp,
he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with
him rather I'm leaving in the women hostel (inside the camp) because
here they have two hostels one for the men the other for women. So
please In case you want to call me, here is the Rev. Tel number


if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send
for me in the hostel to come and answer your call, because of my
condition here i don't have much access or privilege to some things be
it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.
and i really want to go back to my studies because i only attended my
first year before the incident, and i thank God for the Rev for
allowing me to use his office computer to check and reply my mail. so
my dear, please bear with me if i don't reply on time because i don't
have my personal computer i only use the Rev office computer when he
is less busy.

Do you still remember i told you that i have something VERY IMPORTANT
to tell you ? now listen to this because of my condition and what i am
passing through here in this refugee camp, i cant wait to tell you
this because i believe that God may use you to bring me out of this
place and give me joy again. I have my late Father's Bank Deposit
Certificate and His death certificate here with me (as his next of
kin) which i will send to you latter, because when he was alive he
deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in United kingdom,
Royal Bank of Scotland, which he used my name as the next of kin,
Stephine Hosman, the amount in question is

$4.5 Million

(Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) So what i need from you
is, for you to please help and stand for me and see that this money is
transferred from the bank to your personal account or any good
account, then after the transfer, you can send some money from it for
me to get my traveling documents, passport, air ticket to come over
there to start a new life. My choosing you is a question i knew you
must ask and i think it is a good question, The day i wrote you first,
i picked up three address from the Web Site i mate you, and i prayed
over the email address with ( Our Reverend Pastor Jonathan Godswill ),
he broth a pieces of paper and wrote the three email address in it and
fold it, he ask me to pick one among the three and i picked yours,
then i decided to write you and i also believe that it is the will of

So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and
please don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and
the money if people gets to know about it. Remember i am giving you
all this information with the trust and love i deposited in you hoping
that we will soon become one family, i will also give you the contact
of the bank in my next mail so that you to contact and hear from the
bank on how to transfer the money into your account. And please i will
also like to have your contact information's, so that i can write a
latter to the bank and tell them about you, before you will contact
the bank as my foreign partner okay. However you can call me with the
reverend office phone line above, my favorite language is English but
our official language is French, but i speak English very fluently
because i attended an American and English speaking private school all
in my country for almost all my life school. And please i will be
happy to see your pictures too, and also try to call me as requested
so that we can hear each other voices. All you need is to contact the
bank and seek for an advice on how the money will be transferred into
your account. I have already inform them my heart desire which they
promise to help me if i get a reliable foreign partner that will be
sincere, As i said earlier all matter about this transfer is 100%
truth and confident, you will have nothing to lose for helping me.
Please try and give me all your information.

Your full name......
Your phone number...
Your home address.....
Your bank account details too...

So that i will write a letter to the bank, This letter will allow the
bank recognized you when you are acting on my behalf as my foreign
beneficiary okay. Upon receiving this information from you then i will
send my late father bank contact information to you so that you will
contact them on my behalf as my foreign partner.

I will be waiting to receive those details from you to enable me send
the bank contact information to you.
thanks for your understanding.
Miss Stephine Hosman.


Stephine Hosman
Stephine Hosman
Mr From: Stephine Hosman <stephine.hosman@hotmail.com>
Date: 2015-07-08 12:37 GMT+02:00
Subject: Please contact this bank : royalbankcostumer@aol.com -

Good day My Dear one,

It has been a long time, what happened ? You are not responding to
me.Anyway I thank you once again and i so much appreciated you for
always given me the word of encouragement and wisdom to follow living
situation , and i am pleased with your corporation, i will also like
to see you in person, and i want you to know that before i contacted
you, it's the will of God that we know each other and you are the type
of person i am looking forward to meet and trust in my life. Please i
have not told anyone about this money except you, and i will like you
to please keep it secret to other people because since it is money all
eyes will be on it And you know am using the church computer to write
you, so please bear with me if i don't reply you on time because the
rev is always busy with the computer.

And please remember i trusted you that is why i am giving you all this
information's, and I have already informed the bank about my plans to
claim the money and the Bank told me to look for a foreign partner who
will stand on my behalf due to my refugee status and the laws of this
country. You will have 20% of the total money for helping me and the
remaining money will be managed by you and me in any business of your
choice you know that it good. In this regards i will like you to
contact the Bank immediately with this information bellow, tell them
that you are my foreign partner and you want to know the possibilities
of assisting me transfer the deposited by my late father of which i am
the next of kin to your account in your country.

The contact information's of the Bank is as follows,
Bellow is My Bank Name And Address
No 36 St. Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YE, United Kingdom.
Tele: +447966262582
Tele; +447031931449
Fax: +440313971922
Foreign Transfer Director
Contact Office : Philip Hampton.


Name of my father, Dr. Hosman Obafime.
Next of kin, Stephine Hosman.
Amount 4.5 M US Dollars.
Account Number: 020709215301.

Contact them now on how to transfer the 4.5 million dollars, i have
mapped out 20% for your assistance after the transfer, and 5% for any
expenses that might come up in this transfer, because i don't know how
it may be. My dear i am glad that God has brought you to see me out
from this situation and i promise to be kind and will equally need you
in every area of my life plus investing this money since i am still a
young girl and also want to complete my study first before anything.
As i told you before, this camp is just like a prison and my prayers
is to move out from here as soon as possible. So please make sure
that you contact the bank immediately, then after the transfer you can
send some money from there money to prepare my traveling documents to
meet with you in your country for a new life.

I thank you once again
have a nice day
Awaiting to hear from you soonest
Yours forever in love,
Stephine Hosman
Stephine Hosman
Mr From: Costumerservice Bank <royalbankcostumer@aol.com>
Date: 2015-07-13 12:32 GMT+02:00
Subject: RBS transfer of your $4.5m.



The Royal Bank of Scotland plc,
Registered Office: 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2YB.
on the behalf of Miss Stephine Hosman : stephine.hosman@hotmail.com


You have today receive this e-mail as a notification in respect to
your request for the transfer of the deposited fund of, Dr. Hosman
Obafimen, $4.5m. with account number AC/BRSS/020709215301-SN, willed

Miss Stephine Hosman : stephine.hosman@hotmail.com

presently living in Dakar-Senegal. I have been instructed by the
Foreign Transfer Director of, ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, To write you in
respect to the e-mail which we have received. Note that a notification
letter has been send by Miss Hosman, that she wishes you to act as the
next trustee/representative for the claim of her late father's deposit
with this bank. You are subjected to present the following documents
via e-mail attachment nor fax for the contents to be viewed properly.

1. A power of attorney and affidavit of oath permitting you to claim
and transfer the funds to your bank account on her behalf. Note: This
Power of attorney must be prepared and endorsed by a Senegalese
resident lawyer (since the money is originated from Africa and the
Girl is Currently residing in Senegal).

2. The Death Certificate of late (Her deceased father) confirming the death.

3. A copy of Deposit Certificate of the account issued to Dr Hosman
Obafime by our bank. Note that the above are compulsory, and are
needed to protect our interest, yours, the next of kin after the
claims. These shall also ensure that a smooth, quick and successful
transfer of the fund will be made within 48hours at reception of these

Also you have to send your account information which will facilitate
this fund as soon as these documents are being provided. There fore
You have to hurry up to present these documents to our bank to enable
us wire the fund into your account. We promise to give our customers
the best of our services. Should you have any question(s), please
contact foreign transfer officer.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Philip Hampton. (Foreign/Wire transfer officer)
RBSINT. NO 36 St. Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YE, UK.
PHONE +447035984738 -+447980819621 -+447031864165
C.C. Central Bank of U.k.
Mr From: Stephine Hosman <stephine.hosman@hotmail.com>
Date: 2015-07-24 17:13 GMT+02:00
Subject: I want to know if you have written to the bank...

Good day my dearest beloved,

It has been a long time. How are you doing over their today? what
happend to you? i have not been in communication with you for a while,
i hope all is great. Please honey, I am throughly in love with you
ok, that was the reason why i devoted more interest to review my
secret of life to you without hesitating or snorbing anything. As i
told you befor, my situation here is not ok with me honey, it will be
my pleasure to join you over their if that will be possible from you.
I really need my freedom darling, please please please, i'm pleading
you in the name of God almighty, to do sometihng for my life over

Meanwhile, I want to know if you have written to the bank as i have
given you their information ? Remember i told you that i have
introduce you to the operation managment of the Royal Bank of Scotland
which the told me to urge you to contact them direct by your self
personaly. Let me hear from you honey to know how far you have gone
with them ok, but if you have not yet written them, kindly use this
form below, make sure that you fill your information correctly then
send it to them as the requested from us, thanks

Dear Sir,

I would like to state that my name is Mr .............., my
Address............... Nationality,................Mobile
I am the foreign beneficiary trustee to Miss Stephine Hosman, I apply
officially as it was directed by Miss Stephine respect to her late
father's deposit Late Dr. Hosman Obafime. in account No.
RBO020709215301. in your institution under your management. Being the
co-beneficiary to the deposited fund in your Bank, May I pleased know
what is required of me and from Miss Stephine Hosman in order that the
said deposit will be transferred into my Bank Account Number as
desired by Miss Stephine Hosman.Let me know as soon as possible.
Respectfully submit.

Yours truly ,
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Please do not fail to update me with every development from the bank
for a better advice and to know when the transfer is done. Confirm to
me as soon as you receive this mail.
Awaiting to hear from you soonest.
Stephine Hosman
Stephine Hosman
Miss Young

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