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From: Governor Complaint Department [mailto:gov_gov@eml.cc <gov_gov@eml.cc>]
Sent: Thursday, 13 August 2015 6:38 PM

Subject: From EX- Gov T. A ORJI

My Name is Chief Theodore Ahamefula ORJI. The former Governor of Abia- State in Nigeria in the last Administration of Ex- president Goodluck Jonathan. I am now a serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I ruled Abia- State from 2007- 2015 which urshered in the New Administration of President Mohammad Buhari. please I got your contact from the Abia -state engine foreign email nationals abroad.

Please why I am contacting you is for you to assist me and facilitate to receive Un specified sum of million of USdollars currently stucked in one of my hidden apartment in Enugu State Nigeria. The recent Central Bank of Nigeria domicialliary account policy has barred all foreign currency deposit to be paid into Dormicillary Account here in Nigeria.

Please you should take your time and read below this series of petition submitted to Nigeria (EFCC) Anti Graft Agency in Nigeria against me and my family to probe me and my family by some group of individual call SAVE ABIA INITIATIVE. please i need your assistance to move this million of Usdollars to you so that you can keep it for safe as to prevent EFCC discovering the money. I will be facing very soon EFCC investigation and probe. please take this serious as this have nothing to do with scam .

Please i am looking forward to hearing from you regard to this contact with you.



Read careful the Petition Submitted to EFCC Against Me .



How ex-gov ORJI, wife, son squandered N474bn in Abia- State


By Our Reporter on July 23, 2015 COVER

Being a petition by the Save Abia Initiative for Change, a voluntary association of concerned citizens, to

the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) against former Governor Theodore Ahamefula Orji, his

wife and son.


THE SAVE ABIA INITIATIVE FOR CHANGE has put up this petition against the former Governor of Abia State – Dr.

T.A Orji – during the period of second tenure (2011-2015) and how he squandered the funds released to him.

We also petition the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to recover all such government funds

released to the said ex-governor – Dr. T.A. Orji – within the period, which were either misappropriated,

embezzled or looted. We also demand that any property purchased with such funds should be recovered and

sold to the public so that such funds are paid back into government coffers.

It will be our desire and we insist that every person, no matter how highly placed found culpable in

misappropriating, embezzling and looting of government property or funds, be properly punished by the law.

Sir, we know the level of risk involved in exposing such people, who fraudulently or criminally

misappropriated and embezzled government funds and humbly request you to extend your protective hands of

the law on all members of SAIC, their families and supporters, who might be hunted or intimidated for expos

ing the truth for Abia to be safe from further financial recklessness.

Finally, as you commence this investigation, we promise to make ourselves available on demand and at all

times throughout the investigation to help you achieve the desired result in any way deemed necessary by


Please Sir, remember you are the last hope of Abians to help the zero corruption tolerance of the President

Buhari-led Federal Government to the change agenda in Abia State.


In this petition, SAVE ABIA INITIATIVE FOR CHANGE found out that the total federal monthly revenue

allocation to Abia State Government under Governor T. A. Orji, from January 2011 to March 2015, is N383

billion. The total Excess Crude Oil fund is about N55 billion. The total loans and refunds to government

within the period is N33.6 billion. Sure-P funds released to them from

2012-2014 is N2.3 billion. The

government has an external debt of $35.9 million or about N8 billion as at 2013.

It was also discovered that there is N1.8 billion ecological project funds approved in nine different sites

in Abia State, with about N860 million released so far.

The SAVE ABIA INITIATIVE discovered that with all these monies, the Abia State government could not show

anything substantial, which they did with the money. It was discovered that the ex-governor, Dr. T.A. Orji,

his wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Odochi Orji, the son, Engr. Chinedu Orji, used the proceeds of their own loot to pur

chase and acquire estate and landed properties across the country. Some of his commissioners' aides and

Transition Chairmen, who are involved in this ugly transaction of misappropriating and embezzling funds

are also identified. Six out of the ecological projects (erosion

control) are non-existent and the money

about N830 million are in their pockets.

At least, 60 per cent of the excess crude oil fund was fraudulently ascribed to payout for the protection

of oil pipelines in Abia State, using ASOPADEC as a siphoning conduit.

It was discovered that little or

nothing was done with the N2.3 billion Sure-P fund, instead the operators of the Sure-P project

misappropriated the fund. The N12 billion being refund from Paris Club was diverted by Governor T.A. Orji.

The SAVE ABIA INITIATIVE FOR CHANGE in this petition lists out all the names of those involved in this

fraudulent and criminal misappropriation and embezzlement of public funds.

Abia State Government corrupt and fraudulent financial transactions leading to embezzlement of funds with



The Abia State PDP-led government under the then Governor Chief T.A.

Orji (Ochendo) from 2011 to 2014 was

known to be run by very corrupt and insensitive officers. That government exhibited open financial reck

lessness with impunity, (see Abia State audit report 2011/2012).

Everybody in Abia State, including those

in the Diaspora, wanted the government and all its sponsored candidate to be voted out. Unfortunately, this

was not possible, primarily because almost every Abian, starting from its appointees, stakeholders, PDP

party officers, most security agents and even the "Almighty" Independent National Electoral Commission

(INEC) had compromised their official positions and personal integrity

The Ochendos, that is, the unholy trinity of father, son and wife, always make people know that no human

being can resist the bribe they can give to achieve their aim in any circumstance they find themselves.

Anyone, who follow the general elections of 2015 before, during and after will know that they are claiming

exactly what they are.

What should be of public interest here is how they get such whopping sums of money to bribe their way out

of every circumstance, no matter how impossible it might look. This is the crux of the matter. From 2011

till 2014, the major business of government was to accumulate money from public funds for the selfish

interest of the unholy trinity that is Governor T.A. Orji, his wife

(Dr.) Mrs. Mercy Odochi Orji and his

son Engr. Chinedu Orji. He created different avenue to siphon public funds into their private account. With

impunity, they diverted a lot of money coming to government into private account, such money include pro

ceeds from over invoice and inflated contract, ecological, Sure-P and CBN SME funds. Government obtained

loans from banks, funds from Paris Club and did a little or nothing with the money but instead they shared

the money with the heads of such institutions whose names were used to obtained the money.

These institutions include:

Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs

Local Government Service Commission and

Local Government Area Councils

Ministry of Finance to mention but a few.

They also created conduits in the names of government parastatals or boards through which they siphon money

to their private account. A few of such institutions include; Abia State Road Maintenance Agency (ABRMA),

from VAT account, Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), Abia State Oil Producing Development Agency (ASOPDA)

and Abia State Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA).

Generally, it was a norm for that government to spend a maximum of 30 per cent of the actual value of any

project while the other 70 per cent will be used to settle their "dependent relatives" (not salaries), while

the big chunk of the money remained with the unholy trinity. With this development, the governor, with his

cronies ran the government with impunity since money was available to stop anybody who cares from raising

any eyebrow to whatever they did.

Now that elections have come and gone and Abia State PDP-led government has succeeded itself by using money

made for Abia State obtained by fraudulent means, it is only logical that well-meaning Abians should demand

to know why the state is almost bankrupt. Today, all sectors of the economy of the state has collapsed;

salaries, pensions and gratuities of public officers can no longer be sustained. Our public utilities

cannot be maintained, our roads are already in shamble both in the city and rural areas, our market are

destroyed and relocated and empty property converted to themselves.

For these reasons SAVE ABIA INITIATIVE FOR CHANGE was founded. This is a group of Abians from all works of

life who have come together to ensure that embezzled and misappropriated funds and properties of Abia State

are recovered. In doing this we are aware of the level of risk involve in our self-imposed project. We are,

however, encouraged that the new Buhari-led APC Federal Government is preaching zero tolerance for

corruption and we do hope they will come to our aid when we are being hunted for exposing the truth without

fear or favour. We are very confident that the EFCC will not betray us and Abians nor compromise with the

unholy trinity and sell Abians, like INEC did during the National Elections in Abia State.

To achieve these objectives, we hereby lay our lives on the part of honour and integrity for the people of

Abia State to ensure that we recover for Abia State all misappropriated and all embezzled funds and

properties of Abia State. To achieve this, is a task that must be done by the grace and guidance of God



The State Government, with the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, in-collaboration with

Local Government Council, sought for and obtained, in 2012, the sum of

N10.5 billion and used JAAC Funds as

collateral for the loans. The loan is supposed to be for Developmental Projects for the Local Government


Details of the Loan:

Each of the 17 Local Government of the state subscribed for N500 million from the loan totaling N8.5

billion. The Transition Chairmen, who got the loans had only N60 million released to them as follows:

N40million for the development of Local Government Secretariat: N20

million was given to every Local

Government Council to fence two schools at N10 million each. There was no trace of how the balance of N440

million left for each council was used. That is to say, the total sum of N7, 480, 000. 00 billion was em

bezzled from that loan. From the N40 million above, each Transition Chairman gave back N7 million to the

source being the value of their official monetised vehicle for him and his deputy.

Note: Remember, this N7 million was supposed to be paid from their salaries. The list of the names and phone

numbers of the Transition Chairmen involved in this unholy business is hereby attached. It is very

important to know that from the N440 million, which should have been used for the development of Local

Government Area, each of the T.C chairman was given N20 million for signing off the balance (N440 million)

of the loan.

The balance of N2 billion out of the N10.5 billion loan was appropriated into the hands of Commissioner for

Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Emma Nwabuko.

Loan of four billion Naira from Diamond Bank: In 2012, the government of Abia State, through Ministry of

Works and Housing, obtained a loan of N4 billion for the completion of the new commissioners' quarters. It

will be recalled that the former Governor, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, started that project and nearly completed it,

the new work done by Governor T.A. Orji does not exceed N300 million, which is about the actual amount he

claimed for the completion of that project in 2012 budget (see audit report). He embezzled N3.7 billion

with his commissioners of Works and Housing, Hon. Chief Kingsley Mgbeahuru and Chief Longman Nwachukwu from

public funds through this project.

From the forgoing, it is evident that the following, conspired among themselves to defraud the government of

Abia to State the turn of N13,180, 000. 00billion only. They are:

Dr. T. A Orji (Governor)

The Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs,

Chief Emma Nwabuko;

The 17 Transition Council Chairmen on seat 2012;

The Commissioners of Works – Chief Mgbeahuru and Chief Longman


Funds From Paris Club: In 2010 and 2011 Abia State government received

N12 billion in more than one trench

as refund from Paris Club. The utilisation of this fund was fraudulent and need to be investigated. So far,

it is of common knowledge that these funds were invested by the Governor, Chief T.A Orji and his son Engr.

Chinedu Orji in landed properties, including Ochendo Housing Estate by Azikwe and shopping Mall, No. 1 Aba

Road Umuahia and others.

Loans To Local Government Councils: The ex-governor, Dr. T.A. Orji had obtained a loan of N800 million

purported to be for local government staff salaries. By November 2013, he directed the local government

councils to hold their F and G Council meetings to approve the loans.

This loan was to be shared by the 17

local government councils. This was not the case. Instead the governor misappropriated and embezzled the


N2billion Agricultural Loans To Farmers: The Federal Ministry of Agriculture released N2 billion to Abia

State Farmers through State Ministry of Agriculture. This loan was misappropriated and farmers did not get

the loan. The late, Dr. Ken Nwosu, former Commissioner of Agriculture wanted this loan to be given to the

farmers but he died (May His Soul Rest in Peace).

Note: This loan is different from the one disbursed by Dr. Chukwu Nwachukwu in 2013.

College of Education Technical, Arochukwu: The Abia State Government puts the monthly subvention of College

of Education Technical, Arochukwu at N160 million. Pitiable enough, and in agreement with the then provost –

Dr. Chris Nwamuo – they released only N21 million monthly to the college. The difference is shared between

the governor and the provost. It is from this money that the provost built Giwa Hotel near the school. This

is one of the reasons they could not pay the teachers.

The chairman of the Board of Internal Revenue Abia State, who operates with his cronies' fraudulently, runs

the following BIR Accounts. He is supposed to know how much Abia State generates as Internal Revenue but

deliberately denies Abians this information because he connives with his surrogates to fraudulently run

these accounts:

i. Unity Bank Account No. 0021645626

Fidelity Bank Account No. 00530370000155

iii. Zenith Bank Account No. 1010803601

Zenith Bank Account No. 1013194292

Fidelity Bank Account No. 5030013304

Before the end of this investigation, we will help the EFCC to locate the position of the five Star Hotel he

is building with public fund at Abuja.

Official Vehicles to Transition Chairmen and their Deputies: In Abia State and in all the tenure of

Governor T.A Orji May 29, 2011 to May 29, 2015 he used only Transition Council Chairmen to run the Local

Government Areas. Each Transition Chairman has a tenure of six months, in the first instance and may be

renewed for another six months at a time for such number of periods that pleases the governor. All of them

with their deputies are usually provided with official cars under monetised policy for public servants.

Even though due process was not followed in purchasing and giving these vehicles to them, they also did not

pay for these vehicles from their salaries. The EFCC is hereby being humbly requested to recover these

vehicles or their monetized values.

Abia State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (ASOPADC): In this commission 13 per cent oil

derivative from Federal Allocation is given to them as subvention. They are supposed to use it for

development of the oil producing areas. So far about N820 million has been released to them. Unfortunately,

all the developmental projects in the oil producing areas are less than

40 per cent of the money, so far

released. The former commissioner of the commission – Chief Sam Nwaogu – who, after sharing the funds with

the government, is now in the NDDC Board. The truth is that he used the money lavishly to build an estate

he calls his residential home. He should be investigated, as he has nothing doing before the appointment.


Abia State ASOPADC Diamond Bank: Amount N244,500,000.00

In May 2013, the Abia State Government, without any defined purpose for which the money will be used,

lodged in and cashed the sum of N244,500,000.00 with four different cheques in their Diamond Bank Account


31845238 N20,000.000.00

31845236 N59,500,000.00

31845241 N150,000,000.00

31845239 N15,000,000.00

TOTAL N244,500,000.00


In the same May 2013, without any defined purpose for which the money will be used, the state government

withdrew the sum of N1, 651, 363, 000.00.



The following project and expenses are the excess money spent deliberately on project they are made for.

They were extracted from the budget of the year 2011/2012 audit report of Abia State government. The

auditor indicts the government and described their spending pattern as reckless. Unfortunately, the Abia

State House of Assemble Committee on Finance and Appropriation, which should have queried the government

did not do so. Instead the governor, Chief T.A. Orji, the Accountant General, Chief Onyendilefu and the

heads of the affected department connived among themselves and fraudulently retired these sums of money into

their private purse.

Full details can be found on pages 50 to 61 of the budget of the year

2011/2012 Abia State Audit report.

Commissioner for Ministry Of Works And Housing

Construction of Afaraukwu Road = N 15,000,000

Construction of Youth Centre = N 9,000,000

Special project/Activities = N 16,300,000

Construction of 4 additional duplex (Commissioner Quarters) = N


Completion of Deputy Governor's lodge = N 4,600,000

Abia State low-cost Security and Emergency Call Centre =


TOTAL = N68,400,000

The Commissioner for Ministry Of Health

Rehabilitation of Equipment (4 general Hospital) = N10,000,000

Construction of Kitchen and Store (School of midwifery) Amachara =


TOTAL = N256.580,000

The Head Of Department

Government Press = N40,421,600

Purchase of Video production and Post production = N19,000,000

TOTAL = N59,421,600

Commissioner for Ministry of Agriculture

FADAMA III/ IDA Project = N 127,579,628

Government House

Acquisition of Capital Assets = N 19,000,000

Over expenditure (Not backed by law = N 3,803,963, 837

Over expenditure on debt charges = N 7,896,305,577

TOTAL = N11,719,269,414

GRAND TOTAL = N12,377,961,014


The Abia State Pensioners Should Be Pitied: They go on bended knees from month to month seeking to be paid

their legitimate pensions and gratuity. While their gratuities, even after 10 years, is not the crux of the

matter here. Instead, the main problem, which this petition wants to address, is the fraudulent and criminal

exploitation of pensioners in Abia State, which is going unabated. It is the view of the petitioners that

the syndicate treats the pensioners with impunity and made them look like beggars.

To be continued tomorrow


Why we petitioned EFCC against Ex-Gov Orji, wife, son –Group

By Our Reporter on August 13, 2015 COVER

IN the last few weeks, the issue of a petition written by a group, Save Abia Initiative for Change, SAI4C,

to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, against the immediate past governor of Abia State,

Chief T. A. Orji, his wife and son accusing them of looting the state's funds has been raging.

In this interview, the spokesperson of the group, Chief Peter Echeta Eme speaks on why they wrote the

petition and the need to see that justice was done in the matter by the anti-graft agency.


What is the organisation all about?

Save Abia Initiative for Change (SAI4C) is a voluntary organisation of association of men and women in Abia

State whose belief is that the last administration headed by Chief T. A.

Orji looted Abia State and

disappointed its citizens with impunity, and they are not showing any signs of remorse about it. They feel

on top of the world having done so. We in SAI4C said no; we insist that this ill-gotten wealth from Abia

State must be recovered. So SAI4C is a voluntary organisation made up of men and women from all walks of

life. Many may not even imagine the type of people in the group. Some of our members are from the PDP, APGA,

APC and other political parties and even in the civil service.

When was SAI4C formed?

This group is a child of circumstance. It's new, it's not up to six months old. We saw the impunity with

which these people have looted Abia State and after they had left, they continued with this impunity from

outside. We are doing what we are doing because Abians want this man who has peppered them to be re-

peppered. That is the truth. And he is not going to get away with it.

Some people have doubted if all the things you wrote in your petition are factual?

All of us are in Umuahia. This man (former governor) built Ochendo Close and everybody sees it. There are 20

or 30 solid buildings there.

Where did he get the money? From Umuahia to Apumiri, a little before the Enugu/Port Harcourt Expressway,

there is where he called Apumiri-Umudegbe erosion control, the place is usually water-logged and he said

they did the job at the cost of N80 million. But I can assure you that we went to Ministry of Environment

and got all the ecological projects in Abia State- nine of them- and that job was done twice.

Another startling revelation we got was that the money for the nine projects was put at N1.9 billlion, but

they had released about N820 million and N80 million was supposed to have been used for that particular

project. Those monies were fully drawn, but go there, you will see nothing. Are you saying this is false?

They took a loan of N10.5 billion from a first generation bank. This bank has its branch in Umuahia and they

asked the local governments in the state to apply for the loan; each council applying for N500 million. An

official of my own local government confirmed it. I will not give the name for security reasons. If you go

round all the local governments, you will discover that two schools in each LG were fenced and these were

done with N10 million each, making it N20 million. Then you will also see that one or two structures in

these local government secretariats were renovated at the cost of N40 million. So, when you add the N20

million and N40 million, it is N60 million. That is all they have to show out of the N500 million loan each

local government got.

Again, out of that N40 million given for the renovation of the LG secretariats, each council chairman and

his deputy had to take N7 million to pay for their official cars. Go to any of the local government

secretariats, you will find out the truth. This is something that happened before everybody in Abia State

and nobody will say it is false. But if they are saying it is false, they have a simple duty to Abians-they

should come out and tell us the truth. If they say what we have written is not true, let Theodore Ahamefula

Orji invite us through the EFCC and we will go there and say it before him that all we wrote are true, and

then bring people who were part of it to confirm that they were part of it. Each of those local government

chairman got N20 million while the then commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs got his

own share from the N10.5 billion loan.

Which one are they saying is not true? Is it the SURE-P funds? Are they saying they do not know those he

entrusted the funds into their care and how they spent it? These are just but few of the many facts we have.

There is no exaggeration of any type in that petition.

Are you saying members of SAI4C will be willing to appear before EFCC if former governor Orji was also

invited to testify against him?

Why not? We have been to EFCC after we wrote the petition. We have been interviewed, and we used that

opportunity to give them additional information, which was not in the original petition. People will be

amazed when they get to know about the additional facts we gave to EFCC.

We will be happy if TA (Orji) will

go to EFCC and ask them to invite us so that he will ask us if what we are saying against him is true. If

you don't see us, then you know we are not human beings.

You are saying there are other facts aside the ones in the petition that was published?

There are many facts coming in. People are happy bringing them. For instance, there is this latest in

formation we got that a prominent member of the last administration in the state bought a Rolls Royce car

which was taken in a container from Umuahia to Enugu where he now resides. People saw it. It was not hidden.

As alleged in some quarters, is OUK behind what you are doing, is he your sponsor?

The other time we held a press conference because they have been accusing former governor Orji Uzor Kalu of

sponsoring us, saying he is the person behind what we are doing. I can tell you the man does not know

anything about what we are doing. We used the occasion to tell the world that the man does not know what we

are doing. They should leave him and The Sun Newspapers alone and face us. Members of SAI4C are Abians,

although not all of us are living in this state. Chief Peter Echeta Eme is a man known in this state, you

can verify everything, and we are willing to come out.

Those making the allegation (about OUK) are trying to divert attention, they know the truth. Let me tell the

world something; when we were writing the petition, one area of conflict was that we should include former

governor Kalu in the petition. It was an elaborate and very hot debate.

The question was that why should we

include him? This question came about because TA told us in 2011 that the man who made him not to perform

was Kalu and that if he goes away from Kalu, Abia would change and we say let us hold him by that word.

Then, he left Kalu and we gave him that grace from 2011 down, the other four years we are not going to look

at it because he claimed Kalu didn't allow him to work.

You can now see very vividly that if Abians open their eyes, they must see it was TA who must have misled

Orji Uzor Kalu. Anybody who followed what happened must agree with me that Kalu must have been misled by his

then Chief of Staff (TA). All of us in Abia know both men and who is what. It was when TA got his so-called

liberation from Kalu that we saw clearly how wife, son, in-laws, brothers became members of the cabinet.

So, Kalu could not have been part of it. If he were part of it, we could have started from 2007 to 2015 to

probe TA. You said Kalu deceived and made you not to work and claimed you liberated yourself from him, but

we saw at the end that what the man told us was stories from the marines; the reverse was truly the case.

What Abians should do is to call both men for a debate and at the end they would be able to know who among

them deceived the other and put the state in this mess.

Maybe TA and some of his cronies are saying that Kalu was sponsoring us because Daily Sun published the

petition we sent to EFCC. What we put in The Sun, was it not a paid advert? We went to some other national

dailies but because of one reason or the other, they refused to accept the materials for publication. The

Sun accepted it, maybe out of the love of its publisher for the state.

Do you know why we published it? If

we didn't do it, the man (TA) is an expert in killing stories, EFCC would have done nothing. He has gone

there to block every petition against him. We exposed it so that President Muhamadu Buhari will read it him

self, and we will continue to expose everything so that he cannot kill it. We don't have the type of money

he has, but we will fight this cause to the last with what we have.

The truth I must tell is that nobody is sponsoring us. If you are shown the balance in our bank account,

you will be surprised, but we are carrying on this crusade based on donations from Abians who feel we should

be encouraged. Abians were pushed to the wall and they are now reacting.

It's not a question of one

individual sponsoring. Abians are sponsoring us. If you go to facebook, you will see them joining the


You said EFCC has invited you over the petition; when you went, what transpired? Do you have confidence in

the anti-graft agency handling this matter?

When we went to EFCC, we were interviewed and we owed up to the petition and the addition we submitted. They

told us the problems they had been passing through which I will not state in this interview and which they

said they will not like to continue in the time of Buhari. They said due process must be followed. We have

put up a petition, it is before the EFCC. They cannot just invite him only for him to get free, they will

do the investigation thoroughly after which they will invite him.

They will ask him, ‘Mr. Former Governor, these people said you got so, so and so amount from 2011 to 2015

and did not do anything tangible with it', if he says it is not true, he should be able to tell them the

truth. It is as simple as abc.

One may be tempted to ask how you managed to get all the figures you put in that petition which you said are


There is a limit to which you can discuss a matter that is before the law court. All the things you read in

the newspaper, we itemized them, the sources, the evidences and put them up in another paper of about 30

pages and submitted to the EFCC, we did not make that one public. If we say this person did this here, there

is evidence.

When we were writing it, we told our lawyers not to include our sources in the petition because that is the

first thing they will pick. But now, if it leaks, it is only EFCC that has that copy. We even gave them the

names of who to call if they are confused or in doubt and that those will help them to clear the issues we

raised. Is that not enough?

You said you have confidence in EFCC handling this petition, but earlier, you spoke about previous

petitions subdued at the agency, how do we reconcile this?

I cannot say what I cannot substantiate. What I do know is that he (TA) said so. He claims the anti-graft

agency will not do him anything. Because of that, we threw in a kite in EFCC before we wrote this petition.

There was something they did which amounted to about N2 billion and we wrote a petition to the agency on

that. After acknowledging receipt of the petition, officials of the EFCC told us they will get back to us

within two weeks, but they never got back to us. Somebody told us that the man has killed the petition and

we said it was a lie, but it was when we didn't hear from the anti-graft agency after one month that we came

to believe what we were told.

It is because we did not want them to block this one that we went through Abia State asking people to give

us money so that we can publish it in the newspaper; and that is exactly what we have done and the looters

are now not comfortable.

The only person they think can do it (finance the publication) is Orji Uzor Kalu, but they don't know that

Abia State has even lesser mortals with courage. That's the only problem they have. I'm not trying to blow

his trumpet, everybody in this country know that OUK has courage so they said there is no other person in

Abia who can do this except him and more so it was published in The Sun.

But they forget that something

that eats grows, that there are smaller mortals in Abia, even though they are not fat, but they are fat in

ideas and courage. We are real and courageous. If we are not real, we wouldn't have an account in First City

Monument Bank, we wouldn't have also had a website and facebook account.

The number of people joining us is

growing daily.

So, there is no way anybody can subdue this particular petition. They do not know the type of people who

insist the correct thing must be done in this matter. In the next two months, if EFCC still fails to act on

this petition, we are going to write an open letter to President Buhari because Abia is bleeding to death as

a result of massive looting by officials of the immediate past government in the state. If the president is

talking about fighting corruption and he allows this one to be swept under the carpet, people may be forced

not to take him serious again.

Before submitting the petition, we were sceptical and asked whether EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Larmode will not

be compromised and subdue it? We were assured he will not because things have changed in this country. If he

messes up this case, even if he leaves office, somebody taking over can recall and probe him on this. So

everybody is being careful for now. Our courage is that Buhari's administration has said no to corruption.

A group, Abia Renaissance has warned that you people should test their patience no more. What's your


The Abia Renaissance is no group other than TA Orji's aides. What we are saying is that you shouldn't

threaten us if your hands are clean. If you say what we've written is not true, there is the court of law.

If you don't want EFCC to investigate it and justice be done, go to the law court and sue us for damages.

This will make the matter easier because we believe we will have more protection in the regular law courts.

At least, the court will be sitting in Abia and those projects they claimed they used those billions of

naira to fund will be sighted by the Judge before passing judgment.

The word is due process. EFCC insists they must follow due process and we agreed. Abia Renaissance or

whatever they call themselves must follow due process and not threaten our lives.

If those things we put down on paper were not factual, I wouldn't have been involved because I know the

extent to which these people can go and I'm not bothered about their threat. I am ready to sacrifice my life

to ensure that the looted funds are recovered and returned to Abia State.

Some people are afraid this crusade may be abandoned half way especially if your members are settled.

The problem of Abia State finds itself in the Igbo adage which has it that if you see a lizard which

normally has one tail coming out with two tails and you leave it, in the near future the one with seven

tails will come. We will not allow what happened in the past happen again in this state where someone will

be doing something with impunity and everybody will keep quiet. It will not happen again. That is the

problem we had which was becoming a culture, it's not going to happen again. Even this present government,

when we clean up this matter we have at hand and the looted funds are returned, we will monitor how they

will be spent and if they go the old way, we will shout to high heavens.

SAI4C has come to stay for the good of Abia, there will be no going back.


From: Joyce Bruce [mailto:bruce.joyce@yahoo.co.uk <bruce.joyce@yahoo.co.uk>]
Sent: Thursday, 13 August 2015 11:56 PM

Subject: From Ex- Gov T. A. ORJI( My Last Message to you)

Thanks for your prompt reply. please before we proceed. I will be opening a new email address with a different name for communication as to avoid monitoring me and my conversation since there is surveillance on my movement, telephone calls are being Monitored .

The fight against me and my family now is taken dangerous dimension. please do not reply me on this email address till you hear from me from a different email address. I appreciate your concern to assist me move out this Money as EFCC may storm my residence any moment from now. please i rely on 100% that you will not disappoint me when this money is moved to you for safe keeping. I am still figuring out the means to move the huge USDOLLARS cash from my residence to a safer place for now. please if you have any immediate suggestion. please lt me know immediately when i communicate to you from the new email address. I will also get a new virgin telephone line strictly to be communicating with you. Only you will have the number no other person.


Ex Gov T. A ORJI


From: Joyce Bruce < bruce.joyce@yahoo.co.uk >
Date: 23 August 2015 18:59:51 ACST

Subject: Contact of the Courier company in Cotonou Benin Republic.Mr. Collins, Follow to my phone conversation,this is the contact office of the courier Secuirty Courier Service i found in a brochure which is in Cotonou Benin Republic. This is perfect rather than using a Nigeria Security courier. You contact the courier service and arranged with the delivery dept whom you must direct to come to Nigeria and pick some suite cases in hotel room purported that you left them in the hotel and travelled back to Australia. As soon as you finalize the arrangement with the courier service to come to

Enugu- Nigeria .

I will immediately get a hotel room to drop the suite cases in the hotel. I will give you the room number and all the details of the hotel which you will give the courier staff coming to Enugu - Nigeria. I will book the hotel room number in your name.This is a perfect arrangement as this will not have any trace of my person.

Office address


658 Jericho II, Cotonou Benin Republic

Tel: +229 64 47 67 28

Email: info@masscourierservice.com


Miss Young

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