Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Gift Omuru < omuru.gift@yahoo.com >
Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 3:39 AM

Hello My Darling,
How are you doing today?
I thank you once again for your response to my mail, I am here with all hopes to meet with you immediately after the transfer of my money to your position for a better life. May God bless you, protect and reward you for every effort you are about to make to see me out from this horrible prison called refugee/orphanage camp where I am living today as a result of the untimely death of my parents (may their gentle souls rest in peace),I want to inform you that I have contacted the bank this morning with an authorization letter in your name informing them that you are my appointed foreign representative who will assist me in transferring my money due to my refugee status here. Before sending the authorization letter to the bank I know you will not look down on me at last. I will be very glad if you can help me out of this place.

I know you will understand my conditions and work hard to secure my inherited funds properly for me. I appreciate your kind understanding towards me, here in the refugee camp is like one staying inside prison, and I don' t want to continue like this, once the bank start up the transfer process I will start up too for my arrangement to meet you in your country. My intention is to have a good future and spend my life happily, and have good living. I believe in my heart that your help to me will bring something good to you and i, and I assure you that if God will use you to help me out of this situation, I will never forget you in my life.All you have to do now is to send an email to the bank today for confirmation and possible transfer of my money into your account. You are therefore required to contact them immediately for the immediate release and transfer of the money to your account.

Here is the contact of the bank to write them:
Contact Person:Mr. Godwin John Steve ,Foreign Manager
BARCLAY ' S BANK OF LONDON PIC,Rbsint. No.64 Jermayne street
London SW1Y 6LX ,United Kingdom.Mr. Godwin John Steve Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer Dept
Email. . .barclaysserviceplc@outlook.com
( barclayservicsplc@luckymail.com )

Name of Depositor: Dr Dion Omuru
Name of Next of Kin: Miss Gift Omuru
Amount Deposited: US$5.6,000.00
Account No/ 026004093

Mr. Godwin John Steve ,Foreign Manager
BARCLAY ' S BANK OF LONDON PLC,, tell him that you are my foreign partner and you want to assist me to transfer my late father money into your account and inform me when ever you receive any mail from them as i have informed them to contact you. My dear i am glad that God has brought you to help me out from this situation and i promise to be kind and will equally need you in every area of my life plus investing this money since i am still too young to manage it.

As i told you before, this camp is just like a prison and my prayer is to move out from here as soon as possible. Please make sure that you contact the bank for more in-formation OK.Below is the mail you will send to the bank, just copy and send the mail to the bank. I am waiting to hear from you soonest.Yours for ever in love.Here is the guardian' s number you can always reach me on it. +221771872916

Email. . .barclaysserviceplc@outlook.com
( barclayservicsplc@luckymail.com )

Attention Respected Sir,

I, Mr . . ., a permanent resident of . . ./ wants to put forth the following few lines for your kind favor and quick necessary action at your end. That Miss Gift Omuru,now living in DAKAR SENEGAL, she is in a refugee/orphanage status.I am her foreign partner living in . . . . . Republic l will stand on her behalf. That she is the only next of kin to her late father who has an account in your bank where he had deposited some amount of money for his beloved daughter.

With That, I want to know the possibilities of assisting her to transfer the deposited amount of her late father of which she is the next kin, into my account in my country. After receiving a reply from you, I will be able to know the procedure and probability of transfer of the amount from your bank to my account.
Expecting an early reply, with regards,
Yours faithfully,
Mr. . .

Mrs On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 1:57 AM, Gift Omuru < omuru.gift@yahoo.com > wrote:
Hello My love,

Thanks for your concern towards me here and i pray that my
God will give you the strength and power to help me so that
we can be together,Dear i am not doing well here due to my
condition but since i have i have strong believe that
soonest i will come out from here to meet you over there, I
am waiting to know when you send mail to lawyer and when he
respond back to you,please make fast and contact him because
the bank is only waiting for those documents for the
transfer to take place,I hope you will never disappoint me
in this life,i give you all my honest and trust,

Try and contact the lawyer immediately and let me know,

I love you with all my heart and i need you,

You are always in my mind,

Yours love,

From: Gift Omuru < omuru.gift@yahoo.com >
Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:23 AM
Subject: Dear you are a God sent to me,

Hello my love,
How are you doing today and how was your weekend hope all went well with you and all your family over there,Dear each time i saw your mail i feel like i am already with you over there,Dear after reading your mail i went to lawyer to know why the money he demands from us and the lawyer told me that he is not the one asking us to pay but the federal high court so that your name will be registered in the high court for the documents,Dear also the lawyer said that he only asked us to pay $550 not unto $1500 as you said,please my love what you have to send to lawyer to help us in $550 so that he can use it to meet the federal high court on your behalf,Dear please do all your best because i have no body without you only and you are my only hope and all i have on this earth,Dear also remember that the bank is just waiting for the documents only so that my late father' s fund can be transfer to you and i truly believed that immediately we send those documents to bank nothing will stop the transfer not to take place into your own account over there in your country and i will come to join you as soon as we get the transfer done,Dear fight for me and comply with the lawyer he is a good man and ready to help me,I am always for you and i know that my God will never disappoint us in this life,Please help me and meet the lawyer in any way you can so that we can get the document ready,I love you so much and i give you all my heart and soul,You are a God sent to me please help me from your heart you will never regret believe you me,
I love you so much and i cherish you,I hope to know when you meet the lawyer,
Thanks for your caring and effort to me,
God will bless you greatly for me,
Yours forever in love,
From: Gift Omuru < omuru.gift@yahoo.com >
Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:29 AM

My sweet heart,
The lawyer said that you should use this information below to send the money to him through western union money transfer or through money gram so that he can be able to meet the federal high court,Dear the lawyer is a good man please try and work with him please the bank is waiting for us to send the documents that is why i am so much bothered about this matter and i need the bank to transfer the fund for me to come and meet you face to face over there,Dear whatever you know that you can do to send the money to lawyer please do it you are going to be happy with me in short time,

DATE OF BIRTH 02|06|1970
HIS TEL NO +221778436557

Dear use this information to send the money to lawyer please we need the documents to get the transfer done,I am longing for you so much and i need to meet you soonest over there,I love you so much and i cherish you,
Hopping to hear a good news from us,
Yours forever in love,


Subject: Dear please help me and pay the lawyer you are my only hope.
From: Gift Omuru < omuru.gift@yahoo.com >
Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:31 AM

Hello Sweet Heart,
How is life over there in your country hope fine?
May almighty God protect and guide you in all your future endeavors.Darling i am so much happy when i heard your voice and i feel like i am already with you over there to show you how much i really love you with all my heart and i know that soonest i am going to stay forever with you,Dear all my choice is to come over there to stay with you forever and i believed strongly that the bank most transfer my late father' s fund to you since i am the one who order them to go on with you because i really trust you with all my heart,Dear immediately everything about the documents is complete the bank will transfer the fund to you,

Please,my dear,i want you to do everything possible to pay the Lawyer so that he will get the documents for us,i need the bank to transfer the fund so that from there you can get me all my travel documents complete to meet you over there.You can borrow from friends or relations so that immediately the Bank transfer the money to your account,you can pay them back.Honey,i understand that immediately we present the documents to the Bank in London,they will transfer the money to your account so that i will come and finish my education in your country.Please,please,i don,t have any other person to run to except you,and you are the only hope i have now.Dear i have no work doing even to eat is hard for me here please help me.

Darling i know that my late father' s fund is able to start something meaningful and lucrative for us over there in your country,like buying houses,cars and setting up a large business unit.According to what i promise you ,i will give you 25% for your effort and you keep the remaining amount for our future,darling,try and do everything possible so that i will come out of this place,because this place is like someone staying in the prison,sometimes,i don' t eat in a whole day especially when there is no food in the refugee camp.I appreciate your efforts and i pray that God will reward you abundantly.Honey i will be waiting to speak with you soonest,

Please my love do let me know when you send the money to the lawyer please help me you are the only hope and trust that i have on earth,Honey the lawyer agreed to help us;
Thanks and God bless you.
Yours in love

Miss Young

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