Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: melissalove
Date: December 28, 2015

Hi dear Nice to meet you, hope all is well with you and how are you enjoying your day? I'm Melissa J. Gallagher, I am a U.S. Army officer, from the United States of America, I am supportive and caring, i like swimming and cooking, i am gentle although i am a soldier but i am kind, looking for a good friend, I saw your profile here and picked interest in you, I would like to establish a mutual friendship with you. Please, let's continue our conversation through my private email box, here is my email address (melissagha@hotmail.com) Am expecting to hear from you so that I will give you my pictures, and give you more details about myself.

Thanks yours Melissa Gallagher

Melissa J. Gallagher
Melissa J. Gallagher
Melissa J. Gallagher
Melissa J. Gallagher
Melissa Jo Gallagher
Diplomatic Services
From: Melissa Ghallagher <melissagha@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 10:09:47 +0000
Subject: Thanks for your mail

My beloved,

Thanks for your kind message as a matter of fact, Iam very happy to read your message. How are you doing? I hope you are fine. i really wanted to establish a true relationship that may lead into business partnership or marriage partnership. I want to tell you that due to my present situation here I dont have acces to skype, and my present situation that caused me to look for a trusted friend is what I want to share with you right away.

It is my pleasure meeting you, I hope all is well with you and how are you enjoying your day? as i told you earlier in my previous letter, my name is Melissa J. Gallagher, Am 38 years single never married before, I am US military officer currently in Libya now, and i will like to get acquainted with you, I am loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor, I enjoy meeting new people and knowing their way of life, I enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains and everything that nature has to offer.

My dear, i want you to know that we are being attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs and during one of our rescue mission we came across a safe box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the supporters of the over thrown government of Libya , which I believe was money meant for buying weapons and ammunition, and it was agreed by all Army officers present on that rescue mission that the money will be shared among us and which we did.

Out of the total fund my share was $2,560,000 (Two Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand united states Dollars) I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of the money out of this country (Libya) to your own country for you to keep it safe on my behalf till i come over to your country, So i want you to assure me that if this money is been delivered to you in your country that you are going to be trustworthy to keep the money till when i will come to your country to meet you face to face to collect the money back from you it is clear to me that you might fell some how of this proposal, but i want to let you know that i have made solid arrangements with a Global Express Shipping and security company and they have promised to deliver the fund through diplomatic method to any of my choosing destination,
This delivery is going to be handle legally by the Global Express Shipping and security company and there will not be any form of risk involve in the process and the money will be pack safely in a truck case and the same case will be deliver to you in your country.

I have decide to compensate you with 15% of the total money once after the money is delivered to you, while the rest balance shall be my investment capital in your country. One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter to a third party, to avoid any leakage of this information and it will be dangerous to me based on my position here.

I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust nor thwart my dream, though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without formal introduction, well, I will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me in receiving and investing this Fund.

Note; I do not know how long we going to remain here and my fate since I have survived two bomb attack here, which prompted me to search out for a reliable and trust worthy person to help me receive and invest the Fund, because I will be coming over to your home country to invest and start a new life not as a soldier anymore.

I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification just let me know and i will explain further. I want to let you know that here in the military zone we are not allow to make use of mobile phone, we only make use of radio message and email communication so please let us continue communicating through email for the mean time.

Conclusively, i wish you could send me a reply immediately in regards to this proposal, your urgent reply will be highly appreciated. I Wait to receive your acceptable reply as soon as you read this letter.

Love from

From: Melissa Ghallagher <melissagha@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 17:38:55 +0000
Subject: Thanks and God bless you

my sweet heart

How are you doing? I hope you are fine. my sweet heart my soul is longing for you, our condition here is getting worst day in day out and I want to get out of here any further delay on my part will be dangerous.

My sweet heart I am trusting you because I saw your contact after my many prayers and because of it I have gone as far as telling you something that I have never disclosed to anyone. I expect you to trust me too. I will not betray you, I will not give you a regret, Immediately you receive the package I will come over to your country to start a new life with you as a couple I believed That it will work for us, I am a lady with a good heart, I will like to work with you on this project.

my dear, am so sorry about being fast in telling you about the money, its because of our situation here its becoming too risky everyday, and I am real, all am telling you is the truth, my dear please believe me. my dear i' m a christian and i believe in God, and prayed so many times before Contacting you, and i believe my God will never lead me to the wrong person That is the reason why i have full confidence and trust in you. My dear; I promise you That you will never enter into any issue, there is not going to be any problem.

My Dear Please listen to me very well and always follow my advice to avoid any mistake until the consignment trunk box that will carry fund arrive to you in your country, ok? this transaction is not going to be a bank account transfer, you will receive the money through diplomatic system of a Global Express Shipping and security company who will deliver the fund as consignment to you, so you have to bear it in mind, and after receiving your contact data and will then forward your information to the Global Express Shipping and security company to get in contact with you.

please what i will like you to do is to forward your contact information, including your telephone number for this will enable the diplomat to reach you easily on his arrival in your country in the next 72 hours, though I will update you later after i might have receive the information from you , please i want to remind you once again that every arrangement towards this project is intact between both of us and on no account should you let the Global Express Shipping and security company to know the content of the box, remember that the consignment was registered Ace Family Treasures to the security company

FULL NAME ....................
CITY : ....................... ,
COUNTRY : ........................,
OCCUPATION ....................
TELEPHONE NUMBER: ........................,

Immediately we receive the above information from you we will arrange your meeting with the diplomat within 72 hours and i Shall give you a password and code to present to the diplomat for proper identification. That will be all for now as i await your immediate response. God bless you, take care of your self.

Love and care from,
Your beloved Gallagher

From: Melissa Ghallagher <melissagha@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 23:16:59 +0000
Subject: Contact the security company by mail

My beloved,

Thanks for your information which you have sent to me now am convinced that am in the right part and with the right person. In my free time i like relaxing on the sea side, i like cooking because my mother taught me very well on how to cook,s o i love cooking and reading many books especially the law book.

My dear, immediately that you received the money, i will file for a 3 weeks leave,t hen i will use the opportunity and come over to meet you,t hen we can discuss the best way to invest the money. My dear, you have to open your heart for me.

My dearest, i have been doing everything possible to make sure that you will receive the cash box successfully, I have submitted your information to the security (Global Express and security company) and i believe that they will get to you as soon as possible to let you know about the arrival and delivery date of their delivery officer who will be coming down to your door step to deliver the cash box to you .

They will tag the box as diplomatic package and bring it to your door step as personal luggage, I have handed the box to them through their agent here, you will receive it as personal items, they said that all packages departing from Africa normally reach to their African head office before departing to any where in the world.
I have chosen this fast service so that you can receive the package within 2 days after departure, they will bring the package to your home address that you have provided. Kindly contact the security company through their email address now for proper identification, below is the contact details of the security company;

Global Express Shipping and security company
Email: globalexpress_tg@yahoo.fr delivery@expressdelivery-tg.com
website: www.expressdelivery-tg.com
Phone: +22897089606

Meanwhile, i have forwarded your contact details to the company but i will advice that you write to the company with the email above, i have also re sent your contact details to them and instructed them to reach you as soon as possible, the security code number of the consignment is FS645XQ2 please make sure you write this down it is important because the delivery officer that will be arriving your country for the delivery will ask you to quote the security code number of the package.

Please my beloved, i want to remind you that we are almost at the end of this matter which is definitely going to add values to our lives so please am pleading to you to make sure that you keep this matter secret, please let it remain a matter known between you and i alone to avoid making room for enemies of progress that might stand as obstacle against the success of this deal.

Note that as your information has been submitted to the security company, most of the communication will be between you and them because you are now known as the owner and the recipient of the consignment, meanwhile you should be adhering to instruction till the consignment will be delivered to you.

Thank you for your cooperation, i hope to have smile with you soon and am counting on your honesty. This military camp is too hot I want to get out of here as soon as possible. ask the security company the day that they will come to to deliver the package to you. Start now to make an enquiry of a lucrative business that we will invest with this fund. Have a nice night and better days ahead.

Hug from


Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2015 20:51:37 +0000 (UTC)
From: Global Express Shipping <globalexpress_tg@yahoo.fr>
Subject: Express Delivery Security Company

Hello Sir

We wish to inform you that we, the Express Delivery shipping and security company Republic of Togo branch which the head quarters all over Africa has received a shipment which bear your personal information as the final recipient of the consignment. The consignment was original sent by Miss Melissa Gallagher.

Your package which was deposited by Miss Melissa Gallagher is registered in our package database and it is currently waiting for shipment and Insurance fee before the package will proceed towards your country for final delivery to you.

Finally you are required to send the Insurance fee of 870 Euros so the total amount is 870 Euros, to enable us to get the insurance certificate. We are waiting to received the payment from you as soon as possible, then we will register your package and send to you the tracking codes which you will use to monitor the movements of the package. Here is the information of our company clearance and Logistics department Manager, that you will use to send the money to us through western union money transfer or money gram.

Receiver name Okike Kalu Kalu
Destination Togo
City Lome
Text question Color
Text answer Blue
Address 24 Rue De Assiyeye Lome-Togo
Phone +22897089606

When you send the money then you will send to us the western union payment slip or the information.

Express Delivery Security Company
Express Delivery-Lome-Togo

From: Melissa Ghallagher <melissagha@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2016 20:31:34 +0000
Subject: Very very important and urgent

My beloved,

How are you doing? How is your day? I hope it is alright? our condition here is getting worst, thats why am praying that you receive this package quickly so that I can get out of here, because I dont want to die here. The security company just informed me that they need insurance fee of 870 euro and am much woried. Thank you very much for your letter and all your efforts and am so glad the way you have been following this deal with high level of seriousness and hard working,

I understand that the security company has already recorded the tracking information of the cash box online, now it will be easy for you to track and monitor the movement of the cash box online. my love the company take the package from (Libya) to their head office at (Togo Lome) where the package is now, my love the package was with the company at Libya, but the company took it from Libya here to Togo Lome, my love Togo Lome is where the company's heard office is in Africa.

I understand that the company are demanding money for the delivery and insurance charges certificate, the only problem now is the money which the company request from you, I am very much worried now because you know that I do not have any money at hand here because we are not receiving any salary nor allowance here on military mission camp. my salary goes to my account in the state and I dont have access to it here.

my dear, i did not mention about paying money because I discussed with the company that the payment will be made when the package get to my destination, even my fellow soldier that got his own share of the money evacuated it through them, and he did not pay before delivering the package, it was after the package was delivered that they made the payment, I dont know that they have change their policy. i did not know that the company will ask for money now, i was thinking that the company will collect money when they get to your country so that you will pay them from the cash box, but my dearest i did not know that the company have change their rules, please do all you can

I have confirm from the security company that your information has be recorded on their online tracking domain and they have as well provided to you the tracking codes which you will use in tracking the movement of the package till it arrival to your door step.

I know it is not easy for you to arrange this amount of money, but please my love i want you to try as much as you can to do some thing urgent and raise this money and send it to the company so that they will move on to your country to deliver the cash box to you.

I want you to listen to me with all your heart, because I have never thought of disturbing you with the issue of money, knowing very well that you dont have money nor pushing you into expenses in this matter, but as the issue of urgent money expenses has arise i want you to help me solve this payment required by the security company so that they will proceed to your house for delivery of the cash box. I promise you that once you receive the cash box you can open it and take some money out from it and settle whom ever you borrowed the money from, you can even pay double to the person.

I do not know what i can say again, but my heart is worried with fear and worries of what your reaction will be towards this last chance of receiving the cash box in your house, the security company has promised to deliver the cash box to your door step within 2 days after the money is been send to them, so my beloved am pleading to you to try and do some thing urgently and send the money to the security company so that they will proceed to your country and deliver the cash box to you, you have to try your best to secure it from the hand of the security company.

My dear it worth the effort, look for a place to get a loan and promise to pay back in just a week, it wont be up to a week I promise you, accept any amount of interest, in less than one week we clear it off, it is nothing compared to what we have in the package. This is my life, it is my sweat I cannot afford to loose it. The security key to unlock the cash box and have access to the money is (9999).

Please write it down so as not to forget, immediately you receive the package open it with this key and refund back whom ever that you must have borrowed from. You are the only one that knows the key please dont exposed it, dont tamper with the contents of the box, I have given it to you in trust I believe that you wont betray me. My dear we are almost at the end of this project, this is the last step.

Please am pleading to you with trust and hope, so please do not turn your back on me now that i needed you the most, my love am waiting to hear good news from you soon. I cant wait to see you. You will not regret knowing me I promised, I will make it up to you.

Many Thanks and kisses
Yours sweet friend
From: Melissa Ghallagher <melissagha@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 00:53:51 +0000
Subject: Thank God that i finally made it

Good day,

After much stress, I finally made it but I cannot forget all the assistance you gave to me though you were not able to conclude the transaction due to monetary constraint. I will be leaving to London tomorrow. For a new lease in life and I thought you deserve to be compensated for all your efforts.

So I have instructed my bank to transfer the sum of Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($300,000.00) to Visa Credit Card Center here in Lome -Togo, so that they can package the total sum into their facility called Visa Credit Card and send to you to avoid bank charges and suspicion.

The Visa Credit Card Center Lome-Togo will contact and send to you your named Visa Credit Card containing the Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($300,000.00); As soon as you get the visa card; i will also send the four digits secret pin code with which you can be making withdrawals from your "Visa Card".

I want you to contact my Secretary I left everything in her care, her name is Mrs Mercy John.

All correspondence should be directed to her, kindly contact her through this e-mail address (mrsmercyjohn@outlook.com) for assistance and directives.

From the card you can withdraw a maximum of Ten Thousand United States Dollars per a day and you can also transfer from the same Visa card to your local bank account a maximum of up to a million United States Dollars per a day.

The card will be fully activated for withdrawals in any country of the world and in countries where United States Dollars are not used, you will be paid in that country's local currency Dollar equivalent.

May God bless you and your family.

My regards and all the best,
Miss Young

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