Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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On Sunday, December 27, 2015 6:34 PM, Rima Adel < derick.leodavis@yahoo.com > wrote:

Hello Dear
How are you today i sew your Email on(http://wwwfacebook.com ) How are you my
dear good friend, My Name is Miss Selina, Please I will like you to reply
me to my Email ID (helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk )So i can brief you the reason
why i contact you.
Your's Selina


On Monday, January 4, 2016 11:08 AM, Rudo Marac < helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk > wrote:

My Dearest,

I must start by expressing my gratitude for finding time to write me, because i know that appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever we shine the light of our thankful thoughts, but there are realities we share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes, and as we all need food, so do we need emotional nourishment, love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others.

I am Miss Selina Marac Akoon from South Sudan, My late Father was Brigadier General Marac Akoon was assassinated while heading to Yei to replace the Brigadier General Peter Tut who led a rebellion with some of the forces under his command on January 4, following similar defections in Jingle, Unity and Upper Nile state, members of parliament at South Sudan National Legislative Assembly, said the way the my Late Father was killed indicated that the attack was a planned assassination, because the was no fighting at that time. It was a surprise planned attack.

You can read more on the news.


I will like to inform you that if you will help me to relocate to your country with the substance that i inherited from my Late father, I have an amount the sum of US$3.800 Million which i will like to invest, but my only problem is that I don't have idea of any lucrative business.

The obvious reason why I contacted you is that you are to advise and invest this money to lucrative business because i have no business experience for now, but if you accept to help me i will forward to you the necessary documents for you to confirm, and it is my intention to compensate you with 20% of the total money for your assistance and you will also invest the rest of the money in any lucrative business you know, please all communications for now should be through this email address only for confidential purposes.

As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely, awaiting your urgent and positive response, Please do keep this only to yourself please i beg you not to disclose it till i come over, once the fund has been transferred.

I hope to hear from you soon, i am giving all this details information with every transparency and hoping that you find a place in your heart to save me from this life torture.

I still hope to hear from you again,

Selina Marac Akoon
Selina Marac Akoon

On Monday, January 4, 2016 1:17 PM, Rudo Marac < helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk > wrote:

My Dearest.

Thanks for your mail, I really appreciate your effort to write me again, honestly the death of my late father is painful experience to me, and i don't know how to live with such painful experience, knowing fully well that my late Father was assassinated, and the blood sheard is still going on in my country, all the attempts made by the African Union to resore peace between the rebels and the government forces failed, another Peace talks between government and the rebels are being mediated by the East African regional body IGAD - the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development in the Ethiopia capital Addis-Ababa. Both sides still refused to reach a deal to cease hostilities to prevent the world's newest nation falling into civil war, which was the reason i ran for my dear life.

I am 26 years currently in Dakar Senegal and the money I am talking about was deposited in the bank by my late father who so much loved and cherish me, He wanted me to have the best and make him proud, My late father deposited the money and instructed the bank that and I can only withdraw with the help of a trusted foreigner or when i am married who will help me to make the necessary arrangement for the capital investment of the money.

This is the reason why I need your help to be sincere in your heart and assist me transfer the money into any account which you know will be safe either new or old empty or not, Though I do not have experience in international transaction so there is nothing I can do without your help, I wouldn't have bordered you if I have full access to the money within myself, because I am helpless without you, having no account and nobody abroad as a friend or relation.

After the transaction of the money into your account: You will help me withdraw some money from the account where the money was transferred, You will help me send the money through the Reverend Father in refugees camp to get all my traveling documents, You will send a letter of invitation to me so that they will give me a VISA urgently to travel and join you over, to enable me continue my education and for the capital investment.

Meanwhile i have already sent a letter to my late father's bank telling them my intention to claim my inheritance, all i need is your full name, address and telephone number so that i will send an authorization letter on your behalf, and i will give you the contact of the contact person of the bank for you to contact the bank and confirm.

The Reverend Father is like a father to me, i cannot do anything without him, and i need his consent before i leave the camp to stay with you in your country, and you can also contact me with his telephone number +221 782387793 when you call tell him that you want to talk to Miss Selina Marac Akoon, he will send for me and will permit me to talk to you with his telephone will like to hear your voice and explain it more better to you on the telephone.

I still hope to hear from you again.


Selina Marac Akoon
Selina Marac Akoon

On Tuesday, January 5, 2016 2:18 PM, Rudo Marac < helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk > wrote:


I give all my trust, hope, and all because of your being clear from the first day that I contacted you, I want you to know that i can not monitor this transaction due to my refugee status, and I made it known to you that I had sent an authorization letter to my late fathers bank on your behalf with email address, please contact the bank and confirmation from the bank itself.

First you need to send a message to the e-mail address of the bank, and ask them to transfer the money to your account in your country for an investment, contact address of the bank in Senegal as follows, please try to send the letter to the bank first, let us wait for the answer.

Banque de l'Habitat du Senegal (BHS)
Address: Boulevard General De Gaulle BP : 229 Dakar Senegal
Contact Person: Mr. Mr.Imhoudu Mamudu
TEL. . +221 765 940 940
Fax: 221 432 347 528
Postal/Zip Code: BP 229 Dakar
Email: banque.habitatdusenegal@null.net
Web: http://www.bhsenegal.tk

Name of Father Gen. Marac Akoon
Next of kin Selina Marac
Amount 3.8 M US Dollars
Account Number: 034009215301

Tell the bank officer that you are my foreign partner and we need to transfer the money to your account of the investment carefully, and do not hesitate to let me know what the bank said, I will be waiting to hear from you what the bank will say, because I want to join you immediately after the transfer.

Have a nice day,
Yours Selina


On Wednesday, January 6, 2016 6:45 PM, Rudo Marac < helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk > wrote:

My dearest.

I want you to know that spending an hour here in the refugee camp is like a million days in jail, please dear, I do not want to continue like this, please let us follow the instructions of the bank will transfer the money to you, and I will join you and start a new life with you, I'm very happy that the bank have confirmed the availability of the my inheritance and the way forward for the transfer.

The documents required by the bank i just have the death certificate and last statement of account issued to my late father by bank, i will look for means to scan it and send it to you, I am sending it to you with confidence and because of your transparency since the start of this transaction, which gives me more confidence to trust you more and more.

The only problem is the other documents that the Bank said that you will secure from the high court of justice, and i discussed the issue with Reverend Father who is responsible for the refugee camp here in Senegal and he gave me the contact of this lawyer Barrister Augustine Kapomba Fanyana, he is one of the lawyers working with the UN here in Dakar Senegal.

I want you to contact the lawyer in his e-mail or phone, tell him that you are my foreign partner that you need his services to prepare a power of attorney, an affidavit of oath, and letters of administration from the high court, to be able to transfer $ 3.8 million from bank account of my Late Father on my behalf due to my refugee status, if you can not write in English lawyer, you can contact an attorney in your language the lawyer is an international lawyer.

Bellow Here I contact a lawyer with the help of Father Daniel.


NAME: . . . . . . . . Lawyer Kapomba Fanyana Augustine.

TELEPHONE NUMBER. . . +221703338696

E-mail: . . . . . . . .lawyerkapombafanyanaugustine@hotmail.com

This lawyer will represent you at the High Court in Senegal and swear oath on your behalf, the lawyer will also prepare the attorney in your name, and the also secure the letter of administration from the High Court here in Senegal.

Now there is no need for us to wait, because the bank is ready to transfer the money to your account, but the only problem is the documents from the high court here in Senegal, I have to ask Reverend Daniel how can I begin to prepare my travel documents for me to join you when you're through .

Please dear, i will like you to make contact with this law firm immediately and ask them to attain the necessary documents for us to be able to send them to the bank for the transfer the money to your account, and you can see that everything concerning this transfer is complete, please help me to see that this lawyer get this document within the time limit.

My prayers are with you and I know that God has for us for sure, also send the letter you received from the bank to the lawyer for his more understanding. Waiting to hear from you with answers from a lawyer you can call the lawyer on the phone or send and e-mail.

I was expecting good news from you,
Sincerely love.


On Thursday, January 7, 2016 2:03 PM, Lawyer Kapomba < lawyerkapombafanyanaugustine@hotmail.com > wrote:


We have concluded our verification concerning your ongoing transaction
with the bank today being Thursday 7th January 2016 , if not the Bank
confirmed to us that the whole transaction is right and legal; we
wouldn't have accepted your offer.

And be rest assured that we will give to you our best of service and
shall apply all legal terms to guarantee our efficiency from the
moment our required mobilizations materials is received.

We have observed the due protocols and have noted the availability of
the account involve, we have also understood the importance of the
listed documents as required by the bank.

It is our duty to serve you and to make sure that this operation is
dully executed with no error; we will represent you in all area that
you will be required during this transaction.

Note: It has been mandated that every documents backing transaction
must be paid before obtaining any document from the High Court of

1) We will register the two certificates in the office of the high
court justice registrar.

2) We will visit the office of the chief justice of the Federal
Republic of Senegal, to get the authentic stamp duty on the

3) We will secure a receipt of Incorporation from the Ministry of
Internal Affairs here in Dakar Senegal before the two Certificates can
be approved.

4) We will visit the office of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal
Republic of Senegal, to secure the approval order certificate.

A registration fee of (344 ,844 XOF) Senegal currency equivalent to
(385.00 Dollars) is to be deposit at the office desk of the high
court of justice Registrar.

A compulsory (408 ,408 XOF) Senegal currency equivalent to (456.00
Dollars) is to be deposit at the office desk of the High Court High
Court Justice Cashier before swearing the Oath.

Making the total sum of [793 Dollars]

Confirm this email and we shall direct you on how to send the money
[793 Dollars]

After the money is completely transferred to your account in your
country then you sent to us our legal charges and for job well done.

As soon as we received the required fee we promise to secure the legal
documents for you as demanded in 2 working days.

Is rest assured that we shall remain at your service till your fund is
completely transferred to your account in your country.

Barrister & Solicitor Kapomba Augustine Fanyana [ESQ]
Principal Attorney: Kapomba Chambers Associates.
If you have any question, contact us at +221 703338696 or email.


On Thursday, January 7, 2016 5:05 PM, Rudo Marac < helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk > wrote:

Hello Dear
am happy to see the message you got from the lawyer after going true it i see that his asking you to pay the sum of $793 ,i explain everything to Rev Father and he call the lawyer and ask him the lawyer made it to know that the money his asking you is for the documents not for him he will pay in in high court of Senegal ,Dear please you know my condition over here i did not have any money to pay for the documents please help me and pay the money to the lawyer so that he will start the process you know that the bank are waiting for us and am very sure that as soon as we get those documents the bank will transfer the money into your account over there in Kenya.

thanks waiting to hear from you again with good news,

Yours Selina Marac


On Thursday, January 7, 2016 6:52 PM, Rudo Marac < helaryselina@yahoo.co.uk > wrote:

Hello Dear
am very much worried over here have you send the lawyer message how your going to send him the money for the documents?get back to me and let me know because am worried

Miss Young

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