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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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El Miercoles, 27 de enero, 2016 23:46:47, ALVARO GARCIA AGUILAR < a.garciaag@alumnos.urjc.es > escribio:
Doran Contractors Limited Canada.


Join our team! We are currently recruiting for:

Corporate Services
EHS & Regulatory
Engineering & Engineering Support
Field Operations
Oil & Gas Marketing
Supply Chain

Serious Applicants are to submit their Educational Qualification Certificates and Resume CV through this email address below for Verification and Consideration, via email: dorancontractors.ltd@contractor.net

Sign: Management

El Sabado, 30 de enero, 2016 2:01:35, Doran Contractors < dorancontractors.ltd@contractor.net > escribio:

Attention Job Applicant,
The Employment Directorate Office of Doran Construction Company Canada got your resume CV relating to the Job offer notification posted Online, We value the Interest you have shown to Work in our Company by sending your resume to us; In the Order Hand, your resume has been Short listed for Doran Construction Company.
We Generally Wish to have you as one of our employees and hope that you will find your employment with us here Satisfactory, All international Applicants are to Provide the Following details;
1. Answers to the Interview Questions
2. Valid Educational Qualifications and Certificates Genuine Scan copies
3. Scan Copies of your International Passport.
4. All Applicants That are Unable to Provide the required details SHOULD stop Further correspondence with this office.
Our HR senior officials shall review all the interview responds provided by all international job applicants and their educational qualification certificates.
There will be official introduction interview on your resumption of duty in Canada to enable the company management know the applicants better and for the applicant to know the company better too.
The Canada Embassy in your country will help the company to verify the genuine status of your educational certificates from the institutions that issued such certificates before the approval of visa to ensure we are not recruiting applicants with fake certificates.
Wayne Jennings
Office inquiring Tel:+1-6133663330
Doran Construction Company Canada


DORAN CONTRACTORS LIMITED 3187 Albion Rd South Ottawa Canada. ONK1V 8Y3. Office Tel: +1-6133663330

DORAN CONTRACTORS LIMITED Canada hereby on behalf of the above name enter agreement with you. I urge you to abide by the rules and ethics guiding this organization. We shall welcome you as one of our employees and hope that you will find your employment with us satisfactory. We are pleased to offer you employment with the DORAN CONTRACTORS LIMITED upon the following terms and conditions:

1. DATE OF COMMENCEMENT Your commencing date with the DORAN CONTRACTORS LIMITED will be stipulated on the intent appointment letter if you are successfully appointed. Your contract with us will last for 5 years after which we will consider extension.

2. SALARY/ ALLOWANCES/ ENTITLEMENTS Your starting basic monthly salary will be $8,350.000 US Dollars /- per Month which you will receive before 28 of every Month. Car Maintenance: $300.00 dollar (Monthly) House & Furnishings: $1,200 dollar (Yearly) Entertainment & Recreation: 300.00 dollar (Monthly)

3. VISA PROCUREMENT The Company could send all the essential documents and appoint Canada Immigration attaché to assist you in getting your entry clearance from the Consular. You shall bear the cost of securing your entry clearance (visa) while the company provides air ticket to you and your IMMEDIATE family. You will be reimbursed the cost incurred during your visa processing period after submitting the receipts as evidence of payment.

4. WORKING HOURS The Company's working hours are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm. You are entitled to one hour of lunch in break every day. You may be required to work beyond the normal working hours to discharge your duties at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise, amend or extend the working hours should the need arise.

5. ANNUAL LEAVE Besides the gazette public holidays, you are entitled to twenty eight (28) days paid annual leave upon the completion of one year's service from the date of confirmation of your employment. Pro-rated (divide) annual leave before the completion of one year's service is at the sole discretion of the company. During the probation period, you are not entitled to any leave. You cannot carry forward any unutilized annual leave to the next year. Any leave balance at the end of the calendar year shall be forfeited. Unpaid leave shall be granted at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right to terminate your employment without notice if you are absent from work on unpaid leave without prior approval from the Company. You are entitled to five (5) days of compassionate leave per calendar year upon the completion of the first year of service. Approval for compassionate leave shall be at the sole discretion of the company. All leave applications must be made in writing and at least seven (7) days in advance and shall be approved at the absolute discretion of the Company. You will receive $1,000.00 US Dollar Take home for each leave Period

6. SICK LEAVE You must notify the Company and/or your immediate supervisor as soon as practicable if you are unable to work for medical reasons. Such notice shall be given within the first four (4) hours of the working day. However, your family also has the same medical entitlements as well as you.
You are required to produce, without demand, a medical certificate in all cases where you are absent from work for medical reasons. You are entitled to fourteen (14) days of paid sick leave per calendar year, upon confirmation of your employment. Sick leave during the probation period shall be approved at the sole discretion of the Company. If you are hospitalized on a doctor's written order, you may get up to forty-six (46) additional days of paid sick leave per calendar year.

7. MATERNITY AND CHILD CARE LEAVE You will be entitled to the Maternity leave as per Canada law. Such leave is to be taken on doctor's written orders. The maternity leave will be on a fully paid basis as long as the Employee has served for at least one hundred and eighty (180) days before the date of first confinement. A female Employee on leave because of a miscarriage or abortion shall be considered to be only on normal sick leave. You are entitled to two (2) days of employer-paid childcare leave per calendar year if you have any child below age seven (7) in that year.

8. TERMINATION AND NOTICE During your employment with DORAN CONTRACTORS LIMITED, either party may terminate the contract by giving one (1) months' notice or the equivalent of two (1) month's salary in lieu of notice. The Company reserves the right not to give any reasons for termination. The Company, however, has the right to give immediate notice before terminating your services if you are guilty of misdemeanor, misconduct, negligence or breach of any of the terms of this Letter of Contract. Upon the termination of your employment you shall return to the Company all documents, records, items and materials in your possession or custody belonging to the Company or its clients and you shall not retain any copies (including electronic or soft copies) thereof. During your notice period, you shall handover all documents and materials relating to your work and ensure a smooth transition of your duties and responsibilities. If you fail to complete the handover during the notice period, the Company shall be fully entitled to require and compel you to stay two (2) more weeks after the notice period has ended to complete the hand over.

9. CONFIDENTIALITY You shall not disclose to any third party any confidential information obtained during your course of employment or during your recruiting process unless expressly authorized by the Company. Confidential information for the purposes of this employment includes and is not limited to trade secrets, business plans, strategies, financial information and any other information that will affect the Company's competitive position. Your obligations to maintain confidentiality and secrecy shall apply after your employment until such time that the information is no longer confidential or has been made public by the Company. You shall not without prior written consent of the Company destroy, make copies, duplicate or reproduce in any form the Company's confidential information.

GOVERNING LAW This Letter of Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Canada. Please confirm your acceptance of the above terms and conditions by signing on the lower right hand side and returning to us the duplicate copy of this letter within three (3) days from the date of this letter.

Sign: Wayne Jennings Applicant Name: For: Doran Contractors Limited. Date: Doran Contractors Limited. Sign: © 2016 DCL all rights reserved.


3187 Albion Rd South

Ottawa Canada. ONK1V 8Y3.

Office Tel: +1-6133663330


1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why do you want to work at our company?

3. Why did you want to resign from your previous job?

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

5. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

6. Are you a risk taker or do you like to stay away from risks?

7. Can you work under pressure?

8. Are you willing to relocate to Canada by 4th April 2016, if you are employed?

9. What motivates you to do good job?

10. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

11. What is your position in your current or previous job?

12. Have you managed people in any of the positions you’ve held?

13. How do you balance both your family and your job?

14. Are you ready to obey with the rules and regulation of our company?

15. If you're told by your boss to do something that you feel is illegal, what would you do?

16. What was the toughest decision you ever make in life?

17. How do you define success?

18. What will you do when you have a problem with your boss?

19. What position do you prefer to work in this organization and why do you think you can work better in such designation?

20. is the salary $8,350.000 USD good for you per month or How much salary do you expect?

21. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

22. If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?



I declare the answers above are provided by me with the best of my knowledge.

1. Your Full Name:

2. Direct Mobile No:

3. Home Address:

4. Exact Age:

5. Sex:

6. Marital Status:

7. Passport Num

Provide the above answers for immediate consideration; as soon as you pass this online interview, employment appointment letter will be sent to you immediately through email to enable you join our company without delay.

You are advice to send scan copies of your educational qualifications and international passport to us for proper verification.


We are looking forward to your immediate response.

Sign: Wayne Jennings

Doran Contractors Limited.

Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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