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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: angel77@1ste-mail.org
Received: 2015-12-22 15:17:02

hi ) How are you doing? I loved your profile and I would like to get to know you better, what do you think? ;) Write me on my home e-mail address : saccharine@nice-box.net so it will be comfortable for me to write you and send many photos. I will be waiting for your answer Kris ;)


> Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 19:01:30 +0400
> From: saccharine@nice-box.net
> Hello my dear. How are you today without me? What's your mood? What is the weather? As I was very tired today for the whole day, if you only knew. Today was a lot of work, but in spite of that I could not write to you today because I signed a contract about which I wrote to you in my letter last. I have a very urgent business trip and so tomorrow I'm leaving on a business trip to Moscow in Russia. All day today I have some not clear. I have a lot of work, a lot of contracts to be checked, but the thought of you makes me tune in to the job. Today I keep thinking about you, about our meeting, and it is similar to the madness !!! Maybe I have to go crazy? I have a feeling that I was really mad, and I must confess that I'm going crazy without you. You know, before you sit down to write this letter to you I was somewhere quarter of an hour sitting at his work computer and just thinking about you. I imagined what you are in reality, I imagined our first meeting, our first conversation, the first night and . . I can not tell you everything because I'm shy. Frankly speaking, I am a little afraid of what lies ahead. I am referring to our meeting. With me it's the first time, this is my first encounter with the man over the Internet, and it scares me. Suddenly, our expectations are not fulfilled. What then? We just say goodbye and disperse in different directions? Or we will still continue to meet? how do you do, if I do not like you? Of course, I do not want to think about it, before we met, but I would be interested to learn about your reaction to such a situation. If tell you about his reaction, I'm not going to go away. I think if you and I will not come for a serious relationship, that in fact we still could stay with you and your friends to meet you as friends. You agree with me? What are your thoughts about that? Be honest !!! I hope you agree with me. Now about sex. Forgive me for such a direct question to you, but you would like to have sex with me at our meeting? I know that this is not a cultural right to ask such questions, but I want to be honest with you, and so important to me your answer on the topic. Personally, my opinion - I do not mind having sex with you, certainly not at the first meeting. Could you just do not think badly of me. I'm not a woman of easy virtue, but if we are to bind more serious relationship with you, then why not? I already flushed with shame. It's hard to admit it, but if we are going to meet with you, we should be very honest with you. That is why today I write to you all that I think. I hope you will not think badly of me and you can just answer me honestly. At least a little, try to answer, ok. With much look forward to your response on this topic.
> Speaking of my trip. I already wrote to you about this, but I still want to tell you that tomorrow I am flying to Moscow, Russia. I hired a small company that has a branch in Russia. I only need a draw to them the next contract, and then I come back. Somewhere in 2-3 days, and I have come back to Melbourne. I'll bring my laptop, so that we can maintain a relationship with you. I do not want to lose contact with you, so write to me and I'm just going to write to you as soon as I have free time.
> My dear, unfortunately I must now hurry. I have today many more cases, documents that I need to check out before tomorrow's departure. I do not know when it's all over, so I leave it at that. I just have to wait again for your letter and I hope you will write to me soon.
> Again gently kiss you !!!
> I miss you already !!!
> Sincerely yours in love, Kristina.



Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 11:46:14 +0400
From: saccharine@nice-box.net

Hello from Russia !

Yes, I am now in Russia. I think tomorrow I will finish my work, and one day I will return home.
Today I have a good mood! Today is a great day. This is the day of my mother's birthday. I'm lonely now as I think about my mother. And in my heart it becomes very painful, from the fact that it does not exist in this world.
I am very glad that I am able to write this letter to you, as if you did not, I felt very lonely. I am very sorry that now there is a distance between us, I would very much like to reduce our distance and you feel you and your breath beside him. If I would have had wings we would be together and could celebrate my mother's birthday together.
Unfortunately I'm in Russia at the moment and there is no one with whom I could talk and drink a glass of wine. I ordered a bottle of white wine in your room, and probably I have to celebrate alone. I'm very bored and lonely now, and even some tears dripping from his eyes in frustration. maybe you have a computer? Maybe now we can communicate with you? Unfortunately, I do not have a laptop program for a chat, but if you do not mind, we could fit through online writing. What do you think about it? Please, if you're here now, email me. Make me company.
I'm not going to sleep and wait for your reply. We could talk about our next meeting next
week, or may even fantasize with you on a variety of topics. An example of friendship and love. By the way, I plan to come to you in the middle of the week, I watched the tickets for your country, and I will book a ticket for 12 February. I have long promised to write to you my phone number, but still did not give it to you. I am now very ashamed that I have so far not given you my phone number. Previously, I was not sure that I am ready to talk to you on the phone, but now I want to hear your voice and speak to you over the phone. Can you write me your phone number, and I myself will try to call you tomorrow or in a few days. I would like to send you a lot of your photos, but unfortunately I now have only a few pictures. I really wanted to send you more of my pictures, but now there is no possibility for this. I think that as soon as I get home, I'll post a photo of his album. Well, everything.
I'll look forward to your letter.
With your love Kristina.


> Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 21:02:03 +0400
> From: saccharine@nice-box.net
> My dear friend, my love, I guess you do not sleep longer, I think you woke up, I do not know. Now I really do not know anything, I do not know who else to share grief, and so I decided to write to you.
> Now I have come to the internet cafe to write my only friend, I wanted to tell her about his grief and ask for help.
> But it took about an hour and a response from her, I could not wait. I also tried to call her, but she was probably moved to another country to parents. I rented a computer in an Internet cafe, for one hour, now there are only 15 minutes before the end of the hour, and I have decided to share their grief with you. I do not know who else I can share with their grief.
> My dear, just a couple of hours ago, everything was fine with me, but now I feel disgusting.
> I do not know how to write you now about what happened to me. I just do not know where to start, and I'm in tears.
> Tonight after work I went back to the hotel. The taxi driver drove me to the hotel, but stopped about fifty meters from the entrance, I was not against it, I decided that I would be useful to walk a few meters on foot.
> But when I came out with a taxi and went to the hotel, I was suddenly attacked by a man, he hit me several times on the head from behind, I grabbed my bag and ran in the opposite direction.
> All this happened in a matter of seconds, I fell down on the asphalt, I was shocked. I was scared and hurt and I could not do anything. I did not know what to do.
> Now I sit and think about it, like a bad dream. He stole my bag in the bag was all my money, so I do not when you do not keep money in the bank card, I do not when you do not trust banks, so all of my money when I have always been in my bag. And as he stole my bag with my phone, documents for the job. He stole all that now, and I do not know how I live now !!!
> I cried. His eyes were red from crying, and I just do not know what to do now!
> So I immediately ran to the hotel may be other more courageous woman to run for the bandits to return her bag, but I was very scared, and I had no choice. Once I ran into the hotel, I immediately asked to call the police.
> But the police arrived only after half an hour and it was too late to look for these people. The officer asked me about what happened.
> I told them about all the details, they told me that this is not the first time.
> The officer told me that I have to thank God that I'm still alive. Now a very difficult time in Russia, because of the crisis in Russia. A police officer told me that now frequent looting and robbery of foreigners. He said that the robbers are often robbed of foreign nationals, as foreign citizens defenseless in a foreign country and they are the easiest to rob.
> I do not know what to do!? After all this, I am afraid to be in this country!
> The police told me that they will try to find these criminals, but I could see how they work, and I just do not believe them.
> I feel that they will not even try to look for them, because I am not a citizen of their country. Today I offered to turn to my embassy.
> I spent a long time at the police station. I am very tired, I need a little rest, I have to bring myself up. Now in my head all messed up. I'm afraid of everything.
> I'm shocked. I need comfort, I want moral support from you.
> Tell me at least that you love me, I'm sure that these words make me feel better. I need you now!
> I needed to talk to you, I is not one to turn to. If my parents were alive, I certainly would ask for help to them, but unfortunately my parents in the other world, and only my friend flew to another country to her parents and her number is not available. I do not know what to do now. For me you are the closest person.
> And after this letter, I feel much better. Sensation as if a heavy burden has fallen from the soul. Please write me a few words.
> very hard for me, and I want to see your letter. I'll be waiting for your prompt letter.
> Your Kristina .
Miss Young

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