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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Van: Veronica Ahmed < veronicaahmed@outlook.fr >
Verzonden: vrijdag 27 mei 14:12 2016
Onderwerp: Hello my dearest one good news

Hello my dearest one good news ,

I hope everything is okay with you and your blessed family.

Every arrangement to have the funds delivered to you in your country has been concluded With the bank base on the call that i receive from the bank as i pleaded/requested the bank to have this funds deliver in cash to you to avoid delaying or bring governmental bodies after my pleading the bank has granted my request that only left option since i can not afford the cost to obtain the required documents here in Senegal, before i will die here in with poor condition of leavings.

The bank has agreed to complete the claims with my late husband personal will and death certificate by diplomatic means of fund delivering down to your country when once the below information's that i am going to state below are confirm received by the bank , the bank said that it wouldn't take up to 24 hours to complete the funds delivering by diplomatic means of cash delivering to your care , since i can not afford the rest documents it was the help of our lawyer whom speak and plead as well to the bank before the bank said that the only way the deposit can be delivery to you is to have the total sum sealed in a save consignment box and delivery at your country by diplomat means with a representative from the bank who will be going together with the diplomat for sealed computer box delivering to you .

Then you can meet with representative and the diplomat to receive the sealed box as my investor /partner who will help me to invest the money in the real estate management all under your care , so that you can come down here and pick me with my daughter back to your country as a peaceful country for us to start investing the total sum in real estate management why i continue my schooling under your care life here in this country is bad and i cant keep wasting my days and my life here in this country . I have come in agreement with the bank where my late husband made the deposit that you will take care of the diplomatic delivering charges fees and clearing fees by yourself in your country before the bank agree that the funds can be deliver to you in cash .

The bank is requesting for your full contact information's , you should forward immediately below information so that the bank will complete this claims of my late husband deposit right in your door post as they said . The following information's are what the bank is requesting from you .

1) YOUR NAME_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2) SEX/AGE_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _

3) YOUR COUNTRY_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4) YOUR OCCUPATION_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5) YOUR MARITAL STATUS_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6) PHONE /FAX NUMBER_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7) ADDRESS_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Because of this development the bank where the fund is has decided they can have the funds delivered at your door post when once they receive the stated information's above, The Diplomat that will be delivering the Consignment to you does not know the true content of the box he will be delivering except the official from the Bank who will be accompanying the Diplomat to delivery the Consignment to you at your country . The choice of a Diplomat as I understood was made because of their Immunity and I was made to understand by the bank that they will not be searched or under go any form of scanning because of the Diplomatic Yellow Tag which will be placed on the sealed Consignment box with the total sum this arrangement will be effective by tomorrow as soon i receive the information and forward it to the bank . when once i got your reply with all the above listed information's so that i can forward it immediately to the bank . i really want you to be fast in anything that you are doing now that the bank has agreed to release the deposit down to your door post .

Please I want you to let me know if this new arrangements will be convenient for you, so that the Diplomat can immediately depart for you since the bank is waiting for me to confirm this ,to receive the sealed consignment box containing my funds $ 4.5 million united state dollar from them on my behalf as you can see that life here in this country is not something that anybody will ever talk good off , as you receive this mail you should be fast in anything that you are doing to make sure that everything concerning this claims are completed Before this week end, after you have secured the sealed consignment box from the Diplomat and the representative you can then re-deposit the funds into any new by bank or any safer way you think is better to keep the funds until i arrive for the investment while i will continue my schooling all under your care .

I want you to do all your best to help me get the funds from the Diplomat because you are my only hope of getting my late fathers funds back before i will die here in this condition i know that you never understand my condition here in this country but you are going to witness it after the claim of my late husband deposit when you will arrive here to pick me back to your country.

Finally, please make sure you do not disclose the true content of the sealed consignment box to the Diplomat because his not aware of the true content as i was told by the bank, except the representative from the bank who will be coming with the diplomat when once the consignment box are been handed over to you as i was told by the bank the representative from the bank will stay with you why the diplomat will depart for you to cross check the total sum before he will depart to his base,

And please keep everything about this claims confidential between the both of us. As i will be waiting for your next mail try and call me with this telephone number +221 781 686 200
i am waiting for your mail update attach your full address information in the next mail so that i can send it to the bank for them to contact you immediately they arrive .i am waiting for your urgent reply .

Thank you and God bless you as I await your urgent response.

Best Regards

Mrs. Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim

Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 1:48 AM
From: "Veronica Ahmed" < veronicaahmed@outlook.fr >
To: "boa-africa@accountant.com" < boa-africa@accountant.com >
Subject: Hello Sir Good Morning Please I Am Forwarding This Details To You On Behalf Of My Representative For The Delivering As You Requested
2) SEX/AGE Male





9) Email Address
Van: BANK OF AFRICA < boa-africa@accountant.com >
Cc: veronicaahmed@outlook.fr
Verzonden: dinsdag 31 mei 16:40 2016
Onderwerp: Bank of Africa Senegal(BOAS)

Bank of Africa Senegal(BOAS)

BUREAU DE CHANGE INDEPENDANCE 33 rue Carnot X Place del'Independance.Republique du Senegal
Swift Code.
Email: boa-africa@accountant.com OR boa.africasenegal@gmail.com
(International Money Transferring Unit) C/O

The name of the transfer officer is (Mr.) Papa Demba and his direct office phone numbers are:TEL: 00.221
760139111 FAX: 00221-338373498

Ref : BOAS/221-C/QSO

We have received an authorization from ( Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) in your favor to act strictly as her partner investment manager on the clearance (for investment purposes) of a funds made by her late husband, ( engineer Ahmed Ibrahim)through a timed fixed deposit mode with us . Base on your partner's request ( Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) for a second Option we will follow it up and delivery the total sum in cash to you in as requested by the next of kin (Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) Presenting the death certificate ,personal will for the diplomatic fund delivering of the sealed consignment box with the total sum of $4.500.000 Million united state dollar with the interest rate of $28000 united state dollar making the total sum
$4.528.000 Million united state dollar ,

The transfer would have been made by online wired transfer bank to bank but since there is no back up requested documentations from the Dakar high court here in Senegal that is why we are following the request of the next kin ( Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) requesting for diplomatic funds delivering which is the only next system left of the fund to be release by the Lawyer who granted this release order on this deposit via diplomatic fund delivering down to on MONDAY 6TH June 2016.

To be able to carry such amount in the deposit on the condition that the British government will like to know the origin of the said sum and to avoid more delaying on the release of this deposit We simply follow this diplomatic system of transfer as requested by the next of kin (Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) so that the British government will not delay the claims and mind you that all the expenses made
in this funds during the delivering time are to be cleared by the receiver before the release of the consignment at the point of arrival there in , This release order has been in effective today been 31 May 2016 to have the total sum delivered to .

By this notification an arrangement has been concluded by the management of the above mentioned firm for a face to face fund clearance through a nominated diplomatic agent that will be traveling to meet you on Thursday they ticket to has already been issue to them by the airways of which by SUNDAY Evening their should be ready to depart to , Be informed that the diplomat that is assigned to meet you for this fund clearance is charged to get a formal identification verification from you once you meet him before final clearance is processed with your Identity card as it has to be shown to the diplomatic agent since the rest documents been the
personal will and the death certificate of the depositor has been receive from the next of kin ( Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) .

To check fraud, we take due caution to ensure that any diplomatic agent does not know the content of any consignment as to avoid tampering due to personal interest , You are advised to strictly co-operate with the diplomat as soon as he meets you as to help him expedite action on your payment , Please note that the diplomatic agent and the representative will left via airlines through senegal international on SUNDAY Evening been 5th June 2016 and they are expected to reach you by your given telephone as soon as he touched down in, You are expected to submit your formal identifications ,Already all your information has been taken note off by this office and the diplomat who will be delivering the consignment to you in .

You are also expected to go with a copy identity been your
international passport for clarification before final clearance will be made as soon as the diplomatic arrive . The service charges for the diplomatic agent has been calculated to ( 3,250 Euro), The choice of a Diplomatic agent as I understood was made because of their Immunity and I was made to understand he will not be searched or under go any form of scanning because of the Diplomatic Yellow Tag placed on the Consignment and that is why this fees of ( 3,250 Euro) calculated customs clearance fees and it has to be paid before the release of the sealed box consignment with the total sum $4.528.000 Million United States Dollar at the port of arrival by the diplomatic who will be going to clear the sealed consignment box by himself at the customs office Why you and our representative wait for confirmation of the total sum before our representative will return to this office .

More over you must understand that this money was deposited as fixed deposited and as the British Banking Systems stated no one has the right to remove any penny from the deposit including our bank until the whole sum $4.528.000 million United states
dollars are delivered to ( Mrs Veronica Ahmed Ibrahim) Partner in , You are expected to settle ( the diplomatic agent ) before final clearance will be made with the customs for immediate release of the consignment sealed with the total sum $4.528.000 million united state dollar .

The sealed consignment box code number will be issue to you at the point of receiving the consignment call this office with in the person of ( Mr Papa Demba ) , He was advised to release the consignment box pin code number when once you are together with the diplomatic agent at the point of delivering the sealed consignment in your hand to enable you to cross-check the content of the consignment in the present of our representative when once the diplomatic agent cleared and submit the sealed consignment box to you and our representative .

For your kind information's you should follow all the instruction stated in this mail to avoid
making a miss-take which might bring problem and you should also know that the diplomatic agent is not away that the sealed consignment contents cash and to avoid problem what you should do as soon as the diplomatic agent arrive and called you is for you to how he will received the money for the customs/diplomat clearances fees of ( 3,250Euro ) you can pay with your local currency cash. remember to call this office so that the consignment pin code number will be issue to you immediately you receive the consignment from the diplomatic agent.

The Diplomat will arrive on MONDAY 6TH June 2016 so make sure you get back to us so that we should know if its possible for you TO RECEIVE them on MONDAY 6TH June 2016,

We promise to give our customers the best of our services .Should you have any question, please contact our, foreign department Director
FAX + 221-338373498 , TEL+ 221

Miss Young

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