Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Van: Kelly Watson < kellywatson490@gmail.com >
Verzonden: zondag 19 juni 19:48 2016
Onderwerp: Re: Kelly on Zorpia

Hi dear,thanks for writing again, I hope you are doing great with your loved ones. I'm Kelly Watson, I work with the US military currently base in Iraq-Kuwait as a surgeon. I'm single, never been married, I don't have any problem with dressing like a responsible woman, i pray and i believer as well. I don't have any disabilities and beautiful.
Please my dear bear with me that i can't really talk to you about myself right now because I'm kind of under some certain condition that i need your help for my dear. i don't know how you are going to welcome me but honestly i need your help to execute a project but i don't know if you would be involve.
My dear, I'm sorry for sounding awkward but i need your help and i shall talk about it in my next message.
You can check the attachment for some few pics.

Kelly Watson
Van: Kelly Watson < kellywatson490@gmail.com >
Verzonden: vrijdag 24 juni 15:18 2016
Onderwerp: Re: Kelly on Zorpia

It great to read from you once more again and i hope you are fine today. I just hope that my message wouldn't scare you away completely from having a relationship with me because i can be better as i believe so much in positive change. By the way, my names are Kelly Watson and I'm precisely a surgeon, i believe i mentioned that also in my previous message. I'm 34yrs old though look younger in the pictures but I'm 34yrs old for real. I'm single and never been married, i know life here in the Gulf, Middle East i have be here for more than 10yrs all put together though it's not a straight 10yrs but i think this is a enough time to know the people and the way of life here. I know some little Arabic, i took classes on my earlier arrival here but wasn't that serious because of my department so i had an interpreter attached to my crew. If there is any other thing you would like to know about me please don't hesitate to ask.
Regarding my little project i talked about in my previous message; you know, it's hard to share my secret because of the situation of thepresent world and also it might come as a big surprise to you but i will wanna spite it out because i wanna be free and i think it's time that i have a life of mine and start thinking of how to be a wife and a mother my dear because this was the main objective of my subject. It's going to be strange but my dear about 11yrs ago now, during my first deployment to Iraq, i partnered with colleagues and we were involve in an Oil Food Programme in Iraq were we made millions of dollars in Basrah region of Iraq, my share part of the money was 8.5 million United States dollars which I quietly and safely packed into two electronics and move as "personal valuables" from Iraq with the help of a diplomatic company to the United Kingdom where the money currently is deposited with the same security company that help me move from the two electronics boxes (personal valuables) from Iraq. I was actually moving the money to the United States when the US government announced he had lost money in Iraq due to this Programme
and for this reason I couldn't move the money to the United States and i instead deposited the money with the security company in the UnitedKingdom for safekeeping, the security company operates a safe-keeping vault. I made this decision to avoid losing the money because ibelieve taking the boxes to the US will raise questioning, I was afraid that questions will arise; how a military sergeant made that amount of money and it could lead to the government tracing the root of the money. I decided to stop the money in the United Kingdom until I look for a place I can move the two electronics boxes (family valuables) to completely avoid any trouble from the US government and still be able to have a beautiful else after the military, raise a family and be a responsible wife. Someone might ask why do i have to be involved in such Programme, believe me i was afraid of the future after the military because life after the military back home irrespective of one's age is disastrous as there is no work for ex-war soldiers forgetting that we need special care because of our experience during the time of war and we need money to be able to achieve this very care that will completely help one have a fresh start without troubles. You know this is the main reason why i got myself involved in the Programme, also crew members were also influential. i have to be honest with you irrespective of what you will think because truth last forever.

You know, currently the boxes are deposited with this company (www.gbfscltd.co.uk ) as two electronics boxes tagged (Family Valuables) with high value because the company doesn't know what is inside the boxes. The boxes are well locked with digital combination which is known to me only. You can be able to track the details of the boxes with this tracking details; (). You can do that on the company's webpage with the tracking number.

My dear, what i actually want from you is represent me as a spouse to claim the deposited electronics boxes from the company because due to security reasons i wouldn't be able to do the claim myself and i believe it more safe for the boxes to be claimed by a third party and reach the destination that I'm heading before my resignation from the military to join you over there. So, it will look like i got a man overseas who promise to marry me and I'm leaving the military because of that reason. Once you were able to successful help me claim the boxes from the company, i shall resign from the military within a good time phrase to join you because i have always work my way back to deployment to Iraq even when withdrew because i feel like i should
finish everything that started in Iraq here in Iraq.

You know, you might also ask why should i trust you and the same question applies to me but one thing i want you to know is that strangers are best trusted for this transaction because you rather lose the money and remain with your honor rather than be busted over night while using a family, friends and relatives.

Also, you might ask about yourself security but believe me i have done lots of surveillance on this transaction and the process of moving the boxes to you and other stuffs, the only conclusion is that everything is safe for you and risk free but the only problem is that how much will you trust me to work with me because the world we live in today.

I don't know what will be going through your mind as you're reading this long message, which i know you might find it difficult to understand as well but one thing i really desire from you is attention and straightforwardness without you holding back any feelings back but pouring your mind sincere mind out on me. I will be grateful if get positive answer from you and also i will not feel bad if you can't help me.

I attached the certificate of deposit of the boxes with the company to this message and also attached are copies of my ids and some pics for you.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.

Kelly Watson
Kelly Watson
Kelly Watson
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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