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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 17:00:36 +0000 (UTC)
From: Susan Helm <susanjhelm50@gmail.com>
Subject: happy new year

Hello Friend,

I wishes you a very happy and successful new year to you and you friends and family, My name is Lieutenant general Susan J. Helms, I am looking for a very passionate man, please write me back for more introduction? I have something very important i will like to discuss with you, Best regard.

General Susan Helms.

Andrew Owen
Susan Jane Helms
Susan Helms
Susan Helms
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 20:10:41 +0000
From: Susan Helm <susanjhelm50@gmail.com>
Subject: Greetings From Susan.

Hello Dear Friend,

Nice to meet you, how is life? hope you and your family are fine. Like i said my name is Lieutenant general Susan J. Helms, a USA Citizen, from Charlotte, North Carolina considers Portland Oregon. I graduated from Parkrose Senior High School, Portland Oregon, Presently i am in Afghanistan at war zone for peace keeping mission due to the WAR crisis going on here in Afghanistan.

About me, I have a good heart, I have a loving heart and am very respectful and kind Woman, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life and am very respectful.

I have my reasons to contact you as i have something very important to share with you in my next mail. maybe we can start as friend or go into business partner with my funds which i need to invest with urgent assistance.

What do you do for a living to overcome economical expenses and to sustain your life and family? I know we just know each other but we can share ideas and discuss about important things and more issues as we talk about ourselves, I like to think positively and I care about other people's feelings.

I will be very happy to know more about you, like your hobbies, Interest, Life style, Religious believe, i will also love to see your recent pictures, like i always says i have very important issue to share and discuss with you in my next mail so that you will give will me a solution about it, Let me stop here for now, i expect an urgent respond from you soon.In case if you want to know more about me then open my en.wikipedia.org below:


General, Susan J. Helms.

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 11:40:34 +0000
From: Susan Helm <susanjhelm50@gmail.com>


Thanks for your respond and your lovely message.I really need your assistance that is the reason i contact you.I want to go into relationship and business partnership with you, as i don't know how long we would stay in the war zone here for the rescue of the war.Here in the military zone we are not allow to make use of mobile phone, we only make use of radio message and email communication.

I want you to know that we are being attacked by insurgents every day and car bombs. During one of our rescue mission we came across a safe box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the revolutionaries, which I believe they use it in buying weapons and ammunition's, and it was agreed by all parties in present that the money will be shared among us.

Out of the total fund my share was $10.000,000,00 (Ten Million US Dollars). I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of the money, which is $10.000,000,00 (Ten Million US Dollar) out of here to you, in as much as you can assure me that my own share will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is not stolen money, and there are no dangers involved.

I have made arrangements with a UNITED NATION DIPLOMAT who promised to deliver the fund to any of my choosing destination. I shall be compensating you with 30% of the total fund on final conclusion of this project, while the rest balance shall be my investment capital in your country. One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter to a third party, if you have reasons to reject this offer, please destroy this e-mail as any leakage of this information will be too bad for me, due to my position as an Retire army general.

I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust,but rather take me as your own sister. Though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, well I will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me receive and invest the fund.

I do not know how long we will remain here, and I have survived two bomb attack here, which prompted me to search out for a reliable and trustworthy person to help me receive and invest the fund in his country.

Conclusively wish you send me a reply immediately as soon as you receive this proposal.Attach in this mail is my Identity Card. Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated. I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification, and then send your questions, I wait to hear from you soonest.

RT. USAF General, Susan J. Helms.

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 17:02:35 +0000
From: Susan Helm <susanjhelm50@gmail.com>


How are you today? I believe you are fine, friendship, honest, and trust comes through the heart and it doesn't necessarily ask for permission before it comes, but it brings amazing feelings that both people can hold into and make it grow stronger and better. We have met here and we have opened our hearts to nurture genuine feelings we both have for each other. So i believe it won't be difficult for us to transform this into reality. I'm the kind of person that takes a lot of time to trust someone or opening my heart, but when i met you everything changed. You brought positivity into my heart. You made my heart melted and fell for you. It's such an exciting feelings that we cannot let it go without giving it a serious chance. We have to be positive that we will have no problems transforming this friendship into reality when we meet. because I'm coming straight to you as soon as my mission is over. these words are real both in my heart and in reality.

all i want from you now is honest, i believe God will help us to archive our gold in life, I have made arrangements with a UNITED NATION DIPLOMAT who promised to deliver the fund to any of my choosing destination, because of Afghanistan government laws to check mate terrorism act as the Country is in war, they don't allow foreign transaction,it is highly restricted. i believe you are good person to me, However i have paid the UNITED NATION DIPLOMAT who will deliver the consignment box to the Security Company UK for safe deliver, as i explain my position here being war zone am not in position and not allow sending money out due to Country law, So if there is extra charge from the Company for deliver the funds please settle them, I remember that you will invest the fund in good business for me before i come, i really want to make a good plan for my future life. I want you to invest into real estate,company houses and hotels, Please make sure that everything is successful and secret between us,

Finally, i want you to be in total control of my funds as soon as the fund arrive in your place. Do write your reply to me with your full name and full contact information's to enable me give it to the United Nation diplomat who will delivery the consignment Box to you. Please i will like you to send me your full data such as.

1: Your Full Name
2: Home Address
3: Direct Phone Number
4: Your Profession
5: Your Country
6: Scan copy of your international passport or Identity Card.

Reply this mail with your above mentioned details, i will contact the diplomat who will bring the consignment to you and give him your details, so that he will start the journey to deliver the fund, Looking forward to read from you. Take good care of you and remain bless.thank you very much my regard to your family.

RT. USAF General, Susan J. Helms

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 20:23:32 +0000
From: Susan Helm <susanjhelm50@gmail.com>


Thanks for your respond. I have went to UN Security office here to submit your details, the UN security office said that they sent the box to an insurance security company in England for safe keeping due to the gravity of attack and crisis here on daily basis because they need to protect the box as it was register under high premium insurance policy. So below are the details of the insurance company given to me by the UN Security office here. They directed me to get in touch with the Security Company for them to deliver the box to you,

They collected your details and send it to Security company and they also instruct you to contact Security Company as a person the box has to deliver to.I want you to contact this mentioned Security company in London with below details given to me by UN Security Office. Write to them to their Email ID and reconfirm your details to them for immediate delivering of the box.

Office Address: 501 International House
223 Regent Street, London W1B 2QD
Email-Address: grossvenordeliveryservices@outlook.com
Tel: +447971575607

When you contact the insurance company, tell them you are the partner of USA Retire Military officer Sgt. General, Susan J. Helms, and you want to know the possibility of delivering a consignment box contains family items of Retire Sgt. General, Ms Susan J. Helms. to your country.I have also send them an email on your behalf right now, but you too need to contact them as the person they have to deliver the box to. I want you to understand that the funds inside the consignment box will be under your control until i complete my services and join you soon.

Please always put me in your daily prayers because from time to time my military colleagues are being attacked by car bomb and insurgents are also attacking us and some are dieing instantly, right now i am living in fear, so do all possible to contact them. Dear, please please for security of the funds, do not allow the insurance company or the person who is coming to deliver the box to your country to notice that the treasure box contains funds inside, please keep everything for yourself because everything concerning this consignment box is intact between us and on no account should you expose this information to anyone.

I told you i will give you 30% for your assistance. i will be waiting to read your urgent reply that you have write to the Insurance Security company. Take good care of yourself.

Your's Regard.
RT. Sgt Lt General. Ms Susan J. Helms

From: GROSVENOR COMPANY SERVICES LTD <grossvenordeliveryservices@outlook.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 12:11:45 +0000

Monday 1fst February 2016

The above subject matter refers,
WEBSITTE:http: grosvenorsecurity.net

We the management of Universal Nations Express Delivery Units have verify and confirm the consignment Box of Sgt Gen.Susan J. Helms in our custody Database which is purposely for delivery to you.

Actually we received your details and have been informed about you by Sgt. Gen. Susan J. Helms, and she appointed you as the beneficiary to receive the consignment box labelled (FAMILY ITEMS - HIGH PREMIUM INSURANCE POLICY LABELLED).

We wish to inform you that every onward arrangement have be place to ensure a successful delivering of the consignment box to your home given address and the consignment box has been registered with our Company department for delivery to your home country as soon as the necessary shipment logistics and requirements are obtained.

Handling & Delivery Cost.................£420
Clearance Cost...............................£230
Total Cost...................................£1000

Length of Days........................Three Days
Box Number...........................RT773110
Order Number................................50114

Finally you are required to send the Delivery Clearance and Insurance fees of £1000 GB Pounds / ($1,450 USD) One Thousand Four Hundred And Fifty Dollars to enable a proper facilitation and delivery of your consignment to your address in your country and NOTE: that the charges are best substantial because of the insurance cover we have undertaken in case of loss, damage or package breakage of your high priority consignment. We assume all responsibilities in case of any eventualities.

The Three days delivery of your consignment box required quick payment and you can make the payment to us through Money Gram Transfer. With our UK auditor's information as stated below:

Receiver's name: Gabriel Taylor
Receiver's address: Head office:Suite 501, International House, 223 Regent Street, London.
Text Question: Who
Text Answer: Gabriel

As soon as you make the payment,send us the payment receipt to enable us process and commence of our company diplomatic movement to arrive in your country within three working days.

Thanks for your Co-operation.


Yours In Services
Sir. Gabriel Taylor
Services Officer
Miss Young

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