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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Van: "alinkakalinka@vipconnexcentr.com" < alinkakalinka@vipconnexcentr.com >
Verzonden: dinsdag 21 juni 13:16 2016
Onderwerp: from Alina

Hello! I am glad to be able to write you finally:) I am Alina, do you
remember me?:) I hope these my photos will help you to recall me:)

So, here I came to find my life time partner, the man who is serious
about building stable relations. I am not interested in any games with
my heart and at once I want to tell you that if you do not have any
serious intentions then you should better tell it to me now so we stop
here and look for the people who would share our intentions. But if
you are looking for your life time partner the same as me, if you are
also ready for family building, then I would be glad to know you
better:) Please, tell me some facts from your life - when you were
born? Where were you born? Have you left that place or do you still
live in it? As for me I live in the town that I was born in and it is
called Pervomajsk. It is small town in the East of Ukraine, which is
actually under the control of pro-Russian militias now. You have heard
of that situation here in my place probably, but frankly speaking
today I am not interested in talking on that aspect:) In short life is
not easy here since all those events have broken out, but I prefer to
think positively and I want us to put aside this topic for now and
talk more about each other:) What else about me. . I have a work
here, I have parents who live in neighboring village, I have friends,
but I do not have beloved and loving man. . . I was in relations
before, but I am single for some more than two years. what about you?
Are you single? I hope actually that you are single as well as me, for
once again I repeat that I am not for time wasting and some games
here! What exactly intentions you are following here? As we broke up
with my ex I thought (in a while of course:) ) that not all men are so
bad and there should be the man to my heart who the same as me is
looking for his real love, looking not for "Romeo and Juliet" kind of
love which was only short passion but who is ready for the eternal
love which means common aims and goals with your partner, mutual
respect, love, devotion, getting older together and support of each
other through the whole life line. We talk about serious relations
building and we live in two different countries, we are so much far
from each other, but I suppose distance cannot be an obstacle in 21
century, right? It is always possible to find the way to meet now
thanks to the development of transport:) Though of course we need to
know each other better before we will actually start to talk about
that next step.

So, now, after the reading of my letter and looking at my photos, if
you think that you could be that man whom I am looking for, that I
could be the woman that you were in search for, then I would be glad
to receive your reply for us to develop the dialogue and get closer:)
Have wonderful day and do not forget to write me sooner and to attach
your photos!:)


Van: "alinkakalinka@vipconnexcentr.com" < alinkakalinka@vipconnexcentr.com >
Verzonden: zaterdag 9 juli 12:46 2016
Onderwerp: from Alina

Hello again, ! I hardy could wait for my lunch break to be able to
see if you wrote me and I am glad indeed to find your letter in my
mail-box! Hope you are the same excited about our lettering?:)

Actually I became even happier as I saw your photos - you are really
handsome and strong man! I can bet you look even better in the real
life:) Have you actually been to Ukraine before? Of course we will
need to meet, but first of all we need to know each other better:) So,
before we will start to talk about the meeting seriously I would
appreciate you to send me more pictures of yourself, :) I think
photos will help us to see the way of life of each other better, do
not you agree with me? But they are never more important than letters
and I am grateful to you for opening me some facts about yourself! And
here I tell you more about myself in return as I promised you last
time :)

My name is Alina as you know and I am 27, actually I was born on
November, 28, 1988. I live in small town called Pervomajsk, it is in
Lugansk region. Just two years ago it was calm industry town
surrounded with greenery. Than that terrible war bursted out. The
first year was the real nightmare, now it is calmer though town and
its surroundings are invaded with soldiers of militia, tanks,
different heavy weapons and war machines. Well, frankly speaking I am
too much tired from all these events, I am tired to be afraid of
course as well and I do not really want to talk about these war
things. Obviously they effect my life as I live here and to be honest
I would not want to build family, to raise children in such country
which is tearing apart with war, in which people are set against each
other. I would be ready to relocate to my future husband. But actually
it is not my first aim to find anybody to get out of here! What I mean
is that I would be ready to relocate from here to the other place if
it will be decided so by me and my future husband. But anyway, it is
too much early to talk about something like relocation:) Now I only
want to make myself clear - I am not looking for any man who would
take me anywhere out from here, but I am looking for the man to my
heart with whom we could live in any place of that world, with whom we
would have common aims and goals. At the moment I want to spend my
time not on recalling all these war things, but to know more about
you, to tell you more about me so that we could know each other and
see where that would lead us:)

So, , continuing my biography I work in local small trading
company as sales representative for household chemical goods. That
means that I visit different shops, stores trying to persuade their
managers to buy our goods. Thus my work means hectic working schedule
and I like to rest in the gym or jogging:) Actually I start each day
with jogging:) I do take care of my place and myself as I would want
to be good wife and beautiful woman for my man:) By the way, , do
you prefer fit women or curvaceous maybe? Or maybe you are from these
perfect men whom each girl dreams about and who pay more attention to
the inner beauty of women?:) I love to cook of course, though as I am
single then I cook myself only the simplest food - it is not really
funny to cook for yourself only. :) I like to read some good book on
free time, to watch some comedy or historical movies, I like to dance
though I would like to learn dancing tango:) Maybe you would not mind
to accompany me in that?:) That is little bit about me and my life, my
main goal and my small plans for the development of my personality.
Tell me, please, , what are your plans? Maybe there is something
new that you would like to learn, to try? As for me in addition to
tango I would want to learn some other language - I know English and
my two native languages which are Ukrainian and Russian, and I am
thinking about learning of Spanish or Italian, both of them seem to be
beautiful. Maybe you would recommend me something?:) How many
languages do you know, ?

Oh, that is really long letter though I have a feeling that still I
have not told you even a half from what I planned. . . You know,
maybe it would be better if you make questions on what you would like
to know about me? I hope these photos of mine will show you more of my
portrait and will be good reason for you to read my letter till the
end:) What are your plans for that evening actually? Maybe you will
meet with some friends? What way do you usually spend your free time?
I wish you to have great day and will be eagerly waiting for your soon
reply as I would want to open more about you and to see your photos:)


Van: "alinkakalinka@vipconnexcentr.com" < alinkakalinka@vipconnexcentr.com >
Verzonden: donderdag 14 juli 12:51 2016
Onderwerp: from Alina

Oh, hello, hello, my dear ! How have you been since our last
contact? How was your day today? As for me I hardly could wait to be
able to write you as today was birthday of my boss - for that reason
he reduced working day for today on condition that we all would
celebrate his 50 anniversary:) He ordered different tasty dishes right
to the office, delicious cakes, a lot of alcohol even. Actually I am
in good terms with my colleagues and boss, and it was nice to
celebrate his birthday especially as we did not need to work the whole
day, but all my thoughts were about you, , about your reply and I
am glad that finally boss left to celebrate his anniversary with his
family and I could write you:) By the way, on my way here I though how
great it would be us to dine with you one day in cafe, do not you
think so?:) What cuisine do you like most? What is your attitude to
alcohol drinks? As for me I do not like such drinks though in good
company I can take glass of champaign or one glass of beer. Actually I
prefer to lead healthy way of life - healthy food and no alcohol:)
Japanese and native Ukrainian cuisines are my favorite. The most
difficult for me is to refuse from sweeties actually:) Do you like

Actually your great letter and photo came up to my hopes:) Thank you
for answering my questions, dear, and helping me to know you better
that way! It was important for me to know that you are serious about
stable relations building for that is what I am here for as well!:)

Yes, we were lucky today to do nothing at work but as the rule we,
sales representative, have really busy and hectic day! My day starts
at 5 am, as I told you I start it with jogging, then usual shower,
compulsive breakfast, other preparations like hair-do, make up,
dressing and at 7-30 am I leave for work. My working day starts in the
office at 8 am, each morning we have shift meeting, then we start the
work. Mostly our working days consists of running through the town
from one shop to the other. Of course there are sales representative
who work in the region, but as I do not have car and cannot drive I
work within the town. We have to visit so much shops and stores during
the day that in the end of working day I am on my last legs and
sometimes there is no time for lunch even, though of course we have
lunch break and I try to use it, now I prefer to spend it on our
correspondence:) But if I cannot get back to work on the lunch break
to have the bite and to write you, then I have to wait till the end of
working day and usual evening meeting. Actually officially we are not
allowed to use office computers for our personal reasons but our boss
covers us from the top team on the agreement that we do that only on
our personal tie like lunch break or after the work not for too long.
Of course we cannot not use any social pages or skype for our personal
needs, while lettering in personal needs can be pretty alike to
lettering in work needs:) Though actually that Internet traffic that
we have here now is not enough for skype anyway. . . Unfortunately I
cannot write you from home, because those war events - electric wires,
Internet towers and wires were damaged, most Internet providers left
our region. And now it is too much expensive to have Internet line at
home, so me, as well as the biggest part of local civilians, do not
have Internet at home. What about you, , do you write me from home
or from some other place? how does your working day look like?

Before closing that my letter I want to draw your attention, , to
some of these my photos. Kira is my best friend, you can see her on
those photos also, she is photographer and she likes to say that I am
her favorite model as she does not need to pay me for that:) She
studies in local college and train her photography skills on me. I
love that sand and beach footage of her, but that was before that war
bursted out - now it is really dangerous to go to such places because
of soldiers. Kira takes my photos mostly in doors. How do you like her
work with my image on those photos, ?:) She was not really lucky
in relations - her boyfriend abandoned her as that war started as he
was afraid to be taken to the army and left to his relatives in Russia
without even suggesting Kira to go with him - he was so much scared
that did not even thought about her safety. I was shocked when she
told me that - how could man to be so much selfish and abandon his
woman as soon as the problem came? As for me I need responsible man
whose actions proves his words. I have been betrayed before and I do
not need such experience again. I know that I mean my words and I
would never abandon the man whom I would tell about my love so easily
- we should be responsible for the person who trust us as that is the
only way we can trust that person unconditionally as well. What do you
think about that, ? Now I shoudl really let you go and go home
myself:) I wish you to have great time:)

Gijs de Manjana
Gijs de Manjana

Miss Young

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