Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Jason Douglas < engr.jasondouglasofficial@gmail.com >
Date: September 28, 2016 at 1:27:24 AM GMT+6

Season Greetings to you my friend,

I am yours faithfully Jason E. Douglas (engineer). It's my very great pleasure to having this encounter with you today because I actually had in my mind since the first instant I saw the contact of yours, so I am grateful to have this very humble honor with you now! Meanwhile, I was actually seeking for a responsible and reliable person for mutual and serious business relationship, which is one of the major reason why I wrote to you!
I have good impression and the zeal to discuss my plans to establish a high standard and very lucrative business in your country with you (if you are willing), because I assumed that you're be very responsible to my liking. .

Well, I would say life is precious and I think nations economy grows as a result of good government and understanding of the people. . There's a saying that; It's difficult to find a prominent person of high principles which are responsible online with regards to good friendship and business productivity. What would you say?

With all due respect sir. . I would like to see your photos. I think it's appropriate now to begin by knowing each other very well. . My full name is Jason Everett Douglas, born on August 10th, 1960 and originated from Charlotte, North Carolina — United States. I'm an engineering officer to the Oil Rig, the director of Oil Wells and Drilling Forces — Atlantic Ocean (the post I assumed on May 5th, 2014). I'm currently serving for a mission of succor in the Atlantic Ocean, which I suppose it's not new to you. This is apparently also my relief and final assignment with Tullow Oil plc, because I'll be retiring soon.

. .What about you sir?
What is your full name?
What is your nationality (country) and how old are you???
What is your profession, I mean (what do you do for a living to overcome economical expenses or to sustain your family)?

Please be constant and very often to always write and respond to me through this very medium. I'll always appreciate mutual understanding, sincerity and more with you.The attached herein are my official photos for your perusals. .

Yours friendly,

Name: Jason Everett Douglas
Born: August 10th, 1960 (age 56)
State / City: Charlotte - North Carolina
Zip Code: 28204
Country / Allegiance: United States of America.
Residential Address: Savvy + Co. Real Estate
Current place of Assignment : Atlantic Ocean
Radio messenger contact: 00991.
Social Security Number: 221-47-* * .
Service / Commands: Tullow Oil Rig (offshore)
Position: Director of Oil Wells and Drilling Forces — Atlantic Ocean
Years of service: 1986 till date.

Thank you very much and more for your attention!
I am looking forward to receiving your positive reply soonest, then I will proceed to tell you more. .
Jason Everett Douglas
From: Jason Douglas < engr.jasondouglasofficial@gmail.com >
Date: September 28, 2016 at 3:57:27 AM GMT+6

Thanks and more respect, my friend!

I really appreciate your time and good response to my email. . I will always be aware of this great concern with constant readiness to review this intense pleasure which is promise of good and responsible interest I have. I don't really have enough chance to write as much often due to the present condition of services here in the oil well section, but I am sure that I will always reach out to you respectively. Actually, I want to establish a trustful partnership with you if you are willing and have the zeal, because I want to establish a lucrative business investment there, perhaps in your country. So tell me how is your country economy and what type of business that really moves well there?

I would also like to know the area to invest into, because I find it is interesting to invest in your country, and I think that as time goes it will lead to good dilation if we start by setting a solid foundation with your assistance (as it is one of the reason I wrote to you). I think it is an arousing curiosity to know about all this in order to carry out a very standard business plans.

To be honest and clear to you, sir . . my intention is to establish a very estimable hospital in your country, or invest in another lucrative business right there in the same value. One the other hand, I think the that establishment of a colossal petroleum industry will be very nice there, or if you suggest otherwise. Please tell me your opinion?

I have chose instead to let you know all this (as I mentioned here), because my mind is sincerely convinced to doing this business with a very responsible person like you. Meanwhile, I am having to initiate and carry out this project with my own funds, which means that all expenses concerning this project will be in my account. Therefore I need your opinion and good recommendations in order to reach the achievement of this goal perhaps in your area (respectively) as we move on, because I do not know much about business right there.Please, sir. . I want you to write and reply to my email immediately after reading these messages. Let me know if you are interested and willing to work with me then we can move forward.

I would also like to see photos of you as you reply toward my email. . Please, I am expecting to receive positive reply from you soonest.

Yours friendly,
- Engineer Douglas
From: Jason Douglas < engr.jasondouglasofficial@gmail.com >
Date: September 28, 2016 at 2:55:46 PM GMT+6

Hello my friend,

Thank you for the soothing effect on your efforts and the calmness I feel in your response, although we have not met each other face to face, yet I feel that we can make the best of commitment together. I hope you're kind and person good heart, sincerity and more better than of image?

Well, I would like to know more about you and your life experiences, because I am looking forward to achieve a trustful partnership with you, so then we can be able to reach to a distinctive goal in future. I can assure you that we will be of friends that can make good quality and productive partnership. I think all we need is understanding and sincerity in our communication, because I need a responsible and reliable person I can trust for a lifetime (long term) lucrative investments in future. Although we just have to knew each other, but we can share ideas and discuss other issues about ourselves as we move onward.

As a matter of fact, I am a single father of one child, Jason Jr., who is just 14 years old. My wife died of a breast cancer 6 years ago after passing through pains. As for. . My hobbies are; Reading, Sailing and other sports such as Golf, and I also played the guitar in a rock and roll band. Actually, I think it's very necessary about knowing our interests and more. Therefore, you have to be focused and be serious with me. So tell me, sir. . Are you married, and do you have children??

What are your hobbies, Interest, Lifestyle ???

I want you to write and reply as soon as you read this message, then I can tell you more. I am waiting to receive from you soonest!

Thanks and best regards. .
- Engineer Douglas
From: Jason Douglas < engr.jasondouglasofficial@gmail.com >
Date: September 28, 2016 at 8:28:45 PM GMT+6
Subject: Re: Hello

Greetings to you, my friend. .

Thanks and respect for the very clear and positive response from you!
I apologize for the delay due to bad signal failure here, although I was in charge of oil wells.

I have absolute certainty to show that my biggest fulfillment is knowing I can make a successful partnership with you in the essence of our time. So I dedicate my seconds to this goal with you because I faithfully think that becoming your friend will make us feel safer with the courage to search for a person like you.Well, there may be something great for us in the future because I already have absolute impression to invest in your country (with you).So tell me how the situation of things is over there, is it regarding to the economic standard and security?

Like I mentioned before now, I really want to establish a very responsible / lucrative business with you as I focus towards investing there.Although I am still currently on the oil rig — Atlantic Ocean to conclude my service in less than four months remaining period of time. I am also looking forward to receive an order of retiral by the authority of Tullow Oil plc as soon as possible before I will have to evacuate out of the high seas and come over there to meet you. Meanwhile, due to the terms and condition of our service right here with the oil rig; We do not allow the usage of cell phones and video calls, except through radio message and this email which is the commonest means of communication to reach out to family and friends.

Please my friend, I do not want any disappointment and betrayal in the future. Instead, I want you to be honest to show much concern about my plans to establish such estimable business right there if you have the willingness to work with me. I'll have to release my funds to your account as we move progressively, so then you can start making provisions requiring the necessary infrastructure; such as landed properties for our business establishment.

I see something special and most important in every union of two or more persons who has mutual bound in life which is trust.
I think we must go in steps with trust, confidence and willingness to begin and build this friendship. I will say that TRUST is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient for effective bonds and the foundation principles for a good relationships. Whether it's friendship or relationship, all bonds are build on TRUST. Without it you have NOTHING. So let me ask sir. . Can I trust you? I mean (can you let me confide in you)??

I am looking forward to receive your positive reply soon, then we can continue.

Thanks and best regards. .
- Ja'E.Ds (Jason E. Douglas)
From: Jason Douglas < engr.jasondouglasofficial@gmail.com >
Date: September 29, 2016 at 5:56:45 PM GMT+6
Subject: Re: Landed Properties Business

More thanks and respect to you sir,

I am so grateful to have your attention once again with each and every positive response. I really appreciate your good efforts, even though there may be differences in our religious faith, but I think with good understandings, we will establish a reliable and responsible partnership together.Well. . I want to trust and also to be trusted.It's quite clear and understandable that you have good motives. However, I can do anything to bring this relationship to a very explicit target.I just want us to be certain of what we actually want, because I'm a simple man of good heart. At this stage of my life, I have achieved almost everything I wanted, but I still have to fulfill my ambition for a lifetime investment in a lucrative business.My priority is to reach to the accomplishment of this project with a responsible person of good heart and understanding which I also found in you.Therefore, I want you to also know about my huge funds in the bank of Ghana.

With due honor and respect, sir. . I want to evacuate the funds to your account (if you can ensure that my funds would be safe and well protected in your care until I return there to meet you after the conclusion of my service), then you have to contact the Bank of Ghana, so that you can get to know the possibility of transferring the fund directly into your account. Please, I want the bank to transfer the funds to your account for better security. This is not stolen money, I mean (there are no risks involved) but I do not want my funds to remain in the West African region due to inadequate security which could lead to a very bad exposure to unknown personality.

I have the sum of six million dollars ($6,000,000.00 USD) of my retirement benefits (honorary award of excellence) by Tullow Oil Plc. Meanwhile, the funds are deposited in the bank of Ghana while I am still in the conclusion of my final service with the rig to the Atlantic Ocean. It's actually an arousing curiosity to be honest and very certain with you over these time, which I am also believing that with you my funds will be well managed and invested if I entrust into your care for good investments, because I am still on the rig - Atlantic Ocean.

This is my plans. . I have made an arrangements with the administrative authority (chief accountant) of the Bank of Ghana and a UN diplomat who promised to deliver the funds to any destination of my choice. So the chief officer of Bank of Ghana encouraged me to find a trustworthy partner who can represent and receive the funds on my behalf. Meanwhile, I will compensate you with 30% percent of the total funds in the final conclusion of this project with the bank transfer to your account, while the remaining balance shall be my investment capital. One thing I want you to do for me is not to discuss this issue to a third party, but if you have reasons to reject this offer, please destroy this mail as any leakage of this information might be very bad for me.

I believe you can be of good assistance to accomplish this business project with me, that is why I have come this extent with you because I have my trust in you, and I hope you will not betray my confidence, but rather take me as your own beloved brother. Although you may wonder why I am revealing to you as soon, but I will say that my mind convinced me that you're a honest and trustworthy person, therefore I want my funds to be released to you from the bank of Ghana, where the funds were deposited.

Please my friend, I am honestly asking you to receive my funds and keep it safe in your care until I the end of my service before coming to see you. If you accept my proposal, then you will have to contact the bank and proclaim that you are my beneficiary, so that you may know the possibility of getting the fund into your account as soon as possible (as I said before). But if you need more clarification, you can send your questions.
I hope my explanation is very clear?

Please, I want you to write and reply immediately to me as soon as you read this proposal, so that we can move forward. I am expecting your positive response soon.
Thank and best regards. .
- Engineer Douglas
From: Jason Douglas < engr.jasondouglasofficial@gmail.com >
Date: September 30, 2016 at 3:14:42 PM GMT+6
Subject: Re: HI MY fFriend,

My compliment to you sir,

I thank you more for your mail and good understandings.
I apologize for not reaching back to you on time due to the present situation of my work facilities down here in the oil rig.

I'm very glad to read of your willingness and acceptance to my proposal on this transaction which has relate to my funds. I have a great confidence with you as my trustful partner and beneficiary to my funds for good and safety keeping in your care, because I don't want to leave the funds in the country of Ghana - West Africa until I move out of the sea for retirement, so I have already informed the Bank of Ghana about my plan to evacuate that funds for good investment.

Truly, I faithfully confided in you sir, and I already told you about my intention to establish a very estimable and lucrative business, which I also intend to accomplish with you and perhaps in your country. I want you to know that after going through your profile and having to understood that we both have interest and supportive motive for each other, I totally believe that with you my funds can be well managed if I entrust it to your hands for investments. Now we can start the process on how to get the funds transferred into your account as soon as you keep in touch with the bank of Ghana.

My dear, do you have a house of your own?If yes, tell me the kind of house you're having. But if you has no better house, I want you to start searching for a house that you can buy, and so then you can start making provisions requiring the necessary infrastructure; such as landed properties for our business establishment as soon as the bank deliver the funds to you.On the other hand, you can also purchase at least 1 cars for a start, (although I already have four automobiles and one truck in the United States). I want to make the best of good qualities in this relationship with you. Meanwhile, I'm suggesting that if we go into this partnership as we go on, then the proceedings for our investments shall be shared between the both of us, because I know nothing much about international business in your area. Therefore, you will have to control the funds.

Honestly, I believe God has a purpose for joining us together. Please let us use one mind as partners to proceed, so that we can achieve our aims and make great and successful partnership in future.Note that this is not stolen money, and there are no risks involved.I have copies of the documents which I obtained when the funds were deposited. Therefore, I shall forward the "bank address and contact details of my account officer" to you, so that you can write to the bank immediately to declare that you're my partner and the rightful beneficiary to take over the funds on my behalf. The bank must have to know and recognize of you concerning the funds, so that you may know the possibility of getting the fund transfer into your account.But before I proceed to giving you the contact / address which has to do with the bank, please. . I want you to attach and send to me with full identification data of you; such as the scanned copy of your "Valid Identification Card" with inclusion of full names, Phone Number, Age, Profession, Country and Home Address etc.

Please, sir. . I need all these identification details to be attached as you write and reply to this mail because I have to prepare my approval with "letter of authorization" and forward to the bank of Ghana in respect of you; to show that you're my sole partner and beneficiary of my funds.

Thanks and best regards, my friend. .
I am expecting your feedback soon!

- Ja'E.Ds (Jason E. Douglas)
Senior Engineer
Miss Young

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