Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: lazzi mic
Date:04/01/2017 08:43 (GMT+01:00)


I Guess you are going great.
I'm very sorry that i could not reply your mail in time i have been very busy in office with Hope Worldwide,
I got some gifts and items from the organization, your thought just came in my mind and I decided to send some

to you as presents on behalf of my daughter STEPHNEY and I, i felt they might be useful to you. And also to register in your heart that I came first amongst your friends.
I sent the gift through a friend and also a Co worker,Rev,Sister Rose Nelson as she went to the Senegal yesterday for Hope Worldwide Aid support to Senegal with her groups, Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine.
yesterday after participating in a Church meeting we held here and I gave her the gift package to deliver to you When she arrives there since you didn't supply me with your postal address and I couldn't wait for you to do that now because I am on my way to Haiti, Hope Worldwide Aid support to Haiti.

I believe where the Rev,Sister Rosey Nelson is residing (the Senegal) might be closer to you or your residence country.You should contact her via email
: ( reverendsisterrose@hotmail.com ) : and if possible discuss with her on phone:
(+221-778-000-373 or +221-709-671-537) : regarding how to receive your gift package and you should send her your home Address and telephone number OK.

Please don't laugh at me when you receive the pack, I know it isn't much but I sent it from my innermost heart and belief you gonna appreciate everything inside the package because it is coming from a special friend and in a special way.
I know that you will be in need of this item in one way or the other. The content of the pack are 2 Toshiba laptops computer, 1 ip-phones, AN ENVELOPE, Video Camera and some jewelries. I packed everything in a medium carton and gave it toRev,Sister Rosey Nelsonto deliver it to you because she didn't travel with much luggage of her own when she was traveling.
Open the pack of one of the laptop to bring out the envelop which I put inside, it contains some of my recent photos and that of my family members and a surprise gift which I don't want to disclose to you till you see it, leaving it at home my brother will do away with them OK.
Update me when you receive it, so I will be aware. I will see how i can make a request for you as a volunteer in this organization if you would be interested. I will get to you when i come back.
Yours truly,
Dr.Lizzy Michelle
E-mail. lazzimic@hotmail.com

Lizzy Michelle

From: reverend sisterrose
Date:07/01/2017 10:01 (GMT+01:00)

Hello my son.
I`m sending this mail depending on the nature of the luggage, Meanwhile I was called today by the courier service and they asked me if i was the sender of the parcel that belongs to ? i said yes, he told me that the parcel has been held down by Senegalese custom due to the contents in the parcel,i was surprised i asked him what for? They told me that they've screened the parcel, and they discovered 14 items in the parcel and one envelope.

laptops, video camera ,male wrist watch, neck lace, i_ phone, perfumes and some other things, to my greatest surprise they also found a Draft cheque of 34,000.00 Pounds inside the envelope written in your name, i was surprised and i thought i should ask, if you work for any Voluntary Organization over there, how come the cheque issued? .

A little letter was discovered also in the envelope together with the cheque,which says,

My beloved , i want to take you by surprise, please cash this Cheque in any bank over there and use it to rent an apartment, put it in order because i will be visiting you once am back from Haiti,i will like to spend up to a month's before i traveling back to UNITED KINGDOM,So that i will know if your country will be among the 47 countries Our Organization will visit this year,and when we are coming we will be coming in your name,and it will be officially registered in your name, I promise to keep in contact once i get to Haiti but if you could not receive any mail from me,just know that am busy and i promise when am always less busy i will check on you,and also try to update me when everything is successfully done.Despite friendship you are like my biological fatherand brother to methat is why i want to go along with you,take care from yours Dr. LizzyMichelle.

My son the Cheque was not registered under the Senegalese ministry of Finance. And as a result of that we have to register the cheque with the ministry of Finance, the DHL is under the law of Senegal to declare all items with them to customs,and the DHL discovered the cheque inside the envelope. and they informed the customs otherwise the cheque will be seized by the customs. Even right now DHL called me telling me that the customs needs tax payment receipt of the cheque from me, which I know i did not pay such because am not away that the envelope contained a bank cheque. and they directed me to Ministry of Finance to know the Cost of (VAT) of the 34,000.00 Pound which they said it is 600,000.00 CFA FRANC,and am totally confused at the moment, please send to me the (VAT) money so that I can pay it to the Ministry of Finance immediately for me to get the (VAT)

And if this fee is not paid? they will withhold the parcel and charge me for money laundry. So I tried my possible best to let the man understand that I arrived all the way from UNITED KINGDOM with this parcel and they are as gift not trafficking or money laundry like they've claimed.

So we later came to dialogue and he told me that he will help me to secure the parcel because in this issue, many officers are not yet involved in this issue, then if I would be fast enough to come up with the sum of 600,000.00 CFA FRANC, asked by the customs,that he will help me to register the Draft Cheque with the Senegalese Ministry of Finance. The parcel will be in your country in 2 working DAYS as soon as the Cheque is registered.

Honestly at this point i feel so bad,i pleaded with the D.H.L in order to sort this sudden arose issue ,but they said it is the procedure of the customs, and they are doing their job? you call that a job? om-goodness!!

Honestly i am confused and stressed up, worry and unhappy now,
I've had enough of all that, gotta lay my head down a little bit, below are the photos of most of the items found inside the carton okay!They allowed me to snapped it photo because i told them that i don't even knew exactly what is inside the carton ,i went there with my driver and the senior reverend father in this parish here,Please your package is in order okay?i and reverend father have talked to them, but the custom officer in charge of this issue has all the items with him.
Why our Africa is like this??
I thanks God everything is in order control.

Miss Young

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