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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following "work-at-home" email. Be aware of these offers. In most of these offers the real deal is that they send you a false check (that may be honoured in the first place) and you return 90% of it by Western Union. When the check after a while bounces, you have lost all the money you sent.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

Mr From: Brigitte Vinson < gonbrain69@yahoo.co.jp >
Sent: Mon, Feb 13, 2017 4:15 am
Subject: Vacancy

Good morning.
I hope this e-mail finds you excellent.
My name is Meyer Helga. I am writing on behalf of RVI GmbH real estate agency a a estate company operating in Deutschland. We are presently expanding over the USA area and are looking for staff to for the vacancy of rental manager. We offer a convenient work flow, competitive remuneration and an opportunity to be employed part-time. This is a home-based position. Coaching period is free of charge and is fully paid. Please revert back if you would like to get to know more about the job, and I will forward details.

Warm regards,
Mrs. Helga Meyer
Real estate agency RVI GmbH



We would like to offer you a vacant position of a Rent assistant with us. What are the functional duties of this kind of a specialist? On behalf of our Company Rent assistants present the whole range of services to our clients, his/her duties include the whole chain – from selecting a necessary tour, travel presentation to meeting clients at the airport after their arrival. Rent assistant should be as much as possible customer-oriented and should take into account customer’s requirements and interests. In some cases Rent assistant also assists in processing advance payments from clients for arranging a tour if it is necessary. This can be needed if a client from the USA wants to pay by check (cheque) and intends to visit e.g. Germany. As it is already clear, USA checks are not effective in some countries while the network of American banking subsidiaries is undeveloped as yet. Or a client wants to select an individual tour including visits to distant locations. In such a case, we rent a private house for accommodation of our client. Many owners of such houses also do not have full access to bank transactions and, therefore, in such a case, our Company pays for rent and related services in cash through P2P systems. I.e., if we deal with such a client you should receive from him/her a check as the tour prepayment, inform your manager of all details, negotiate the check and transfer the amount through instant money transfer systems (Money Gram) to our branch or directly to the PH owner. You will receive required money transfer details by e-mail from your personnel manager. It is also important that your compensation will directly depend on the number of clients. At the initial stage it will amount to 5% of the prepayment sum. However, there is an obligatory condition - you should complete the whole money transfer process within 4 hours. Rent assistant provides the Company with one more incontestable advantage. Our clients are serviced as quickly as possible, and they get all necessary documents (i.e. tickets, reservation, etc.) promptly. It means that maximum 12 hours passes from the moment of the tour prepayment till the 100% readiness to welcome and service the client. No one can offer the same!


  • Private online training (person-to-person);

  • Opportunity of stable career promotion and personal development;

  • In-depth training and work in dynamic friendly air in a benevolent team;

  • Competitive wage ($3000.00 + 5% commission for the each completed assignment);

  • Wage-plus-bonus remuneration system (5% from each completed payment processed by you);

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package Health-Care Coverage 401(k);

  • Paid holidays and paid travel to any point of the world for you and your family.


This is a part time position, and you are going to have much free time each day. This work will take only 1-2 hours a day (5-10 hours a week). This position may require work after regular business hours or on weekends, though.


We provide one payroll period. Your base monthly salary will be 3000.00 USD. If you also process payments from clients, you will have + 5% bonus per each order completed (usually in total from 500.00 USD up to 5000.00 USD per month). Your salary will be paid as a direct deposit to your bank account, or using any other payment method convenient to you. We do not provide any tax forms - you will pay your local taxes yourself. Payroll period – 30 calendar days from the date of your registration in our company (usually it is 2-4 days after signing the mutually binding EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT). Payment will be issued at the end of each payroll period.



1. I got your letter with an offer to be hired for the position of a Rent assistant. So, what will I have to do and what will be my duties?

You will work with customers directly, i.e. you will have:

A. To meet our customers at the airport and take them to the hotel or another place (not mandatory).

B. To provide clients with general excursion using our program. It means you will not have to think about anything, just show them the places prescribed by our program (not mandatory).

C. To get and withdraw customer prepayments. It means that you will get checks, wire transfers, or bank transfers from our clients as a prepayment for the travel services provided by us. Then you will withdraw these payments and send all funds excluding your agent fees to our Regional Executives by Money Gram.

On behalf of our Company you will have to provide our clients with the whole range of services. Your duties would include the entire range – from selecting a tour and travel presentation to ultimate meeting of a customer at an airport after their arrival. Rent assistant should be as much as possible customer-oriented and should take into account customer’s requirements and interests. All necessary instructions and guidelines will be supplied by the Company. Our company has well established and proved-by-time travel technologies, so Rent assistant will only need to follow our instructions step by step.

2. Please tell me more about customer prepayments I will be asked to process.

The process of getting and processing payments from our clients (in form of checks) is as follows:

1. Our customers make payments via bank checks by means of sending the checks to your home address;

2. We inform you about a transaction by emailing you a special form containing all required information;

3. After you receive a payment from a customer, you are supposed to exchange it for cash;

4. Then you should transfer 95% of the received amount to our company manager via Money Gram, P2P agents, etc. (transfer method to be specified by us each time; transaction fee is covered by us), the rest of the amount - 5% is your remuneration each time;

5. Inform us about details of transfer (you will be asked to email transaction complete report each time)

6. Regional Executive receives money from you.

3. Where is the office that I would work in is situated?

The position offered is a work-from-home position at this time. However, we are planning to set up several first offices in different states of the USA in April - May, 2018. So, around that time you will be offered to go on working in one of them as some clients are expected to arrive there directly.

4. Why do I need to give you my personal information?

We need to verify your personal profile first and qualify your professional rate. Also, we need your private data to register you as an employee of our company. Besides, we need to identify you properly as you will deal with financial issues and payments.

5. Where did you get my e-mail?

We are using the services of job search web sites (recruiting/hiring agencies) for any kind of hiring process. You have received this e-mail because you are on the list of potential employees.

6. How soon will it take to start?

You will start in 2-3 days after our confirmation letter. Actually we need to verify your profile and it usually takes a couple of days.

7. Does this job involve traveling?

No, basically. Still, if you would also like to be a tourist guide, you could accompany our clients or tourist groups for additional pay.

8. What are the benefits offered as far as traveling and recreation is concerned?

Our company gives you and your family an opportunity to travel to any place of the world once a year at our expense.

9. How much will I get paid as a Rent assistant?

You will receive your salary every 30 days after the date you return signed Employment Agreement to us (that is on a monthly basis). Your fixed monthly salary will be $3000.00. Besides, you’ll also get 5% bonus (remuneration) for each payment processed by you. Most likely you will be processing no less than 4-8 payments in the amount of $2000.00-$10000.00 each monthly. This means that your total monthly remuneration for payment processing will be high enough (for sure no less than $1000.00 during the first 30 days of your training period). We are looking for responsible and reliable employees. That is why we are ready to offer good competitive pay and flexible work conditions to you.

10. Is your company ready to reimburse charges connected with my work as a Rent assistant?

In fact there are not going to be many of these – only minor local traveling expenses, perhaps. Our company will cover all of the charges, anyway. Don’t worry about that. You will only need to email scanned copies of all your receipts to a personnel manager assigned to you. And you will get all of these supposed reimbursements added to your monthly salary.

11. How much time will I have to work each day?

It’s a part time position, and you’ll have pretty much free time each day. In fact, it is going to take only 1-2 hours a day (5-10 hours a week).

12. What about my training? Will I have to pay anything for my training?

You will not have to pay anything to work with us and, specifically, you will not be asked any money for the training we provide. We will conduct training online and free of charge. Studying course will last three months in total. By the end of the period you will acquire all of the qualities required to work with our clients and to exercise your Rent assistant duties properly and full scale. You’ll be paid $3000.00 every 30 days after the start date as a Rent assistant with us.

13. What does your company offer? What advantages will I have as an employee of your company?

We offer:

- Private online training (person-to-person);

- Opportunity of stable career growth and personal development;

- In-depth training and work in a dynamic friendly air within a benevolent team;

- Competitive wage. Wage-plus-bonus system based upon work results.

14. What kind of a rent agency are you?

As you already know, our Company is one of the main suppliers of travel services in the market. Thanks to our know-how in the area of such services we have been steadily keeping our position among 10 largest tour operators for several years.

Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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