Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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寄件者: Ian McGuinness <ian.mcguinness@progenieconsultantltduk.co.uk>
寄件日期: 2017/8/7 (週一) 7:01 PM
主旨: Subject:
Clean Report on Fund (Open Attache File)


Subject: Clean Report on Fund

With Reference to your transaction/application, attached to this e-mail is the document we receive from the National Crime
Agency on the cost for the procurement of the Clean Report on Fund Certificate for the presentation to our International Clearing House the BB&T Bank to credit
your designate bank account.

Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards

Mr. Ian McGuinness


7th August, 2017

The Independent Financial Consultant
Ian Mcguinness of Progenieconsultantltduk
Bethersden, Ashford, Kent, TN26 3HH
United Kingdom
Re:Transfer On Hold
In Favour of Amount $45,000,000.00 USD Application
Confirmation NO:NCA/BRF/108291/2017
Clearance Requirement
With regarding direct foreign transfer policy on international remittance policy of article
14.3 and 17.1 that demands the presentation of Clean Report on Fund of more than any
foreign remittance above £500,000.00 of funds transfer must present the Clean Report
on Fund.
1. Clean Report on Fund.
The requirement of Clean Report on Fund was adopted as a result of the bill which was
promulgated by the Government towards checkmating the transfer of large sum from
Asia, Europe, America and Africa and Middle East as been directed by the UN Security
Council(UNSC) having taken action to address the threat of terrorism .It had adopted
resolutions 1267 and 133 ,which collectively imposed sanctions against any country that
did not carry out a check on any movement of fund.
A.The 0.05% of your principal amount will be paid as a fee for the issuance of the Clean
Report on Fund.
Be informed that your payment of $45,000,000.00 USD has not been confirmed
legitimate for immediate release from the BB&T Bank Escrow account that was created
in your name under the supervision of the National Crime Agency & the US Treasury
Department .
1-7 Old Queen Street London SW1H 9HP
National Crime Agency

The Clean Report on Fund will cost you 0.05% of your principal amount of $45, 000,
000.00 USD which is $22,500.00 USD this is the cost and you are advised to arrange
for immediate payment.
Below is the Bank Account details of our agent, where you will deposit the fee for the
Clean Report on Fund, you are to send the fee through wire transfer and scan and send
to us the receipt of your payment for the Clean Report on Fund, for confirmation of the
payment and to proceed in getting the said certificate to complete the transfer of your
Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
Bank Address: 73/75 High Street,Staines,Middlesex TW18 4PP,UK
Account Number: 23187662
IBAN NUMBER: GB14LOYD30944223187662
Beneficiary Name: Mikolo Global Events Limited
Beneficiary Address: 53 Dyas Road, The Avenue, Sunbury-On-Thames, Surrey,
Sort Code: 30-94-42
Swift Code: LOYDGB21112
Hitherto the above, we have not sighted your Clean Report on Fund.
Sir with the power conferred on this agency under monetary laws,we hereby inform you
that we informed the BB&T Bank to keep the fund on hold pending when gets the Clean Report on Fund.
Based on the above,We withold the payment belonging to until
the Clean Report on Fund is paid.
We apologises for the delay and inconvenience.
Yours Faithfully
Cc:BB&T Corporation
Cc:Standard Chartered Bank
Cc:Ian Mcguinness
Matthew Horne
For:Deputy Director General
National Crime Agency
Re: Clean Report on Fund
1-7 Old Queen Street London SW1H 9HP
National Crime Agency
07 - 08 - 2017


Tel/Fax:+44 (0)08447743910
File Number
Invoice Number:
Invoice Date:
MGEL 987
AUGUST 7TH, 2017
Payment Due Date: AUGUST 14TH, 2017
Payment for Clean Report on Fund $22,500.00
VAT Code Outside Scope
VAT Registration No. 342561776 45 VAT Rate 0%
Where applicable, this invoice is raised by the NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY
Legal Department on behalf of the MIKOLO GLOBAL EVENTS LIMITED
as the authorised collection agent for the Clean Report on Fund. Balance $22,500.00
Remittance Advice
Please make payment to the collection agent account stated below.
Bank Name:Lloyds Bank Balance $22,500.00
Bank Address:73/75 High Street,Staines,Middlesex TW18 4PP,UK
Account Name: Mikolo Global Events Limited
53 Dyas Road, The Avenue, Sunbury-On-Thames, Surrey,
Tw16 5BF,UK
Account Number: 23187662
IBAN: GB14LOYD30944223187662
Sort Code: 30-94-42
Swift Code: LOYDGB21112
Accountant Signature
53 Dyas Road, The Avenue, Sunbury-On-Thames, Surrey, TW16 5BF,UK
07 - 08 - 2017

寄件者: Mike Anderson <mikandersons@yahoo.co.uk>
寄件日期: 2017/8/8 (週二) 9:21 PM
主旨: Sky is our limit


I am grateful to God for seeing us through to this end point of this transaction, and I believe and hope that we will come to the end of this as soon as this payment for the Clean Report on Fund Certificate is made to them.

Note that I settled all charges that arise on my own side, of which i did without even getting you involved or notified you about it But regarding the current situation now,you are going to receive the reward my brother.

The transfer of the fund would have being a success by now,if not for the Clean Report on Fund Certificate that is being demanded. What we have to do now is to follow Mr. Ian McGuinness up to secure the Clean Report on Fund Certificate to release the funds to your account,the Clean Report on Fund Certificate is merely a government fee which cannot be avoided.

The funds is merely on hold pending the submission of the Clean Report on Fund Certificate, which could be secured, failure will amount to non transfer of the funds to your bank account.

The Clean Report on Fund Certificate was required because the fund was transferred. At this point the solution depends solely on Mr. Ian McGuinness ,who has done a very good work so far in negotiating for the cost of this Clean Report on Fund Certificate.

The problem is that it might not be in the reach of Mr. Ian McGuinness to get this document ,without the payment of the Clean Report on Fund Certificate.

Transferring money around the world depends on the nature of the fund transfer and the country the funds is coming from and going,it is only you and i that knows about this transaction.

We are dealing with one of the most established financial consultants and your transfer is not the first of its kind that he has handled. I want you to know that Mr. Ian McGuinness has nothing to loose or gain from the successful transfer of the investment funds,so if the transfer fails he still will continue his practice ok, its both of us that has a lot to loose though I will be the biggest casualt but its ok, once there is life there is hope of a better tomorrow.

Finally,i am appealing to you to see reasons with me and assist in paying for the Clean Report on Fund Certificate,sky is our limit and we will benefit enormously in this transaction.

I am 100% confident and sure that after you pay for the necessary document, the money will be legally circulated into the European system and you have control of it.

Waiting for your confirmation.

Regards, Mike Anderson
寄件者: Mike Anderson <mikandersons@yahoo.co.uk>
寄件日期: 2017/8/10 (週四) 2:08 PM
主旨: Re: FW: Clean Report on Fund


I just want to inform you that working very hard to raise the amount, but it is not complete yet.

I will keep on trying till Friday tomorrow to see if it will be complete when added to the one i have already.

But whatever it is, i will let you now by tomorrow morning.

Note that every party in any venture have something to contribute to bring about success in it. To complete the circle I started is part of your obligation to conclude this successfully and like you asking me to pay for the Clean Report on Fund Certificate in your name coming to your account is absurd to my understanding and the level of what my client offering you.

I am affirming that all money spent will be taken back immediately the transfer process is completed and you be in control of the money in question.

This is a real transaction and can require you to meet Mr. Ian McGuinness one on one face to face .So to give you audacity that you are not dealing with ghost or online with who you don't know because there is nothing safer than a face to face transaction,whereby you get to meet with the people that you are transacting with so that you can supervise the process your self after which you can direct the funds into your bank account.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Mike Anderson
寄件者: Mike Anderson <mikandersons@yahoo.co.uk>
寄件日期: 2017/8/11 (週五) 5:27 PM
主旨: Re: FW: Sky is our limit


Thank you for your mail, you are absolutely right in your mail, but I have to clear you up so that you will know the reason why the bank take some setting steps.I believe that in such issue you should called Mr. Ian McGuinness so that he can get you cleared.

You should bear in mind that Mr. Ian McGuinness is an independent Financial Consultant appointed to effect the transfer,to your designate bank account,you should follow his instructions and directives in other to achieve this transfer.

They use there brokers agent account to secure the document which copies of the certificate and the receipt will be forwarded to you. If on a normal circumstance you have all the right to secure it from the authority with only a guideline of an agent.

Please you reserve the right to ask any question to Mr. Ian McGuinness,to make sure you are been clear. I assure you that Mr. Ian McGuinness will assist us to get the investment money cleared if only you will follow his instruction.

This way you are going now for not asking any question or confirm from me first is very unacceptable,I want to put something straight.Mr. Ian McGuinness is contracted to follow the payment process and make sure that funds are release to you on a completion of Legal Process.If you don't have common understanding and common knowledge of how the process work then you have to adhere and follow a common instruction.

For you creating unnecessary eyebrows to this transaction because of that we are helping you is unacceptable in this transaction.The funds deposits are in your name and every process that needed to be followed has to come from you accordingly.

Meanwhile I want to assure you of 100% security that you are not going to loose anything provided you comply as being directed now.

Note that there are procedures and official guidelines in doing things here and we must discharge our duties without any fear/favor hence we must not contravene any financial law hence its taken very seriously with anyone who is found guilty of financial misconduct .

You can as well arrange and visit us here,if the need be provided you are satisfied with there service that is second to none in this end time/age. Clean Report on Fund Certificate matters is never isolated by any Government ,so lets follow and abide with total obedience and humble submission to the Rule of Law please.

Kindly prepare and come ,we are ready to receive you and make you happy in concluding as required.

Please go through the link below and you will understand the reason why My Client requested strict confidentiality in this transaction due to her public nature and problem she is facing right now.

Thank you and let me know if you have been cleared.

Best Regards,

Mike Anderson
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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