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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 2:29 PM Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com > wrote:
Hi how are you doing?

I was very glad to receive your letter. . To be honest, I was a little
afraid to write you my first message. All this is for me for the
first time. But now that you have answered me and I understand that
you are also interested in our further communication, I am happy to
tell you more about myself, in this letter.

I guess you were wondering how I found your email? And why do I write
to you? I received your email in the agency of an acquaintance in my
city. I was told that you are also alone. And I decided to write to
you. I heard a lot of good stories when people got acquainted on the
Internet, but then their relationship developed in real life. And even
if there are many kilometers between us now, they disappear through
e-mail. We can receive instant messages. I think it' s great!

By the way, my native language is Russian, but I know a little your
language. I can write and speak your language. I studied it at school
and at university. But still sometimes I will use the translator
program so that you better understand me. And I apologize in advance
if I make mistakes. I hope we can understand each other without

Now more about me: I was born on September 10, 1989. In the village of
Bekovo. In our city there are 6319 people. Our city is not very old,
and was founded only in 1959. My zodiac sign is Virgo. I read that
women of this sign are modest and quiet outwardly, but passionate in
the soul, ready for anything for the sake of love. And their family
becomes the main priority in their life. I hope that this will be true
and in the future next to me there will be that man whom I can trust
and with whom I can open. I have an increase of 168 centimeters and
weight of 54 kilograms. I am a brunette with blue eyes. I do not have
bad habits, I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I try, eat healthy and
healthy food, because health is very important in our life. And we
consist of what we eat.

In my spare time I like to go in for sports. My favorite is cycling in
the summer, and skiing in the winter. I also like to rest on the
nature in the warm season, tents, a fire, the starry sky and the
river. I do not like the city vanity, and alone with nature I feel
happy. And what hobbies and hobbies do you have?

I want to tell you that I dream to meet a man with whom I will be
happy. I dream of finding true love. And I am sure that in love the
most important thing is understanding, sincerity and honesty. I
promise that I will always be honest and sincere with you. And I hope
you do too. It' s the only way we can really get to know each other.

I am very glad to meet you and will look forward to your reply! And of
course, I' ll wait for your photos.

Your new girlfriend Irina.

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 5:24 PM
Subject: Hi !

Hi !

How are you doing? All is well? I was happy when I saw the letter from
you! I was glad to read your letter! Having a conversation with you is
great! Thank you very much for the photo! You' re cute!

Tell me about what you value in a woman? What qualities should a woman
have? What about me, I' m an ordinary person, I appreciate such human
qualities and character traits as sincerity, loyalty, sense of humor
and optimism. People who are in a relationship, they must complement
each other, be one. They must love each other, take care. They must be
supportive and supportive of each other in difficult times.

I want to tell you about my family! I have a small family. I live with
my mother, her name is Vera and she is 68 years old. She is already
retired, and in her free time she goes to the house of culture to
participate in the choir. This is her hobby. And as with us lives my
cat, called peach! I also have older sister Olga, and she is 34 years
old. But she lives in another city with her husband. My older sister
got married when she was 24 years old. They were young and loved each
other. Soon they had a daughter, my niece, her name is Masha. I' m not
as lucky as my sister. I' m already 28 years old and I' m still lonely.
But I believe that very soon everything will change Right? I do not
have a father and he died many years ago . . This is a tragic story.
my father worked as a driver at a factory and often went on business
trips to other cities. In winter there is very severe weather in our
region, a snowy and slippery road. My father got into an accident and
died almost immediately. It was a great tragedy for our whole family.
And of course a big blow for my mom. But she is a strong woman, she
coped with this and alone she was able to raise my sister and me. Of
course, I' m very grateful to my mom for that! After the tragedy with
my father, it was a long time, but my mother could not find another
man. My mother says that in her life there was only one true and great
love! that she is a woman of only one man! Besides, very important
people for me are my aunt (my mother' s sister) and my uncle. They live
in a village, there is a wonderful nature When we visit them, I go
for mushrooms with my uncle (in the summer), not so long ago we were
with him on winter fishing. And I help my aunt to look after the
flowers. It' s fascinating. I love this time :) Please, could you tell
about your family?

Tell me, please, what do you think about religion? About me I' m a
Christian, my mother taught me to this religion since childhood. But I
have a good attitude towards all religions. I think that most
religions of the world teach good things. Do not kill, do not deceive,
be kind to your neighbors. And these are the right things. But I also
think, that our life depends on us in many ways! And what do you think
about this?

I ' ve never been to other countries in the world. But I traveled a bit
around Russia. I think traveling is very cool! This allows us to learn
more about the world, different countries and cultures. I love
watching different programs about traveling, on TV! Do you like to
travel? In which countries or cities were you?

I will finish my letter now, I wish you a good day! Know I' m waiting
for your answer!

I will think about you;)

Your Irina)

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 5:26 PM
Subject: Hello my dear friend !

Hello my dear friend !

Perhaps you will be surprised, but I was very much waiting for your
answer. I began to miss your letters. And every day I hurry home after
work to quickly turn on the computer and read your message! To find
out how your business is, how was your day. Learn something new about
you! And I like it very much!

By the way, I have a lot of work these days. Have I already told you
that I work in a children' s hospital? I work 6 days a week, and I do
not have a stable schedule. I often have night shifts. Now I' m just a
nurse. My duties include: helping with the examination of patients,
filling out the patient' s outpatient card, putting inoculations and
other paper work.

I love my job, and especially I like that I can help in the treatment
of children! I feel very sad when I see how a child is sick and
suffering . . And at the same time, when we can help children and cure
them, it makes me happier!

I want to ask you about the ideal relationship between a man and a
woman. What is the most important for you in a relationship? I believe
that this is love, trust, respect and understanding. Our life is very
complicated, and we have good and bad moments. I think it' s much
easier to experience difficult moments in life when you have a
reliable person. Which you can trust for all 1000 percent. There is no
need to build a wall between each other! It is necessary to achieve
understanding and compromise. And I promise you that I will always be
honest with you. I want us to have a strong relationship, and I want
to always be honest with you and do not hide anything from each other.
And never play games with feelings.

Perhaps you already asked yourself why I' m still lonely? And why can
not I find myself a man in Russia and in my city? As I already wrote
to you, I want to be as frank and sincere with you as possible! When I
was in my first year, then I was only 19 years old, I met a guy. His
name was Maxim. We studied together at the university, and he started
courting me . . At first he was very nice, he gave flowers,
complimented, was always there. He liked me, and we started dating. We
were together for several years. But Maxim was from a wealthy family,
and I began to notice that his parents take great care of him. They
gave him everything, but he did not value anything. He did not
appreciate the money and work of people, he did not appreciate the
friendship of love and sincere relations. He thought he could buy
everything for money. After the first year of our relationship, he
stopped being a nice guy! He began to treat me as his toy. he also
began to drink alcohol frequently and to relax in clubs. And he began
to change me with other girls. I loved him and thought he would
improve. But one day he came to me drunk. He wanted sex from me. Then
I refused him, and he hit me and left. I could not forgive him this!
And our relationship is over forever! Then I was 23 years old, and my
heart was broken. But now it' s been 5 years now. I have not seen him
since. And all these years my heart was locked. But now that I am
writing to you, it seems to me that you have the key to my heart. All
the setbacks are in the past, and now I' m definitely ready for a new
relationship and great love!

Now I will finish my letter. I send you the most tender and strong
hugs! Already I' m starting to miss you.

Your friend Irina

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 3:15 PM
Subject: Hello my dear!

Hello my dear !

I was very pleased to see your message again. Your words always please
me. And I feel very happy when I see your messages! You are in my
thoughts all the time, I can not think about anything else. I think
about you, and my mood is good. When I start reading your letter, it
seems to me that nothing around me exists anymore. Only your letter.
I don' t know how to contact via Hangout chat.

I think that we have much in common. When I write to you, it makes me
feel like I' ve known you for a very long time. I am sincerely happy
and I think that it is very cool that we met each other among millions
of people on the Internet. I really hope that what I feel for you is
mutual, and our communication will develop and will be very close.

They say that happy people do not write letters, because they have a
life that they are busy with and that surrounds them with attention,
communication and new adventures. Oh, how wrong they are! In real
life, I can never tell you about love, open my heart and, looking into
your eyes, wait for an answer. I always considered myself strong and
able to sense in every situation, and therefore, and control my
emotions. But the first time I saw your letters to me, my heart, as if
captivated, began to beat harder. In a moment everything changed, and
I realized that love can not be suffering. It is like a breath of
fresh air, like a wave of inspiration, bringing you into the world of
your dreams.

Yesterday my aunt had a birthday. It was very fun, many guests came.
And there were many relatives. I really like these meetings. Yesterday
was a very good evening, and we had a lot of fun. My cousins, mother,
grandfather, grandmother, aunts and uncles spend time together. There
was a lot of delicious food, my aunt cooks very well. And there were a
lot of salads and different desserts. I really like it when my aunt
cooks, it was very pleasant from childhood. We sat around the table
and talked about everything. I told my relatives that I started
communicating with you. I said that I met a man on the Internet, and
we communicate through letters. Everyone was happy to hear this news.
Because before, I never talked to relatives about relationships. They
were glad to hear that I had a man with whom I communicate. Also have
told or said that dialogue by means of letters very romantic. They
asked me to send you " hello " , and they said that they wish you all the
best, and they hope that your and my love story will be long and happy:)

My aunt cooks well, but my mom also does it well. I learned to cook
from my mother and my aunt, and I like it since childhood. I' m cooking
food and my mood is rising. I often cook, which makes me happy. At
present we have many cafes and restaurants, and we can try any food we
want, but I believe that home food always has an important place for
everyone. Because in homemade food we leave a part of our love and our
concern for close people, for whom we are preparing. Maybe, because,
as they say: " food cooked with special love." Tell me what kind of
food you like best? I always liked to experiment with food and study
different cuisines of the world.

I want to share with you my dreams. My main dream is to see as much as
possible in this life. I would really like to travel and see the
World. Also I would really like to have a big house, so that there is
a family where we could grow flowers and start a pet. Do you like

I want you to know that I am very serious about you and I hope that
everything will be fine between us. I am sincerely happy to have met
you. I open my heart and soul to you.

My dear, I will wait for your message! I hug you tightly and gently
kiss! Have a nice day!

Your Irina!

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 3:06 PM
Subject: Hello, my dear!

Hello, my dear!

How do you? How are you doing? How is your day today? You have a good
mood? I dream of being there with you, as soon as possible. Today I
thought that I could leave my country.

Yesterday I talked with my mother about what I would like to go to
you. My mother did not mind, she trusts you, because I talk about how
our relationship develops. O talked to her about our future, about our
feelings for each other. Mom does not care for me, because in the
modern world there are many different ways of communication. I could
call her by phone or write letters by e-mail. As to you now. Do you
think that we will live together in your country?

I was very lucky to find such a beautiful person like you! I am the
happiest girl in the world! I no longer think that I can spend all my
life alone, that I will never meet a decent man. I' m sure that life
next to you will be a true fairy tale for both of us. I dream about
how we could spend time together, organize family holidays.

It ' s important for me to become the second half for you. I would
devote myself to all of you, our relationships, and then to our
family. We would have an excellent union without sadness, meanness and
betrayal. Faithfulness in relationships is very important to me. I
could never change my beloved person and would not forgive if a man
cheated on me. After betrayal, the relationship is immediately
destroyed. Trust dies, and it' s a disaster, it' s terrible! When I
write to you about such serious things, a lot of feelings are born in
my soul. I really want you to feel the same when you read my letters.
It is very difficult to put into words all that you could see in my
eyes, feel at the touch, if you were near. Despite technical
difficulties, distance and time difference, I ask you not to forget
that you are very important to me. I really would like to meet with
you, and I think that this could be a new stage in our relations. I
believe that our meeting will be amazing. Two lonely hearts will
finally be together! :) I can close my eyes and imagine how we meet at
the airport. Oh, it' s just a dream, but we can do it. please
tell me what you think about it? Do you want a meeting in real life?
how are you with free time? I do not want to rush things. I just
saw it in a dream. And I hope that these dreams will come true

I will close this letter, but please know that I feel it' s sincere!
And that we know each other better and better! And I really love you!
and that you write to me! I' m glad that you and I met!

I ' m waiting for your answer XOXO

Only yours, Irina

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 5:29 PM
Subject: Hello, my dear man!

Hello, my dear man!

How are you today, my love? Now I would very much like to be with you.
At this moment, hundreds of kilometers disappear, dissolve in a few
minutes. I receive a letter from you from another country, thousands
of miles away. This is magic!

Today, when I woke up in the morning, I thought about you. It' s a pity
that it is not possible to be instantly at the airport of your city.
How did you imagine our meeting? And I imagined it like this: I go out
with a suitcase from the airport, and on the street with a large
bouquet of flowers you stand. I recognize you from thousands of
people. I recognize you at once. I recognize your kind smile and
bright eyes. Our views will meet, we quickly come to each other and I
finally can hold you tight and kiss you. I can feel your warmth, and
you are my frequent heartbeat. I would like to kiss you tenderly, with
love. From this moment our new life will begin. We will not part with
you for a minute. And we would have enjoyed reciprocity Perhaps, it
is not necessary to postpone this beautiful moment for a long time?

I have not been on vacation for a long time. Now I can postpone my
work. I can take 30 days off when I need it. so what do you think if I
want to spend this time with you? how do you look at this situation?
Tell me about your dreams and thoughts.

I can apply to the travel agency and find out which documents will
need to be issued. Also I will ask about the terms of document
production and their cost. Perhaps there are several different options
and ways to fly to you, my dear. We will discuss these moments with
you. Happiness overwhelms me only from the thought that I can be with
you very soon. The world around stops when I think about us, about our
fairy-tale life, about the good event that connected us to you. I
await your opinion my dear.

I ' m sending my letter. I send you a million warm kisses and gentle
embraces. I will miss you, and I already miss you!

Always and Forever.
Sending a gentle kiss.
Your Irina

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 4:53 AM
Subject: Hello my Prince!

Hello my Prince!

I read your letter again, and my heart beats more often, my breath
stops. I really love this moment. Sometimes I re-read your letters
several times, because they are filled with your warmth, care, love
and attention. Last night my best friend came to visit me. We see her
very rarely. She lives and works in Moscow. I told her about our plans
and dreams. She is very glad that I met you. She sends her greetings
and wishes us happiness.

I can not believe I' ll soon be able to hug and kiss you. Imagine, my
dear, very soon we can be together. We will make every minute happy
that we will spend with you. I miss you too much. I was at several
travel agencies today and talked to agents. It turns out that it is
necessary to make and arrange a number of documents. I said that I
already have a foreign passport. My passport will be valid for 10
years. I chose the cheapest travel agency.

1. It is necessary to issue a visa, the cost is 140 euros.
2. It is necessary to issue compulsory medical insurance, for travel 84 euros.
It is also necessary to pay for the services of a travel agency, it will be
approximately 70 euros.

My dear, you need to pay 294 euros to a travel agency. This is the
amount that you need to make, that they would start preparing my
documents for a trip to you. Documents will be issued within 7-10
days. You imagine, just a week, I can kiss you! My dear, I' m so sorry,
but for me this amount is too big. I' m very ashamed to ask your help.
I do not know to whom I can still address this problem. Can you help
me with this? That I could start to make out the documents. Excuse me,
that I ask you about this. I feel very uncomfortable and very
depressed at this moment . . I do not see any other way out. Now I
will wait for your answer my dear.

I hope that we will soon be able to meet with you. You are always in
my thoughts!

Waiting for our meeting my prince.
Your Princess Irina

From: Irina < sweetangel1538@gmail.com >
Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 8:07 AM
Subject: Hello my beloved man!

Hello my beloved man!

How is your mood today? Today I' ve been thinking about you all day. I
do not know what is happening to me. It' s strange and difficult to
explain in words, but I have very deep feelings for you. We do not
know much, but I really want to be with you, you' re in my heart.

Today I have only one desire. I really want to kiss you and hug you.
Unfortunately, I can not do it right now. I hope that very soon we
will meet and all our wishes to be fulfilled. I talked to an agent
from a travel agency. I briefly explained the situation to him and
asked him what is the best way to send money. The agent said that the
most reliable way to send money is to send money to a bank account
using a normal bank transfer. The agent said that the bank transfer
will take from 3 to 5 days. If it suits you, I can go to the bank and
find out all the information so that you can make a bank transfer.

The agent said that there is another way and he is faster. There is a
company in my city that deals with international cash shipments.
Company name MoneyGram. They have a website
www.moneygram.com . You can
visit the site to find out all the information or find the nearest
office. MoneyGram company works all over the world and helps all
people. All you need to do a translation is just to find the MoneyGram
office next to you. When you come to them, you will need to name my
data. The money order will be sent within 10 minutes. I can get money
from you on the same day. As soon as I receive money from you, I
immediately go to the agency, and I will pay the bill for the
documents. Office MoneyGram is located next to the travel agency. You
can find the addresses of the MoneyGram office at
www.moneygram.com .

Here is my data my dear:

First name: Irina
Surname: Lunina
Street, house: Demian Bedny, 85
Penza Region
city - Bekovo
postal code - 442940

The dear one is very little, and we can meet with you. I still can not
believe I' ll be able to kiss you soon. I' m glad that you appeared in
my life. Dear, we have serious plans for our future together. I would
like to talk with you in the program Viber or WatsApp. Today I talked
with a friend.

The girlfriend said she would help me install the program on the
computer. So we can talk to you in an online chat and discuss
everything. You must give me your phone number. That I could contact
you in the program Viber or WatsApp.

I want you to always know that I' m your best friend and ally. I will
always be with you and will never leave you. I kiss you tenderly and
embrace my prince.

I already miss you my dear.
Your Irina

Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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