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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 8:37 PM Liudmila < jucicec@gmail.com > wrote:
Howdy my dear !
You have good mood? The last night I carried out in the house of my parents. . I like to remain in the house of parents.
I feel like the little girl, my parents care for me. For example, yesterday mother made big dinner. The whole evening we were at table. .
talked much and had supper. I didn' t see the father long ago, and he asked me about work and about my life. Yesterday I told the
father about ours with you communication. Surprisingly, but mother told nothing to him. . , I have no secrets from my parents,
and I think that you don' t become angry about me because I told about you to the parents. . My parents worry about me, and my destiny
isn ' t indifferent for them. also I told my parents that perhaps shortly, we with you will have meeting. . I told that I begin to plan
travel to you. I for the first time arrive to other country for meeting with the man. The father and mother warned me against possible
disappointment. As now in all countries many terrorists divorced. , the father told that cases when girls from Ukraine fraudulently
are enticed into other countries are known to him, and take away their documents, thereby doing(making) the girl by the sexual slave.
I hurried to calm my father. I told that you are absolutely normal man, and I am sure of your feelings. Also I told my parents about
trust which exists between us. I feel that I already well know you. Your letters, give every day me great mood. you communicate with
other girls? Please, sincerely answer me this question. Tell me please how do you see your future? What do you want in the future and
whether you that I was part of your future want? I don' t communicate with anybody, except you. You the only man with whom I conduct
communication, and I don' t need nobody else. I hope, my photo will give joy to your day today! In spite of the fact that the border
of our city has war. The Ukrainian troops attack my city, our city began to change because of the forthcoming holidays, New Year,
and then and Christmas (yes, Christmas at us is celebrated after New Year, more precisely on January 7). Very beautifully everywhere.
I look forward to your letter.Sincerely, Liudmyla.
Mrs On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 5:07 PM Liudmila < jucicec@gmail.com > wrote:
Hi dear ,
I just read your letter. . I understand everything that you tell me. It is pleasant to me to know that ours with you feelings mutual.
Never earlier I thought that it is possible to have feeling of sympathy for the person which never I met. I treated such stories with irony,
but now I have sympathies for you. I am not frightened that between us thousands of kilometers. . Our new feelings will help us to overcome
distance. I miss you. . I caught myself on thought that I lack you. . Still my laptop under repair, and I can' t see your letter every time
when I want. , after our meeting, we will be able to refuse letters. . We will be together. Ours with you the first meeting will
give us the chance much more better to know each other. Never earlier I traveled out of borders of the country, and I should find information.
which is necessary for me for travel to you. Tomorrow I plan to visit travel agency and to learn everything that is required for arrival
in your country. You didn' t expect to hear it? , I don' t say that I will come to you tomorrow. I only want to learn what documents
will be necessary for me. You understand me? By the way tell what shortcomings you have? I don' t want that between us there were secrets.
I like to read before going to bed, sometimes I forget to turn off the light and I fall asleep. I can sometimes fall asleep under TV sounds.
I think that all this from loneliness. I live alone, and it becomes boring for me especially in the evening. I am girl and what strong I
wouldn ' t seem, I like caress and tenderness. I dream of strong men' s embraces in which I can feel weightless. . , I dream of your embraces.
Please, don' t hesitate to repeat to me questions which I forget to answer. My work takes attention from me. I have no many cases at work today.
I already finished everything. Tonight I plan to visit cafe to have supper. I don' t want to prepare today. What plans at you for this evening?
Mmmm. . it would be fine if we were near. I want to hold your hand and to walk on the street. .I have to go now. . Very much reluctance to
leave me you. , I think of you always. When I check mail and I don' t see your letters, to me is very sad and lonely.
I miss you. .I think several summer photos, will bring joy to your day. Liudmyla.
From: Liudmila < jucicec@gmail.com >
Date: Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 7:45 PM
Subject: Howdy my !

Hello my ,
Today I have very intense day. Just I have returned from the director. Since the morning we had meeting, and just we have finished
discussion of all questions. The most important question was recession of sales as there has come the fall. The meeting was
very intense, the most part of time was told by the director, and all him was listened carefully. After the meeting, I remained in
director ' s office. I talked to him about my forthcoming vacation. The director has told that the he is waited for this conversation
because I already work without rest the whole year. , I have good news to you today. I will have vacation soon.
now I need to finish several important issues,and also to provide the report for my director I think that in the following 3-5 day,
I will finish all the affairs, and I will be able to have vacation. I am very glad now. And how there passes your day? I have already
thought of what things I have to take with myself to you. .Now in our city temperature it becomes cool(-7С). I go in winter things,
and perfectly I feel. And what weather in your city? I haven' t visited still travel agency because I had no time at all. I promise
that I will visit travel agency as soon as possible to learn all details of travel. Surely I will tell you all information which
I will manage to learn in travel agency. Expensive , I want to ask you one more important question. When I will be in your country,
I can live together with you or I have to live in hotel? I of course would prefer to live with you, to sleep with you. I hope that
my questions aren' t raised by difficulties. I worry now. . Ours with you meeting serious step in our life, and we have to approach it
responsibly. You agree with me? We have to act together and then we will be waited by success and happiness in the future. Also I
need to know the name of the airport in which ours will take place with you the first meeting? I have to know this information at visit
of travel agency. Tell me about it in the following letter. Ok? Also I have to know your address of the house. I have to go now. I need
to begin to prepare the report for my director This important task, and I have to devote much time. I look forward to finish all affairs
at work, and to begin preparations for our meeting. I will think of you! With love, your Liudmyla.

From: Liudmila < jucicec@gmail.com >
Date: Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 4:49 PM
Subject: Hey my dear !

Hello my dear ,
This morning I visited travel agency. I talked to the employee of travel agency. I managed to find information which is necessary for me
for travel to you in Australia. In travel agency the girl was surprised to the fact that I want to travel to your country.
I was told that now resorts enjoy wide popularity. I told about the purpose of the travel. I explained that I fly for meeting with the man.
we together with the employee of travel agency came to conclusion that the visa type " Tourist " best of all will be suitable for my travel
to your country. As I Am inhabitant of the occupied territory which isn' t recognized by the Ukrainian power, and on it for us absolutely other
laws, all this geopolitics. According to the visa " Tourist " , I can be in the territory of your country within 90 days. But I will stay to you for
the term of 30 days. in order that I could arrive Australia, me needs to issue the visa. Execution of the visa takes place in
several stages. The travel agency has no powers to make out the visa. I will need to arrive to the city of KIEV and to visit the visa center.
As I was told, execution of the visa will continue about 5-10 working days. Now I need to collect all documents which are necessary for
execution of the visa. It is not problem for me. All my documents as it should be. also today I asked about the approximate cost of travel
to your country. It is important information for me. I was told that the visa costs 53 dollars USD, also I will need to pay filling of
questionnaires in embassy. Together with the employee of travel agency we counted, and it turned out that for execution of the visa I will
need where that 300 dollars USD (it together with the health insurance). Also I will have to live to Kiev. Most likely I will live in hostel
because I have no acquaintances to Kiev. The last what I will need for arrival to you, this acquisition of air tickets. Now I don' t know
how many will cost air tickets. . I have 800 dollars USD. All this because at us (on Donbass, Donetsk) goes war, and on it pay us a little.
And all this that I managed to save up. This money is enough in order that I issued the visa,lived to Kiev, and also bought insurance.
, at me doesn' t remain money to acquire air tickets. You will be able to help me to acquire air tickets? It is important, and I
want to pay much attention to this question. I won' t be able to pay all expenses. . I have no enough money. It isn' t a shame to me to
speak to you about it. I trust you and therefore I ask you about the help. Now I don' t know how many will cost air tickets, I need to
visit the airport and to learn about their cost. I plan to arrive to Kiev within several next days,and then I will tell you the exact
cost of tickets. I consider that division of expenses it is fair. I need to be confident that you wait for me, and you will meet at the
airport. It is all information which I managed to find out today. Soon we with you will be together.I look forward to your letter. Please,
write to me and tell that you think of information which I managed to find out today?I think several photo from my last year' s rest to the
Crimea, will bring joy to your day.My kisses for you, Liudmyla.

Miss Young

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