Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr From: Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com >
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019
Subject: In Good Faith


I wish to thank you for your message and the interest you have in assisting me on my investment plans in your country. Honestly am very happy to know that you are capable of handling this project towards investing the funds in your Country.

I believe it is very important for me to explain to you more about me and of the reason why i contacted you for this project. Permit me to inform you that being an orphan, i want you to know that i prayed and fasted for this transaction before contacting you, so please i beg you to take me as your son or brother so that this transaction will be concluded with one mind.

The fact that my mother died when i was a child deprived me from experiencing the love of a mother and ever since then i have been longing to see or come in contact with one that can call me his Brother or Son.

I want you to know that this funds was deposited in a private Security Deposit Bank here in Abidjan the capital City in Cote D'Ivoire which is my country and the account belongs to my late father (Late Mr.David Naaman) the bank manager director advised me that based on the agreement reached with my late father to release this fund to me at the age of 25 years, but the political crises in my country automatically deprived me access to make any withdrawal from the account; the only alternative as I was advised by the bank manager is to seek for a foreign guardian or trustee who will receive the the total fund in his/her account for investment purposes.

The Bank Manager further advised me that as soon as i submit the name of my nominated foreign trustee, the bank will proceed with the transfer after further legal requirements. I must be honest with you that I don't have any personal knowledge about international fund transfers because am 19 years old and an under graduate.

Pardon me to use this opportunity to tell you little about my reasons of transferring this fund to your account, my late father was blessed and he was a prosperous cocoa merchant, he had many warehouses for storing dried cocoa for exports to many European countries especially France. The fact that my late mother could not give him a female child made his cousins bewitched him with Black African Wizards and poisoned him; this he suffered for many years before he gave up the ghost.

After the death of my late father, his cousins seized virtually everything he had acquired in life including the buildings, warehouses that were filled up with dried cocoa ready for export and also his Textiles Company which they later sold to a Chinese man; the only thing left for me is this fund in the Private Security Deposit Bank here in my country because my name was stated as the rightful next of kin.

My late father' s cousins would have succeeded in claiming my inheritance fund if my late father deposited this fund in his company account because he used the name of one of his cousin as one of the board of trustee in registering his company. This means that one of his cousins was a shareholder in his company with 20% which gave him the right to have access to all the company properties.

In my community, men are not given inheritance from their parents or wife according to customs and traditional rights, all inheritance are given to female children directly or indirectly.

They have tried in many occasions to kill me as to have 100% access to the money in the Bank as the only surviving relatives and that was why I escaped to the local city where one pastor from Chapel of Glory Intl. (City of Grace Chapel) saw me and gave me shelter. Since then I have been living with them, although I never wanted to discuss my inheritance with them so that they will not have personal interest on me.

I don't want to waste your time with my predicaments; I only pray that the grace to accomplish this project be release to you from above. Meanwhile, I intend hearing from you before submitting your details to my bank manager here.

Please kindly get back to me with confirmation of your willingness to help me because it enable me to send you more information about the process of the fund transfer.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Yours Sincerely,
Christian Naaman.
Mr On Friday, April 5, 2019, Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com > wrote:

Dear brother,
Thank you for your kind message and and good effort to
contact the bank here on my behalf. The banks here are
always busy especially today been Friday, but i know that
the bank director will get back to you as soon as he read
your message sent to the bank.

Please i wait to hear again from you after you get an answer
from the bank director.

Thank you for all your help to orphan like me.

Yours sincerely,
Mr From: < Isaac-foly@financier.com >
Date: Friday, April 5, 2019
Subject: Letter of Acknowledgement & Statement of Account Attached


Following the receipt of your email dated 05/04/2019 on behalf of Christian Naaman.

Let me inform you that the Late Mr.David Naaman deposited the sum of $15M with Diamond Bank in favor of Christian Naaman as his next of kin in the month of March 2002. Recently I have had couple of meetings with Christian Naaman over his inheritance fund that has been in Diamond Bank for over 16 years.

After my last meeting with Christian Naaman earlier today concerning his intention and decision as well your communication and plans with him to receive his inheritance fund on his behalf in your country for business investment & fund Management as well as the permanent relocation of Christian Naaman to Turkmenistan for further studies.

Take note, that Christian Naaman has appointed you to receive his inheritance fund in your country, and hence the declaration was received and endorsed by the Board of Directors here in Diamond Bank. And following the receipt of your message today which has been considered as a confirmation and proof showing that the both parties has agreed lawfully on the request for the release and onward transfer of the deposited inheritance fund to your designated bank account in Turkmenistan .

It is therefore very mandatory that I inform you on the total of 5% added interest of the Late David Naaman funds from the period of 17 of March 2002 and 25 of March 2019 is the sum of US$10,500,567.14 only. And the onward total balance to be transferred to your designated bank account is the sum of US$25,500,567.14 only. I hereby attached the current statement of account with this message, kindly open the attached file and view the account statement for your perusal.

Take note that no amount can be withdrawn from the deposited account considering the fund deposit agreement between the Diamond Bank and Late Mr.David Naaman to release the said funds to Christian Naaman only at the age of 25 years.

Be informed that due process & documentation in accordance with banking ethics and requirements for the transfer of Mr.Christian Naaman funds to your designated bank account are highly recommendable in this operation. Let me put to your kind understanding that the Modus operandi in banking industries here in Cote D' Ivoire relating to a dormant & suspense account and fixed deposit funds for a long period of five years and above demands that the beneficiary secure the Fund Clearance Certificate & Fund Transfer Approvals documents from various Financial Institution and government authority here in Cote D' Ivoire which shall empower the Diamond Bank to authorize the fund transfer without any restriction.

I await from you a confirmation of your receipt of this message and the attached account statement of the deposited funds. I shall in return in my future message send you the Diamond Bank Telegraphic Transfer Application Form which you shall complete or fill out in hand written and return back to the Diamond Bank for further proceedings.

I shall equally forward to you details of the legal procedures and list of documents required to be obtain in your favor for the transfer of funds to Turkmenistan .

Thank you for your patience kind understanding.

Yours Faithfully
Mr.Isaac Foly
Managing Director
Direct Tel: +225 07 88 80 76

David Naaman

Mr On Saturday, April 6, 2019, Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com > wrote:

Dear brother,
Good evening, how are you and your family today? I
hope you are all fine and in good health by the grace of

I am writing you this letter to thank you for your last
message to me and also the message from the bank
including the account statement of my inheritance fund which
you sent to me. i appreciate your kind effort to contact the
concerned bank here in my country because i am very
delighted to take note of the 5% added interest to my
inheritance fund. my late father would have been proud of
his self if he was alive today to witness the interested
that has been added to his long sufferings and hard labor
when he was alive.

You know we are already in the weekend and banks here are
closed during the weekend here. So please it' s important
that you try to communicate with the bank again on Monday
morning in the coming week.

Please i want you to remember that it is important to
transfer my inheritance fund under a due process that are
necessary to complete the transaction lawfully, and this
need to be discussed with the bank director first so that
the bank officer will be aware and also give his support to
us concerning the same. I also understand that the procedure
will take some time to enable you and the bank director to
put proper arrangement on ground for the fund transfer, as
it takes some time when things must be done right and
correctly considering our future investment project in your
country because one or a little mistake could destroy all
the effort already put in place.

My only worries is my difficult situation here in the church
where i take refuge. I do not have nor to eat and some time
it is very difficult for me to feed twice in a day because i
do not receive any form of support directly from the church
because it is still a small growing worship center here in
the village.

I have been thinking about my life and future after my
relocation to you in your country considering the new
environment, and i hope that you will be available to help
me to make a day to day decision after my arrival, and to
decide where i will live and whom i would live with.

I hope that i will receive care and affection from you, and
support to nurture my physical, mental and emotional
development being my guardian, as well to ensure that i
receive medical care, food, clothes and a shelter, and most
importantly to be involved in making decisions for me
concerning my education and other extracurricular activities
after my arrival to you.

I wish you an excellent weekend, and i wait to hear from you
as soon as you can.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr On Sun, Apr 7, 2019 at 2:51 PM Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com > wrote:
Dear brother,
Good afternoon, and thank you for your messages which you
sent to me. i feel so delighted to read your kind words that
you conveyed to me because they keep me strong considering
my present difficult situation here as a poor orphan. i live
every days of my life with the fear of the unknown because
my relatives are also searching to eliminate me the same
manner that they did to my late father.

I plead with you my dear brother to help me as much as you
can so that all the process will be completed very soon,
which will enable me to relocate to your country where i
will live to start a new life and further my education under
your guardianship.

I want you to know that the money you will send to me will
be very helpful to me to buy some foods to eat and also buy
soap to wash my dress which was dirty.

I will be glad to hear again from you as soon as you can,
and i will feel good to know about your communication with
Mr.Isaac Foly tomorrow.

Thank you for all your concern to help me, and may God bless

Yours brother,
Mr On Monday, April 8, 2019, Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com > wrote:

Dear brother,
Good morning, i received all your messages to me this
morning. please i want to explain to you that what i have
here with me is my national id card, Mr.Isaac Foly promised
me to obtain a new passport for me to be able to travel to
your country after the transfer of my inheritance fund is completed.

I send to you my id card with this message, please confirm
to me that you have receive it, and also inform me after
your communication with Mr.Isaac Foly today.

Thank you for all.
Yours sincerely,
Mr On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 9:22 AM Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com > wrote:

Dear brother,
Good morning, i hope that everything is fine with you today.

i received your messages to me this morning and i accept
what you said to me. i will speak to Mr.Isaac Foly later
this morning and i will send his passport copy to you.

Also, i read the message from the bank, and i want to know
from you if you can plan to come to my country to get the
legal documents from the ministry of justice as the bank
said in the letter. please let me know what you think
concerning all process of the legal documents for the
transfer of my inheritance fund.

I wait to hear from you as soon as you can.
Yours sincerely,
Mr On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 9:48 AM Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com > wrote:
Dear brother,
Thank you for your message. I understand that usually it
take some time to get a visa to travel, but this morning i
will go to meet with Mr.Isaac Foly in the bank to obtain the
directives on how to visit the ministry of justice to obtain
the three legal documents in your names for the transfer of
my inheritance fund to your country. I can assure to handle
the process after i received directives from Mr.Isaac Foly,
i will let you know before i move to the ministry of

Yesterday, i sent you my id card. Should it again or i
collect from Mr.Isaac Foly and send to you.

Please let me know.
Yours brother,

From: Christian Naaman < christnaaman@yahoo.com >
Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Subject: Passport copy
Dear brother,

I am writing to you from the bank here because already i have meet with Mr.Isaac Foly and he has explained to me the process and how i can go to the ministry of justice to obtain the three legal documents in your names.
Mr.Isaac Foly said that you have to complete the transfer application form which was sent to you yesterday, sign it below and return the copy back to enable me take it to the ministry of justice including your personal data and submit to the authority in charge to issue the legal documents in your favor.
I am sending to you the scan passport copy of Mr.Isaac Foly with this message, and the address to send the money is below.

Receivers names: Isaac Foly
Address: 01 BP 11920 Abidjan 01
City: Abidjan
Country: Cote d' Ivoire

After you send me the money and i receive the reference from you, then i will take it to Mr.Isaac Foly so that he will cash the money and give to me.
I waiting to hear from you as soon as you can.

Yours sincerely,

Isaac Foly

Miss Young

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