Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: "Presidency, Financial Monitoring Authority" < unadminoffice@gmail.com >
Sent: 2019/5/28 (Tue) 1:22 AM
Subject: For Your Urgent Personal Attention

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that in the course of my investigation as the
Presidential Director of Financial Monitoring/Implementation Agency, I
came across your name as one of the unpaid fund beneficiary in the
record of the central bank of Nigeria and other banks that are
supposed to get your funds released to you. My committee was set up by
the payment reconciliation committee to verify and scrutinize all
outstanding debts owed to our foreign beneficiaries and find the most
convenient arrangement for release of the fund to the rightful

From our further inquiry at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), we have
noted that the simple reason your payment is still not released
reveals the rot and corruption in the Nigeria payment system. The bank
officials informed us that the reason why you have not received your
payment is due to your inability to pay for the required charges for
transfer of funds to your account. When I asked them why they didn't
deduct the said charges from your principal sum and then transfer the
rest to you, I was given the flimsy excuse that under our existing
laws, that they are not permitted to do that without the beneficiary
obtaining an Affidavit of Authorization from the High Court legally
permitting them to do so. When I put the question across to them if
they ever advised you that such charges could be deducted from your
principal fund if only you can obtain the Affidavit of Authorization,
the answer I got was no. Now I asked them, if you do not tell this
beneficiary that by getting the Affidavit of Authorization, that such
charges could then be deducted from his or her principal fund, how
will he or she know that such options are available for such

From my investigation I discovered that these bank officials
deliberately refused to inform you of that option, and to let the
charges be deducted from your principal fund because they want your
fund to remain trapped in the bank, while they continue to extort
money from you under some flimsy excuses. Therefore, I am providing
you the information now, that you do not need to pay any money to any
official, rather all you are required to do is swear to an Affidavit
of Authorization at the federal high court of Nigeria, authorizing the
bank to deduct all charges from your principal fund and transfer the
balance of funds after deduction to your bank account. If you are
willing to take advantage of this option, I will advise that you get
back to me immediately through (presidency.fma@gmail.com ) and my
office shall help you to contact the Court to provide you the details
that can enable you to obtain the Affidavit of Authorization. Once
obtained, your fund would be released straight on-no further fuss, no
further excuses and no further delay in release of the payment to you.

Please reach me only if you are prepared to take advantage of this
information by obtaining the Affidavit. It is the best anyone could
ever do for you.

Yours sincerely,

Alhassan Danjuma
Presidential Director,
Presidency, Financial Monitoring Authority (FMA)
From: Financial Monitoring Authority < presidency.fma@gmail.com >
Sent: 2019/5/28 (Tue) 5:26 AM
Subject: Re: Affidavit of Authorization

Dear Sir,

Reference your return mail received.

Actually, my earlier mail was not intended to force or push you into any arrangement that you don't wish for, rather the main intention was to make you aware that there is actually such opportunity (as Affidavit of Authorization) which is available for every beneficiary to obtain, and which if obtained, would then exempt you from paying any other fee to the cbn for the payment transfer to your account.

It is therefore not a surprise to me that you don't already have this kind of Affidavit because most of you does not know that such is in existence here (or rather is denied the option for purely selfish reasons of the officials) and that has been reason they never informed you. The implication on you has been the repeated fees you have been made to pay at every point. That is regrettable because by obtaining the Affidavit of Authorization, it statutorily empowers the Central Bank to deduct the necessary fees owed them from your fund and release the remainder within 24 hours, otherwise the court that issued the Affidavit of Authorization will hold them in contempt of the court.

By the way, the Affidavit of Authorization is no more than US$150, as my office findings have discovered. So you can at least agree with me that if indeed you had known of this option since, if indeed one of these officials has been humane enough to let you know about its existence, it would have been far easier for you to just pay the US$150 and obtain it than having to be making the several payments that these officials made you to be spending over the years, whereas you would have just obtained the Affidavit from the Court here and have the matter solved once and for all. It is a one-off payment that effectively seals any chance of the CBN ever asking you to payment even a cent more thereafter.

Anyway, it is now within your knowledge and I will expect you to revert back to me on whether you are taking it up or not. As I said above, the main essence of providing you the information is not to force you to accept it (if you don't wish to) but to put it to your knowledge that it exists here. Suffice however to say that should you accept to take it, I can confirm to you that the Affidavit shall be obtained from the court same day as the US$150 for the Affidavit Fee is paid to them and 24 hours thereafter, the CBN shall have your payment released without requesting a penny more from you.

In the mean time, should you wish to reach me on phone, I can be called on +234 8121 852 665.

Yours sincerely,

Alhassan Danjuma
Presidential Director
Financial Monitoring Authority
From: Financial Monitoring Authority < presidency.fma@gmail.com >
Sent: 2019/5/28 (Tue) 4:11 PM
Subject: Note that I am an employee

Dear Sir,

I am sorry for what you have to go through. I saw the same mess in your Payment File and which was reason I reached you, and to explain to you on what should have been done to save you from pain.

Unfortunately that was not done then and even now that I have offered it to you, it appears that you will lose the chance yet again. Sometimes, some of you are very difficult to try to help because instead of appreciating the truth when it is said and work on it, you came up with suggestions that discourage the same person that is trying to sincerely help. I am humane and believe me, if there is any other way to work it out for you, I will be more than happy to have done it for you.

Your request is impossible for me to achieve without you obtaining the Affidavit of Authorization. You may have to understand that the funds for your payment is not my personal funds which means that I can only handle it in line with what the owner of the money has put up as the standard guide to follow. I am a civil servant and I am working for someone else-the government. It is government that has the funds for your payment, which means that I cannot effect the release without following the dictates of the owner of the fund-which is the government. He who calls the "Piper Dictates the Tune" they say, which in this instance, the government who owns the funds to be used to settle you has set the clear guideline that a Beneficiary can chose to obtain the "Affidavit of Authorization" which then LEGALLY empower the cbn to deduct the requisite charges and then release the fund. This should be a win-win solution for you, hence appreciated.

Again, my advice for you would be to do every needful to squeeze yourself into this opportunity. It is a one-off payment and I can assure you again that once we have the affidavit, the cbn, under no circumstance, is going to ask you for a cent more. I want you to hold to this promise and to hold me wholly responsible there from.

But if you still cannot, I am sorry to submit that there is nothing more I can do for you under the circumstance. And as I said earlier, the main essence of providing you the information is not to force you to accept it (if you don't wish to) but to put it to your knowledge that it exists here. The decision to maximize it is in your hands.

Yours sincerely !
Miss Young

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