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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

20.05.2019, 10:44, "anastasiya1nikolaeva1@gmail.com" < anastasiya1nikolaeva1@gmail.com > :

my love, I can call you my love?
My love I with a smile have read your letter and I hasten to give you
my answer! I like your photo!
Today is my last day of work, tomorrow I'll be on vacation and I can totally dedicate yourself to our meeting!
I with the big interest expect our meeting!
I am happy, because the destiny has given us chance to be together!
I think that this happens only once in our life!
Our meeting will give the chance to us to get acquainted better with each other and to develop our relations!
Today i have good news for you!
I received a reply from Embassy:
My visa application was approved and I should go for interview in Moscow!
I have collected necessary documents for interview and Now all will depend on interview with the visa officer!
First of all, I should visit personally embassy in Moscow to begin process of official registration of papers and pass an interview with a visa officer!
I soon will go to Moscow, to begin official registration of papers for the visa.
I wrote to you about the invitation, but for reception of the tourist visa, the invitation is not required!
Now I know what direction to go and what I need to do in order for us to be together!
Our meeting will happen very soon and our meeting will be unforgettable and romantic!
Between us there are sincere feelings and I am assured, that our feelings will grow.
I know, that ours with you feelings are mutual and these feelings are real!
My world have changed, when I have met you, I no longer feel alone!
I realize that there is a person in the world who understands and supports me and this person is you!
I never felt anything similar!
I smile every time I think about you!
Yesterday I was in shop and have bought to you a gifts!
I think you'll like my gift!
I will present to you my gift in day of our first meeting!Ok?
You cannot present to yourself as I wish to meet you!
I would want that our meeting was unforgettable and I will make everything that our meeting remains in our memory for all life!
I want, that you were happy!
I wish to be the most beautiful for you! I wish to be the most desired for you
I did not have relations from the man more than 3 years! When I have met you, I have understood, that our meeting, it is my destiny!
I believe that between us there will be a big passion and we can construct beautiful love! I very much it want!
Our meeting with you is a big step forward!
I always listen to the heart, and my heart says, that together we will be happy.
What do you think about this? Do you agree with me?
My family are happy, that I have got acquainted with you and now we plan to be together!
I want, as soon as possible to be near to you!
I do not wish to lose any day from my vacation!!!
Our meeting, is the best way to get acquainted with each other!
I very much miss on you and I think of our first meeting with a smile, at me now pleasant excitement!
I hope my news will make you happy!
I send you millions my sweet and hot kisses!I'm sure my kisses reaches your lips!
I will finish my letter with thoughts of you and i with excitement shall wait for your letters!
With love Ana!
anastasiya nikolaeva

22.05.2019, 18:13, "anastasiya1nikolaeva1@gmail.com" < anastasiya1nikolaeva1@gmail.com > :

my love, I want start my letter with the good news!
This morning I have safely arrived to Moscow! I rented a small room in Moscow and the mistress of the room is a very nice woman! So do not worry about me, here I feel safe!
Now the main news: I successfully passed the interview at the embassy!
I got permission to get a visa, I got international medical insurance for all occasions, I paid a visa fee, I paid a state fee, now that I give tickets to the embassy, ​​I will get a visa!
but, my expenses were higher than I originally thought, and I can not
afford to buy plane tickets! the cost of tickets 580 $, and I do not have this money! I do not know how to tell you, but I have to ask for help from you, and I'm very ashamed to do it, it's humiliating my principles, but I do not know any other way out of this situation!
I tried to find money on my own, but the banks in Moscow refused to issue a loan because I do not have a residence permit in the city of Moscow! I also asked for help from my mother and sister, but my family said that they gave me all the last money so that I could make my meeting with you, and they can not help me anymore! and now our meeting is in your hands!
I understand what I'm asking of you, but I'm asking you for help not for yourself, I ask you for help for our meeting, for our future, for the sake of our love!
I understand how my request sounds, and I hope I will not push you away from me by my request! I hope for your understanding and your help ?!
You can send your help to my Bank account.
To transfer funds, you will need the following information.
Last name: NIKOLAEVA
Middle name: VALEREVNA
Account number: 40817840814094002982
Beneficiary Bank: VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Address of the bank: Postcode 101000, Russia, Moscow Myasnitskaya street, 35.
Address recipient-My home address: Khanti-Mansiysky Autonomous Region, city Nizhnevartovsk, Dzerzhinsky street 17, apartment 148, 628615 RU
This information will be enough so that you can make your transfer.
I hope for your help, and as soon as you help me, I'll buy tickets for the next flight, get a visa and we will be together to fulfill all our dreams and desires!
I apologize for my request again, believe me, for my part I did everything that was in my power and now our meeting is in your hands!
We have to do one last step and we will be together but this step we have to do together!
let me finish my letter, I'm very tired today and want to rest!
I will wait for your letters and answer you as soon as I have a rest! ok?
with my letter I send you all my love, from heart to heart! I send you millions of your kisses
Sincerely yours Ana!

anastasiya nikolaeva
23.05.2019, 09:24, "anastasiya1nikolaeva1@gmail.com" < anastasiya1nikolaeva1@gmail.com > :

my love, first of all I wish to tell to you Good morning, and I hope that I will be the first who will tell to you these to words in this morning!
If it is fair, I do not know from what to begin my letter, it was very a shame to me to ask you about the help because it humiliates my vital principles, and I very much was afraid to push away you from myself my request! I really did not think that I will have financial difficulties, and I will be compelled to address for the help to you, but it happens, and now I very much hope for your understanding!
I have attentively read your letter, and I really understand everything, that you wish to tell to me! Believe to me, I understand about what I ask, and I understand your doubts and anxiety, but I have coped with these doubts and anxiety, I have listened to my heart and have made the most important choice in my life, I have gone on a meeting to you! I did not regret forces and means because the love is invaluable! Yes, I have feeling of love in my heart to you and this feeling is matchless! I never felt anything similar and I hastened on a meeting to you! I hope you understand me????
Any relations are under construction on trust and mutual understanding, and I have trusted in you when have dared at this step, I have opened to you my feelings, my heart and my soul, I have opened to you my life, and I all it have made, because I trust you! Now we are in such situation where each of us has identical chances, and our future right now dares! If you want, that I was a part of your future, you should decide on, that you are ready for the sake of our love and our future!? I have done the utmost, that we were together and here now all in your hands, be not afraid to take this responsibility in hand, and you will understand that have made a correct choice!! If you doubt, then listen to your heart, it will not deceive you!
I think to you is over what to think, and I hope you will make a correct choice!!
Today we are on the threshold of our meeting and that our dreams were carried out we should make only one step, and it will be the most important step to our relations! Our destiny is under construction since this moment and the base of our destiny, this trust to each other!
I wish to write history of my love and my life together with you! I do not wish to be only a page in your life! I wish to be a part of your life! I ask you about the help not for the sake of me, I ask you about the help for the sake of our love and for the sake of our general future!
Allow me to finish my letter, but before I once again wish to tell, I love you and it not mere words! I very much hope for your understanding and your support! Please do not leave me, all only in your hands! I promise to you, that if you will help me, we will be together!
With we give to drink the letter I send you all my love, from heart to heart! Today, tomorrow and always, only yours Ana
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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