Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr De: Aboubakar Baparape < baparape.lawfirm@gmail.com >
Fecha: 16/7/19 7:29 AM (GMT-06:00)
Asunto: The Ball is now in your court.

i don't really understand the reason why you should be having double mind when all is correct and moving forward.

Do you want the devil to laugh at you and believed that he has finally deceived you?

This is a deal that you have invested a whole life fortune into it and now is your reward time and you are talking nonsense.

Do you know what it took me to actualize success in this deal that we are about t have by tomorrow?

Because it is obvious even to a blind mam that our success in this deal is near us not even up to 1% more to actualize success.

See in attached files here are the 3 agreements as you requested and i went extra miles to even persuade each of them to include a serious penalty on it. The Ministry will pay you 5 Million Euros if they fail in any of their agreed terms while the courier will pay you one million if they eventually fail in any of their agreed terms.

Understand now that i have to work hard and struggle to make sure that each and every organization include that they must compensate you if they fail but i am more than 100% sure that both the Courier and the ministry will not fail.

And for my own side it is obvious to me that if i fail, i am going to be killed and for that reason i have declared that no one should touch any of my family as long as you have received 8 Million Euros in your account.

Therefore you should sign my own agreement because it is stated that you must sign because a copy of the agreement will go to court Ministry of justice for then t supervise it and monitor who fails among us and whoever that fails will bear the consequences.

My friend is obvious you don't know anything about the Massod people because i have read and studied o much about them.

They are wicked and mysterious so you have made the worst mistake by involving them them in this deal because they are criminals and bandits and supposed not to be involved in a deal like this for security reasons.

Therefore i beseech you not to inform them about the arrival of the boxes by tomorrow at the agreed time for security reasons.

Because these people can go extra mile to rob you and even kill you and have the funds by themselves alone.

I said all these because i hope to use my own share of 20% for my upcoming campaign and election and not to lose it to those criminals and bandits.

Finally you must declare the Reference of transfer as purchasing of Cashew Nuts) while making the transfer because i was with the UBA director few hours ago and he advised that i must inform you to state the reason for transfer as (Purchasing of Cashew nuts) reason because Cashew nuts are one of our major resources here in Benin and now that is raining season and people are not buying it much and every banks will credit any funds that is coming in the name of Cashew nuts immediately.

So to make the 12,600 Euros arrive fast even before 2 Pm here you must put in the place of reason for the transfer as purchasing of cashew nuts.

And lastly but not the least, please try as much as you can to add me 200 Euros because i cannot trek to achieve all these. i have made arrangements with a taxi man who will take me to all places i need to go to by tomorrow to achieve.

So this is not in our agreement but it is a help that we need to help each other now at this final stage.

So the ball is now in your court because i have strive to achieve my own part by given you all these 3 solid agreements.

So you have to move early and be in your bank an hour before they open so that you can meet up.

And please do not forget to please the amount into two parts and with my 200 Euros for my transportation it shall be 12,800 Euros so you should divide the 12,800 Euros into 2 places and send 6,400 Euros in each of the transfer.

Thanks and i am expecting an immediate positive action from you.



De: Uwe Kindermann < uwekindermann3@gmail.com >
Fecha: 19/7/19 10:16 AM (GMT-06:00)
Cc: baparape.lawfirm@gmail.com
Asunto: Our apology Please.

Good day Sir.

I am writing to inform you of the latest development in this regards.

Be informed that we have received the 12,600 Euros from your lawyer and we have bought the oil and Petrol of that amount but is not yet enough to take us to USA and return us back because need 40,000 Euros oil and petrol as we have earlier told you.

For the past 2 days now, I have applied for loans in several firms but none has granted me the loan and all are saying in 3 Months time to give me such amount due to their procedures here.

Even your lawyer has tried all his best to get a loan in Togo and Nigeria today but all seemed to be abortive.

So we need from you the balance of 27,400 to complete the oil and Petrol amount and also 3000 Euros to pay to the airport authority where we have kept the jet and the Boxes for the past few days now. Perhaps we employed some security men to guide it.

So in all we need 30,400 Euros very urgent. . . . . . . .

I want to plead with you and not a command. I need you to transfer 30,400 Euros today as soon as your bank opens so that it can arrive here on Monday by 5 Pm because your lawyer has made the arrangement for the 30,400 Euros to arrive at 5: pm on Monday and we will depart to USA on that same Monday at 5: Pm and then arrive USA by that same day at 10:pm at your delivering address.

I know that you will feel so bad about this but this is the fact because all arrangements has been putting in order but our only problem is to get the complete even the jet is ready now as the boxes are inside the jet as I am writing this mail to you.

Note that this 40,000 Euros shall be deducted from the 120,000 Euros which we agreed that you will pay to the Military and courier for the jet services.

You must not start to argue now because this is the only way out since we could not meet up with the documentations and it will be difficult to go through that process because penalties will be involved because you have no Certificate of origin. So going through the previous method will be hard as the procedures will be very tough for us. So the easiest way is to spend a little amount and boycott all documentations and then use this private Military jet to deliver the boxes to you.

And you know that it is a very speedy war jet and it may arrive to your airport before 4 hours and that is why it consumes a lot of petrol and oil.

I know that I have failed in my promise of yesterday but I am so sorry because I must make it up to you and to make sure that you will receive the boxes by Monday once the amount arrives here.

You can check the courier site and it will prove to you that the Boxes are presently inside the jet with the officials protecting it. And I spent 500 Euros a day to feed them.

Please have mercy on us and do not fight us and do your best to make this transfer today. And note that the reason why the transfer of 12,600 Euros was taking up to 2 days before arriving was because you made it 6,300 Euros in each transfer so the UBA in their discussion with your lawyer and Mr Lamine today in the morning when the money was paid is that you should make this 30,400 Euros into 6 transfers and do not let anyone to get to 6,100 Euros. So you must split these 30,400 Euros into 6 parts and send 6 payment slips.

Thanks for understanding me.

Uwe Kinderman

De: "Mr.Moktar Lamine BAB" < mr.moktar.lamine@gmail.com >
Fecha: 19/7/19 10:18 AM (GMT-06:00)
Asunto: Immediate action required.

Mr you have tomove into action now because your consignment has been putting inside a military jet at the Amsterdam International airport and they need an oil and petrol balance of 30,400 Euros. To enable them to depart by Monday.

You can check the courier webpage to see the departure and arrival time to your address on that Monday. Note that the management of our bank is very worried for keeping such a huge funds at that place for a long time and we really want you receive the funds and sign all papers for us.

Please avoid delay.

So please you must not start argument now because there is no time for that now because the boxes is presently at the Amsterdam airport and supposed not to be there till Tuesday as given a mandate by the airport authority.

So please act fast and make the transfer today,and they will receive it on Monday because I went to the UBA bank with your lawyer to ask why they are taking 2 days to pay him and they said that you must not exceed 6,100 Euros in any transfer session you are making.

So make the transfer an instant transfer and as well divide the 30,400 Euros into 6 parts.

With these he will have the money by 5 pm on Monday.

Mr Lamine.

Miss Young

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